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Lake County Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 114-117

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Dyer, Mary114 61884Feb17W8111 MadisonPlainfield, Mass.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison 
Fitch, Robert J.114 71883Oct1S228 DakotieOhio
 Farmer  WDiptheriaMadison 
Fuller, Joseph114 81883Jun15M839 MadisonShoram, Tx
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison 
Frisbie, Sedenia114 91883Aug7M45  MadisonMadison
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison 
Green, Maria114 101884Mch6W54  MadisonVirginia
 Housekeeper  CHeart diseaseMadison 
Holbrook, Samuel K.114 111884Feb14W63  MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WDyspepsiaMadison 
Kellogg, John114 121884Feb16M84  MadisonMass.
 Farmer  WOld ageMadison 
Gurshaw, Pope114 131884Jan14M67315MadisonColumbus N.Y.
 Farmer  WApoplexyMadison 
Pierce, Eva114 141884Jan6M30  MadisonK.Y.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison 
Raplee, James114 151884Feb23M87110MadisonN.J.
 Farmer  WCongestion LungsMadison 
Saxton, Mariette [Maurice ?]114 161883July27S67 MadisonMadison
    WKilled by horseMadison 
Scrofford, Roscoe C.114 171883July20S153 MadisonMadison
    WPistol shotMadison 
Sharps, Gertie114 181883Sep20S33 MadisonMadison
    WCongestion LungsMadison 
Shack , Julietta114 191883Nov8M258 MadisonWayne Co. O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison 
Wetmore, George114 201883Aug4S29  MadisonPerry
Winchester, Ann114 211883June15S345 MadisonMadison
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison 
Waterman, Cyntha114 221883July30W714 MadisonPlainfield Mass
 Housekeeper  WParalysisMadison 
Weeks, Luther114 231883Aug17M705 Madison 
 Farmer  WCancerMadison 
Winsor, Lydia114 241883Aug13W826 SaybrookN.Y.
 Housekeeper  WOld ageMadison 
Warner, Elbridge O.114 251884Mch11M726 UnionvilleHinsdale Mass
 Farmer  WEnlargement of prostate glandUnionville 
Williams, Lucrecia114 261883Oct29W617 MadisonThompson
 Housekeeper  WDropsyMadison 
Weed, Edward114 271883June9W   MadisonLeroy
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison 
Armstrong, Saphonia114 11884Jany31M6617Willoughby OMunlas, N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WLung diseaseWilloughby O. 
Worten, Tinney114 21883Dec M40  WilloughbyLysander, N.Y.
 Carpenter  WTyphoid pneumoniaWilloughby O. 
Brown, Lydia114 31884Mar10W73105WilloughbyCuyago Co., N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WOld age and asthmaWilloughby O. 
Brown, Tony C.114 41883Aug24M39329WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 Farmer  WConsumptionWilloughby O. 
Buffington, David114 51883Dec17W8458WilloughbyBristol Co., Mass.
 Blacksmith  WOld ageWilloughby O. 
Conant, Agnes114 61883Nov21W803 WilloughbyVernon, N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WOld ageWilloughby O. 
Ferguson, Addie114 71883Nov12S164 WickliffeWilloughby O.
 Student  WMalignant scarlet feverWickliffe O. 
Ferguson, Olive114 81884Feby27W78423WilloughbySackville, N.B.
 Housekeeper  WParalysisWilloughby O. 
Houliston, Ann McLean114 91883June14S5765WilloughbyEngland
 Housekeeper  WMalarial feverWilloughby O. 
King, Victor114 101883Oct3   6WilloughbyWilloughby O.
    WUnknownWilloughby O. 
Lillie, Mary E.114 111883July S394 WilloughbyGeauga Co
 House Keeper  WCancer in pancreasWilloughby O. 
Leonard, Elbridge114 121883May18W8038WilloughbyWorthington, Mass.
 Farmer  WOld age and bronchial consumptionWilloughby O. 
Lynch, David E.114 131883Sep20  314WilloughbyWilloughby O.
    WCholera infantiumWilloughby O. 
Miller, D.C.114 141883Apr1M63  WilloughbyScipio, N.Y.
 Merchant tailor  WHeart diseaseWilloughby O. 
Meade, George114 151884Feby    3WilloughbyWilloughby O.
    WUnknownWilloughby O. 
Palmer, Catherine114 161883June13M5813WilloughbyCanada
 Housekeeper  WMembranous croupWilloughby O. 
Powell, Shirley E.114 171883Aug26S 83Painesville, O.Willoughby O.
    WCholera InfantiumWilloughy O. 
Smith, Wm. L.114 181883July18S5125WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 Carpenter mill wright  WMalarial feverWilloughby O. 
Sheff, Eliza116 191883Aug4 691124WilloughbyVt.
