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Volume 1, Pages 130-133

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Keyes, Elizabeth1306 1886Mar20M55  LeroyOhio
    WHeart diseaseLeroy 
Loomis, Dimis1307 1885June23S7  LeroyLeroy
    WInf. bowelsLeroy 
Tanswell, Hannah1308 1886Jan13M49  LeroyLeroy
    WInf. bowelsLeroy 
Trask, Rubin1309 1886Jan12M66  LeroyLeroy
 Farmer  WHeart diseaseLeroy 
Allice, O.F.1301 1885May1M5574MadisonOrwell Penn
 Carpenter  WErcepilasMadison 
Amidon, Dayton1302 1885Jan18M611118MadisonPerry Lake Co O.
 Farmer   CancerMadison 
Adams, Polly1303 1885May11W82325UnionvilleMasschusetts
 Farmers wife   Old ageMadison 
Alword, Pheba1304 1886Mar22M55521UnionvilleMontville Ohio
 Farmers wife   HeartMadison 
Balch, Wm.1305 1885Aug15M92125MadisonVermont
 Farmer   Old ageMadison 
Bissell, Edward1306 1885Aug17W921118MadisonWindsor Conneticut
 Farmer   DysentaryMadison 
Billington, Ester S.1307 1885Oct1S3918MadisonNorth Madison
     Cholera InfantiumMadison 
Custin, Nuten1308 1886Mar18S2327MadisonMadison
     Cholera InfantiumMadison 
Green, Mrs. Lillie1309 1885Oct10M271112MadisonPitfield N.Y.
 Farmers wife   Heart diseaseMadison 
Gates, Martha13010 1886Jan10W5610 Madison 
 Housewife   ConsumptionMadison 
Hartwell, Ernest13011 1885Dec25S14410MadisonMadison
     Broncal CatarrahMadison 
Haskill, Kate13012 1885Nov6M35728MadisonThompson
 Farmers wife   CancerMadison 
Harris, John13013 1885Apr25M60511MadisonToland Conn
 Farmer   PneumoniaMadison 
Johnson, Clara13014 1885Apr11W871113MadisonStockbridge Conn
 House   Typhoid feverMadison 
Miller, Sarrah Mrs.13015 1885Sep27W75625MadisonNew Hampshire
 Farmer's wife   ParalysisMadison 
Rosa, Maria13016 1885Dec M44  MadisonPitford Vt.
 House wife   PneumoniaMadison 
Pope, Elmer G.13017 1885Sep28S247 Madison 
 Farmer   Cholera InfantiumMadison 
Philes, Phillip13018 1885Dec M     
Patrick, Clarissa13019 1885Aug7M519 MadisonMadison O.
 Housewife   Typhoid feverMadison 
Wood, Joseph S.13020 1885Aug17M65  MadisonMasschusetts
 Farmer    Madison 
Wood, Joseph Howard13021 1885Juf11S17  Madison
Sunderland, Hannah13022 1886Mar6W781128MadisonVermont
 Housewife  WPneumoniaMadison 
Turney, Asa S.13023 1886Feb26W811014  
 Wagonmaker  WKidney diseaseMadison 
Tower, Henry G.13024 1885Nov18M412 MadisonState of N.Y.
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison 
Thomas, Mano1301 1885Apr21S41  PainesvilleIreland
 Farmer  WUnknownPerry Ohio 
Arnold, David1302 1885Dec19M75  Perry OhioEngland
 Farmer  WAbcessed liverPerry Ohio 
Abel, Datus E.1303 1885Sep25W74  Perry OhioNew York
 Farmer  WParalysisPerry Ohio 
Bonn, Andres1304 1885Jun14M56  Perry OhioPerry
 Farmer  WDiabetisPerry Ohio 
Baker, Alta Agness1305 1885Aug10S1  Perry OhioMadison
    WSpinal affectionPerry Ohio 
Bower, Arther F.1306 1885Sep17S15  Perry OhioPerry
    WCongestive lungsPerry Ohio 
Crandall, Mary1307 1886Feb2W   Perry OhioVermont
    WParalisisPerry Ohio 
Culvur, Catherine C.1308 1886Feb3W55  Perry OhioCanada
 Dressmaker  WUnknownPerry Ohio 
Doing, Benj L.1309 1886Mar9M73  Perry OhioRhode Island
 Farmer  WHeart diseasePerry Ohio 
Fowler, Louie13010 1886Apr17S 6 Perry OhioPerry
    WCongestion lungsPerry Ohio 
Ford, H.J.13211 1886Jan12M39  Perry O.New York
 Housekeeper  WDiabetusPerry Ohio 
Littlefield, Elizabeth13212 1886Mar29M85  Perry O.Penna.
