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Volume 1, Pages 38-41

Change of Numbering
In 1875 (start of page 40), the county started numbering for each year within townships, putting these numbers in the "Date Entered" column. They also continued the consecutive numbering of deaths in the "Number" column until the start of page 56 (about the end of 1876). The within townships numbering was not moved to the "Number" column until page 86, in the year ending March, 1881.

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
William Flavin3876718741873Apr8S5  PainesvillePainesville
    WScarlet FeverPainesvilleJ. M. Benjamin Assessor
Matthew Kelley38768 1873Apr12S 12PainesvillePainesville
    WMeaslesPainesvilleJ. M. Benjamin Assessor
Lamour Kirby38769 1874Jan6S21  PainesvillePainesville
    WConsumptionPainesvilleJ. M. Benjamin Assessor
Elizabeth Minx38770 1874Jan25M47  PainesvilleIsle of Man
 Wife  WConsumptionPainesvilleJ. M. Benjamin Assessor
Elisha Rust38771 1874Jan29M67  Painesville 
 Farmer  WInsaneNewburg O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Mattie Kelley38772 1874Feb10S21  Painesville 
    WHeart DiseasePainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Bessie McGeeny38773 1874Feb14M35  PainesvilleIreland
    WConsumptionPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Maggie Lynch38774 1874Feb16S 315PainesvillePainesville
    WCongestion LungsPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Charles Morley38775 1873Sept22S 8 PainesvillePainesville
    WCholera InfantumPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Mary Matthews38776 1873Oct3W82  PainesvilleIreland
 Wife  WDisease of HeartPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Ann Cox38777 1873Nov9 81  PainesvilleIreland
 Wife  WOld AgePainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Katie Murphy38778 1873Dec10S6  PainesvillePainesville
    WCroupPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Ida Hokirk38779 1873July2 18  PainesvillePainesville
    WTyphoid FeverPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Mary Denton38780 1873July30S19  PainesvillePainesville
    WConsumptionPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Mary Carroll38781 1873Aug5M78  PainesvilleIreland
 Wife  WCholera MorbusPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Anna Taylor38782 1873Aug15S 3 PainesvillePainesville
    WCholera MorbusPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Anna Fitzman38783 1873Aug27S 9 PainesvillePainesville
    WWhooping CoughPainesville O.J. M. Benjamin Assessor
Briggs M. Shaw3878418741874Feb13M51  MadisonHarpersfield
 Mason  WCongestive ChillsMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
Margaretta Fitch38785 1874Feb22M44  MadisonIreland
 Farmer  WScrofula, Sudden DeathMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
William Brew38786 1873Nov19W76  MadisonBalaugh Isle of Man
 Farmer  WCancerMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
John Karnes38787 1873Sept1M67  MadisonTyrone Co Ireland
 Farmer  WAccident-Hurt by Thrash MachineMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
Frank E. Scott38788 1874Mar16S162MadisonMadison O.
    WMeasles, Over the RiverMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
Millie De Ruush38789 1874Jan9M176 MadisonConcord O.
 Mechanics Wife  WConsumptionGranton Bay Co MichJoseph Stoker Assessor
John Quirk38790 1874Mar2M64  MadisonIsle of Man
 Farmer  WNot KnownMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
Daniel L Fuller38791 1874Feb19M24  MadisonCharleston Vt
 Farmer  WTyphoid FeverMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
Eliakim Roberts38792 1873Dec23M729 UnionvilleCazenovia NY
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseUnionvilleJoseph Stoker Assessor
Henry Pate38793 1873Dec24W788 Madison 
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
