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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 14-17

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Nancy H. Williams14266 1869Aug12M W8155KirtlandMass
    Wold ageKirtlandAssessor
Orin Phelps14267 1870Jan27 59  Kirtland 
 Farmer  WParalysisKirtlandAssessor
Betsey Pinney14268 1870Jan23W80  KirtlandCon
Abigail Bump14269 1870Feb25W75  Kirtland 
    WOld ageKirtlandAssessor
Erastus Martin14270 1870April20W66  KirtlandOhio
 Farmer  WParalysisKirtlandAssessor
Nathan P. Smith14271 1870April3S23  KirtlandOhio
 Farmer  WTyphoid FeverKirtlandAssessor
Samuel Billings14272 1869Oct21M78717KirtlandMass
 Farmer  WTyphoid PneumoniaKirtlandAssessor
Thomas Kelly14273 1870May10M78  ConcordIsle of Man
    WOld AgeConcordOrrin Wilson, Assessor
Katy Drake14274 1871March23S1 13ConcordConcord
  James DrakeCornelia HoveyWLung FeverConcordOrrin Wilson, Assessor
Melinda Fosdick14275 1871Feb8S W78514ConcordChenango Co., NY
  James GrahamEuniceWHeart DiseaseConcordOrrin Wilson, Assessor
Jacob Prouty14276 1870Dec M   Concord 
 FarmerProuty W ConcordOrrin Wilson, Assessor
Hannah D. Callow1427718711870May31M73  Leroy 
    W LeroyEnos Tew, Jr.
Eliza Loomis14278 1870Nov3M341022LeroyPerry
    WRheumatic Cons.LeroyEnos Tew, Jr.
Sally Kellogg14279 1870Nov20W815 Leroy 
    W LeroyEnos Tew, Jr.
Alice A. Valentine14280 1870Nov24S18   Leroy
    WConsumptionLeroyEnos Tew, Jr.
Jane Wright14281 1870Sept1S65  Leroy 
    WConsumptionLeroyEnos Tew, Jr.
Catharine Ann Harrison14282 1871Jan18S11 LeroyLeroy
    W LeroyEnos Tew, Jr.
(Infant) Abbey14283 1870Nov S 1 LeroyLeroy
  George Abbey, Jr. W LeroyEnos Tew, Jr.
Austin Bates14284 1870May21M63104LeroyChesterfield, Mass.
 Farmer  WConsumptionLeroyEnos Tew, Jr.
Aurel Thompson14285 1870Apr25M   Perry, O. 
    WDirectPerry, O.H. Armstrong
Merriman Space14286 1870Sept15S1  Perry, O.Perry
  Azariah SpaceHannah WarnerWDirectPerry, O.H. Armstrong
Etta Chapman14287 1870May16S 1124Perry, O.Perry
  G. ChapmanJulia PetersonWDirectPerry, O.H. Armstrong
Wealthy Ewalt14288 1870Apr27W7775Perry, O. 
    WDirectPerry, O.H. Armstrong
Addie Hurlburt14289 1870June23S18  Perry, O.Perry
  J. HurlburtEunice SpearWDirectPerry, O.H. Armstrong
Minnie A. Hopkins14290 1870Sept9S2524Perry, O.Perry
  Almyron HopkinsRuth TerrilWDirectPerry, O.H. Armstrong
Sally Williams14291 1871Mar1W85  KirtlandMass
    WLung FeverKirtlandJ. F. Wells
Mrs. P. H. Lawrence14292 1870Sept27M58121KirtlandNew York
    W KirtlandJ. F. Wells
E. Jane Luce14293 1870June M37  KirtlandOhio
     ConsumptionKirtlandJ. F. Wells
Cora Tullar14294 1870May1S116 KirtlandKirtland, O.
     Conjestion of BrainKirtlandJ. F. Wells
Alexander Weed14295 1870Nov14W82  WilloughbyNew York
     Old AgeWilloughbyE. M. Buffington
Betsey Weed14296 1870Aug31 78  WilloughbyConn.
     Old AgeWilloughby 
Ella Campbell14297 1870Oct6 174 WilloughbyOhio
Joel Roberts14298 1870Oct18 73523WilloughbyNew York
 Farmer   DropseyWilloughby 
Nathaniel Taylor14299 1870Dec16 6168WilloughbyConn.
