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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 146-149

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, County, O. 18 .
Wright, Benjamin M.14672 1886July6M30315PainesvillePainesville, O.
 Bus DriverJohn A. WrightEllen L. WrightWStrangulationPainesville, O. 
Wilkins, Amanda14673 1886July6W79  PainesvilleN. Y. Schoharie Co.
 Housekeeper  WLiver complaintPainesville, O. 
Warner, Daniel14674 1887Feb8M78  PainesvilleN. Y.
 None  WRheumatismPainesville, O. 
Walker, Andrew J.14675 1887Apr1M76  PainesvilleN. H.
 Builder  WRheumatismPainesville, O. 
Alexander, Martin1461 1887Sep6W76227ConcordTuriss, N.Y.
 Farmer  WConsumptionConcord 
Button, Arthur S.1462 1888Jan11S1567ConcordKirtland, O.
 Student  WDiabetes MelitasConcord 
Dodge, Daniel W.1463 1887Aug18S 19ConcordConcord
 Infant  WBlood PoisonConcord 
Hodges, Bessie S.1464 1887June27S5925ConcordConcord
 Student  WDiabetesConcord 
Huntoon, Naomi1465 1888Nov12W90918ConcordSurropee NH
 Housewife  WOld AgeConcord 
Hegley, William1466 1888Apr9W92  ConcordDuchess Co. N. Y.*
 Farmer  WOld AgeConcord 
Neill, Jane H.1467 1887Nov12W7782ConcordWarren Co., Penn.
 Housewife  WMilk SegConcord 
Tuttle, Olive B.1468 1887Dec6W8976ConcordN. Y.
 Housewife  WApoplexyConcord 
Tuttle, Jerome1469 1887Dec9M471029ConcordConcord, O.
 Farmer  WIndigestionConcord 
Winchell, Harvey14610 1887Aug11M86328ConnConcord
 Farmer  WGangreneConcord 
Abel, John D.1461 1887Sep25S20825PerryPerry
 Student  WHeart diseasePerry 
Baker, Sarah A.1462 1888Feb21M75  PerryMary Land
 H. Keeper   Heart diseasePerry 
Crawford, John1463 1887Aug21M73  PerryBennington Co., Vt.
 Farmer  WParalysisPerry 
Gray, Ira1464 1888Mch18M64810PerryChautauqua Co., N. Y.
 Farmer  WCongestion of Lungs & LiverPerry 
Sapharrs, Haskell C.1465 1887Aug28M67524PerryNew York
 Farmer  WCancer of ThroatPerry 
Littlefield, Stephen1466 1888Mch5W91810PerryMass
 Farmer  WParalysisPerry 
Sage, Orson G.1467 1887Sep2M726 PerryUnknown
 Farmer  WParalysisPerry 
Sage, Nancy J.1468 1888Feb2W62 14PerryVenango Co., Pa.
 H. Keeper  WRheumatism of heartPerry 
Tavener, Jacob1469 1887Sept29M702 PerryNewton, Mass.
 H. Keeper  WHeart deseasePerry 
Mason, Mary F.14610 1887Nov9M63  PerryLong Island N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WParalysisPerry 
Axtel, Clarra Hermine1461 1888Jan29M2965CaliforniaPerry Lake Co. O.
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionPainesville 
Axtel, Imri Pheps1462 1888Jan8M66215Santiago, Cal 
 Farmer  WPneumoniaPainesville 
Amidon, Ruth Laura1463  Jan3 *S292Foseland, Fla.Cleveland O.
 none  WDysentaryPainesville 
Ayers, Perkins Hamilton1464 1887May22M2546PainesvillePainesville
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Avery, Fred Havens1465 1887Aug7M32  PainesvilleMarathon Card Co NJ
 Clerk  WConsumptionPainesville 
Britton, Margaret Mary1466 1887Aug S2  PainesvillePainesville O
 none  WDyptheriaPainesville 
Benedict, Alford1467 1887Juf*3S181016PainesvillePainesville O
 R. R. Employee  WKilled by carsPainesville 
Benedict, Ollive1468 1887Sep7M48415PainesvilleFlorida
 H. Keeper  WCancerPainesville 
Brocket, William B.1469 1887Aug7M2214PainesvilleN. Y. State
 R. R. Employee  CKilled by ExplosionPainesville 
Burridge, Frank Parmly14610 1887May18S22915PainesvillePainesville
 Clerk  WConsumptionPainesville 
Brindle, Geo. Washington14611 1887Dec4M3656PainesvilleSpringfield, Pa.
 Farmer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Barns, Sarah Maria14612 1887Sep3W8246PainesvilleMarathon Cort Co. NY
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville 
Bishop, Sarah Maria14613 1887Aug17M51  PainesvilleNew Leston Otsego Co NY
 H. Keeper  WNervous prostrationPainesville 
Cahall, Margaret14614 1887Nov16W635 PainesvilleIreland
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionPainesville 
Creedon, Anna14815 1887Sep24W764 PainesvilleIreland
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville 
Cole, Parvis C.14816 1887Nov17M7469PainesvilleConnecticut
 Cooper  WHeart DiseasePainesville 
Carpenter, Oliva Curtis14817 1888Feb20M726 PainesvilleBlack Rock, N.Y.
