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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 1, Pages 6-9

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
John Hanlan691 1868May7S 18 Mentor 
Margaret Bowhall692 1868May8M68  PainesvilleOtsego NY
 housewife  Wdied instantlyPainesville 
David Wheeler693 1868June1W79  MentorCt.
 farmer  Wdisease of heartMentor 
Marvin Huntington694 1868  M79  PainesvilleCt.
 carpenter  WhemiplegiaPainesville 
Elizabeth S. Dille695 1868Apr.6M47  WilloughbyEngland
 housewife  WcancerWilloughby 
Mary E. Jameson696 1868Apr.7M24  PainesvillePainesville
 housewife  WchildbirthWarren, Trumbull Co. 
Catharine Lynch697 1868Apr.9M38  PainesvilleIreland
 housewife  WdropseyPainesville 
Thomas Naylor698 1868Apr.27M65  PainesvilleEngland
 moulder  WconsumptionPainesville 
Edward Cain699 1868May3M66  PainesvilleIsle of Man
 tailor  Winternal hemorragePainesville 
Hattie Duncan6100 1868May31S2  PainesvillePainesville
Miles Butler6101 1868June5S47  ToledoPainesville
 mariner  Wtyphoid feverToledo 
Horace Sessions6102 1868June9S53  Adrien Mich.Painesville
 lawyer  Wtyphoid feverDefiance Mich. (Ohio) 
Daniel Danahue6103 1868June12S29  WilloughbyIreland
 laborer  Wkilled on railroadWilloughby 
Williams, infant6104 1868June16S   PainesvillePainesville
  Roger Williams______ WilliamsW Painesville 
Rumsey Campbell6105 1868May9M32  MentorWilloughby
 mechanicJere Campbell WconsumptionMentor 
W. W. Tinkham6106 1868July6M44  WilloughbyWilloughby
 farmerStephen Tinkham WconsumptionWilloughby 
C. A. Mehappy6107 1868July7S8  PainesvilleErie Penn.
    Winflammation bowelsPainesvilleH. C. Hayden
Anna Morley6108 1868July13S 15 CincinnatiSaginaw Mich.
    Wcholera infantumSaginaw, Mich.H. C. Hayden
Lucy Perkins6109 1868July19S26  PainesvillePainesville
B. K. Cranston6110 1868July21M62  Painesville 
    WdropseyPainesvilleH. C. Hayden
Elijah Stage6111 1868Oct.9M60  Painesville 
    W PainesvilleH. C. Hayden
Mrs. Robt. Murray6112 1868Oct.10M53  Mentor 
    WconsumptionMentorH. C. Hayden
Conrad Woener6113 1868Oct.15M54  Painesville 
 shoemaker  W PainesvilleH. C. Hayden
Thomas Morley6114 1868Nov.4 1    
    W  H. C. Hayden
John Weaver6114 1868Nov.7M   Concord 
    W PainesvilleH. C. Hayden
Joseph Babcock6115 1868Dec.22 64    
    W PainesvilleH. C. Hayden
Edward Everett6116 1868Dec.23W46  Niles Mich.Painesville
 physician  Wcongestion chill H. C. Hayden
Sarah M. Wasson6117 1868Dec.25 64    
    W  L. C. Brown, M.D.
Ellen Sullivan6118 1868July12S5  PainesvillePainesville
    Wtyphoid feverPainesvilleL. C. Brown, M.D.
Nancy M. Calhoon6119 1868July25M32  MentorKirtland
 housewife   dropsey of heartMentorL. C. Brown, M.D.
Edwin Durand6120 1868July28S32  PainesvillePainesville
 carpenter  W PainesvilleL. C. Brown, M.D.
Lewis Kainer6121 1868Aug.13S22  PainesvilleGermany
 mason  Wcongestion brainPainesvilleL. C. Brown, M.D.
James C. Vanever6122 1868July3 73  Madison 
    W MadisonJ. Robinson
William C. Miller6123 1868Sept11S186Madison 
    W MadisonJ. Robinson
Berthia Hartwell6124 1868Sept15S 6 Madison 
    W MadisonJ. Robinson
John James Corlett6125 1868Sept22 66  LeRoy 
    W Le RoyJ. Robinson
George Washington Baker6126 1868May17M52  PerryPerry
 farmer  Wphthisis pulmonalisPerryW. E. Dockey
Frederick Wambermer6127 1868July4S30  PainesvilleGermany
 moulder  WconsumptionPainesvilleThos. Smith, Sexton
Augusta Mayo6128 1868July13S   Painesville 
    WconsumptionPainesvilleThos. Smith, Sexton
infant son of G. Hawley6129 1868July22S   Painesville 
  Gideon Hawley W PainesvilleThos. Smith, Sexton
John Hayes6130 1868Aug.9S7  PainesvillePainesville
    WapoplexyPainesvilleThos. Smith, Sexton
Carrie Mathews6131 1868Aug.9S19  PainesvillePainesville
    Wheart diseaseNew York CityThos. Smith, Sexton
H. B. Marsh6132 1868Aug.13S2  PainesvillePainesville
    Wcholera infantumPainesvilleThos. Smith, Sexton
infant of D. H. Panch6133 1868Aug.14S   PainesvillePainesville
    W  Thos. Smith, Sexton
James Locker8134 1868Aug.16M63  MentorIreland
 laborer  Wcholera morbusMentorThos. Smith, Sexton
Eunice B. Ladd8135 1868Aug.30M80  Painesville 
    Wold agePainesvilleThos. Smith, Sexton
John Garner8136 1868Nov.13 80  PerryPennsylvania
    W PerryD. Smith
Charles A. Shepherd8137 1868Oct.16M26  PerryAilsford, Nova Scotia
 millerRichard ShepherdMaria A. ShepherdWconsumptionPeoria, Ill.J. Robinson
Reuben K. Munn8138 1868Nov.1M6910 Madison 
    W MadisonJ. Robinson
Menerva Parker8139 1868Nov.3 66  Madison 
    W MadisonJ. Robinson
Jane Kellogg8140 1868Nov.14 41  Madison 
    W MadisonJ. Robinson
Harvey Woodworth8141 1868Dec.29 73  Madison 
    W MadisonJ. Robinson
Hiram Peters8142 1868Nov.13M62  WilloughbyFarmington N. Y.
