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NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, County, O. 18 .
 May 22 
Adams, Martin H.1581 1889Mch26W69  ConcordConcord
 Farmer  WPhneumoniaConcord 
Cross. Marion1582 1888Juf30M37  ConcordSpringfield Pa
 HouseKeeper  WDropsyConcord 
Gordon, Emma H.1583 1889Feb28M37  ConcordPainesville
 HouseKeeper  WErysipelasConcord 
Harrison, Alice E.1584 1888Dec7S30  ClevelandLeroy
 H.S.P. maker  WPhneumoniaConcord 
Hodges, T. C.1585 1888Nov16W777 ConcordMass
 Farmer  WGangreneConcord 
Jewell, Jason W.1586 1888Dec29S76  ConcordN. Y.
 Farmer  WInflamation bowelsConcord 
Lapham, James W.1587 1889Mar23S27  ConcordMentor
 Farmer  WKidney diseaseConcord 
Monroe, Susan1588 1888Sep5W886 ConcordGermany
    WOld AgeConcord 
Noble, Daniel T.1589 1889Apr14S40  ConcordLanden O
 Farmer  WStoppage of bowelsConcord 
Williams, Herman15810 1888May18M92  ConcordConn
 Farmer  WOld AgeConcord 
 May 23 
Brooks, Howard Lewis1581 1888May15  49KirtlandKirtland O
 None  WPneumoniaKirtland O 
Campbell, Electa1582 1889Mch13W89123KirtlandSandyfield Mass
 None  WAgeKirtland O 
Dusenberry, Orrin Wash.1583 1888Oct11M27  Mendon PaVirginia
 Doctor  WConsumptionKirtland O 
Griswold, Mary O.1584 1888Apr23W81614KirtlandGenessee N.Y.
 None  WConsumptionKirtland O 
Lee, H. Weller *1585 1888Apr6S20223Lowell Kent Co MichFondulac Wis *
 Laborer  WDrowningKirtland O 
Martindale, Harriet1586 1888May10W90921KirtlandMontague Mass
 None  WAgeKirtland O 
McFarland, Gracie1587 1888Nov6  524KirtlandKirtland O
 None  WCongestion of lungsKirtland O 
Shattuck, Alma1588 1888Apr16M44 12KirtlandChardon O
 HouseKeepter  WConsumptionKirtland O 
Squires, Mildred1589 1889Feb11   5KirtlandKirtland O
 None  WHeartKirtland O 
Tryon, Irene Dexter15810 1888Sept1M53  KirtlandStockbridge N.Y.
 HouseKeepter  WHeartKirtland O 
Upham, Sharon B.15811 1888Aug14S23125KirtlandStockbridge N.Y.
 Teacher  WConsumptionKirtland O 
Lula B. Pickham1581 1888Dec10 11 MadisonMadison
    WBipid SpineMadison 
Williard Foster1582 1889Jan1W828 MadisonVt
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison 
Charles S. Fetch1583 1889Feby26S218 MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMadison 
Slottie Hayward1584 1889Feby25M40  MadisonPa
 HouseKeeper  WBrain DMadison 
Dora E. Lohn1585 1888Aug25 110 MadisonMadison
 None  WPneumoniaMadison 
G. W. French1586 1889M3 57  MadisonVt
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMadison 
Alise King1587 1889Jan31  715MadisonMadison
 None  WSpinal DMadison 
Philium Kimball1588 1888Nov27W87617MadisonVt
 HouseKeeper  WOld AgeMadison 
S. O. Talcott1589 1888Dec19 76  MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison 
Wm. Beckley15810 1888Dec20 70  MadisonN. Y.
 Farmer  WDisease bladderMadison 
Bernhardt, John1581 1888Oct2M41822WilloughbyGermany
 Farmer  WConsumptionWilloughby TpW
Babcock, John1582 1888Sept6M85620WilloughbyUtica N. Y.
 Farmer  WOld AgeWilloughby Tp 
Fuller, Chauncy1583 1888Aug15M50813WilloughbyWilloughby
 Farmer  WDysentaryWilloughby Tp 
Granger, John M.1584 1888Aug12M68626WilloughbyScipio N.Y.
 Carpenter  WConsumptionWilloughby Tp 
Graves, Mary L.1605May 231889Jan21M406 WilloughbyEngland
 Housekeeping  WHeart diseaseWilloughby Tp 
Humphery, Delia M.1606 1889Jan13M68  WilloughbyWattertown N. Y.
