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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 162-165

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, County, O. 18 .
Deming, Hiram16232May 231888May22M755 PainesvilleNew Hampshire
 Carriage Maker  WErysipelasPainesville O 
Duncan, Daisy16233May 231888June23S14 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WConvulsionsPainesville O 
Duncan, Frank16234May 231888Juf23S11  PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville O 
Decker, Hannah16235May 231888Sep4S37  PainesvillePrattsville N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WHeart diseasePainesville O 
Donaldson, Dwight16236May 231888Sep6W834 PainesvilleButternuts Otsego Co N. Y.
 Cabinet Maker  WBrights diseasePainesville O 
Duncan, Moses16237 1889Jany24S24   Painesville O
 Laborer  WCon [or Corr ?]  
Dayton, Marion16238 1889Jany24S24  PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WConsumptionPainesville O 
Doversack, Louis16239 1889Feb21M28  PainesvilleN. Y. State
 Laborer  WHeart diseasePainesville O 
Eddy, Walter16240 1888Nov22S 47PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville O 
Elwell, George16241 1888June5M28516PainesvillePainesville O
 Blacksmith  WViolence  
Fifield, Daniel16242 1888Sep28S16  PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WDiptheria  
Flanders, Jacob G.16243 1889Mch21M82  PainesvilleWarren Trumble Co O
 Laborer  WOld Age  
Foss, Millie16244 1888Juf21S 16PainesvillePainesville
 None  WCholera InfantumPainesville O 
Foley, Thomas16245 1888Nov9M535 PainesvilleBoile Ireland
 Laborer  WPneumoniaPainesville O 
Freeman, Edward16246 1888Aug22S 10 PainesvillePainesville
 None  CTeethingPainesville O 
Freeman, Richard16247 1888May8S7  PainesvillePainesville
 None  CBrain feverPainesville O 
Fitzgerald, Michial16248 1889Jan25M586 PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville O 
Giblin, James16249 1888Oct22M6489PainesvilleIreland
 R.R. Employee  WKidney troublePainesville O 
Gibson, Edward16250 1888Aug21S76 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville O 
Green, Minnie16251 1889Jan11S  8PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WCongestionPainesville O 
Gould, Harris16252 1888Dec22M81515PainesvilleOnida N.Y.
 Farmer  WCancerPainesville O 
Hayes, Martin16253 1888Oct27M354 PainesvillePainesville O
 Laborer  WAccidentPainesville O 
Hayes, Mrs Mary16254 1889Mar2W803 PainesvilleWyoming Co N. Y.
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville O 
Harvey, Anna Stuse16255 1888Oct12S213 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WCongestionPainesville O 
Huhtala, Chas.16256 1888Oct26M45  PainesvilleHungary
 Laborer  WPneumoniaPainesville O 
Higgins, Galin Hide16257 1888Sep1M629 PainesvillePerry Wyoming Co N.Y.
 Merchant  WBrights diseasePainesville O 
Hilderbrand, Fred16258 1888Aug9S18 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WCholera InfantumPainesville O 
Haugh, Daniel16259 1888Apr30S13 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WBrain feverPainesville O 
Harding, W. D.16260 1888Apr23M81  PainesvillePainesville
 Farmer  WOld AgePainesville O 
Huntington, Elmira16261 1888Apr25M781110PainesvillePainesville
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville O 
Hopkins, Ameoret16262 1889Apr17W845 PainesvilleVermont
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville O 
Hoptchkiss, George16263 1888Apr29M8284PainesvilleDelhi N. York
 Laborer  WErysipelasPainesville O 
Infant son Horace Alvord16264 1889Mch8S 00PainesvillePainesville
 NoneHoraceAlvordNellie HineWStill bornPainesville O 
Infant son La Bounty16265 1888May22S  2PainesvillePainesville
 None  WSpasmsPainesville O 
Infant son F. W. Benning16266 1888Sept S 1 PainesvillePainesville
 NoneF. W. Bennning WSpasmsPainesville O 
Infant son G. J. Carnegie16267 1888Apr5S   PainesvillePainesville
 NoneGuy CarnegieWebbWStill bornPainesville O 
Infant son A. Cone16268 1888Oct10S 3 Wks PainesvillePainesville
 None  WProstrationPainesville O 
Infant son L. J. Miller Jr.16269 1888Oct16S   PainesvillePainesville
 None  WStill bornPainesville O 
Infant son C. Waterman16270 1888Nov5S 2 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WSpasmsPainesville O 
Infant son L. Stanhope16271 1889Jan9S  3PainesvillePainesville
 None  WSpasmsPainesville O 
Infant son Dan Haugh16272 1889Feb16S   PainesvillePainesville
 None  WStill bornPainesville O 
Infant son Wm Mackay16273 1888Apr15S  5PainesvillePainesville
 None  WSpasmsPainesville O 
Infant Daughter Geo. Rogers16274 1888Juf31S 6 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WCholera InfantumPainesville O 
Infant Daughter Waldo Patton16275 1888Aug22S 2 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WKidney troublePainesville O 
 164 1889 
Infant child of G. A. Harris16476May 241888Nov16S  3PainesvillePainesville
 None  WSpasmsPainesvilleMale *
Johnson, Eliza16477May 241888Aug15W53  PainesvillePainesville
 H.Keeper  WAbscessPainesville 
Johnson, George16478May 241888Aug16S56 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Jones, Hetty16479May 241888Dec2M38610PainesvilleConcord
 H.Keeper  WChild birthPainesville 
Knowles, Daniel16480May 241888May5M723 PainesvilleOtsego Co N.Y.
