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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 66-69

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Hanson James A.66 41877June28S18921MentorMentor
 Farmer  WDrownedMentor 
King Henry C.66 51878Jan5M589 MentorChardon
 Farmer  WDisease of StomachMentor 
Lazello Julia66 61878Feb22M1642MentorChardon
 Housekeeper  WDyptheriaMentor 
Snell Warren F.66 71877Aug14S26414MentorChardon
 None  WHip DiseaseMentor 
Smith Fred A.66 81877Aug12S 1027MentorChardon
 None  WCholera InfantumMentor 
Simmons Anna N.[?]66 91878Mar3W8521MentorRussia N.Y.
 None  WOld AgeMentor 
Savage Olive E.66 101877Dec22M331022MentorN.Y.
 None  WConsumptionMentor 
Wood George66 111878Feb2S15115MentorWilloughby
 None  WTyphoid FeverMentor 
Willoughby Township66           
Allen Shelden66 11878Mar9M73  WilloughbyN.Y.
 Farmer  WConsumptionWilloughby O. 
Barnes J. P.66 21878Feby8M60528WilloughbyN.Y.
 Farmer  WDyspepsiaWilloughby O. 
Downing William66 31878Mar1M7399WilloughbyN.Y.
 Farmer  WParalysisWilloughby O. 
Ferguson Onvid [?] C.66 41878Jan3MS625 WilloughbyN.Y.
 Farmer  WGeneral DebilityWilloughby O. 
Garlick A. H.66 51877Aug9S3145WilloughbyN.Y.
 Druggist  WAccidentalWilloughby O. 
Henning Delia66 61877Nov15S  15WilloughbyWilloughby
 None  WUnknownWilloughby O. 
Lynch David66 71877Jun3M51216WilloughbyIreland
 Farmer  WRheumatic ParalysisWilloughby O. 
Perkins Albert C.66 81877Apr27S5310WilloughbyWilloughby
 None  WCongestion of LungsWilloughby O. 
Shay Geo.66 91877Aug5S 11 WilloughbyWilloughby
 None  WCholera InfantumWilloughby O. 
Strong Eliza66 101877July24S4910 WilloughbyWilloughby
 None  WSuddenlyWilloughby O. 
Strong Laura B.66 111877May24W74138WilloughbyNew York
 Farmer  WParalysisWilloughby O. 
Tarbal Mary K.66 121877F       
Thackwell Welthy66 131878Feby17M29  WilloughbyWilloughby
 Farmer  WChild BirthWilloughby O. 
Tracy Patrick H. [?]66 141877Oct18S288WilloughbyWilloughby
 None  WCroupWilloughby O. 
 66 151877June S  2WilloughbyWilloughby
 NoneGeo. W. WaiteEliza WaiteWUnknownWilloughby O. 
Ward Sally66 161878Feby M77  Mansfield O.New York
 None  WOld AgeWilloughby O. 
Garsley May Rose66 171877Oct16S5610WilloughbyWilloughby
 None  WDiptheriaWilloughby O. 
Madison Township66           
Bates Thomas66 11878Jan6W88517MadisonRhode Island
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison 
Bliss Willis Reuben66 21878Feby8S25718MadisonMadison
 Merchant  WInflamation BowelsMadison 
Brewer Milo66 31877Sept2M88528MadisonMass
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison 
Church Amelia A.66 41877Sept22M47412MadisonLenox Ash. Co O.
 Housewife  WConsumptionMadison 
Crandall Daniel66 51877Aug12M80  MadisonConn
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison 
Genung Mattie66 61877April29S7117MadisonMadison
 None  WSceules FeverMadison 
Hobart Noah66 71878Mar1M8454MadisonNew Hampshire
 Farmer  WSoftening of BrainMadison 
Miller --66 81877April6S  1MadisonMadison
 NoneJames J. MillerSarah Jane MillerWConvulsionsMadison 
Kellogg Silas66 91878Jan20M55 11MadisonPerry Lake Co.
 Farmer  WKilled AccidentallyMadison 
Philes William H.66 101878Mar5M2510 MadisonMadison
 Merchant  WConsumptionMadison 
Rand Nancy66 111878Feby6M44  MadisonMadison
 HouseWife  WJaundiceMadison 
Roe Henry Houghton66 121878Feby2S26822MadisonAndover O
 Manufacturer  WCongestion of LungsMadison 
Salisbury Lucy66 131877Dec9S6110 MadisonNew York
 Milliner  WCancer  
St. John LeRoy E.68 141877Dec10S211MadisonMadison
 None  WJaundiceMadison 
Stratton Samuel S.68 151877Sept4S 729MadisonMadison
 None  WCholera InfantumMadison 
Webster Mary E.68 161877Aug2S50216MadisonGeneva O.
