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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 142-145

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, County, O. 18 .
Furling, Edward14211 1886July7S147Willoughby, O.Willoughby, O.
    WBrain feverWilloughby, O. 
Fowler, Eugene14212 1887Mar13 12 19Willoughby, O.Willoughby, O.
     Accident gunshot the woundsWilloughby, O. 
Hutchinson, Wm. J.14213 1886June28M4693Willoughby, O.Willoughby, O.
 Harness maker   ConsumptionWilloughby, O. 
Harrie, Sallie14214 1887Mch19M5963Willoughby, O.Willoughby, O.
 H. K.   SuicideWilloughby, O. 
Lillie, W. A.14215 1886Sept19M70  Willoughby, O.Willoughby, O.
 Dr. Divinity & Justice of the Peace   HerniaWilloughby, O. 
Lyon, Orrin S.14216 1886May29W94  Willoughby, O.Buffalo, N. Y.
 Druggist   Old AgeWilloughby, O. 
Mead, Joseph14217 1886Aug12M441124Willoughby, O.Willoughby
 Farmer  WHerniaWilloughby, O. 
Myers, John14218 1886Aug9M63  Willoughby, O.Ireland
 Farmer   Accidental InjuriesWilloughby, O. 
Rush, Joel H.14219 1886June5M78  Willoughby, O.Genesee, N. Y.
 Farmer   PneumoniaWilloughby, O. 
Reeve, Seven H.14220 1886June21S 11Willoughby, O.Willoughby
     Heart diseaseWilloughby, O. 
Slayton, Wm. T.14221 1886May27M55117Willoughby, O.Kirtland
 Carpenter   ConsumptionWilloughby, O. 
Stocking, Lyman14222 1886Sept20M73511Willoughby, O.Sheffield Conn.
 Farmer   Cancer StomachWilloughby, O. 
White, Joseph14223 1886Nov15M74915Willoughby, O.Nassua, N. Y.
 Farmer   Old Age and genl DebilityWilloughby, O. 
White, Agnes14224 1887Feb15S1014Willoughby, O.Willoughby, O.
     DiabetisWilloughby, O. 
Waterbury, Robert14225 1887Jan20M83 10Willoughby, O.Willoughby, O.
     Old age & aWilloughby, O. 
Ayers, James H.1421 1886June2M5353PainesvillePainesville
 LaborerParley Ayers WParalisisPainesville, O. 
Ackley, Mrs. Nancy1422 1887Feb17W72416PainesvilleSeneca Co., N.Y.
 HousekeeperRichard SquiresHannah SquiresWProstrationPainesville, O. 
Brown, Roy A.1423 1886April8S1938PainesvilleHambden, O.
 BookkeeperLisen BrownMary A. BrownWSpinal diseasePainesville, O. 
Brayton, Mary A.1424 1886April14W   PainesvilleN. Y. City
 HousekeeperSamuel FluresMary Ann FluresWCongestion LungsPainesville, O. 
Bacon, W. L.1425 1886May28S625PainesvillePainesville, O
 noneHorace BaconMary Hine BaconWDiabatisPainesville, O. 
Blackmore, Rose E.1426 1886Sept13W55514PainesvilleEngland
 HousekeeperEdmund FrazerSarah BlackmoreWTyphoid feverPainesville, O. 
Bartlett, Christopher1427 1886Sept24M89  Painesville 
     ProstrationPainesville, O. 
Brooks, Caroline E.1428 1887Jan28W69513Painesville 
 Housekeeper   Liver complaintPainesville, O. 
Baker, George O.1429 1887Feb6M6537PainesvillePainesville, O.
 DruggistGeo. BakerMary BakerWHeart diseasePainesville, O. 
Baker, Charles W.14210 1887Mar14S22  CaliforniaPainesville, O.
 Insurance Agte.Geo. BakerHannah B. HaywardWConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Burns, Daniel14211 1887Mar13S19312Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 School boyJames BurnsMary Mahoney BurnsWConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Barrett, A. D.14212 1886Dec2M49  Painesville, O.Thompson, Geauga Co.
