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AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, Lake County, Ohio, 1879 & 1880
Return by the Assessor LeRoy Township May 11th 1880 and Recorded May 17th 1880-Geo. N Shepherd Probate Judge
Balch Charley78 11880Feb9  415Leroy Tp. O.Leroy Lake Co. O.
    WCongestion of LungsLeroy Ohio 
Bartlett Ansel78 21880Jan1M5054Leroy Tp. O.Thompson Geauga Co. O.
 Farmer  WConsumptionLeroy Ohio 
Garrett Esther78 31879Apr1M4237Leroy Tp. O.Piqua Miami Co O.
 Blksmith wife  WCong. of the lungsLeroy Ohio 
Hulbert Lina78 41879Juf15 26 Leroy Tp. O.Leroy Ohio
    WDropsy of the brainLeroy Ohio 
Loveland Fanny78 51879April13W57917Leroy Tp. O.Hamburg Erie Co. N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaLeroy Ohio 
Paine Harriet N.78 61880Jan17W65117Leroy Tp. O.Austinburg Ash. Co. O.
 Housekeeper  WParalysisLeroy Ohio 
Uden Adaline78 71879Nov7M66  Leroy Tp. O.New York
 Housekeeper   ConsumptionLeroy Ohio 
Tew Enos78 81879Oct28W78615Leroy Tp. O.Salem Connecticut
 Farmer   Lung DiseaseLeroy Ohio 
Return by the Assessor Perry Township May 15th 1880 and Recorded May 17th 1880-Geo. N Shepherd probate Judge
Armstrong Emry Hewit78 11879Dec8S139Perry OhioPerry Ohio
  Henry ArmstrongLyda PetersonWCongestionPerry Ohio 
Baker Philena78 21879Juf31W82318Perry, OhioConn
  Whiting WDropsyPerry Ohio 
Brown Rosetta B.78 31880Feb1M24118Perry OhioAshtabula Co. O.
  Erastus WeedMargarett WeedWConsumptionPerry Ohio 
Brown Frank78 41879May8S 4 Perry OhioPerry Ohio
  John BrownRosetta BrownWCongestionPerry Ohio 
Davis not named78 51880Mch29S 15Perry OhioPerry Ohio
  James DavisMary DavisWLung DiseasePerry Ohio 
Harback Joseph78 61879Nov17S30  Perry OhioGermany
 Farmer  WRheumatismPerry Ohio 
Isham Leonard78 71879Oct22S79711Perry OhioHerkimer N.Y.
 FarmerIsham WDropsyPerry Ohio 
Little John78 81879Aug8M45  Perry OhioIreland
 FarmerLittle W Perry Ohio 
Lockwood Lucy78 91880Mar9W53220Perry OhioMadison O.
  Ira BachelorHannahWLung DiseasePerry Ohio 
Porter G. M.78 101880Feb14M771115Perry OhioMiddlefield N.Y.
 FarmerElijah PorterSallyWPneumoniaPerry Ohio 
Peterson Esther78 111879Apr6M53621Perry OhioErie Co. Pa
  Alonzo YoungSalinaWConsumptionPerry Ohio 
Peterson Rufus78 121879Apr15S   Perry OhioPerry O.
  Andrew PetersonElizabethWScarlet FeverPerry Ohio 
Vesey Caroline78 131879Apr18S19 Perry OhioPerry O.
  W. T. VeseyAnna CongestionPerry Ohio 
Whiting Electa M.78 141879Oct31M584 Perry Ohio 
  Ira RuthfordEmeline HerniaPerry Ohio 
Return of Assessor Madison Township May 17th 1880 and Recorded May 18th 1880-Geo. N Shepherd probate Judge
Austin Joseph78 11879May8W733 MadisonDuches Co. N.Y.
 Farmer  WDropsyMadison Ohio 
Brown John78 21880Mar31M584 MadisonEngland
 Farmer  WGangrene of bowelsMadison Ohio 
Bennett Lionel78 31879Sep2M87112MadisonCortland Co. N.Y.
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison Ohio 
Bailey Harlow78 41880Feb11M87722MadisonWinsted Conn
 Carpenter  WBillious FeverMadison Ohio 
Baldwin Rodmand78 51880Jan12M56 1MadisonHartford Conn
 Farmer  WCongestion bowelsMadison Ohio 
Baker Champion78 61879Dec15M6389MadisonOneida N. Y.
 Farmer  WConsumption bloodMadison Ohio 
Bissel Ruby78 71879Apr11M789 MadisonBerkshire Co. Mass
 Housewife  WParalysisMadison Ohio 
Corlett Wm. C.78 81879Dec11W68911MadisonIsle of Man Eng
 Farmer  WTyphoid PneumoniaMadison Ohio 
Ensign C. W.78 91880Jan18 8987Madison 
 Doctor  WOld AgeMadison Ohio 
Holmes Ruben78 101879Sep16M683 MadisonNew York
 Farmer  WSuicideMadison Ohio 
Hitt Cyntha M.78 111880Jan7M5195MadisonMontville O.
