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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 18-21

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Mary P. Benjamin18354 1871Jan4W 12PainesvilleNewark Valley, NY
 HousewifeSylvester SheldonMary P. SheldonWConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Martha H. Armstrong18355 1871March20M36  PainesvilleNew London, Ct.
 HousewifeP. ArmstrongF. E. ArmstrongWCancerPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
David Wheelock B. Parmly18356 1870Oct27S2111 PainesvillePerry, Ohio
 ClerkDavid ParmlyDolly SinclairWTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Eliz C. Parmly18357 1870Sept2W S68  PainesvilleNew Orleans, La.
    WDropsyPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Melvin Malone18358 1870Nov1M55  Fairport, O.Ireland
 Laborer  WN.G. ExplosionFairport, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Nelson Malone18359 1870Nov1M32  Fairport, O.Ireland
 LaborerMelvin Malone WN.G. ExplosionFairport, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Edward Duncan18360 1870Nov1M25  Fairport, O.Ireland
 Laborer  WN.G. ExplosionFairport, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Patrick Scribner18361 1870Nov1W43  Fairport, O.Ireland
 LaborerAbel Scribner WN.G. ExplosionFairport, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Jay Squire Reynolds18362 1871Jan4S 6 PainesvillePainesville
  J. S. ReynoldsHelen M Van Derer?WCongestion BrainPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Earnest Cook18363 1870Dec11M41  PainesvillePainesville
 FarmerJohn CookMary Shupy ?WSun StrokePainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
no name18364 1870Dec20S 6 PainesvillePainesville
  George E. FreemanHarriet M. Knapp ? [Molnapy ?]WNo causePainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Mary Teresa Westcott18365 1870Dec6M32  PainesvilleNY
 HousewifeJames LongElizabeth GrayWConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
no name18366 1871Mar13S  3PainesvillePainesville
  William AnthonySusan NeuveW Painesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
no name18367 1871Mar13S  3PainesvillePainesville
  William AnthonySusan NeuveW Painesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
James Francis Cleary18368 1871Mar29S274PainesvillePainesvile
  John ClearyMary Sexton Lung Fever J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Nathaniel S. Wheeler18369 1870Aug20 63  PainesvilleDallas, Pa.
 GrafterAbel WheelerElizabeth SeelyWConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Herman A. Hurlburt18370 1870June28M64  PainesvilleCharlotte, Vermont
 LawyerByron HurlburtMary BarrettWDropsy of HeartPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Alanson Brainard18371 1870Aug29M75  PainesvilleRandolph, Vermont
 FarmerIsaac BrainardAlice BrainardWBilious DieraPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Nancy M. Gray18372 1870Nov25S21  PainesvilleConneaut, O.
 SchoolteacherJames E. GrayBetsy M. GardnerWSmall PoxPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Minnie Gray18373 1870Dec3S8  PainesvillePainesville
 noneJames E. GrayBetsy M. GardnerWSmall PoxPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Julia Hortense Card18374 1870Dec16M30  PainesvilleMilton, Vt.
 MillinerM. Rice JudkinsClara WaitWInfl. RheumatismPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Luke Dodd18375 1870Sep20M90  Painesvilleunknown
 Barbernot knownnot knownCOld AgeWilloughbyJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
James Mices18376 1870Sep26M33  PainesvilleNew York
 Farmernot knownnot knownWBrain FeverunknownJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Jonathan Whittaker18377 1870Oct9 256 Painesvilleunknown
 Farmernot knownnot knownWOld AgeWilloughbyJ. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Homer Shater18378 1871Mar1S50  Painesvilleunknown
 Sailornot knownnot knownWConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Carolina Huntoon18379 1871Apr11S78  Painesvilleunknown
 Farmernot knownnot knownWCongestion LungsPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Annie Roberts18380 1871Apr16M90  Painesvilleunknown
  not knownnot knownWOld AgePainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Nathaniel Curtiss18381 1871Apr19W88  Painesvilleunknown
 Farmernot knownnot knownWOld AgePainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Edward O. Andrews18382 1870Mar6M3946PainesvilleSouthhampton
 SailorOliver AndrewsNancy ClarkWConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Oscar C. Taft18383 1870May15M36  McMinnville, Tenn.Vermillion, O.