 H. Keeper  WDropsyPainesville 
Carroll, Thomas14818 1887Aug27S886 PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WOld AgePainesville 
Condon, James14819 1887Aug22M5746PainesvilleLimmerick Ireland
 Laborer  WCongestive ChillsPainesville 
Dowling, Infant Dht Wm Drily[?] no name14820 1887Apr10S  1PainesvillePainesville
 none  WSpasmsPainesville 
Dayton, Grace14821 1887Oct22S13 1PainesvillePainesville
 none  WSpasmsPainesville 
Dolan, Thomas14822 1888Mch29S203 PainesvilleRilyouls-Pa.
 Machinist  WConsumptionPainesville 
Eddridge, Thomas14823 1887Oct29Mdon"t know  PainesvilleDon't Know
 Engineer  CKilled ExplosionPainesville 
Ely, Searrden Wellington14824 1887May8M7211PainesvilleMass
 Clergyman  WBlood PoisonPainesville 
Elias, Alfred Joseph14825 1888Mch26M58 4Hastings CanadaConcord Lake Co. O
 Grafter  WHeart DiseasePainesville 
Edwin, John14826 1888Feb14S43 PainesvillePerry Lake Co. O
 none  WConsumptionPainesville 
Farris, Lucius14827 1887Nov3M6174PainesvilleLondonary, Vt.*
 Contractor  WBrights' diseasePainesville 
Freer, Gabriel14828 1887Sep5S704 PainesvilleN. Y. State
 Laborer  WGen. debilityPainesville 
Greer, Caroline14829 1887Sep28W76419PainesvilleMass.
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville 
Goldsmith, Abagail Jones14830 1887Dec20W100721PainesvilleRedfield Hauskin Co. Mass.
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville 
Gibson, Charles14831 1887Aug27S24 PainesvillePainesville
 none  WBrain FeverPainesville 
Gregory, Marcus Edward14832 1887Juf*28M4639PainesvilleMentor Lake Co. O.
 Farmer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Goodrich, Fred J.14833 1888Mch24S 12PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Howlet, Emeline14834 1887Sep10W701 PainesvilleN. Y. State
 H. Keeper  WChronic diseasesPainesville 
Hine, Elisabeth S.14835 1888Mch9M5489PainesvilleYoungstown, O.
 H. Keeper  WApoplexyPainesville 
Houghkirk, Isaac James14836 1887Nov23M53416PainesvilleTroy, N. Y.
 Harness Maker  WConsumptionPainesville 
Hearsse Leonor Maria14837 1888Feb4S5484PainesvilleConcord, O.
 Harness Maker *  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Hickok, Emeline14838 1887Jeif*8W76  PainesvilleDon't Know
 Harness Maker *  WGen. debilityPainesville 
Heath, Jessie14839 1887Jeif*4S  21PainesvilleDuphenu_
 none  WPneumoniaPainesville 
Ingersoll, William14840 1887Aug30M565 PainesvilleMentor Lake Co. O.
 Engineer  WPneumoniaPainesville 
Jones, Lillian Arbruck14841 1887May20M319 PainesvillePainesville
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionPainesville 
Johnson, Phennarcie14842 1887Sept27S 116PainesvillePainesville
 none  WCongestionPainesville 
Jones, Barthena Florence14843 1887Apr10S423PainesvillePainesville
 none  WConsumptionPainesville 
Rulla Matz14844 1887Apr16S3  PainesvillePainesville
 none  WPneumoniaPainesville 
Kerr, Emily14845 1887Aug9W80316PainesvilleMorristown Mous Co NJ
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville 
Lynch, Michael14846 1887 *Feb1S88  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WOld AgePainesville 
Leman, Nancy Vroman14847 1888Mch30M68616PainesvilleLeroy, Ohio
 H. Keeper  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Lappaley, Nellie Jane14848 1888Feb1S9214PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Lewis, James14849 1888Mch28S784 PainesvilleN. Y. State
 Black Smith  WGen. debilityPainesville 
Lovlace, Charles14850 1887Apr15M593 PainesvilleMentor, O.
 Farmer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Morrell, Geo. E.14851 1887Apr15M48119PainesvillePainesville
 Farmer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Maratta, Fanny14852 1888Jay14M3914PainesvilleNew Orleans
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionPainesville 
Murphy, Thomas14853 1887Feb26S2746PainesvillePainesville
 Laborer  WCongestion LungsPainesville 
Mathews, Caroline Cook14854 1887Aug16W8911 PainesvillePatterson, N. J.
 H. Keeper  WOld AgePainesville 
Maddox, Richard S.14855 1887Feby3S32 PainesvillePainesville
 none  WDiptheriaPainesville 
Moon, Nettie14856 1887Mar3M354 PainesvilleMontville, O.
 H. Keeper  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Manneus, John E.14857 1887Nov6S 4 PainesvillePainesville
 none  WPneumoniaPainesville 
Newton, Charles E.14858 1887Sep14S  18PainesvillePainesville
 none  WSpasmsPainesville 

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