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NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, County, O. 18 .
Dewey, Ara W.1548 1887July1M59228WilloughbyCrawford Co Pa
 Watchman  WCancer of stomachWilloughby 
Elliott, Morgan1549 1887Oct W77  WilloughbyState of N.Y.
 Laborer  WOld AgeWilloughby 
Fowler, Eugene15410 1887Mch15S12  WilloughbyWilloughby
 none  WShotWilloughby 
Granger, Mellisa A.15411 1887July19M3126WilloughbyWilloughby
 H. Keeper  WCongestion of lungsWilloughby 
Goodrich, Albert15412 1888Feby8W72  WilloughbyJefferson Co N.Y.
 Mechanic  WConsumptionWilloughby 
Hall, Wm. C.15413 1887Nov19S66  WilloughbyWilloughby
 Farmer  WBrights diseaseWilloughby 
Hyde, Corydon15414 1887Oct28M6938WilloughbyColeville N.Y.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaWilloughby 
Kennedy, Ramsom15415 1887July16W676 WilloughbyNelson Portage Co. O
 Merchant  WHeart diseaseWilloughby 
Murney, Martin15416 1887Apr30S23  WilloughbyWilloughby
 Laborer  WConsumptionWilloughby 
Palmer, Caroline G.15417 1887Sep5M1941WilloughbyWilloughby
 H. Keeper  WThyphoid feverWilloughby 
Rawlinson, Wm.15418 1888Mch5WNot known  WilloughbyEngland
 Farmer  WOld AgeWilloughby 
Rociam, Joseph15419 1887Oct15M57  WilloughbyGermany
 Farmer  WAccidentWilloughby 
Rudd, Amanda M.15420 1887May18M60820WilloughbyOnondaga Co. N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionWilloughby 
Rudd, Chas. H.15421 1887Sep17M37617N.O. Lunatic AsylumMayfield O
 Farmer  WInsanityWilloughby 
Rutland, Hattie J.15422 1887Oct30M29924WilloughbyUnknown N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionWilloughby 
Sharpe, Adelia D.15423 1888Feby12M701115WilloughbyWarsaw, N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WPneumoniaWilloughby 
Stollan, Abraham15424 1887Apr15W70  WilloughbySwitzerland
 Mechanic  WPneumoniaWilloughby 
Suggitt, Richd F.15425 1887Dec M42  WilloughbyGuilford Ohio
 Farmer  WPneumoniaWilloughby 
Smith, A. K.15426 1887Apr12M6511 WilloughbySpafford N.Y.
 Farmer  WHeart diseaseWilloughby 
Todd, Lucern15427 1887Aug21M38  WilloughbyBrunswick O
 Musician  WPneumoniaWesterville O 
Wail, Amanda15428 1887Apr24S674 WilloughbyCattaraugus, N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WLaceration bowelsWilloughby 
Ward, Mary A.15429 1887June17M63113Hyde Park N.Y.Hyde Park N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WApoplexyWilloughby 
Wing, O. R.15430 1887Nov19W49316WilloughbyPortage N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WSyphoidWilloughby 
Wyckoff, Wm H.15431 1888Feby21M74724WilloughbyDryden N.Y.
 Farmer  WCongestion bowelsWilloughby 
Abbey, Mary S.1541 1888Feby7M261 MentorKingsville Ohio
 H. Keeper  WCongestion of lungsMentor 
Baxter, Helen M.1542 1887Oct26M59  MentorBloomfield Ohio
 H. Keeper  WStomach troubleMentor 
Bixby, Clarence R.1543 1887Dec31M3057MentorGeneva Ohio
 Doctor  WDiptheriaMentor 
Bixby, Ida S.1544 1888Jan3M2972MentorKirtland Ohio
 H. Keeper  WDiptheriaMentor 
Crowl, Alvina1545 1887Oct2W62102MentorMass
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionMentor 
Clapp, Statira N.1546 1888Feby12 *M761015MentorCanada
 H. Keeper  WOssification of heartMentor 
Doty, Flossie H.1547 1888Mch28S8922MentorMentor Ohio
Fox, Rebecca1548 1887Dec14W75211MentorAlbany N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WParalysisMentor 
Garfield, Eliza B.1549 1888Jan21W8642MentorRichmond, N.C.
 H. Keeper  WOld AgeMentor 
Hart, Eliza C.15410 1888Mch27M50216MentorBennington Vt
 H. Keeper  WInflammation stomachMentor 
Hodge, Margrett15411 1887Apr4M71120MentorLyons N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WHeart diseaseMentor 
Muninery, Stella15412 1887Oct10S1897PainesvilleOgdenberg NY
    WTyphoid feverPainesville 
Radcliff, Margrett15413 1888Mch5W836 MentorIsle of Man
 H. Keeper  WOld AgeMentor 
Rydan, Bridget15414 1887Nov13M40  MentorMayo Co Isle of Man
 H. Keeper  WJaundiceMentor 
Rexford, Maria B.15415 1887Apr13M4535MentorUnknown-Ohio
 H. Keeper  WHeart diseaseMentor 
Rexford, Bernie R.15416 1887May21M43  MentorForest Co., Pa.
