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Lake County Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 86-89

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Sally Smith861 188127W79317WilloughbyUnknown
    WOld AgeWilloughby 
Lydia A. Lilly862 1880Nov3S20214Willoughby Tp.Willoughby
    WTyphoid FeverWilloughby Tp. 
Gabriel L. Ferguson863 1880Feb19W7681Willoughby Tp.Little Briton Orange Co. NY
 Farmer  WOld AgeWilloughby Tp. 
Henrietta Buffington864 1880Sept26M8112Mocolona Hutrie Co. Mich.Pitotun, Ransaler Co. N.Y.
    WIntermittent FeverWilloughby 
Jacob La Moreaux865 1881Mar17W83321WilloughbySt. Johns N.B.
 Farmer  WOld AgeWilloughby 
Alice B. Kelley866 1881Feb13W66  Willoughby Tp. 
    WRapid DecayWilloughby Tp. 
Henry Fisher867 1880Aug19S1326Willoughby Tp.Willoughby
    CCholera InfantumWilloughby Tp. 
Elijah La Moreaux868 1880May25M31925  
    WKilled on R. Road  
William Tucker869 1881Feb20W7759WilloughbyMadison Oneida Co. N.Y.
    WCronic PhthisicWilloughby Tp. 
James Clark8610 1881Mar31M66113WilloughbyBrookboro N. of Trula
 Farmer  WConsumptionWilloughby Tp. 
Hanna Harrison8611 1881Feby25W70102WilloughbyV. t.
 Tailoress  WCongestion of LungsWilloughby Tp. 
Rebecca Stevenson8612 1880Dec10S23128Vienna Christin CoVersalis Woodford Co. N.J.
    CLung FeverWilloughby Tp. 
Lavina C. Jerome8613 1880Apr19W729 WilloughbyOnondaga Co. N.Y.
    WOld Age and Enlargement of LiverWilloughby Tp. 
Sadie A. Dickey8614 1880May16S1415WilloughbyWilloughby
    WSpinal Fever with PneumoniaWilloughby Tp. 
Charles Sherwood8615 1881Feb1M3710 WilloughbyStarben Co. N. Y.
 Laborer  WAcute Congestion of StomachWilloughby Tp. 
Jaennet Brown8616 1880Juf13M69  WilloughbyHerkimer Co. N.Y.
    WHeart DiseaseWilloughby Tp. 
Hibbard Elousie861 1881Mch8M5568LeroyMontville
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionLeroy Lake Co. Ohio 
Kewish William862 1881Jan21M74  LeroyIsle of Man
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseLeroy Lake Co. Ohio 
Kirk Daniel863 1880Nov9M77  LeroyIsle of Man
 Farmer  WStomach DiseaseLeroy Lake Co. Ohio 
Kirk Mary Ann864 1880Juf9M62  LeroyIsle of Man
 Housekeeper  WParalysisLeroy Lake Co. Ohio 
Whipple Lillie B.865 1880June17S8  LeroyLeroy
 Farmers daughter  WBrain DiseaseLeroy Lake Co. Ohio 
Smith861 1880Jul1 101-Jun-048MentorMentor
  Sidney SmithMary HodgsonWCholera InfantumMentor 
James Campbell862 1880May16M7101-May-0416MentorOnondaga Co. N.Y.
 Farmer  WParalysisMentor 
James Brown863 1880Sept18M4801-May-0416MentorLake Co. Ohio
 Farmer  WConsumptionMentor 
Polly Schribner864 1880June13M6301-Jun-041MentorCanada
Wm Durand865 1880May27M77Aug17MentorCanada
 Farmer  WCancer of LiverMentor 
Edward Hopkins866 1880Dec5M36Nov2MentorMentor
 Farmer  WBillous ColicMentor 
Arche Riley867 1881Feb25M60  Mentornot known
 Farmer  WConjestion LungsMentor 
Geo. Dickey868 1880June18M77Feb8MentorWallpoll N.H.
 Farmer  WConjestion LungsMentor 
Carter Luman861 188045W84416KirtlandConnecticut
 Farmer  WCancerKirtland 
Cowles Augustus862 18813235845 KirtlandMass
 Farmer  WConsumptionKirtland 
Dixon Hiram863 1880125W841016KirtlandNot known
 Farmer  WParalysisKirtland 
Merrill Rosie M.864 1880520M34823KirtlandOhio
 Musician  WDropsyCleveland 
Morse Ann H.865 188068M67522KirtlandConnecticut
 Housekeeper  WParalysisKirtland 
Morse Frances E.866 1880429M3999KirtlandConnecticut
 Housekeeper   Congestion of LungsKirtland 
Markell John P.887 188129M81412Kirtland O.New York
 Farmer  WCongestion of LungsKirtland 
Parks Alfred888 1880524M53322Kirtland O.Ohio
 Farmer  WStomach ComplaintKirtland 
Smith James J.889 1881224M7291Kirtland O.Mass
 Farmer  WConsumptionKirtland 
Whelpley Margaret E.8810 1881225M42426Kirtland O.Ohio
 Housekeeper  WHeart DiseaseKirtland 
Bannister Cora881 1881Jan31S61 PainesvilleLeroy N.Y.
