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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 26-29

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Lapham, Rachel26521 1873Jan31M19  PerryPerry
  Wm RogersPhebe BrownWAbcessPerryAssessor
Lapham, Harvey26522 1872Aug21S 9 LeroyPerry
  Wesley LaphamRachel RogersWCholera InfantumPerryAssessor
Spaulding, Minnie26523 1873Feb17S  17PerryPerry
  Levi Spaulding WLung DiseasePerryAssessor
Trisket, Willard M.26524 1873Feb16M274 PerryPerry
  Washington Trisket WDiabetesPerryAssessor
Abijah Francis2652518731872June14W 14 [?]85329KirtlandMass
    WOld AgeKirtlandJohn Sperry, Assessor
Sarah Jones26526 1872Oct S48  KirtlandNew York
    WErysipelasKirtlandJohn Sperry, Assessor
Eunice B. Dexter26527 1872Aug28W63  KirtlandAmherst, Mass
    WApoplexyKirtlandJohn Sperry, Assessor
Alice E. Childs26528 1873Mar8S1967KirtlandRussell, O.
    WTyphoid PneumoniaKirtlandJohn Sperry, Assessor
Minnie F. Russell26529 1873Jan25S16810KirtlandChester, O.
    WConsumptionKirtlandJohn Sperry, Assessor
Sally C. Tanner26530 1873Mar20M6813KirtlandNew York
    WOld AgeKirtlandJohn Sperry, Assessor
Charles Whiting26531 1873Feb1S21127KirtlandKirtland, O.
    WLung FeverKirtlandJohn Sperry, Assessor
Elisha Martin26532 1872June4M59  KirtlandPainesville, O.
 Farming  WParalysisKirtlandJohn Sperry, Assessor
Ellmer Jennison2653318731872Nov18S1 7WilloughbyWilloughby
  JennisonLloydWCholera InfantumWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Belle Lillie26534 1872Nov20S2217WilloughbyWilloughby
  LillieAmesWChoked by WormsWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Earl Smith26535 1872Sept M   Willoughby 
  B. HermanBriggsWOld AgeWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Huldah Dowen26536 1872Sept1M76 3WilloughbyNewYork
  ShermanBriggsWCancer in BreastWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Clara Eddy26537 1872May 6 W [?]75126WilloughbyNewYork
  Dixon WDropseyWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Caroline M Watts26538 1872Dec16M2786WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
  Harrison WDyspepsiaWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Smith Inman26539 1873Jan12W78611WilloughbyBI
  InmanShippeyWDyspepsiaWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
James Kelley26540 1872Mar2M45  WilloughbyIreland
  Kelley WAsthmaWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Moses Fields26541 1872Dec17M481017WilloughbyVermont
  FieldsHalsteadWConsumptionWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Philip B. Turck26542 1872June16M50 26Willoughby 
  TurckClevelandWConsumptionWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
Mary W Johnson26543 1872   45    
  Johnson WDoubtfulWilloughbyG. S. Eddy, Assessor
George Albert Rexford2654418731872June11  4 MentorMentor, O.
  A. H. RexfordMariah HealyWInflamation LungsMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Minnie S. Pride26545 1872Aug29S14115MentorMinnesota
  John C. PrideMinerva H. Twitchell?WConsumptionMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Merriman Case26546 1873Jan12S2210 MentorPerry O.
  Absalom CaseSabrina CallWHemorrhage of LungsMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Joel Rexford26547 1873Mar29M6162MentorNew York
 LaborerJoel RexfordEunice AlvordWHeart DiseaseMentor, O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Jane Smith26548 1872Nov13W859 MentorDuchess Co NY
  William CalkinsPeat?WParalysisWilloughby O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Willie Lewis26549 1873May25S3120MentorCan't Learn
  G. M. LewisEliza ConklinWCongestion of LungsWilloughby O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Lucinda Nowlen26550 1873Jan10W81 13MentorConnecticut
  Wm Gordan WCancerMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Mary M. Boynton26551 1872Oct27M483 WilloughbySutton, Mass
  Thomas HarbachN. ShermanWConsumptionWilloughby O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
James Dunlap26552 1872May4M75521MentorIreland
 FarmerThomas DunlapNot knownWCongestion of LungsMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
William Garrett26553 1873Mar31S14111MentorMentor
  John GarrettCaiham DuiherWSuicideMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Thomas Kneal26554 1873July26M75210MentorIsle of Man
 Farmer  WNot knownMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Sarah Ingraham26556 1873July30M634 MentorPenn.
  Calvin SnellSarah SnellWNot knownMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
John H. Titus26557 1872Sept18S13 MentorMentor, O.
    WCholera InfantumMentor O.H. C. Durand, Assessor
Rosalia May Adams2655818731873Feb11S 78Concord O.Concord O.
  Elmer AdamsHelen MorleyWWhooping CoughConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Clarisa Alexander26559 1873Mar8M595 Concord O.Rome, Oneida Co NY
  Michael BriggsOliviaWConsumptionConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Betsey Baker * 26560 1872Mar1M79918Concord O.Barkhamsted, CT
  Simeon WinchellBetseyWOld AgeConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Betsey Brown26561 1872Apr4M83 16Concord O. 
