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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 46-49

Change of Numbering
In 1875 (start of page 40), the county started numbering for each year within townships, putting these numbers in the "Date Entered" column. They also continued the consecutive numbering of deaths in the "Number" column until the start of page 56 (about the end of 1876). The within townships numbering was not moved to the "Number" column until page 86, in the year ending March, 1881.

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Kissek Severance46911481874Oct17 91    
     Old Age Assessor
Mary Willard46912491874Nov11 24  Painesville 
     Spinal DiseasePainesvilleAssessor
Henry Powell46913501874Nov26 25  PainesvilleEngland
Christopher Samuel Bartlett46914511874Aug31M5345PainesvilleSouthwick Mass
 Insurance Agt   ApoplexeyPainesvilleAssessor
Stephen L. Wakelee46915521875Jany2M68  Painesville 
     Heart DiseasePainesvilleAssessor
Infant Daughter Geo Freeman46916531875Jany4M 3 Painesville 
Lavinia Paine46917541875Jany9M42    
     Tumor or CancerPainesvilleAssessor
Myron Dean Hammond46918551874Aug8M22  Evans ColoradoWekeam Erie Co Mekeam ?
     Typhoid FeverPainesvilleAssessor
Kittie Warner46919561875Feb14M12 PainesvillePainesville
Lucinda Moodey46920571874Dec4M52  PainesvilleConcord Lake Co
Charles Tuttle46921581874Oct13M7542PainesvilleConnecticut
 Farmer   Typhoid FeverPainesvilleAssessor
Maud Mary Ritter46922591874Aug18S108PainesvillePainesville
Sylvia G. Huntington46923601874July8W669 PainesvilleBuffalo NY
     Heart DiseasePainesvilleAssessor
Gertie Tuttle46924611874May17  112PainesvillePainesville
Hamblin Gregory46925621874May12M55922Painesville 
 Carpenter   ParalysisPainesvilleAssessor
Perry Township46 1875         
Nancy Lampson4692611875Feb17M68717PerryMass
Hannah Mitchell4692721875Mch27M82 25PerryConn
     Congestion of LungsPerryAssessor
Margaret A. Abel4692831874Dec16M61  PerryPerry
     Lung DiseasePerryAssessor
Joseph M. Garner4692941874Sept28M51425PerryPa
 Farmer   CancerPerryAssessor
Ettie M. Burrows4693051875Feb25S1924PerryPerry
     Scarlet FeverPerryAssessor
Ernest Mulen4693161875Mch16 2510PerryPerry
     Scarlet FeverPerryAssessor
Eugene Parmley4693271875Mch5S1542PerryPerry
     Scarlet FeverPerryAssessor
George Patchin4693381874Sept30S 2 PerryPerry
     Brain FeverPerryAssessor
Albert Clark Wheeler4693491875 10S26 PerryPerry
  Adopted by Alonzo Wheeler   PerryAssessor
Willoughby Township46 1875         
Isiah K. Witter4693511875Feby24M64  WilloughbyOhio
 Farmer   ParalysisWilloughbyAssessor
Nenora Ellsworth4693621874Sept8S5111WilloughbyWilloughby
     Whooping CoughWilloughbyAssessor
Sidney Bliss4693731874Oct22S 102WilloughbyWilloughby
     Cholera InfantumWilloughbyAssessor
Agnes Houliston4693841875Jan25W87  WilloughbyScotland
 H Keeping   Old Age & General DebilityWilloughbyAssessor
Runnels Brott4693951874Nov15M7223WilloughbyN.Y.
 Farmer   ScrofulaWilloughbyAssessor
Hazel P. Eddy4694061874Oct.14M79721WilloughbyR.I.
 Farmer   Old Age & General DebilityWilloughbyAssessor
Selina Harrison4694171875Mch24M45  WilloughbyEngland
 H Keeping   Cancer in BreastWilloughbyAssessor
Collis A. Hyde4694281875Jan21M303 WilloughbyWilloughby O.
 Farmer   Consumption Assessor
Daniel P. Storm4694391874May20M63516WilloughbyN.Y.
 Carpenter   Chronic Diarhea Assessor
Caroline Yaxley46944101874Oct22M66322WilloughbyEngland
 H Keeping   Tumor in Bowels Assessor