 Housewife  WTyphoid PneumoniaMadison Ohio 
Isham Leonard78 121879Oct22W79922Warren Burkshir Co. NYMadison
 Farmer  WDropsyMadison Ohio 
Johnson Sarah78 131879Oct20M74  MadisonEngland
 H. wife  WOld AgeMadison Ohio 
Rowland Jane80 141879May20M41  Twinsburg Summit Co.Madison
 H. wife  WConsumptionSummit Co. Ohio 
Smead Jane80 151880Mar31W827 MadisonMadison
 H. wife  WOld AgeMadison 
Williams Daniel80 161880Mar18M83 10MadisonEast Town Mass
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison 
Winchester John A.80 171880Mar6S291114MadisonMadison
 Musician  WConsumptionMadison 
Warner Frank A.80 181879Sep13M2815MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WTyphoid FeverMadison 
Norton Joel R.80 191879Sep15M77827MadisonMadison Com
 Ship builder   Heart DiseaseMadison 
Norton Orpha M.80 201880Mar5W701122MadisonMadison Com
 H. wife   Typhoid PneumoniaMadison 
Return by the Assessor Willoughy Township May 17th 1880 and Recorded May 19th 1880-Geo. N Shepherd Probate Judge
Barber Fanny80 11879Dec30W879 WilloughbyBlanford Mass
    WOld AgeWilloughby 
Covert William80 21880Feb27M61114WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 Farmer   Typhoid PneumoniaWilloughby 
Elwell Mary E.80 31880Mar10M26  RocportOhio
Fisher Ann80 41879May10W85 22Willoughby Tp.Wales Eng
    WOld AgeWilloughby Tp. 
Gunn Sarah Adeline80 51879Apr9M49415WilloughbyLockport N.Y.
     Heart DiseaseWilloughby Tp. 
Hardaker Ida May80 61879Oct30S6320WickliffeChardon Geauga Co.
     Spinal FeverWickliffe Lake Co. Ohio 
#Jerome Asahel80 71879Aug17M78613WilloughbyConnecticut
 Farmer  WDisease of StomachWilloughby 
Judd Freeman80 81879Juf11M66913WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 Farmer   * Cause of death erased
Legg Sarah T80 91879Nov10W8625WilloughbyProvidence R.I.
     Apoplexy of Old AgeWilloughby 
Moore Mary80 101880Feb23S49  Willoughby 
Moore Elizabeth80 111880Mar8M76212WilloughbyNorfork Litchfield Co. Conn
Perkins Lydia M.80 121880Jan5M478 Willoughby Tp.Willoughby Tp.
     Heart DiseaseWilloughby 
Skinner Martha St. John80 131880Mar11W76  Willoughby Tp.Coyugo Co. N.Y.
    WInflamation of StomachWilloughby 
Waite Mercy80 141879June29W82417Willoughby Tp.Spafford N.Y.
    WGenl Debility and Old ageWilloughby 
#Hall Simeon80 151879Nov19M79624Willoughby Tp.State N. Y.
Return by the Assessor of Kirtland Township May 17th 1880 and Recorded May 19th 1880-Geo. N Shepherd Probate Judge
Daniels Jesse80 1187944W77610KirtlandOtsego Co. N.Y.
 Farmer  WConsumptionKirtland 
Hart Roseville80 218791120M82225KirtlandBarkhamsted Conn
 Farmer  WCongestion of lungKirtland 
Hart Lovina80 318791118M75627KirtlandLitchfield Conn
 H. Keeper  WCongestion of lungKirtland 
Lawrence Julia A.80 41880113M64919KirtlandBraceville, Trumble Co.
 H. Keeper  WPleurisyKirtland 
Manchester Frank L.80 51879820S15822KirtlandMillford Otsego Co. N.Y.
 Farmer  WParalysisKirtland 
Moore William80 61880127W72215KirtlandLiverpool England
 Farmer  WCongestion of liverKirtland 
Martin Linda A.80 71879419S878KirtlandKirtland
 *  WScarlet feverKirtland 
Rogers Nancy80 8187967M5386KirtlandNew York
 H. Keeper  WJaundiceKirtland 
Return by the Assessor of Mentor Township May 19th 1880 and Recorded May 21th 1880-Geo. N Shepherd probate Judge
Andrews Nathaniel M.80 11879June5M78113MentorSarataga Co. N.Y.
 Farmer  WOld AgeMentor Ohio 
Carpenter Benjamin80 21879Juf25M80  MentorSavoy Berkshire Co. Mass
 Farmer  WConsumptionMentor Ohio 
Dickey M. George80 31879May12S18 MentorMentor
  Dickey WarrenDickey AliceWVomitingMentor Ohio 
Dunham Carrie Lizzie80 41879Nov27  2 MentorMentor
  Dunham T. E. WCancerMentor Ohio 
Ingraham Kate F. H.80 51879Dec13S22  MentorMentor
  Ingraham LucinaIngraham LydiaWTyphoid FeverMentor Ohio 

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