 Music Teacher  WDropsy of Eye Ball  
Painesville Township            
Brakeman Lola R.68 11878Feby7M22  PainesvilleConcord O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionPainesville O. 
Bradley Delia Maria68 21878Mar21W72  PainesvilleUnknown
 '--  WConsumptionLake Co. Infirmary 
Benedict Harvey68 31878Feb23S16  PainesvillePainesville
 '--  WDropsyPainesville 
Brooks Judson68 41877June29M76  PainesvilleBuston Conn. ?
 Farmer  WDropsyPainesville 
Bates Charles68 51877June21S18  PainesvilleNew York
 '--  WConsumptionPainesville 
Callander Geo. F.68 61878Jan26M65  PainesvilleScotland
 Contractor  WSuicidePainesville 
Call O. W.68 71877May17W84  PainesvilleMass.
 ~  WDropsyPainesville 
Canfield Mrs. L. D. C.68 81877Dec30W55  PainesvilleCanfield O.
 Housekeeper  WParalysisPainesville 
Coligan Ellen68 91877Oct3S206 PainesvillePainesville
 Servant  WTyphoid FeverPainesville 
Callander Blanche68 101877Dec18S188 PainesvillePainesville
 Servant  WConsumptionPainesville 
Callander A. H.68 111877July2W62  PainesvilleCanada
 Carpenter  WConsumptionPainesville 
Crimins Edward68 121877Sept27M66  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WKilled by TrainPainesville 
Christy Bridget68 131878Jan16S19  PainesvilleIreland
 Servant  WConsumptionPainesville 
Davidson William68 141877Aug31S  16PainesvilleIreland
 ~  WCholera InfantumPainesville 
Day John68 151878Mar7M30  PainesvilleMadison, O.
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Flyn Ann68 161877Dec10S58 PainesvillePainesville
 ~  WFeverPainesville 
Frank Susie M.68 171877Nov5M376 PainesvillePainesville
 ~  WDiabetusPainesville 
Gray Mary H.68 181877Oct5M57  PainesvilleVermont
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionPainesville 
Green Lillie68 191877May13S24  PainesvilleNewark, Ohio
 ~  WConsumptionPainesville 
Hawley Polly68 201877May17W77  PainesvilleConn
 ~  WParalysisPainesville 
Hubbard Mary Ann68 211877Dec23W87  PainesvilleConn
 ~  WOld AgePainesville 
Harroon Louisa R.68 221877Aug27M37  PainesvilleLeRoy O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionPainesville 
Jewel Elijah S.68 231877Oct27M42  PainesvilleNew York
 Saloon Keeper  WFeverPainesville 
Jauvier Alice68 241878Jan28S 7 PainesvillePainesville
 ~  WConvulsionsPainesville 
Kane Ellen68 251878Mar27S17  PainesvillePainesville
 Servant  WSuicidePainesville 
Lynch Jerry68 261877May19S29  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville 
Lockwood Mrs. Louisa68 271878Jan28W76  PainesvilleConn
 Housekeeper  WErysipelasPainesville 
Moore Michael68 281877July26S3  PainesvillePainesville
McGee Eliza68 291878Jan5Sunknown  PainesvilleUnknown
    CDropsyLake Co. Infirmary 
Murphy Ellen68 301877Nov5S226 PainesvillePainesville
 Teacher  WConsumptionPainesville 
Nellis Grace Gray68 311877Dec27S4  PainesvillePainesville
    WBrain FeverPainesville 
Paige David R.68 321877July7M7010 PainesvilleVermont
 Merchant  WKidney DiseasePainesville 
Palmer James M.68 331877Sept6S25  PainesvilleConn
 Druggist  WRhematic ConsumptionN Jersey 
Pike John M.68 341878Mar8M46  PainesvilleEngland
 Sawyer  WSuicidePainesville 
Post Mary S.68 351877May31M37  PainesvilleEngland
 Housekeeper  WParalysisPainesville 
Rider Mrs. Louisa68 361877Nov11M60  PainesvilleSolon Ohio
 Housekeeper  WParalysisPainesville 
Root Margaret B.68 371877Nov4W82  PainesvilleMass.
Rooney Michael68 381877Oct15S17  PainesvilleMich

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