 cooper  WconsumptionWilloughbyA. Wilson
Gertrude Whitney8143 1868Dec.5S 3 PainesvillePainesville
    Wcongestion lungsPainesvilleL. C. Brown, M.D.
Anna Simmons8144 1868Nov.15M   PerryPerry
    W PerryW. E. Dockey M.D.
Amherst Call8145 1869Feb.15M641120PerryVermont
 Farmer  WapoplexyPerryW.E. Dockey M.D.
Mary Ann Murphy8146 1869Mch23S 18 PerryPerry
    WepilepsyPerryW.E. Dockey M.D.
Rufus Call8147 1869Mch6W99725PerryVermont
 Farmer  WOld AgePerryW.E. Dockey M.D.
Eleanor Corlett8148 1869Mch17 56717MadisonIsle of Man
    W MadisonD. Smith Sexton
A.M. Walding (Mrs.)8149 1869Mch13W36920MadisonHarpersfield, O.
    W  J. Robinson
Henry Brakman8150 1869Feb.20 83  Madison 
    W  J. Robinson
Mrs. Desire Pate8151 1869Apr.3 76  Madison 
    W  J. Robinson
Charles Herrington8152 1869Apr.17 14 Madison 
    W  J. Robinson
Mrs. Rhoda J. Wade8153 1869May18 27  Madison 
    W  J. Robinson
Lewis Roberts8154 1869June3 65  Madison 
    W  J. Robinson
Henry Hehus8155 1869Jan.7  14 Painesville 
       H. C. Hayder
Mrs. Electa Mann8156 1869Feb.8 85  Painesville 
       H. C. Hayder
Frances Stuart8157 1869Mch26M38  Taubury Ill 
       H. C. Hayder
David R. Owen8158 1869May7M31  Painesville 
       H. C. Hayder
John Morrison8159 1868Oct.13S28  Kirtland 
 farmer  WconsumptionKirtlandThomas Smith, Sexton
Emma G. Griswold8160 1868Oct.27M32  Concord 
    WchildbirthConcordThomas Smith, Sexton
Calkins (infant son)8161 1868Nov.30S   Painesville 
  J. W. CalkinsE. CalkinsW  Thomas Smith, Sexton
James Wilson8162 1868Nov.5S28  Painesville 
    Wkilled by cars Thomas Smith, Sexton
Fanny G. Adams8163 1868Nov.15W83  Painesville 
    Wold agePainesvilleThomas Smith, Sexton
Charles Stanton8164 1868Dec.19S20  PainesvillePainesville
    CconsumptionPainesvilleThomas Smith, Sexton
Eugene Snell8165 1869Jan.4S12  MentorMentor
    WCongestion of the lungsMentorS. C. Brown
Mary Ann Baiulser8166 1869Jan6S 9 PainesvillePainesville
    WCroupPainesvilleS. C. Brown
Maria S. Seymour8167 1869Jan9M50  PainesvillePainesville
    WCancerPainesvilleS. C. Brown
Gurdon Reynolds8168 1869Feb27M71  ConcordConcord
 Farmer  WCongestion of lungsConcordS. C. Brown
Waters8169Augt 18691869Feb13S 3 MentorMentor
  Hial WatersEllen WatersWMeaslesMentorWm. A. Lillie minister
Julia Andrews8170 1869Feb15M37  MentorNew York State
  . WDisease of StomachMentorWm. A. Lillie minister
Flood William8171 1869Apr16 32 PainesvillePainesville
  James FloodBridget Flood Inflamation LungsPainesvilleAssessor
Hannah Newton8172 1869Apr17M72  Painesville 
Mrs. Richard Squires8173 1869Apr18M64  N.Y. StateN.Y. State
      NY StateAssessor
Michael Cheehan8174 1869Apr21M55  LeRoyIreland
 Saloon   Found DeadLeRoyAssessor
Levi Kerr8175 1869May7M75  Painesville 
  Moses Kerr  Typhoid FeverPainesvilleAssessor
George Clayton8176 1869May10S184 IllinoisPainesville
  Deshy B. Clayton  Shot AccidentallyPainesvilleAssessor
Lena Chapman8177 1869May20S44 PainesvillePainesville
  I. Chapman   PainesvilleAssessor

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