Flora Yaxley46945111874April27  1 WilloughbyWilloughby
     Whooping Cough Assessor
Florence Yaxley46946121874July27  3 WilloughbyWilloughby
     Whooping Cough Assessor
Eugene C. Perkins46947131874Sept6 2736Chester OhioMass
     Heart Disease  
Mary Yaxley46948141874Sept6 3868WilloughbyOhio
     Dropsy of Heart  
Madison Township48 1876         
Brewster Wadsworth4894911876Mar22M72  MadisonMassachusetts
 Farmer  WApoplexyMadison Ohio 
Green Jesse4895021875Nov20M721 MadisonNew York
 Farmer  WCancerMadison Ohio 
Hickok Seaber4895131875Oct29M85 1MadisonVermont
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison 
Hall Sarah4895241875Dec21W79  Ashtabula ONew York
 Wife of Farmer  WParalysisAshtabula O 
Talcot Ida4895351875Sept14M22213Ashtabula ONew Jersey
 Wife of Farmer  WConsumptionAshtabula O 
Winchester Willie C4895461875Nov21S17 14Ashtabula OMadison
 Farmer  WKilled by CarsAshtabula O 
Wellman Harriet4895571875Aug5S934Ashtabula OMadison
    WunknownAshtabula O 
Copp Willie4895681875April29S1244MadisonMadison
    WScarlet FeverMadison O 
Cook Emma J.4895791875Aug10S25618MadisonAustinburg O
    WConsumptionMadison O 
Leveridge Howard48958101875May31S5110MadisonMadison
    WScarlet FeverMadison O 
Lyman Abigal R.48959111875Dec4W86  MadisonConnecticut
    WPneumoniaMadison O 
Scott D. W.48960121875Dec18S 36MadisonMadison O.
    WHeart DiseaseMadison O 
Van Epps H. E.48961131875Nov13W492 MadisonNew York
 Milliner  WApoplexyMadison O 
Leroy Twp48 1876         
Henriette S. Balch4896211875Aug23M34614LeRoy Lake CoThompson Geauga Co
 Farmer's Wife  WConsumption of BloodLeRoy 
Margaret Corvin4896321875May5W87311LeRoy Lake CoIsle of Man
 Farmer's Wife  WOld AgeLeRoy 
Nathaniel Phelps4896431875Dec26W83115LeRoy Lake CoPennsylvania
 Chair Maker  WOld AgeLeRoy 
William Radcliff4896541876Mch28M60 10LeRoy Lake CoIsle of Man
 Farmer  WParalysisLeRoy 
Philip Teare4896651875Aug30M818 LeRoy Lake CoIsle of Man
 Farmer  WParalysisLeRoy 
Geo P. Davis4896761875Oct18W51  LeRoy Lake Counknown
 Laborer  WKilled by AccidentLeRoy 
Azalia Valentine4896871876Mch10W86  LeRoy Lake CoMontpelier Vt
 Farmer's Wife  WOld AgeLeRoy 
Jonathan Weed4896981875June17W842 LeRoy Lake CoLanesboro Mass
 Farmer  WDropsyLeRoy 
Lydia Warren4897091875June19W832 LeRoy Lake Counknown
 Farmer's Wife  WParalysis of BrainLeRoy 
Concord Twp48 1876         
Baker Frank C.4897111876Feby17S 61ConcordConcord
 none  WCroupConcord 
Bond Matilda4897221875July19M27618ConcordConcord
 House Wife  WConsumptionConcord 
Callin Gaida B4897331875Dec26S1 4ConcordConcord
 none  WScarlet FeverConcord 
Drake Cornelia B.4897441875June23M361016ConcordLeRoy
 Housewife  WConsumptionConcord 
Manley Anna C.4897551875Dec26W6938ConcordMassachusetts
 Housewife  WParalysisConcord 
Oliver No Chris. name4897661876June29S  13ConcordConcord
 noneJames OliverAmanda CoburnWunknownConcord 
Osterhoudt Emily4897771875Sept4M44  MentorMentor
 Housewife  WHerniaMentor 
Winchell Rachael E.4897881875Dec2W75511ConcordBlanford NY
 Housewife  WDropsyConcord 
Kirtland Twp48 1876         
Charles N. Dewey4897911876Mch13M39215Kirtland OMunson O
 Farmer  WErysipelasKirtland 
Hotchkiss Lamira4898021876Mch3M6078Oberlin OSuffield Conn
 Housewife  WPneumoniaKirtland 
Tryon Eunice M4898131876Jan6W79916Kirtland OConn
 Housewife  WDropsyKirtland 
Tinker Alice R.4898241875Aug30S25510Kirtland OConneaut
 Seamstress  WColera Morbus  

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