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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 30-33

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Robert N. Sheperd3060218731873June7M32  PainesvilleNew Brunswick
 LawyerRichard SheperdMaria BemisterWConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Bessie Rich Benjamin30603 1872July12S 9 PainesvillePainesville
  John M. BenjaminMaria S. RichWCholera InfantumPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Louie Lovell Bateham30604 1872June18S1264PainesvilleColumbus, O.
  M. B. Bateham WInflamation of BowelsPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Nettie A. Hopkins30605 1873Feb7S 64PainesvillePomfrey [?], NY
    WScarlet FeverPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
George C. Harris30606 1873Mar3M39  PainesvilleNew Brunswick
 Sailor  WConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Willie Masters30607 1873Mar S3820PainesvilleCranesville, Penn.
    WCongestion of LungsPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Frankie Eugenia Wilcox30608 1872Oct3S167 PainesvillePainesville, O.
 SchoolB. O. WilcoxLydia AllenWTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
F. Phelps30609 1872Apr4M35  InfirmaryNY
    WTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
B. F. Monroe30610 1872Mar27S55  PainesvilleMaine
 Broom Maker  WConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Nancy Austin30611 1872May14S27  PainesvilleMadison, O.
    WFitsMadison, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Thomas Kibby30612 1872Jan31M28  Painesville 
 Butcher  WConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Michael Hoose30613 1872May3S73  PainesvilleNY
 Farmer  WDiabetesMentor, O.J. M. Benjamin,Assessor
Alice Gertrude Warner30614 1872Nov11S241111PainesvilleHambden, O.
 SchoolDaniel Warner, Jr.Nancy Bishop JuddWTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Jesse Thomas30615 1872Oct28S 6 PainesvillePainesville
  John H. ThomasHattie HullW Painesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Katie Williams30616 1872Aug10S 9 PainesvillePainesville
  Henry WilliamsMary PerryW Painesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Abigail Morse30617 1872July9M63  NY CityNew York City
 Wife PlattWRheumatismPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Charles Walter Avery30618 1872Apr6 18315PainesvilleMarathon, NY
 SchoolJames H. AveryHarriet HavensWDisease of BrainPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
George Young30619 1872Dec19S75  Painesville 
    WCancerPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
John Kennedy30620 1872  M65  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WHeart DiseasePainesville, O.J. M .Benjamin, Assessor
Lucy Stanhope30621 1872Dec14M52  Painesville 
 WifeJohn Hayes WDropseyPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Bala Hayes30622 1872Apr1S 3 PainesvillePainesville
  John Hayes WScarlet FeverPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Philena Woolley30623 1873Jan1W76  PainesvilleCharleston, NH
  Jesse HealySartroude ?WOld AgePainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Martin J. Warner30624 1873Jan1M52  Newburg Asylum 
 Cattle DealerDaniel WarnerJohanna C. HoveyWSoftening of BrainPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Edward Duke30625 1872Sept15M39?  PainesvilleEngland
 Merchant  WConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Lardy Belden30626 1872Sept19S 8 PainesvillePainesville
    WFitsPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Emily Watterman30627 1872Oct1S20  PainesvillePainesville
 School  WConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Ann Galligher30628 1872Oct6M50  PainesvilleIreland
    WCancerPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Andrew Hamilton30629 1872Nov28M80  Painesville 
    WOld AgePainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Mary Cane30630 1872Dec1M S9  PainesvillePainesville
  Coleman Cane WTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Katie Flinn30631 1872Dec6S4  PainesvillePainesville
    WInflamation of LungsPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Bertie Card30632 1872Dec13S26 PainesvillePainesville
  E. B. Card WSmall PoxPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
George Darrow30633 1872Dec22S22  Newburg AsylumPainesville
  John DarrowYoungWInsanePainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Ellen Rooney30634 1872Dec29S4  PainesvillePainesville
     DiptheriaPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Maggie Flinn30635 1873Jan4S 1010PainesvillePainesville
     DiptheriaPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Warren Sumner30636 1873Jan21S3  PainesvillePainesville
     DiptheriaPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Mary Seeley30637 1873Feb2W79  PainesvillePainesville
     ParalysisPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Hannah Anderson3063818741873August7M56115ConcordConcord
 Farmer's WifeLuther JewellOliveWParalysisConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Herbert Noah Brainard30639 1874Feb8S 416ConcordConcord
  Ozias N. BrainardMarian P. RiderWCongestion of BrainConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Esther Collister30640 1873Sept10M76  ConcordKirk Michol Isle of Man *  