 Housekeeping  WCancer in breastWilloughby Vill 
LeRoy, Julia1607 1889Jan23M20  WilloughbyIndiana
 Housekeeping  WChildbirthWilloughby Tp 
Malkin, Phillis1608 1889Jan30M61  WilloughbyEngland
 Housekeeping  WAppoplexyWilloughby Tp 
Nenjahn, Charles1609 1888Sept8M7964WilloughbyGermany
 Fanner  WOld AgeWilloughby Tp 
Nevue, Charles M. O.16010 1889Feb4M59214WilloughbyCanada
 Shoemaker  WInflamation bowelsWilloughby Vill 
Rutland, Esther M.16011 1888Juf10S495WilloughbyNewfame N.Y.
 None  WDiptheriaWilloughby Vill 
Usher, Martha16012 1888Apr22M41311WilloughbyMentor O
 Housekeeping  WConsumptionWilloughby Tp 
Wilson, Wm. F.16013 1889Feb19M7964WilloughbyFarmington O
 Retired Clergyman D.D.  WHeart failure & paralysisWilloughby Vill 
Wilson, Sarah M.16014    Divorced59120WilloughbyWilloughby O
 Housekeeping  WHeart failure &nervous porstirionWilloughby Vill 
Addler, Edward1601May 231889Apr12S48 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WBlood poisoningPainesville O 
Addler, Lousia1602 1889Apr16S123 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville O 
Austin, Gertrude1603 1888May14S102 PainesvilleConcord O
 None  WDiptheriaPainesville O 
Arthur, Nellie1604 1889Feb6S102 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WStill bornPainesville O 
Bacon, Benjamin1605 1888Apr29M875 PainesvillePerry Lake Co O
 Farmer  WParaPainesville O 
Burbee, Jennie1606 1888May26M52  PainesvilleOntario Co N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WSpinal troublePainesville O 
Brick, Michial1607 1888Juf6M62  PainesvilleIreland
 Farmer  WDyspepsiaPainesville O 
Boughton, Lena May1608 1888Juf2S 6 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WChlora InflantumPainesville O 
Babcock, Seth1609 1888Aug10S6  PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WDrownedPainesville O 
Bacon, George16010 1888Nov25M5410 PainesvillePerry O
 Farmer  WDysentaryPainesville O 
Bacon, William Alonzo16011 1888Dec30M674 PainesvillePerry O
 Farmer  WParalysisPainesville O 
Bailey, Gracie May16012 1888Sept10S 925PainesvilleBuffaalo, N.Y.
 None  WPoisonedPainesville O 
Boughton, Fred16013 1888Sept9S16  PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WBlood poisoningPainesville O 
Boughton, Chauncey16014 1889Mch10M58  PainesvilleGeauga Co Montville
 Laborer  WCongestion of lungsPainesville O 
Brooks, Elizabeth16015 1888Nov10W92  PainesvilleMass
 None  WOld AgePainesville O 
Brown, Emily L.16016 1888Oct3M3964PainesvilleBrooklyn O
 H.Keeper  WTyphoid feverPainesville O 
Buck, Hattie J.16017 1888Aug20S18  PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WConsumptionPainesville O 
Barto, Eliza Jane16018 1889Apr10W716 PainesvillePerry Ohio
 H.Keeper  WBronchitisPainesville O 
Brick, Patrick16019 1888Dec7M59410PainesvilleIreland
 Farmer  WParalysis of brainPainesville O 
Burr, Wallace16020 1889Feb5S84  PainesvilleJamestown N.Y.
 Laborer  WOld AgePainesville O 
Weed, Matilda16021 1888Aug2W72  PainesvilleDon't Know
 H.Keeper  WHeart diseasePainesville O 
Garman, Jacob16022 1888Nov25M395 PainesvilleN. Y. State
 Laborer  WAccidentalPainesville O 
Chapman, Alice16023 1888Sep7S4410PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WMembranous croupPainesville O 
Chase, Ira16024 1888Aug29M60  PainesvilleN. Y. State
 Carpenter  WAbcessPainesville O 
Conners, John16025 1889Apr13M71  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WPneumoniaPainesville O 
Conners, Anna16026 1888Nov24M42  PainesvilleIreland
 None  WConsumptionPainesville O 
Colgrove, Harris16027 1889Jan18S 1 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WCholera InfantumPainesville O 
Cone, Mary16028 1889Feb20W783 PainesvillePainesville O
 H.Keeper  WPneumoniaPainesville O 
Clapp, George Garden16029 1889Mch10M691120PainesvilleConcord O
 Farmer  WPneumoniaPainesville O 
Curdy, Bertha16030 1889Feb15S47 PainesvillePainesville O
 None  WGastric feverPainesville O 
Dolan, Thomas16031 1888Mch26S2063PainesvillePainesville O
 Laborer  WCongestion of brainPainesville O 

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