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Lake County Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 134-137

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Chadwick, Gurdon13412 1885Sep13M85  PainesvilleConn.
 Farmer  WOld agePainesville 
Chambers, James13413 1885Sep25M81  PainesvilleIreland
 Farmer  WOld agePainesville 
Chesney, B.D.13414 1885Aug16M78  PainesvilleConn.
 Bookkeeper  WApoplexyPainesville 
Cheney, Norma H.13415 1885Aug30M84  PainesvilleMass.
 Housewife  WOld agePainesville 
Cowles, Anne S.13416 1885Nov30S8  PainesvillePainesville
 Housewife  WCroupPainesville 
Churchward, Elizabeth13417 1885Jan1S13  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WCroupPainesville 
Casement, John F.13418 1886Mar12S19  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WBrain feverPainesville 
Dunnigan, Cathrine13419 1885May28M58  PainesvilleIreland
 Housewife  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Durand, Sarah13420 1885Sep21M54  PainesvillePainesville
 Housewife  WGeneral debilityPainesville 
Dyer, Harry13421 1885Nov17S8  PainesvillePainesville
Evans, John13422 1885Nov20M56  PainesvilleBoston Mass.
 Butcher  WApoplexyPainesville 
Foley, Nickoles13423 1885Oct4S29  PainesvilleBoston Mass.
 Mason  WCongestion brainPainesville 
Gardner, William13424 1885Sep6S23  ClevelandPainesville
 don't know  WConsumptionPainesville 
Green, Polly13425 1885May12M84  Painesville 
 Housewife  WOld agePainesville 
Gillat, Julius13426 1886Mar24M92  PainesvilleMass.
 Housewife  WOld agePainesville 
Gaywood, Hannah13427 1886Mar9M81  PainesvilleEngland
 Housewife  WOld agePainesville 
Durand, *13428 1886May7S  1PainesvillePainesville
 NoneAlfred A. DurandAlice DurandWNo vitalityPainesville 
Harrison, Jemina13429 1885May1M86  PainesvilleEngland
 None  W Painesville 
Howe, Eber D.13430 1885Nov11M87  PainesvilleMass.
 Printer  WGeneral debilityPainesville 
Hathaway, Allen13431 1885Dec4S5  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WCroupPainesville 
Hickok, John M.13432 1885Dec29M36  PainesvillePainesville
 Carpenter  WConsumptionPainesville 
Holcomb, Emily E.13433 1886Jan23M55  PainesvilleWarren, O.
 Housewife  WConsumptionPainesville 
Huntington, Laura13434 1886Feb12M84  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housewife  WOld agePainesville 
Hopkins, Ambros13435 1885June10M82  PainesvilleNew York
 Carpenter  WOld agePainesville 
Johnson, Anna13436 1885Apr29M56  PainesvilleTen.
 Housewife  CConsumptionPainesville 
Johnson, Clarissa13437 1885May7M87  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housewife  W[Typhoid Fever erased]Painesville 
Jenkins, W.B.13438 1886Mch15M77  PainesvilleN.H.
 Blacksmith  WTyphoid feverPainesville 
Justis, Ruby13439 1885Aug25W37  PainesvilleMadison
 Housewife  WParalysisPainesville 
King, Mary13440 1885Oct6M55  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housewife  WFeverPainesville 
King, Sarah A.13441 1885Oct2M71  PainesvilleMass
 Housewife  WCancerPainesville 
Kilbourn, J.B.13442 1885June12M62  Painesville 
 Shoemaker  WConsumptionPainesville 
Longshore, Adelia M.13443 1886Feby22M35  PainesvilleChardon
 Housewife  WTyphoid feverPainesville 
Lynch, Michael F.13444 1885Nov25M28  PainesvillePainesville
 Farmer  WTyphoid feverPainesville 
McCormick, Geo.13445 1886Mch27S20  PainesvillePainesville
 Clerk  WConsumptionPainesville 
Malin, Arthur B.13446 1885Oct1S28  PainesvillePainesville
 Telegraph operator  WConsumptionPainesville 
McMasters, Joel13447 1885Oct1M69  PainesvilleU.S.
 Farmer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Merrill, Mary13448 1885Sep15M85  PainesvilleEngland
 Housewife  WCongestionPainesville 
Murphy Richard J.13449 1885July30M58  PainesvilleIreland
 Mason  WTyphoidPainesville 
Maning, Wm.13450 1885July5M65  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WCongestionPainesville 
Mosely, Albert13451 1885July3M34  PainesvilleU.S.
 Farmer  WCongestionPainesville 
Moseley, George A.13452 1886Mar24M62  PainesvilleU.S.
Moodey, Samuel13453 1886Nov2M70  PainesvillePainesville
 Merchant  WConsumptionPainesville 
Nolin, John J.13454 1886Jan6S 11 PainesvillePainesville
 Farmer  WCongestionPainesville 
Norman, Thos. H.13455 1885Oct23M43  PainesvilleEngland
 Farmer  WCongestionPainesville 
Rider, Isiah13656 1885Feb18M79  PainesvilleChardon
 Preacher  WCongestionPainesville 
Smith, Reuben13657 1885Dec12M63  PainesvilleChardon
 None  WTyphoidPainesville 
Sterling, Ella E.13658 1885Nov21M75  PainesvilleN.H.