 SailorAmsa TaftHannah Deuhar ?WConsumptionPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Robert Bruce Ames18384 1870July23M43  PainesvilleState of NY
 CarpenterWilliam AmesMelinda FarnadeWAbscess of LungsPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Ted Bowhall18385 1871Mar2S2  PainesvillePainesville
 noneHiram Bowhall WCholera InfantumPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Clayton Cone18386 1871Mar28S134PainesvillePainesville
 noneAbigail Cone [sic]Kate McMackenWScarlet FeverPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
James Mones Rexford1838718711870Sept15S 5 MentorErie, Pa
 noneFrances J. RexfordHellen CarpenterWCholera InfantumPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Betsey Baker * 1838818721872Mar1W79918ConcordBarkhamsted Litchfield Co. Conn.
 Farmer's wifeSimeon WinchellBetsey WinchellWOld AgeConcordLyman E. Nye, Assessor
Mary Lucy Reynolds18389 1871Dec15S37316ConcordNew York
 Mechan's WifeGeorge W. StaffordWarrenW Concord 
Olive Jewell18390 1871May20W80  ConcordMass
 Farmer's Wife  WOld AgeConcord 
George Shelden Murray18391 1872Jan23M46318ConcordMass
 Cattle DealerJohn MurraySarah BlairWLiver & Heart DiseaseConcord 
Mary Ann McManus18392 1872Feb7S8615ConcordMass
  James McManusElizabeth QuinnWCongestion of LungsConcord 
George Dwyer18393 1872Jan19S11 12ConcordPainesville
  Thomas DwyerMary BrickWDiptheriaConcord 
Wylie Johnson18394 1871Oct22S20221MentorConcord
 Farmer  WTyphoid FeverMentorF. Whitney, Assessor
Nellie G.Corkins18395 1871Apr22S12 MentorMentor
Calvin Wells18396 1871Nov7W966 MentorNY
 Farmer  WAgeMentor 
Leah Idelia Leland2039718721872Mar27M20915MentorMonro Geauga Co
Stella Hammond20398 1871Aug9S2 20MentorMentor
Seymour H. Rexford20399 1871Sept29M64322MentorNY
 Farmer  WAgeMentor 
Arvilla Carrol20400 1871Nov20M45  MentorCroferd Co Pen
Maria Rider20401 1871Sept8M49213MentorNY
Phebe Allen2040218721872Feb2M445 WilloughbyJohnstown NY
 House KeeperJohnston WHeart-DiseaseWilloughbyGeo S. Eddy, Assessor
Ellen Boyce20403 1872July20M W71  WilloughbyIreland
 House KeeperHuggard WCholera MorbusWilloughby 
Azed D. Miller20404 1871Sept18S10  WilloughbyMadison, O.
