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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 150-153

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, County, O. 18 .
Philbrook, Mary A.1505918911888Jan26M624 PainesvilleEngland
 H. Keeper  WPneumoniaPainesville 
Odorn, Mary Mather15060 1888Jan3S154PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDysentaryPainesville 
Perkins, James Monroe15061 1888Mar18S464 PainesvilleBlodshaw Co Tenn
 Laborer  CKilled by R.R. carPainesville 
Paige, Nancy Jane15062 1888Feb17W7356PainesvilleMadison Lake Co O
 H. Keeper  WDiabetusPainesville 
Putney, Almirra S. *15063 1888Feb12W70614PainesvilleN.Y. State
 H. Keeper   Old AgePainesville 
Post, Thomas A.15064 1887Dec7S3115PainesvillePainesville
 none  WMembranous CroupPainesville 
Farmer, Nleucton15065 1887Apr9S58  PainesvilleN.Y. State
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Radcliff, Mary A.15066 1887Dec3M4611 PainesvillePainesville
 H. Keeper  WDropsy of heartPainesville 
Rivers, George15067 1887Aug7M5359PainesvilleN.Y. State
 Painter  WConsumptionPainesville 
Rosa, Amphela *15068 1887June23S88115PainesvilleCoxsackie Grien Co N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville 
Roth Tuft, Inft dht Ira R. Morrann15069 1887June29S 3 PainesvillePainesville
 none  WSpasmsPainesville 
Starkee, William Walter15070 1887Sep2S 35PainesvillePainesville
 none  WSummer complaintPainesville 
Sullivan, Honora15071 1887Sep25M481016PainesvilleTiperary Ireland
 H. Keeper  WLiver complaintPainesville 
Scribner, Freddie15072 1887Jan6S5215PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Shepard, Mary15073 1888Apr8W7146PainesvilleCanada
 H. Keeper  WSpinal MeningitisPainesville 
Smith, Thomas15074 1887Apr5 8046PainesvilleBraford England
 Laborer  WOld AgePainesville 
Scribner, David15075 1888Mar23M6285PainesvilleMentor Lake Co O
 Carpenter  WParalysisPainesville 
Seely, Andrew15076 1887May11M6369PainesvilleN.Y. State
 Laborer  WFeverPainesville 
Stanhope, Samuel15077 1887Oct30   4PainesvillePainesville
 none  WFitsPainesville 
St. John, Lora Burnham15078 1887Aug21M8367PainesvilleDeerfield Mass
 H. Keeper  WBlack JaundicePainesville 
Taylor, Marcus Cook15079 1887Aug17M5053PainesvilleBloomfield Essex Co NY
 Farmer  WTyphoid FeverPainesville 
Turner, Giles C.15080 1887May18M6834PainesvilleN.Y. State
 Carpenter  WNervous prostrationPainesville 
Williams, Elizabeth Briggs15081 1887June8M551116PainesvilleAurora N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WHemmorage StomachPainesvilleAug 2nd 5:30 PM
Wilcox, Bliss O.15082 1887Sep3S7648PainesvilleVt. near Lake Champlain
 Merchant  WHemmorage LungsPainesville 
Wallace, John15083 1887July11 786 PainesvilleScotland
 Laborer  WGeneral debilityPainesville 
Wakelee, Bessie E.15084 1887Oct26 395 PainesvilleIrontown Ohio
 H. Keeper  WNervous prostrationPainesville 
Ward, Elsie15085 1888Jan2M 74PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Heathcock, Thomas15086 1887Oct29 unknown  Painesvilledon't know
 Engineer  CKilled by CarsPainesville 
Beebee, Lucy15087 1887Nov6S   PainesvilleMadison
 H. Keeper  WGen. debilityPainesville 
Burns, Daniel15088 1887Apr19S   PainesvillePainesville
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Buck, Joseph15089 1887Sep15S17 5PainesvillePainesville
 none  WPneumoniaPainesville 
Buck, Bessie15090 1887Aug4S139 PainesvillePainesville
 none  WMalariel FeverPainesville 
Lace, Glenn Edward15091 1888Jan15S3916PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Lace, Bessie May15092 1888Jan17S198PainesvillePainesville
 none  WCroupPainesville 
Lowe, Ethel Mary15093 1888Feb12S 6 PainesvillePainesville
Infants son of E. Poutta15094 1887Sep19S  1PainesvillePainesville
 none  WSpasmsPainesville 
Infant dht William Henry15095 1887Aug23S  4PainesvillePainesville
 none  WSummer ComplaintPainesville 
Infant son William Henry15096 1887Sep4S  16PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Infant son Wm. Dolan no name15097 1887Sep27   1PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Infant dht Wesley Reemud no name15098 1887July6S  1PainesvillePainesville
 none  WSpasmsPainesville 
Infant son Joseph Curtiss no name15099 1887Feb4S 16PainesvillePainesville
 none  WCroupPainesville 
Ayres, William1521 1888Feb1M78118Madison OPennsylvania
 Farmer  WAgeMadison O. 