 Housekeeper   ApoplexyWilloughby O. 
Scanlon, Mary A.116 201883Sep21W634 WilloughbyIreland
 Housekeeper   ErysipilasWilloughby O. 
Scanlon, Wm.116 211883Aug25M738 WilloughbyIreland
 Mason   ConsumptionWilloughby O. 
Taylor, Mary G.116 221883May5W71  Wickliffe O.Mid Haddam Ct.
 Housekeeper   ParalysisWickliffe O. 
Ward, Allan R.116 231884Jany16 2710WilloughbyWilloughby O
     Brain feverWilloughby O. 
Andrews, Oliver116 11883Dec12M86611PainesvilleMeridan Conn
 Retired gov't employe  WOld agePainesville 
Adams, Laura W.116 21884Feby25M58527PainesvillePainesville
    WHeart diseasePainesville 
Abbey, Parthena116 31884Feby19M68211PainesvilleOneida N.Y.
    WGeneral DebilityPainesville 
Brooks, Mrs. T.116 41884Mch11M72516PainesvilleHapeston, Mass.
Bacon, Sylvania116 51883May10M81723PainesvilleBelford Mass.
    WOld AgePainesville 
Beard, Harriet W.116 61884Mch11S694 PainesvilleBuffalo N.Y.
 Millinery  WParalysis of some kindPainesville 
Bacon, Horace116 71883Dec     PainesvilleClifton Springs, N.Y.
 Printer  WBone rheumatismPainesville 
Cummins, Julia Ann116 81883Sep25M67820PainesvillePainesville O.
    WTyphoid feverPainesville 
Coe, Isaac R.116 91883Nov22M556 Madison N.Y.Madison N.Y.
 Laborer  WBrain diseasePainesville 
Chambers,116 101883Oct31S   Madison N.Y.Painesville
  James E. ChambersKittie S. ChambersW Painesville 
Durban, S.C.116 111883July4M5246PainesvilleEngland
 Printer  WBlood poisonPainesville 
Frisbie, Carl F.116 121883Sep20M7938PainesvilleBurlington Conn
 Farmer  WOld agePainesville 
Greer, Thomas116 131883July7M7968PainesvillePennsylvania
 Mechanic  WOld agePainesville 
German, Henry116 141884Feby5M66219PainesvilleTompkins Co. N.Y.
 Salesman  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Grant, Della116 151884July S15420PainesvilleNavarra, O.
    WCongestion lungsPainesville 
Hitchcock, Reuben116 161883Dec9M773  N.YBurton Geauga Co. O
 Lawyer  WOld age bowel troublePainesville 
Hopkins, William116 171883Apr18W7259PainesvilleElkhart Ind.
    WParalysis of the heartPainesville 
Hoffman, Almira116 181884Feby7M767 PainesvilleFort Worth, N.Y
 Farmer  WOld agePainesville 
Holcomb, Louise116 191883Oct29W76511PainesvilleManchester Vt.
    WBlood poisonPainesville 
Justis, Arthur116 201883Nov12M34113PainesvilleMentor O.
 Laborer  W Painesville 
King, Lillie Mrs.116 211883Nov1M186 PainesvilleChagrin Falls O.
Lanpheir, Walter116 221883Oct31M5453PainesvilleHudson N.Y.
 Hotel keeper  WAbscess liverPainesville 
Lathrop, L.L.116 231883Dec21W8299PainesvilleBurlington VT
 Farmer  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Lamunyan, Chs. W.116 241883Nov29M5355PainesvilleN.Y.
 Carpenter  WParalysisPainesville 
Lynch, Charles116 251883Dec27S1 2PainesvillePainesville
    WDropsey of brainPainesville 
Morse, Collins116 261883July16W8037PainesvilleManchester Vt.
 Farmer  WOld agePainesville 
Morse, John F.116 271884Jany30W82330PainesvillePittsfield Mass
 Architect  WParalysisPainesville 
Marshall, Raphail116 281883Oct31M76325PainesvilleColebrook Conn
 Farmer  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Mathews, Stephen116 291884Feby22M874 PainesvilleJohnston N.Y.
 Lawyer  WOld agePainesville 
Mosher, Laura A.116 301883Sept18W46  PainesvillePerry O.
    W Painesville 
Palmer, Isaac116 311884Feby17M8169PainesvillePainesville
 Farmer  WHeart diseasePainesville 
Paine, Franklin116 321884Jany4W941120PainesvilleEast Winhem, Ct.
 Merchant  WOld agePainesville 
Perry, Herbert116 331883Sep24S867PainesvillePainesville
Post, Warren116 341883      Newburgh AsylumN.Y.
Post, Lilla116 351883Aug7S2 13Newburgh AsylumN.Y.
    WCholera infantumPainesville 
Richardson, Mary M.116 361883June28M43429PainesvilleWoburn Mass.

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