Erastus Hulett38794 1874Jan1M72  MadisonWeathersfield VT
 Farmer  WHemorrhageMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
Johanna Hunting38795 1874Jan31W8310 MadisonHebron N.H.
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseMadisonJoseph Stoker Assessor
Concord Township  1875         
Agnes N. Sweet4079611874Dec7S605ConcordWarren, Warren Co Pa
 none  WDiptheriaConcordAssessor
Carlos Grandison Tuttle4079721875Mch1S77 ConcordWilloughby, Lake Co O
 none  WMembranous CroupConcordAssessor
Carrie M. Drake4079831875Jan9S39 ConcordConcord
 none  WNot KnownConcordAssessor
Louisa Tyler4079941874June14M44  Chardon, Geauga Co OKirtland O.
Catharine Ann Weaver4080051874July26W5754ConcordConnecticut
John Lynch4080171874June24  7 PainesvillePainesville
    W ConcordAssessor
Elijah Button4080281874Nov30M67  ConcordPainesville
 Farmer   Kidney DiseaseConcordAssessor
Sarah A. McLaughlin4080391874July14 32  ConcordMentor
Kirtland Township  1875         
Nathaniel Milliken4080411874July28M8073KirtlandMaine
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseKirtlandAssessor
James H. Childs4080521875Mch13W84 25KirtlandMass
 Farmer  WOld AgeKirtlandAssessor
Fannie Morse4080631874Sept11S1  KirtlandKirtland
Lavinia Hayden4080741874July12M55517KirtlandVermont
Susie Ballantine4080861874Dec15S379KirtlandKirtland
    WMembranous CroupKirtlandAssessor
Eldridge Nichols4080971874April12M6815KirtlandNew York
 Cooper  WRR AccidentKirtlandAssessor
George Roddick4081081874Aug4W741  England
 Mason  WGeneral DebilityKirtlandAssessor
Le Roy Township            
Charles Balch4081111874Nov11M65910LeRoy Lake Co O.Chittenden Vt
 Farmer  WConsumptionLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Alcetta Bartlett4081221875April2S193 LeRoy Lake Co O.Thompson O.
 Teacher  WConsumptionLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Anna Calwell4081331874June3M69  LeRoy Lake Co O.Buffalo N.Y.
 Farmers Wife  WErysipilasLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Robert M. Corlett4081441875Mch13S21913LeRoy Lake Co O.LeRoy Lake Co O.
 Farmer  WRheumatismLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Margaret V. French4081551875Feb3M211111LeRoy Lake Co O.Hartsgrove Asht Co
 Farmers Wife  WScarlet FeverLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Rosa Bell Hickson4081661875Mch7S114LeRoy Lake Co O.LeRoy Lake Co O.
    WCholera InfantumLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Dwight Quine4081771874June22S 1122LeRoy Lake Co O.LeRoy Lake Co O.
    WHeartLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Betsy Tew4081881874Feb16M691116LeRoy Lake Co O. 
 House Keeping  WDropsyLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Freelove Williams4081991874July4S75  LeRoy Lake Co O.Lanesboro Mass
 Farmers Wife  WHeart DiseaseLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Emily L. Doncaster40820101875Feb23M42121LeRoy Lake Co O.Thompson O.
 Farmers Wife   Liver Complaint old ageLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Oliver Tenney40821111875Feb8M807 LeRoy Lake Co O.Aquith NH
 Farmer   Congestion of BrainLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Orwell N. Tenney40822121874Nov1M394 LeRoy Lake Co O.LeRoy Lake Co O.
 Farmer   CancerLeRoy Lake Co O.Assessor
Joshua Bates40823131874Sept2W81218LeRoy Lake Co O.Chesterfield Mass
Mentor Township  1875         
Neddie Baxter4082411875Apr2S18 MentorBloomfield O.
 Infant  WLung FeverMentorAssessor
Almira Bandle4082521874Nov14M59  MentorFredonia NY
Jessie Fountain4082631875Feb20S11  Mentor 
     Scarlet FeverMentorAssessor
James Henricle4082741875Mch20S5  MentorMentor
     Scarlet FeverMentorAssessor
James Eaton Graham4082851874Nov23S181122On LakePainesville
 Sailor   DrownedMentorAssessor
Varny Prouty4082961875Mch14W76613MentorSpencer Mass
 Farmer   Inflamation BowelsMentorAssessor

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