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Volume 1, Pages 94-97

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Houk, Peter94 71881Apr25W *8 *921PerryNew Jersey
     Old Age *Perry 
Hurlbert, Leonia94 81882Jan26S982PerryNew Jersey
  Eugene HurlbertMaria Gray Spinal feverPerry 
Kellog, Thomas D.94 91882Feb12M75623PerryMidletown, Vt.
 FarmerJoseph KellogTouma PneumoniaPerry 
Lapham, Duncan94 101881May18M70101PerryDuches Co N.Y.
 Farmer   Old AgePerry 
Manchester, Orange L.94 111881Aug3M4432PerryCenoe, Cauga, N.Y.
 Farmer   Inflamation of bowelsPerry 
Owen, Jonathon94 121882Feb11W7064PerryCasenovia, N.Y.
 Farmer   CancerPerry 
Ruling, Jacob94 131882Mar2S2128PerrySherman, Shataqua Co., N.Y.
     PneumoniaSherman, Shataqua, N.Y. 
Stone, Eugene A.94 141882Mar9M4519PerryWoodstock, Madison Co. N.Y.
 Farmer   Brights DiseasePerry 
Space, Isaac A.94 151881Apr27S21 27PerryPerry
 Farmer   MeaslesPerry 
Sweet, Julia J.94 161881Juf24S 9 PainesvillePainesville
     Consumption of bowelsPerry 
Thomson, Mary94 171881Sep25W891116PerryPa.
Wright, Minerva L.94 181882Feb7S3379PerryPerry
 Teacher   Cancer of liverPerry 
Young, Lovinia L.94 191882Mar3S21615PerryLeonii, Uniebago Co., Ill.
     Putrid sore throatPerry 
Hodgman, William94 201881Aug20M    Ashtabula
     Killed on R.R.Perry 
Abraham Young,94 21 Feb     Perry 
     Cominuted fracturePerry 
Blair, Evaline94 11882Jan23M833 LeroyGeorgie, Vt.
 Farmers wifePaul PrattMarion PrattWParalysisLeroyRecorded Jun 1st 1882
Craine, Ann94 21882Jan10M80 10LeroyIsle of Man
 Farmers wifeCharles WattersonCatherine WatersonWParalysisLeroy 
Crofoot, Roxanna94 31882Feb12M76  LeroyNew Hampshire
 Farmers wifeIsaac WoodardHannah WoodardWTyphoid FeverLeroy 
Colwell, Charles94 41882Mar12M38  LeroyPerry
 Rail RoadingJonathan ColwellAmanda ColwellWConsumptionSolon 
Davis, Edmon94 51881Nov15S31  LeroyLeroy
 FarmerRuss DavisMary DavisWConsumptionLeroy 
Raighin, Eleanor94 61881July2W805 LeroyIsle of Man
 Farmer's wifeCannowCannowWParalysisLeroy 
Williams, Bradley94 71881Sep3M59  LeroyConcord
 FarmerHerman WilliamsHannah WilliamsWSpinal feverLeroy 
Cobb, Rebecca94 11882Jan29M40  MentorSpringfield, Erie Co., Pa.
 Farmer  WConsumptionMentorRecorded June 25 1882
Hart, Julius Hart94 21881Jul28M505 MentorMentor
 Farmer  WHeart diseaseMentor 
Hammond, Wallace94 31882Feb16S35  MentorChester, Geauga Co.
 Farmer  WHerniaMentor 
Brooks, Margaret H.94 41881Sep20S16  MentorMentor
 '-  WConsumptionMentor 
O.Connell, Margret94 51881Nov1M59  MentorIreland
 '-  WHeart diseaseMentor 
Johnson, Frank M.94 61881June20S4617MentorMentor
Farnsworth, Albert94 71882Jan29M4844MentorBoston, Erie Co., N.Y.
 Farmer  WCholera MorbusMentor 
French, James94 81881Aug23S20723MentorMentor
 Farmer  WInflamationMentor 
Morley, Maria R.94 91881Juf14M77  MentorMassachusetts
 Farmer  WOld ageMentor 
McGlynn, James94 101881Feb1S2548MentorPerry, Lake Co. O.
 R.B. Baker  WKilled by carsMentor 
Mosher, Nellie94 111881Sep15S 8 MentorPainesville
    W Painesville 
Parker, Mahitable94 121881Aug15M63  MentorAuburn Gea Co.
 Farmer  WCancerMentor 
Sawyer, Mary A.94 131881May19M74112MentorIreland
 '-  WDyspepsiaMentor 
Holmes, Rhoda94 141881Mar26M79117MentorNew York
 '-  WDropsy of heartMentor 
Ruth J. Cole96 11881Aug18W73  MadisonWaterford Vt.
 Keeping house  WParalysisMadison O. 