 Housewife  WTyphoidPainesville 
Sanford, Henrietta D.13659 1885Oct28S24  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WConsumptionPainesville 
Sheldon, Mary J.13660 1885Oct5S 2 PainesvillePainesville
 Housekeeper  WInflamation bowelsPainesville 
Thompson, Ira13661 1885Apr8M84  PainesvilleU.S.
 Farmer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Thompson, Morrison13662 1885Nov1M47  PainesvilleVarnition, Ohio
 Sailor  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Tinker, Ford W.13663 1885Juf17M31  PainesvillePainesville
 Merchant  WCongestionPainesville 
Tanswell, Henry13664 1885Nov14M77  PainesvilleEngland
 Teamster  WFeverPainesville 
Wright, Veron13665 1885Dec22S28  PainesvillePainesville
 Teamster  WConsumptionPainesville 
Wood, Mary13666 1885Dec9M86  PainesvilleIreland
 Housekeeper  WOld agePainesville 
Wilcox, Willen13667 1885Jan11M46  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  W Painesville 
Bowen, John1361 1887Mar2M8729Perry OhioRoxbury Mass
 Farmer  WOld agePerry O. 
Call, Arit B.1362 1886Aug10M478 Perry OhioPerry O.
 Farmer  WBrights diseasePerry O. 
Hamblin, Nancy K.1363 1886Sep16M6825Perry OhioOtsego N.Y.
 Farmers wife  WDropsyPerry O. 
Herrick, Aldie C.1364 1887Feb15S  23Perry OhioPerry O.
    WPneumoniaPerry O. 
Keener, Martin1365 1886May1M59  Perry OhioGermany
 Blacksmith  WBlood poisonPerry O. 
Norton, Maria E.1366 1887Feb5M6710 Perry OhioN.Marlborough Mass.
 Farmers wife  WRhem of heartPerry O. 
Parmely, Cecil F.1367 1886Sep27S2610 Perry OhioVanWert Co. O.
 Farmer  WChild feverPerry O. 
Richardson, Edith1368 1887Mar25S 726Perry OhioPerry O.
    WDiptheriaPerry O. 
Shephard, John M.1369 1886Sep14W837 Perry OhioBerk Co. Mass.
 Farmer  WEnlargement of prostityPerry O. 
Vesey, Jonathan13610 1886Apl4M89  Perry OhioVermont
 Farmer  WOld agePerry O. 
Vrooman, Barthalomew13611 1886June17W77  Perry OhioNew York
 Farmer  WPneumoniaPerry O. 
Wright, Mildred E.13612 1886Oct23S25623Perry OhioPerry O.
 Teacher  WTyphoid feverPerry O. 
Brooks, Caroline E.1361 1887Feb28M69  MentorState of New York
 Housekeeper  WLiver complaintMentor 
Bliss, Cynthia F.1362 1886Oct28M60  MentorState of New York
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMentor 
Call, Eveline1363 1887Mar4W80  MentorState of New York
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaMentor 
Cox, Bessie1364 1887May2S16 MentorMunson Ohio
 None  WMeaslesMentor 
Carol, O.S.1365 1886July11S37  MentorCleveland Ohio
 Gardner  WDisease of brainMentor 
Daniele, W.J.1366 1886Aug30S30  MentorMentor Ohio
 Agent  WAbscess of liverMentor 
Dyer, Andrew1367 1886Aug29M87  MentorIreland
 Farmer  WKidney diseaseMentor 
Gilson, Nellie1368 1886Sept4S 723MentorMentor Ohio
 None  WTyphoid feverMentor 
Hodge, Margaret1369 1887Apr4M71  MentorState of New York
 Housekeeper  WCongestion of lungsMentor 
Mather, Alice A.13610 1887Jan24S1 3MentorMentor Ohio
 None  WMembranous croupMentor 
Mather, Harry D.13611 1887Jan20S43 MentorMentor Ohio
 None  WLaryngitisMentor 
Morley, Thomas13612 1887Mar26W93  MentorMass.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMentor 
Maloney, Rose13613 1886Dec17W107  MentorIreland
 Housekeeper  WAsthmaMentor 
Phelps, Caroline13614 1887Feb19M62  MentorMentor Ohio
 Housekeeper  WGeneral debilityMentor 
Rexford, Maria13615 1887Apr13M44  MentorGreenwich Ohio
 Housekeeper  WTyphoid feverMentor 
Rexford, C.G.13616 1886June8M76  MentorState of New York
 Housekeeper  WDyspepsiaMentor 
Rexford, A.W.13617 1886Sept26W68  MentorState of New York
 Housekeeper  WDropsyMentor 

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