 Farmer   DropseyWilloughby 
Daniel Rush14300 1871February2 67416WilloughbyNY
 Cooper   ConsumptionWilloughby 
Harriet Moore14301 1871June8 2753WilloughbyOhio
Phila A. Roberts14302 1870Aug23  820WilloughbyOhio
     Inft. of BrainWilloughby 
Caroline S. Russel14303 1870May12 59212WilloughbyNY
     Cancer of StomachWilloughby 
Eunice Roberts ?14304 1871March19   19WilloughbyOhio
Wm. Hughes14305 1870June12 62  WilloughbyCo. Callen, Ireland
 Laborer   Chronic DiarealWilloughby 
Ellen E. Ball14306 1870Dec26 243 WilloughbyOhio
Robert Ball14307 1870June17  10 WilloughbyOhio
James Hawn ?14308 1870Nov18 36 ClevelandOhio
Orson S. St. John, Jr.14309 1870Nov26 18526ClevelandOhio
 Student    Willoughby 
Frank P. Carrell16310 1870Dec  16  WilloughbyOhio
Peter Billson16311 1870Aug16 88427WilloughbyNew York
 Farmer   Old AgeWilloughby 
E. A. Ward16312 1870   74910WilloughbyMass.
 Farmer   Old AgeWilloughby 
Marian Griswold16313 1870June6M33  MadisonVermont
Jerusha Hayward16314 1870Sept20W62  MadisonVermont
Thomas Blair16315 1871Mar5M8010 MadisonMass.
Darius Wellman16316 1870Aug25M698  Vermont
J. B. Sackett16317 1870Dec24M5911 Clyde 
Betsey Lockwood16318 1870Oct10W779 Madison 
E. P. Wiswell16319 1870Oct10M228 MadisonMadison, O.
Arthur P. Hall16320 1870Apr4S1725MadisonMadison, O.
Erving Andress16321 1871Mch1S15 MadisonMadison, O.
Gartabus Sheverall ?16322 1870Feb4M37  MadisonHarpersfield
Porter Converse16323 1870Aug18M926 MadisonConn.
Hannah Talcott16324 1870Nov24W78 10MadisonMass.
Asa Talcott16325 1870Nov14M70  MadisonMass.
Sarah Burnes16326 1870Nov28M575 MadisonPenn.
Mary Warner16327 1870Nov16M404 MadisonMadison, O.
Perry Maylin Griswold16328#1870October17S 1114MentorMentor
    W #Typhoid FeverMentor 
Freddy Brown16329 1870Sept30S 9 MentorMentor
Charles Hollister Munson16330 1871Mar21S 421MentorMentor
    WLung FeverMentor 
Henry Revnolds Curtis ?16331 1870Sept3S15928MentorMentor
 Farmer  WGun ShotMentor 
John Burns16332 1871Mar9M90529MentorNew Hampshire
 Farmer  WOld AgeMentor 
Martha Burns16333 1870July12M796 MentorCanada
 Farmer  WOld AgeMentor 
James McClellen16334 1870Nov25M823 MentorIreland
 Farmer  WHemorage of Bladder ?Mentor 
Wm. Swaney16335 1870August12S 715MentorMentor
    WChol InfMentor 
Laura Carpenter16336 1871Jan15M677 MentorMass.
Eva M. Whitney16337 1870Nov25S7515MentorMentor
Agabah Parmley16338 1871March3M96416MentorConn
    WOld Folks GangreneMentor 
Sarah M. Ingersol16339 1870Oct7M61  MentorIreland
Barbarah Hodge16340 1870Dec10M69  MentorBennington Vt.
    WHeart DiseaseMentor 
Letta Sweet16341 1870Aug27S 4 MentorRome, Asht. Co.
John Henry Rexford16342 1871Jan7S 3 ConcordConcord
    WInf LungsMentor 
Joseph Ring16343 1870Apr21M86 11MentorWellington, Mass.
 Blacksmith   Old AgeMentor 
 16344 1870Nov25S 112MentorMentor
  L. C. FentonPercilla Fenton UnknownMentor 
Ella Page16345 1871Feb28M2445MentorMentor
Willard Hart16346 1870May24 18 MentorMentor
     Dropsy of BrainMentor 
Eva Hart16347 1871Apr9  424MentorMentor
     Congestion LungsMentor 
Marth Scram16348 1870Nov12S 2 MentorMentor
L. L. Baker16349 1870Oct8M56  MentorOnondaga, NY
 Farmer   ConsumptionMentor 
Grace Hodson16350 1870October20S66 MentorMentor
Lucinda Giles16351 1870Nov8M45  MentorMentor
Frank Warner Young16352 1870July30S11 PainesvillePainesville
  P. F. YoungJ. J. WarnerWCholera InfantumMentor, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor
Catharine Hennessey16353 1871Mar20M   PainesvilleMarshall, Ca.
 HousewifeWilliam CrawfordCatharine CrawfordWCancerPainesville, O.J. M. Benjamin, Assessor

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