 House KeeperMillerGreenWKilldWilloughbyRun over by a Land Roller
Polly Woolsey20405 1872Feb12W71 3WilloughbyNY
 House KeeperSummers WParalysisWilloughby 
Jerry Evans20406 1872Feb26M70   Penn
 FarmerEvans WDyspepsiaWilloughby 
Clarinda Wilder20407 1872Feb12M63128WilloughbyBarre Worcester Co. Mass
 House KeeperArtemas CheneyBetsey LittlefieldWTyphoid FeverWilloughby 
Lizzie Taylor20408 1871Aug11S 626WilloughbyChagrin Falls
  Ellsworth W. TaylorEdith M. WilderWCholera InfantumWilloughby 
Susan T. Austin20409 1872Feb M63   Penn
  RogersHiltsimerWHemorrhage of SystemWilloughby 
Edna Booth2041018721871Dec15S76 KirtlandKirtland
  Henry BoothLaura MarkellWDropsyKirtlandJohn Sperry (Asessor)
Clarissa Morse20411 1871Sept18S71818KirtlandMass
 TailoressMorse WCancerKirtland 
Marinda Pitcher20412 1872Feb8S30117KirtlandKirtland
 TeacherG. S. PitcherM. A. CraryWScrofulaKirtland 
Jesse Tryon20413 1871Dec19M79915KirtlandConn
 FarmerThomas Tryon WHeart DiseaseKirtland 
Stephen Turner Loomis2041418721871Sept3M63  Washington D.C.Toland, Conn
 Government Employee OliveWDysentryPainesvilleJohn M. Benjamin, Assessor
Eva Barton20415 1871July25S 517PainesvillePainesville
  Geo W. Barton WCholera InfantumPainesville 
Althea E. Gray20416 1871June12M201 PainesvilleClaridon, Geauga Co.
 WifeR. F. DowFidelie ArmstrongWCongestion BowelsPainesville 
Beda M. Barker20417 1871Aug27M301024PainesvilleMadison, O.
  A. A. MainLeah MainWConsumptionPainesville 
John Titus Doolittle20418 1871Aug12M59  PainesvilleMiddlebury, Vt
 LawyerJoel DoolittleSarah P. FitchWConsumptionPainesville 
Nathaniel Curtiss20419 1871Apr19 88  Lake Co. InfirmaryAmencer
 Shoemaker  COld AgePainesville 
Nancy Turner20420 1871June26W50  Lake Co. InfirmaryIsle of Man
    WCongestion of LungsPainesville 
Anna Roberts20421 1871Apr16W82  Lake Co. Infirmary 
    WOld AgeMadison O. 
Samuel Huntoon20422 1871Apr11S77  Lake Co. Infirmary 
    WOld AgeConcord O. 
Benj F. Monroe20423 1872Mar27S55  Lake Co. InfirmaryMaine
 BroomMaker  WConsumptionWilloughby 
George Baker20424 1871Sept5M44  PainesvilleDevonshire Co Eng
 Merchant TailorWilliam BakerMary BlackmoreWConsumptionPainesville 
John Tear20425 1872Jan25M81  PainesvilleIsle of Man
 Mechanic  WOld AgePainesville 
Sarah Ann Dodge20426 1871Aug28M4749PainesvilleRichland Co Ohio
 WifeJohn Gilbreath WConsumptionPainesville 
Sarah R. Tuttle20427 1872Feb22S36715PainesvilleMentor O.
 homeChas. TuttleCaroline GriswoldWCongestion of LungsPainesville 
Juliett G. Wilkes20428 1871July18S12421Painesville 
  F. WilkesJane A. GillettWConsumptionPainesville 
Albert Gillett Childs20429 1871Oct20S1628PainesvillePainesville
 SchoolCarlos S. ChildsMary GillettWFell from a treePainesville 
Sabina Aurelia Woodford20430 1871June26M84519PainesvillePainesville
 WifeJustin WilliamsMary LeonardWConsumption BowelsPainesville 
William Manning20431 1871Dec28M24  Painesville 
 Mechanic  WConsumption BowelsPainesville 
Daniel Kerr20432 1871Aug6M80  PainesvillePa.
 BankerMoses KerrMary CarrollWBowel ComplaintPainesville 
Elizabeth Ellis20433 1872Feb4W89  PainesvillePa.
 WifeMeshac CarrollMagdaline ExtstenWDropseyPainesville 
Charles Francis Willard20434 1872Feb22M59 25PainesvilleCharlestown
 MerchantRoswell WillardElizabeth TaylorWHeart DiseasePainesville 
Joseph Messer20435 1872Oct22M72  Painesville 
 MoulderEbenezer MesserHannah PetingalWConsumptionPainesville 

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