 Dep'ty Sheriff   Heart diseasePainesville, O. 
Carson, Rhoda14213 1886July10W86  Painesville, O. 
 Housekeeper  WKidney diseasePainesville, O. 
Card, E.M.14214 1886Dec20M2748Painesville, O.Painesville
 Painter  WConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Curtiss, Harriet14215 1887Jan31W85  Painesville, O.Don't know
 Housekeeper  WProstrationPainesville, O. 
Dingley, Kate L.14216 1886July1M   Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Housekeeper  WKidney diseasePainesville, O. 
Dean, Margaret14217 1886Nov30W96  Painesville, O.England
 Housekeeper  WProstrationPainesville, O. 
Dyer, Louie S.14218 1886Dec18S32 Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 noneWill DyerAllie Dyer BartlettWCroupPainesville, O. 
Devoe, C.14219 1886May11M5648Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 Carpenter   Lung feverPainesville, O. 
Durand, Cyrus O.14220 1886Sep25 61  Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 -   CancerPainesville, O. 
Freeman, Ruth14221 1887Feb27M65  Painesville, O.Virginia
 HousekeeperJames HillLucy HillCConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Frisby, J. L.14222 1887Mar2M67  Painesville, O.Mass.
 Merchant   ParalasisPainesville, O. 
Field, C. C.14223 1886Sep16M73  Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 Merchant   ParalasisPainesville, O. 
Gray, Elizabeth14224 1886May8M6537Painesville, O.Vermont
 HousekeeperJoel DoolittleSarah P. Fitch DoolittleWPneumoniaPainesville, O. 
Gregory, Mark E.14225 1886July30M45  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Farmer   Malarial feverPainesville, O. 
Green, Sarah L.14226 1886Aug12S42  Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 HousekeeperW. T. GreenJoyce GreenWConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Goldsmith, Frank14227 1887Jan26S10  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 School Boy   AccidentPainesville, O. 
Green, Joyce14428 1886Apr11M66516Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 Housekeeper  WHeart diseasePainesville, O. 
Glynn, Mary14429 1887Mar10S24  Painesville, O.Painesville
 Housekeeper  WHeart diseasePainesville, O. 
Hancock, Mary14430 1886Apr11S20  Painesville, O.Painesville
  Washington HancockMary HancockWConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Hancock, Albert14431 1886Aug3S 53Painesville, O.Painesville
 none   Cholera InfantumPainesville, O. 
Harrington, Simeon14432 1886Sept15M7147Painesville, O.Sodus, N. Y.
 Farmer  WDropsyPainesville, O. 
Johnson, Mrs. Mary14433 1886Sept18M30  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Housekeeper  WInflamation BowlesPainesville, O. 
Kelley, Seymore J.14434 1886Sept28M44716Painesville, O.Concord, O.
 R. R. Employ.  WParalasis BrainPainesville, O. 
King, Mrs. E. J.14435 1887Jan25M60311Painesville, O.Fulton Co., N. Y.
 Housekeeper  WCongestion LungsPainesville, O. 
Keheres, Geo. Albert [sic]14436 1887Jan11S1368Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 noneWm. H. Kehres [sic]Mary Hays KeheresWDropsyPainesville, O. 
Knap, Silas G.14437 1886Nov20M3534Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 Pedler  WInflamation LungsPainesville, O. 
Lynch, Michael14438 1886Sep3S   Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 LabourerMichael LynchMargaret Brick LynchWTyphoid feverPainesville, O. 
Lee, Marion M.14439 1886Aug5M35  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 HousekeeperChristopher Buell*Lydia WardWConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Leonard, Chas. S.14440 1886Aug31M68516Painesville, O.Mass
 Machinist  WParalisisPainesville, O. 
Mason, Amanda14441 1886Apr14W79317Painesville, O.N. Y. State Steuben Co.