 Laborer  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Kilbourne, Margret16481May 241888Juf29W60  PainesvilleWashington Co Pa
 H.Keeper  WBrights diseasePainesville 
King, Richard16482May 241888Aug17S11 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WCholera InfantumPainesville 
Kirbie, Myrtie *16483May 241888Oct6S12  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Kuster, Ann16484May 241888May9M62  PainesvilleN. Y. State
 Laborer  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Lamunyan, Chas.16485May 241888Apr29S74 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WBrain troublePainesville 
Leenar, Nancy16486May 241888Apr5M675 PainesvillePainesville
 H.Keeper  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Leech, George16487May 241888May9S8  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WCholera MorbusPainesville 
Lister, M.16488May 241888May31S5  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WAccidentalPainesville 
Lockwood, Irwin16489May 241888Dec14M28  PainesvillePerry O
 R. R. Employee  W   
Malin, Martin16490May 241888Sep13unknown    Sweden
 Laborer  WCongestionPainesville 
McCoy, Anna16491May 241888Sep15S 6 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WCholera InfantumPainesville 
Miller, L. E.16492May 241888Dec10M71  PainesvilleWillougbhy, O
 Tinner  WParalysisPainesville 
Milligan, Martha16493May 241888Sep6 37  PainesvillePa
 H.Keeper  WInflamationPainesville 
Morrison, Sarah16494May 241889Feb18M42  PainesvillePainesville, O
 H.Keeper  WRheumatismPainesville 
Nichols, Lavinia16495May 241888Aug29S6  PainesvillePainesville, O
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Nye, Alvira Cowell16496May 241888Apr7M66510PainesvillePainesville, O
 H.Keeper  WHeart troublePainesville 
Oden, Benjamin16497May 241889Feb8M376 PainesvilleMiddle Tenessa
 Laborer  CConsumptionPainesville 
Potter, J. A.16498May 241888Apr24M735 PainesvilleN. Y. State - Chenango Co
 None  WHeart troublePainesville 
Pampoupa, Lucy16499May 241888Juf2M33  PainesvilleSweden
 Laborer  WChild birthPainesville 
Pohta, Thos.164100May 241888Aug2S25  PainesvilleHungary
 Laborer  WTyphoid feverPainesville 
Pepoon, Cornelia164101May 241888Aug9M49  PainesvillePainesville
 H.Keeper  WConsumptionPainesville 
Paine, Eliza164102May 241888Aug21S85  PainesvillePainesville
 H.Keeper  WGangrenePainesville 
Pike, Bertha164103May 241888June1S 118PainesvillePainesville
 None  WPneumoniaPainesville 
Post, John Edward164104May 241888Aug31S4  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WBlood poisoningPainesville 
Post, Grace Eva Lucea164105May 241888Sept28S26 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Post, Harry Clyde164106May 241888Nov5S310 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Perkins, Mattie Jane164107May 241889Jan25S15  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WTyphoid feverPainesville 
Petre, John164108May 241889Mch8M52  PainesvillePainesville
 Laborer   AsthmaPainesville 
Quinne, Mary164109May 241889Feb5W64  PainesvilleIreland
 H.Keeper  WLiver complaintPainesville 
Reed, William Crouse164110May 241888Nov12M367 PainesvilleNew York State
 Merchant  WLiver complaintPainesville 
Richards, Randall164111May 241888Dec27S13 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  CWhooping coughPainesville 
Radcliffe, Hattie164112May 241888May27M2864PainesvilleHamden Geauga Co O
 H. Keeper  WBurned to deathPainesville 
Rieni, Herman164113May 241888May1M48  PainesvilleSweden
 Laborer  WCancerPainesville 
Stocking, Eva164114May 241889Jan16MS239 PainesvilleMadison O
 H.Keeper  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Searl, Harry164115May 241888Sep24S1517PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WCroupPainesville 
Searl, Edward164116May 241888Oct9M6245PainesvilleMartinsburg, N. Y.
 R. R. Police  WConsumptionPainesville 
Scribner, David164117May 241888Mch10M617 PainesvilleMentor Lake Co O
 Laborer  WDropsyPainesville 
Schweringer, John164118May 241888Juf23M6234PainesvilleReiburgGermany
 Cabinet maker  WRheumatismPainesville 
Skinner, George164119May 241888Sep12M1115PainesvillePainesville O
 NoneCondition M crossed off, S pencilled in WTeethingPainesville 

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