Johnnie C. Beebe96 21881Nov10S11 MadisonMadison
    WConsumptionMadison O. 
L.G. Johnson96 31882Jan23M65319MadisonCoopersfield O.
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison O. 
Mary Crocker96 41881Dec28M756 MadisonNorfolk Conn
 Keeping house  WConsumptionMadison O. 
Anna Salisbury96 51881Sep1W85518MadisonNot Known
 Keeping house  WConsumptionMadison O. 
J.E. Hewitt96 61881May12S4050 MadisonAlbion PA.
 Physician  WConsumptionMadison O. 
Eliza Cook96 71881Dec19M186 MadisonMadison O.
 Keeping house  WNursing sore mouthMadison O. 
Jewett Burdick96 81882Feb19W81  MadisonN.Y. State
 Farmer  WOld ageMadison O. 
Robert Winfield Burns96 91882Feb7S 113MadisonMadison
    WBronchitisMadison O. 
Catharine Everts96 101881Nov28M598 MadisonFrieland N.Y.
 Keeping house  WConsumptionMadison O. 
Ephraim C. Stevens96 111882Jan7M671 MadisonN.Y. State
 Farmer  WDropsy of heartMadison O. 
N.H. Warren96 121881Apr7M63  MadisonChautauqua N.Y.
 Farmer  WJaundiceMadison O. 
Mrs. H.E. Hendry96 131881Apr12M66  MadisonHarpersfield N.Y.
 Farmer  WCancerMadison O. 
F. C. Walding96 141881Apr26M48  MadisonNorthhampstonshire Eng.
 Painter  WTyphoid FeverMadison O. 
Mrs. S. W. Hubbard96 151881Nov25W84  MadisonHerkimer Co. N.Y.
 Keeping house  WOld AgeMadison O. 
Siman Sawyer96 161881Apr12M86  MadisonMassachusetts
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison O. 
S.M. Crain96 171881Apr14 34  MadisonRussel Geauga Co.
    WConsumptionMadison O. 
Mary O. Holbrook96 181881Juf22W54  MadisonMadison
 Keeping house  WTyphoid FeverMadison O. 
Frank C. Amidon96 191881June25S19  MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WBlood PoisonMadison O. 
Sue Norton96 201881Juf25M78  MadisonGreen Co. N.Y.
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseMadison O. 
Lewis Parker96 211881Aug9M72  MadisonMadison
 Engraftor  WEpithelial CancerMadison O. 
Cullen G. Palmer96 221881Aug30M69  MadisonConcord O.
 Farmer  WSclerosis of spineMadison O. 
Jeremiah Scott96 231881Aug31M88  MadisonWatertown N.Y.
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison O. 
Ada M. Webster96 241881Nov15M30  MadisonMassachusetts
 Keeping house  WTyphoid FeverMadison O. 
Marion Flowers96 251881Nov16M64  MadisonOhio
 Keeping house  WFeverMadison O. 
Mary A. Powers96 261881Dec17M23  MadisonMadison Lake Co. O.
 Keeping house  WCancer of stomachMadison O. 
Lucinda S. Smith96 271881Dec29M70  MadisonManchester VT
 Keeping house  WOld AgeMadison O. 
Sally Harrice96 281881Dec31M76  MadisonGeorgia VT
 Keeping house  WApoplexyMadison O. 
Elizabeth Vrooman96 291882Mar1M57  MadisonCanada
 Keeping house  WCancerMadison O. 
Katherine Mrs. Parker96 301882Mar31M70  MadisonConnecticut
 Keeping house  WPneumoniaMadison O. 
Albert Cook96 311881Sep10  6 MadisonCleveland O.
    WInflammatory DiarheaMadison O. 
Brown, William R.96 11882Feb25S 64PainesvillePainesville
    WInflamation lungsPainesville O. 
Brannen, Elizabeth96 21882Feb2M47  PainesvilleEngland
 Keeping house  WConsumptionPainesville O. 
Bart, Minnie96 31887Aug27S28 PainesvillePainesville
    WCongestion of brainPainesville O. 
Bramer, Lizzie96 41881May23S1  PainesvillePainesville
    WWooping coughPainesville O. 
Curran, Patrick96 51881Sep21M39  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WDysenteryPainesville O. 
Center, George96 61882Feb13S193PainesvilleChardon Geauga Co. O
    WSpinal MenigitisPainesville O. 
Curtis, Marion Dixon96 71881Sep7S  18PainesvillePainesville
    WConvulsionsPainesville O. 
Durand, Ida96 81881Apr10S24  PainesvillePainesville
 At home  WConsumptionPainesville O. 
Donohoe, Timothy96 91881Sep13S41 PainesvillePainesville
    WUnknownPainesville O. 
Gaffrey, Eliza Jane96 101881Oct1M38  PainesvilleIreland
 Keeping house  WConsumptionPainesville O. 

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