 H. Keeper  WHeart diseaseMentor 
 15417 1887Sep15S  1MentorMentor
  Charles MitchellNellie Mitchell  Mentor 
Balch, Louisa1561 1887Nov12W77222LeroyVermont State
 H. Keeper  WOld AgeLeroy 
Crofort, Dudley1562 1887Nov8W87815LeroyN.Y. State
 Farmer  WOld AgeLeroy 
Fowler, Thomas G.1563 1888Jan25M25106Boston Summit OCanada
 Farmer  WAccidentLeroy 
Hopkins, Seth J.1564 1888Feb20M71825LeroyOhio
 Farmer  WSoftening of brainLeroy 
Sprague, Olive1565 1887Aug4W78420LeroyMass
 H. Keeper  WOld AgeLeroy 
Scribner, William H.1566 1887Oct12M65925 New Ham
 Farmer  WStomachLeroy 
Sanford, Girtie A.1567 1887May25S2 17LeroyLeroy
Quin, Ann1568 1887Sep8M64627LeroyIsle of Man
 H. Keeper  WTumorLeroy 
Tear, Mary A.1569 1887Oct21M6226LeroyN. Y.
 H. Keeper  WCreeping ParalysisLeroy 
Webster, Almina15610 1888Feb9W86618LeroyConn
 H. Keeper  WDropsyLeroy 
Arthur Darius M.1561 1888  M   PerryPenn
 Farming  WConsumptionPerry 
Emeline Arnold1562 1888Nov29M731 PerryOtsego, N.Y.
Bartlett, Alonzo1563 1888Oct20M71  PerryNew York
 Farming  WBrights diseasePerry 
Brown, Moses1564 18'8Sep12M70  PerryIreland
 Farming  WStomach complaintPerry 
Casler, Wm G1565 18'8May10S24  PerryIreland
 Farming  WSuicidePerry 
Cook, James P.1566 18'8Apr28S16  PerryIreland
 Farming  WBowel complaintPerry 
Haskell, Elvira S.1567 18'9Mar6M79919PerrySandisfield, Mass.
 superannuated  WParalysisPerry 
Kirtland, Ruth E.1568 18'8Apr S 10 PerryPerry
    WSore throatPerry 
Sapharn, Marietta1569 18'8Aug16W6361PerryChautauqua Co N.Y.
 Invalid  WRheumatismPerry 
Manchester, Clyde15610 18'8Oct22S5122PerryPerry
McMurphy, Harriet15611 18'8Oct21W83  Perry 
 superannuated   AgePerry 
Mason, David15612 18'8May17M7436PerryWales G.B.
 Sexton  WAdvanced AgePerry 
Norton, Nelson15613 18'8Nov17W69  PerryAurora, Portage Co O
 Agriculturist  WCancerPerry 
Orcutt, A. D.15614 18'8Oct14M6196PerryParkman Geauga Co O
 Architect  WRupterPerry 
Patchin, John C.15615 18'8May19W76819PerryAurillus N.Y.
 Farming  WHeart dis.Perry 
Richardson, Atlanta15616 18'8Aug3S 1 PerryPerry
 none   ConvulsionsPerry 
Ramsey, Albert15617 18'8Sep10S 2 PerryPerry
 none  WBowel complaintPerry 
Richardson, Atlanta15618 1888July28M207 PerryPainesville
 Housekeeper   ConsumptionPerry 
Stratton, Maria15619 18'8Oct20W76  PerryN.Y.
 superannuated   Heart diseasePerry 
Shepard Frank M.15620 18'8May13M25  PerryN.Y.
 Farming  WConsumptionPerry 
Webb, Wilford15621 18'8Dec29M60  PerryN.Y.
 Farming  WAddison's deseas of KidneyPerry 
Corlett, William T.1561 18881222S324 LeroyLeroy
 Farmer  WBlood poinsoningLeroy 
Graham, Theron1562 188893S3926LeroyLeroy
 Laborer  WDropsyLeroy 
Camoun, Nancy1563 1889129S1137LeroyPainesville
 none  WDiptheriaLeroy 
Taylor, Mary E.1564 1889315S185 LeroyLeroy
 none  WSpinal feverLeroy 
Wright, Fannie S.1565 1888111M89215LeroyConnecticut
 none  WOld Age  

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