  David Beckwith WOld AgeConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Dolphin Brown2856218731873Jan4M85  ConcordConn
  Oliver BrownGracieWOld AgeConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
William Brown28563 1873Jan M55 18ConcordGeneva, NY
  Dolphin BrownBetseyWSpinal FeverConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Seymour G. Coburn28564 1872May21S2187Willoughby, O.Concord
 BrakemanTimothy G. CoburnFlora L.WKilled by CarsConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Jennie G. Carkens28565 1873Mar22  89ConcordMentor
  William G. CarkensSophia PalmerWWhooping CoughConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Armstrong Hamilton28566 1872Apr15W64  ConcordWashington, Penn
 FarmerAlexander Hamilton WDisease of BladderConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Carnot Matdurf28567 1873Feb23M54  Concord 
 FarmerHenry L. MatdurfAnnaWConsumptionConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Chastina Messenger28568 1873Feb24S801 ConcordSimsburg, CT
  Isaac MessengerAnnaWDropseyConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
no name Oliver28569 1873Feb1S  12ConcordCt.
  Samuel OliverAmanda CoburnW Concord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Frank E. Page28570 1873Feb6S2143ConcordCt.
 TelegraphSamuel E. PageSallyWConsumptionConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Caroline Smith28571 1873Mar11M66320ConcordGranville, NY
  John WhiteRubyWInflamation of BowelsConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Freddie Taylor28572 1872June27  1115ConcordNY
  Edward TaylorLavina HowardCHeart DiseaseConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Sally Tyler28573 1872Oct22W71812ConcordDurham, NY
    WOld AgeConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
John Tuttle28574 1872April7M658 ConcordNY
 FarmerJoseph TuttleHannahWConsumptionConcord O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
Ezra Wilson28575 1872Nov29W818 ConcordMorristown, NY
 CarpenterJohn WilsonPollyWConsumptionUpper Sandusky O.Lyman Nye, Assessor
George F. Wilson28576 1872Oct11S17611ConcordConcord
  Alphens WilsonAlmira H.WUnknownConcordLyman Nye, Assessor
Simeon Winchell28577 1873Feb9M781 ConcordWinsted, Conn
 FarmerSimeon WinchellBetseyWHeart DiseaseConcordLyman Nye, Assessor
Mariah Davis2857818731873Apr21M37  LeroyNY
    WChild BirthLeroy, OhioE. W. Taylor, Assessor
John Garrett28579 1873Feb21M802 LeroyIsle of Man
 Farmer  WConsumptionLeroy, OhioE. W. Taylor, Assessor
Cordelia Eveline Potts28580 1873March27M62625 [?]LeroyNY
 Farmer's wife  WLiver ComplaintLeroy, OhioE. W. Taylor, Assessor
Jonathan Taylor28581 1873Feb25 72817LeroyPenn
 Farmer  WParalysisLeroy, OhioE. W. Taylor, Assessor
Job Upson28582 1872Nov20 79218LeroyEngland
 Farmer  WSuicideLeroy, OhioE. W. Taylor, Assessor
Budd Woodbridge Wilson28583 1872Dec4 36  LeroyConn
 Cooper  WIntemperanceLeroy, OhioE. W. Taylor Assessor
J. Thomas Warren28584 1872Aug29 857 LeroyVermont
 Farmer  WCancerLeroy, OhioE. W. Taylor, Assessor
Minerva Wheeler28585 1873Mar20 27420LeroyLeroy, Ohio
 Farmer's Wife  WConsumptionLeroy, OhioE. W. Taylor, Assessor
Mariah Williams2858618731873Feb7M399 PainesvilleHarpersfield
 Wife Hannah CaseWInflammation of BowelsPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Edward M. White28587 1873Mar29M39  PainesvilleGreensborough Vt.
 Livery  WCongestion of LungsPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Henry Riker28588 1872Nov11M81  PainesvilleNew York City
 FarmerPeter RikerMary BogodasWOld AgePainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Elizabeth N. Quinn28589 1872Aug17M49 3PainesvilleMaine
 WifeBenj AdamsFanny G.W Painesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Louis McElwin Gage28590 1873Mar4S 313PainesvillePainesville
 noneL. P. GageAnna E. VandusenWScarlet FeverPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Olive Teachout28591 1872Oct7M371117PainesvilleEllisburgh, NY
 WifeStephen CarterOlive CarterWTyphoid FeverPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Ella Teachout28592 1872Sept27S17616PainesvilleLiverpool, O.
 SchoolJames TeachoutOlive CarterWTyphoid FeverPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Martha Teachout28593 1872Sept27S141115PainesvilleLiverpool, O.
 SchoolJames TeachoutOliver CarterWTyphoid FeverPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Benjamin L. Miller28594 1872Aug23S11 PainesvillePainesville, O.
 noneThadford B. MillerSarah WicksWSummer ComplaintPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
James Higginbotham28595 1872June23M60  PainesvilleEngland
 SaloonWm. Higginbotham WHeart DiseasePainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Julia Ann Parkhurst28596 1873Mar14M378 PainesvilleMass
 WifeHezekiah ParkhurstJulia Ann ButterfieldWDropseyPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Huldah Burridge28597 1873Feb M40  PainesvilleSodus, NY
 WifeHenry Pitcher WTumorPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Hellen Maria Dyer28598 1873Mar21S17 11PainesvillePainesville, Ohio
 SchoolJohn N. DyerMaria StickneyWTumorPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Charles Chapman28599 1872Dec S 39PainesvillePainesville, Ohio
  James ChapmanCornelia RootWInflammationPainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
John Woods28600 1872Aug25M91  PainesvilleIreland
 R. Road  WOld AgePainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Margaret Moodey28601 1873Mar3M821025PainesvilleWashington Co., Penn
 WifeMoses KerrPolly CarrollWOld AgePainesville, OhioJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor

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