  Thomas CrellinKatherine CrellinWDropsyConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Ellen Josephine Dwyer30641 1874March25S 520ConcordConcord
  Thomas DwyerMary BrickWWhooping CoughConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Sarah Murray30642 1874March11W872 ConcordNorthumberland Co. Pa
    WCongestion LungsConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Anna Taylor30643 1873Aug14S 3 ConcordConcord
    CWhooping CoughConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Amos Wilcox3264418741873Nov1W94618KirtlandConnecticut
 Farmer  WOld AgeKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
Sarah Whitworth32645 1873Sept1M52114KirtlandEngland
    WKidney & HeartKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
Esther Wright32646 1873May21W88  KirtlandConnecticut
    WOld AgeKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
Martha Card32647 1873Sept20M2772KirtlandKirtland
    WConsumptionKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
Allen Richmond32648 1874March27M4710 KirtlandCanada
 Farmer  WCancerKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
Cornelia Dixon32649 1873Nov29S141 KirtlandKirtland
    WDropseyKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
Lewis Yaxley32650 1873Aug29S 515KirtlandKirtland
    WCholera InfantumKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
Eliza Daggett32651 1874Feb23M6453KirtlandVermont
    WConsumptionKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
Arthur McWithey32652 1874March8S 8 KirtlandKirtland
    WConvulsionsKirtlandSamuel Metcalf Assessor
John David Boyd3265318741874Apr13S182LeRoyLeRoy
 Child  WCongestion of LungsLeRoy OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
Catharine Garrett32654 1873Aug7M8212LeRoyIsle of Man
 Farmers Wife  WOld AgeLeRoy OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
Charles Waldo Kniffen32655 1874Mar20M641110LeRoyHerkimer Co NY
 Farmer  WCongestion of LungsLeRoy OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
MaryAnn Jane Lace32656 1874Mar15M351111LeRoyPerry Lake Co Ohio
 Farmers Wife  WCongestion of LungsLeRoy OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
George G. C. Ray32657 1873Dec26M80118LeRoyVermont
 Farmer  WConsumptionLeRoy OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
Emory J. Smith32658 1874Mar6S 129LeRoyLeRoy
 Child  WCongestion of LungsLeRoy OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
Alban Luther Smith32659 1874Mar13S 25LeRoyLeRoy
 Child  WCongestion of LungsLeRoy OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
Clara Williams32660 1874Mar5S14622LeRoyLeRoy
 Farmers Daughter  WCongestion of LungsLeRoy OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
Jay St. John3266118741873Dec27S167 PerryPerry
  C. C. St. JohnSpencerWBrain FeverPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Sherman Sage32662 1873Dec6S 58PerryPenn
  O. G. Sage WErysipelasPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Eva Hurlbert32663 1873Oct1S16  PerryPerry
  J. HurlburtSarahWBurnedPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Ariel Call32664 1873Oct S66  PerryPerry
    WDropseyPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Margaret Sawdey32665 1873Nov8M33  Perry 
  R. Mosely WChild BirthPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Martha Sampson32666 1873Apr12M741125PerryVT
  E. Hathaway WPneumoniaPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Mary L. Sampson32667 1873Apr18S3831PerryVT
  N. R. SampsonMarthaWPneumoniaPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Don Wyman32668 1873Dec28M683 PerryVT
  Wm Wyman WKidney DiseasePerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Orange Ball32669 1873Nov29M7910 PerryVT
  Joseph BallOliveWConsumptionPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Willis Colgrove32670 1873May9S13615PerryMentor Ohio
  E. S. ColgroveMargaretWDiabetesPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Osman Carnahan32671 1873Apr16M60111PerryNY
  DavidLucyWSpinalPerry OhioH. Armstrong Assessor
Maria Lyon3267218741873Aug7M70117WilloughbyBuffalo
    WParalysisWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Carlton B. Hoffman32673 1873Aug15S16  MayfieldMayfield
    WLung FeverWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Martha Ann Hilt32674 1874Mar12M4528WilloughbyMiddlebury
    WRuptureWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Charlotte Yaxley32675 1874Mar2S7912WilloughbyWilloughby
    WHooping CoughWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Henry G. Buffington32676 1873Aug7M405 WilloughbySpafford NY
    WConsumptionWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Hezekiah Ferguson32677 1874Mar17M81127WilloughbyWallkill NY
    WOld AgeWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Marcina Warrallo32678 1873Sept2M6699WilloughbyGeneva NY
    WParalysisWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Elizabeth White32679 1873July17M382 WilloughbyNew Brunswick
    WDropsey of HeartWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Lucy Gibson32680 1873Apr4W92  WilloughbyDunstable Mass
    WBurnedWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
Matty Kelley32681 1874Mar8M216 WilloughbyMentor Ohio
    WDisease of HeartWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor
La Fayette Gray32682 1873Aug31S261011WilloughbyWilloughby Ohio
    WKilled Rail RoadWilloughby OhioClinton Wait Assessor

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