Ayres, Martha L.1522 1888Jan28S48  Madison OOhio
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison O. 
Bartram, Cortis Levi1523 1887Juy28S596 Madison OMadison O
 Farmer  WDropsyMadison O. 
  Brewster, R. L.Brewster, S. C. Still bornMadison O. 
Cleveland, Laura1525 1888Mar W80  Madison ONew Hampshire
     Old AgeMadison O. 
Colby, Convers G.1526 1887Nov29M713 Madison ONew Hampshire
 Farmer   ConsumptionMadison O. 
Cunningham, Flora G.1527 1887Dec11W86  Madison OMassachusetts
     ParalysisMadison O. 
Colby, Chlos1528 1887Juy27S264 Madison OAshtabula O
     Spinal FeverMadison O. 
Crane, Mary A.1529 1887Dec23M714 Madison ONew York
     Heart DiseaseMadison O. 
Foster, Charlott *15210 1887Nov M66  Madison OConnecticut
 Farmer   ParalysisMadison O. 
Hotchkiss, Leverett15211 1887Oct31M73315Madison ONew York
 Farmer   DiabetesMadison O. 
Kimball, Philena15212 1887Nov27W875 Madison OMassachusetts
 Farmer   ParalysisMadison O. 
McDonald, Sarah15213 1888Jan26W83  Madison ONew York
 H.Keeper   PneumoniaMadison O. 
Strong, Elias15214 1888Mar12M88412Thompson OMassachusetts
 Farmer   Old AgeMadison O. 
Talcott, Sally15215 1887Dec16M722 Madison OAshtabula O
 Farmer   Old AgeMadison O. 
Warner, Lizzie15216 1888Mar29W753 Madison ONew York
     Old AgeMadison O. 
Winchester, Erastus15217 1887Nov8M81 5Madison ONew York
 Farmer   Old AgeMadison O. 
Bishop, Henry1521 1888Jan13M   KirtlandEngland
 Farmer  WHeart diseaseKirtland O 
Bond, Ira1522 1887Nov30W891120KirtlandCadwell N.Y.
 Farmer  WOld AgeKirtland O 
Brindle, Geo W.1523 1888Feb3M   PainesvilleSpringfield Penn
 Clerk  WRheumatism of heartPainesville O 
Gildersleeve, Samuel D.1524 1887July19M7734KirtlandBethlehem
 Farmer  WCongestion of lungsKirtland  
Gilmore, Asenath1525 1888Mch25M82315KirtlandN. Y.
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionKirtland  
Mainhardt, Anna1526 1887Dec22S159 KirtlandCleveland
 none  WDiptheriaKirtland  
Mainhardt, August1527 1887Dec22S14213KirtlandCleveland
 none  WDiptheriaKirtland  
Mainhardt, Ellanona1528 1887Dec16S125 KirtlandCleveland
 none  WDiptheriaKirtland  
Mainhardt, Eornad F.1529 1887Dec19S10217KirtlandKirtland
 none  WDiptheriaKirtland  
Mainhardt, Elizabeth15210 1887Dec15S82 KirtlandKirtland
 none  WDiptheriaKirtland  
Mainhardt, Christine15211 1887Dec22S4318KirtlandKirtland
 none  WDiptheriaKirtland  
Meyers, Geo. Addison15212 1887Nov30M591120KirtlandDausville O
 Farmer  WHeart diseaseKirtland  
Thompson, Mary A.15213 1887Sept21S46215KirtlandChester O
 H. Keeper  WPoisoned from toad stoolsKirtland  
Pitcher, Gurden S.15214 1888Mar25M80922KirtlandN. Y.
 Farmer  WParalysisKirtland  
Plaisted, Susan V.15215 1888Jan4 19516KirtlandKirtland
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionKirtland  
Wells, Mary15216 1888Feb4 82  KirtlandMass
 H. Keeper   ParalysisKirtland  
Abbey, Hettie1521 1887Sep20S1710 WilloughbyWilloughby
 none  WSuicideWilloughby 
Allen, Eunice1522 1887Apr24M895 WilloughbyOneida Co N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WPneumoniaWilloughby 
Band, Mary E.1523 1888Jany1S1693WilloughbyShiffield Ashtabula Co
 School girl  WInflammation bowelsWilloughby 
Brown, Hannah1524 1888Feby7W7510 WilloughbyWilloughby
 H. Keeper  WOld AgeWilloughby 
Clark, Harriet1525 1887Nov W82  Grand Rapids MichPortland Conn
 H. Keeper  WOld AgeWilloughby 
Colson, Patty B.1526 1888Feby9S691026WilloughbyWilloughby
 H. Keeper  WHeart diseaseWilloughby 
Colson, C. C.1527 1888Feby12S73227WilloughbyWilloughby
 none  WParalysisWilloughby 

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