 Housekeeper  WDropsyPerry Ohio 
Mosher, Mary13213 1885Dec31W94  Perry O.Vermont
 Housekeeper  WOld AgePerry Ohio 
Porter, Sarah Jane13214 1885June17W79  Perry O.Maine
 Housekeeper  WOld AgePerry Ohio 
Stratton, Eliphalet13215 1885July4M82  Perry O.Vermont
 Farmer  WBlood PoisonPerry Ohio 
Vesey, Read A.13216 1885Dec18M42  Perry O.Perry O.
 Farmer  WHeart diseasePerry Ohio 
Young, John S.13217 1885Nov4M61  Perry O.New York
 Farmer  WDropsyPerry Ohio 
Allen, Eunice S.1321 1886Feb20M714 WilloughbyWarner, Mass.
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeWilloughby O. 
Alexander, Frank1322 1886Jany6Mabout 50  WilloughbyBorn a slave in Kentucky
 Farmer  CConsumptionWilloughby O. 
Burnhardt, Henry1323 1885May3S40129 Hesse Cass Germany
 Farmer  WHeart disease & dropsyWilloughby O. 
Barnes, Jennie E.1324 1885May21M25211WilloughbyBorn in house either in Willoughby, Mentor or Kirtland
 Housekeeper  WConsumption of heartWilloughby O. 
Brown, Sarena A.1325 1885May5M51  WilloughbyMedina Co. O.
 Housekeeper  WCancerous affectionWilloughby O. 
Covert, Henry W.1326 1886Feby10M52106WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 Laborer  WDisease of lungsWilloughby O. 
Carroll, Earl1327 1885June29S114WillloughbyWilloughby O.
 None  WMembranous croupWilloughby O. 
DiKernan, Daniel1328 1886Mch11 W90822Willoughbyas near as can be found Ireland
 Drover  WOld ageWilloughby O. 
Egbert, Samuel S.1329 1885Oct2W839 WilloughbyElizabeth N.Y.
 Carpenter  WOld AgeWilloughby O. 
Fenwick , Robert13210 1886Feb Sabout 4  WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 None  WDiptheriaCleveland O. 
Freeman, Maria13211 1885Aug3W656 WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 Housekeeper  WParalysis of brainWilloughby O. 
Grover, Eva Lilla13212 1886Jany1S13528WilloughbyMarengo [?], McHenry Co., Il.
 Student  WTyphoid feverWilloughby O. 
Grover, Charles13213 1885Aug31M81720WilloughbyAuburn, N.Y.
 Surveyor  WHeart diseaseWilloughby O. 
Hengesbach, Louis13214 1886Feb19S2223WilloughbyJasper Co., Ind.
    WBlood poisoningWilloughby O. 
Jenkins, Venola13215 1885Mar21S728 WilloughbyWilloughby
 Student  WTyphoid pneumoniaWilloughby O. 
Merrill, Ada S13216 1885Apr18S26  WilloughbyMich
 Teacher  WBrain feverWilloughby O. 
Stevens, Geo. H.13217 1885Oct16W6756WilloughbyN.Y. State
 Carpenter  WHeart diseaseWilloughby O. 
Woolsey, Mary13218 1885Dec16W796 WilloughbyNewton Mass.
 Housekeeper  WParalysisWilloughby O. 
Watts, Octavia13219 1885Nov19M67118WilloughbyConn
 Housekeeper  WTyphoid ?Willoughby O. 
Young, Lakie13220 1885Aug10M 315WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 None  WCholera infantiumWilloughby O. 
Bateham, Minnie D.1321 1885Nov29S29  PainesvilleColumbus
 None  WNecrosis of bonePainesville 
Buys, H.N.1322 1885Apr24M75  PainesvilleDansville N.Y.
 Shoemaker  WKidneyPainesville 
Breed,Sarah N.1323 1885Mch19M53  Painesville 
 Housewife  WConsumptionPainesville 
Brooks, Antonette1324 1885Nov22M51  ToledoConcord O
 Housewife  WSuicideOberlin O. 
Brick, Bridget1325 1886 [in pencil over 1885]Jan25M44  PainesvillePainesville
 Housewife  WConsumptionPainesville 
Bell, K.A.C.1326 1885June26M84  PainesvilleMass.
 Farmer  WTyphoid feverPainesville 
Barstow, Juilett A.1327 1885May29M58  PainesvillePainesville
 Housewife  WConsumptionPainesville 
Bacon, Minnie1328 1885Apr22S   PainesvillePainesville
Cole, William1329 1885Aug29M   Wyclif OIreland
 Farmer  WCancerPainesville 
Cone, Salmon13210 1885May27M75  PainesvilleMaine
 Farmer  WTyphoid feverPainesville 
Chadwick, Sarah13211 1885Juf4M86  PainesvilleConn.
 Housewife  WApoplexyPainesville 

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