 Housekeeper   Heart diseasePainesville, O. 
Miller, Cora Bell14442 1886May21S1432Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 School girlL. J. MillerCaroline WestonWConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Moseley, Eugene C.14443 1886June8M23413Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Bookkeeper   ConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Marshall, S. J.14444 1886Sep4M50  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 DoctorRaphael MarshallRoxanna Cole MarshallWNecrossis of BonePainesville, O. 
Murphy, Elizabeth14445 1887Feb25M68  Painesville, O.Ireland
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaPainesville, O. 
Multer, John14446 1887Mar13M86  Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 FarmerPhilip MullerSally Card MullerWGangreenPainesville, O. 
McCarthy, Frankie14447 1886Nov8S456Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 noneThomas McCarthyMary McCarthyWCroupPainesville, O. 
Mosher, Levi14448 1886June29M82  Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 none  WOld AgePainesville, O. 
Mosher, Silvia14449 1886July9M82  Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 none  WHeart diseasePainesville, O. 
O'Brien, Margaret14450 1886May7S7  Painesville, O.Painesville
 noneThomas O'BrienMargaret O'BrienWKilled by R.R. carsPainesville, O. 
Orton, Irwin14451 1887Feb10M68  Painesville, O.Ct.
 FarmerJohn J. OrtonBulah Colwell OrtonWKidney diseasePainesville, O. 
Pepoon, Benjamin14452 1886May25M87  Painesville, O.Hebron Ct
 Farmer   ProstrationPainesville, O. 
Perkins, Mary14453 1887Jan2M30  Painesville, O.Virginia
 HousekeeperAllen WordinMartha WordinCCongestionPainesville, O. 
Pierson, Mrs. S. W. *14454 1886July9M7754Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 Housekeeper  WParalisisPainesville, O. 
Pancost, S. G.14455 1886May7M8547Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 Dentist  WProstrationPainesville, O. 
Robbins, Elizabeth A.14456 1886July30S77  Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 none  WProstrationPainesville, O. 
Root, James D.14457 1886May10S4514Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 Carpenter  WConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Rauch, Minnie14458 1886June13M52  Painesville, O.Germany
 Housekeeper  WCongestive LungsPainesville, O. 
Root, Geo. W.14459 1886Sept5M39  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 CarpenterPhineas Root WDropsyPainesville, O. 
Radcliff, Jennie14460 1887Mar1M2847Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 HousekeeperEd H. DonaldsonEmily B. DonaldsonWChild BedPainesville, O. 
Rinay, Carrie14461 1887Dec17S26  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Stockwell, B.14462 1886Apr2M74  Painesville, O.Perry Lake Co., O.
 Livery keeper  WKidney DiseasePainesville, O. 
Stockwell, N. P.14463 1887Jan11M43  Newburgh, O.Painesville, O.
 Sm. AgentBrustus StockwellBetsey StockwellWProstrationPainesville, O. 
Sliter, Lacie L.14464 1886Apr24S40  Painesville, O.Burton, Geauga Co, O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionPainesville, O. 
Storrs, Harriet14465 1886Nov1W90516Painesville, O.Conn.
 Housekeeper  WProstrationPainesville, O. 
Searl, Hellen L.14466 1886July30S1  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 none  WSpasmsPainesville, O. 
Smith, Percival G.14467 1887Mar2S462 Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 none  WCongestion LungsPainesville, O. 
Tinan,Richard14468 1887Feb7M842 Painesville, O.N. Y. State
 none  WCongestion and ParalisisPainesville, O. 
Wilcox, Eliza J.14469 1886July23W73  Painesville, O.Sennette N. Y. State
 Housekeeper  WMalariel feverPainesville, O. 
Wilcox, Lydia14470 1886Sept21M59  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 HousekeeperLyman AllenElizabeth AllenWDiabetusPainesville, O. 
Warner, Daniel14471 1886Apr2M62816Kimball, DakotaConcord, O.
 Merchant  WHeart diseasePainesville, O. 

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