  Wm. H. BannisterMary BannisterWScarlet FeverPainesville 
Bostwick Ellen L.882 1880May22S283 PainesvilleGreen Bay Wis
 SeamstressMathew BostwichRebecca BostwickWConsumptionPainesville 
Beckwith Sylvester883 1881Mch11M87  Painesville Co. Infirmary 
 Farmer  WOld AgePainesville 
Burnham Frank884 1880Oct25S142 PainesvillePainesville
 SchoolMarshall BurnhamSarah BurnhamWTyphoid FeverPainesville 
Butler Samuel885 1881Jan15W84411FairportHartford Ct
 Retired  WOld AgeFairport Pville Tp. 
Colgrove Lena886 1880Sept22S 3 PainesvillePainesville Tp.
  Melvin S. ColgroveHarriet ColgroveWUnknownPainesville Tp. 
Colgrove Melvin S.887 1881Feby17M37  PainesvilleHerkimer Co. N.Y.
 FarmerEben ColgroveMargaret ColgroveWKick of HorsePainesville Tp. 
Chesney Benjamin S.888 1881Juf11S 64Painesville Vill.Painesville Vill.
  Benjamin E. ChesneyLemuella K. ChesneyWCholera InfantumPainesville Vill. 
Cole Hezikiah S.889 1880Oct11W975 Painesville Vill.Ballston Saratago NY
 FarmerMoses ColeMary ColeWOld AgePainesville Vill. 
Doyle Stephen8810 1880Sept11M35  Painesville Vill. 
 Broom Maker  WConsumptionPainesville Vill. 
Foss Laura8811 1880Juf28S 6 Painesville Vill.Painesville Vill.
  Wm. FossMary FossWCholera InfantumPainesville Vill. 
Fifield not named8812 1881Mch24S 5 Painesville Vill.Painesville Vill.
  Asa FifieldLibbie M. FifieldWUnknownPainesville Vill. 
Fraser H. C.8813 1880Oct8M29  Painesville Vill.England
 MachinistUnknownUnknownWAccidentPainesville Vill. 
Gardner Kate M.8814 1881Jan6M282 Painesville Vill.Painesville Vill.
 HousekeeperMark R. DoolittleAlta P. DoolittleWInflamation BowelsPainesville Vill. 
Gaugauer Elizabeth8815 1880Apr13M25  Painesville Vill.Painesville Vill.
 HousekeeperJohn ShillingEliza ShillingWConsumptionPainesville Vill. 
Hathaway Wick C.8816 1880June10M55125Painesville Vill.Cortland Trumble Co.
 MerchantHenry HathawayAnne HathawayWSuicidePainesville Vill. 
Lee John W.8817 1881Mar26M78 20Painesville Tp.Unknown
 Farmer  WParalysisPainesville Tp. 
Lynch Michael8818 1881Feb21S   Painesville Vill.Painesville Vill.
  Owen LynchMary LynchWStill BornPainesville Vill. 
Merritt Caroline8819 1881Mch8W72  Co. InfirmaryUnknown
 Female Inf.UnknownUnknownWParalysisInfirmary Painesville 
Mercer Mary8820 1880Dec13W54  Co. InfirmaryUnknown
 Female Inf.UnknownUnknownWCancerInfirmary Painesvlle 
Martin Sarah8821 1880Oct7M40  Painesville 
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionPainesvillle Vill. 
Nye Electa C.8822 1880Dec11M49  Painesville Tp.Painesville Tp.
 HousekeeperWilliams EbenezerMartha WilliamsW Painesville Tp. 
Nash Benjamin8823 1880May29M60  Painesville Tp. 
 Laborer  WCongestion LungesCo. Infirmary 
Noonan Mary Ellen8824 1881Feb20S11 Painesville VillPainesville Vill.
  Martin NoonanBridget NoonanWCongestion LungesPainesville Vill. 
Patton Robert8825 1880Juf3M566 Painesville VillN. Hampshire
 Stone MasonJohn PattonJune PattonWParalysisPainesville Vill. 
Parish Delbert8826 1881Jan12S36 Fairport PvillFairport-P.ville. T.p.
  Ezra ParishOlive ParishWCroupFairport P.ville Tp. 
Rivers De. Ette8827 1881Feb24M4111 PainesvilleOtsego Co. N.Y.
 HousekeeperThos. HickokEmily HickokWCongestion LungesPainesville 
Shiland Jesse8828 1880Dec3M237 YoungstownYoungstown Mahoning Co.
 HousekeeperClark KenedySarah KenedyWConsumptionPainesville 
Shaffer William E.8829 1880Juf12S45  Co. InfirmaryUnknown
 Painter  WCongestion LungesCo. Infirmary 
Parish Ezra8830 1881Jan1S136Fairport PvillFairport Pville
    WCroupFairport P.ville 
Tracy Belee8831 1880June17W862 Co. InfirmaryConn
 Carpenter  WRheum and Old AgeCo. Infirmary 
Williams Martha8832 1881Mch20S20  Co. Infirmary 
 Servant  WConsumptionCo. Infirmary 
Beebe Abner B.881 1880Jun4W83112MadisonConnecticut
 Farmernot known WHeart diseaseMadison 
Beach Lyman882 1880May22M6174MadisonConnecticut
 Farmernot knownBetsy BeachWDiabetesMadison 

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