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Cemetery inscription: refers to Lake County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions [offsite link], provided by the Lake County Genealogical Society, a chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. These corrections are infrequent, when a transcriber was having trouble reading the handwriting in the death records. They are not definitive; either the inscription or the death record is incorrect (or possibly both), but it is up to the researcher to decide which to believe.

Entries #691-704 Place of Death
The death location is probably Mentor, rather than Kirtland. 'Place of Death' was indicated by ditto marks for #687 through #704, except for #702 (missing) and #690 (Kirtland). We believe that the Kirtland entry for #690 (Stella Pinney) was later written over ditto marks to correct the place of death from Mentor to Kirtland, and that entry #691 should have been changed from ditto to Mentor, so that the dittos after it would again refer to Mentor. When this last change was not made, the dittos after #690 referred to Kirtland. If we are not correct, then the people in entries #691 through #704 all resided in Mentor and died in Kirtland - an unlikely situation.

#744 Geo Calvin Harris
Death Date March 3, 1873 or 1874? Looks like 3 written over 4, or 4 written over 3. They put 1873 on his card in the file.

#764 Martin J. Warner died in Newburg, O. - consumption. #765 Judson A. Goodrich died in Painesville - insane.
It's possible the recorder mixed these up. Most Painesville residents who died at Newburg OH died at the Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum.

#805 James H. Childs
Reported by a descendant to be Jonas H. Childs, but was recorded as James.

#882 Eli A. Dayton; #882 Henry H. Elias
Two entries with the same number.

#918 Myron Dean born Wekeam, Erie Co.

#934 Albert Clark Wheeler no month of death.
Month not recorded.

#1004 Irving Powers no date of death given.

V1, p70 Derelanus Stevens

V1, p74 Josie J. Young - date in Number column
This date in "Number" column is in pencil.

V1, p80 Judd Freeman - Cause of Death
Cause of death erased.

V1, p80 Linda A. Martin - Occupation
Occupation erased.

V1, p82 Margrit Tower - Birthplace
Over Brownhelm, Ohio is written in pencil "Brownhelm, Lorain"

V1, p 90 Robert Sherwood - Death Date
Day of death is erased and overwritten

V1, p90 James Presly - Death Date
Death day appears to be 10 written over 13.

V1, p92 Marietta Gray - Cause of Death
Type of insanity not certain

V1 p94 Peter Houk - Data mismatch
Age (8 years) does not match Condition (Widowed) or Cause of Death (Old Age).

V1, p102 "without name" - Occupation
Infant; 'housewife' refers to mother Cora Graves, above.

V1, p104 - Residence
These entries have ditto marks from an entry of St. Paul, Minn., which may have been added after the fact. They almost certainly refer to previous ditto marks for Painesville.

V1, p112 last 5 entries Residence Mentor (?)
These entries had residence as ditto marks, indicating Mentor, while all died in Madison. Township numbering restarted with 1-5 for these entries, while 6 and following, on page 114 indicate residence should be Madison.

V1, p134 Durand - Name
Listed as "No Name"

V1, p138 Samuel Bandall
Cemetery inscription: Bandle, Samuel

V1, p138 Nellie Hagderdon
Cemetery inscription: Hagerdon, Nellie E on Jan 21, 1887

V1, p140 Eward Plaisted
Cemetery inscription: Plaisted, Everard F.

V1, p144, Marion M. Lee - Father Name
Entered as Christopher Ward; crossed off, pencilled in Buell.

V1, p144 Mrs. S. W. Pierson
Cemetery inscription: Aurelia Tullar Pierson.

V1, p146 William Hegley - Place of Birth
Should be Dutchess Co. N. Y.

V1, p146 Ruth M. Amidon - Death Date
Cemetery inscription: Jan. 30, 1888/ Aged 2 Yrs. 9 Ms. 2 Ds.

V1, pp146-148 - Month of Death
Juf or Jeif could be Jay or Jly; since Jay (January) would be in 1888 while the year used is consistently 1887, the evidence favors Jly (July).

V1, p148 Lucius Farris - Birthplace
Probably born in Londonderry, Vt.

V1, p148 Michael Lynch - death year
Year 1888 pencilled in.

V1, p148 Occupation - Harness Maker
If Harness Maker was later added as occupation for Isaac Houghkirk, ditto marks for this woman would have referred to House keeper rather than harness maker.

V1, p150 Almirra S. Putney - name
Cemetery inscription: Almira

V1, p150 Amphela Rosa - name
Cemetery inscription: Amphila

V1, p152 Charlott Foster - name
Cemetery inscription: Charlotte

V1, p154 Statira Clapp - death date
in margin in pencil "2/23/88"

V1, p158 H. Weller Lee - name, birthplace
Cemetery inscription: Horace Weller Lee, Fond du Lac

V1, p164 Harris Infant - "By Whom"
Male pencilled in

V1, p164 Mirtie Kirbie
Cemetery inscription: Myrtle Kirby

V1, p166 Harriet Dickey - Cause
Probably consumption of the lungs

V1, p170 Wm. F. Wilson - Date Entered
Date entered was pencilled in. Handwriting appears recent

V1, p170 B. S. Tuman - Condition
Ditto marks in S (single) column crossed off in pencil

V1, p174 Mary O. Conllen - Name
Cemetery inscription: Mary O. Condon

V1, p174 Myrza L. Sedgebeer - Name
Cemetery inscription: Mirza

V1, p176 Thompson Whitatar - Name
Cemetery inscription: T. Whitaker

V1, p178 Deborah R. B. Fay - Birthplace
Birth place overwritten, difficult to decipher

V1, p178 Wheton Allen - all but Name
All but name was written over the information for David Babcock.

V1 p178 Isabel Whitney and p186 Belle Whitney - same person?
Same age, date of death, cause of death, but different residence (Madison vs Painesville)

V1 p180 Anna Daggett - Occupation
'Child' written over ditto marks; the ditto marks for the following four women were assumed to refer to housekeeper, rather than child.

V1, p184 Ferdinand Detzel - Occupation
Occupation difficult to read

V1, p184 Mary Manning - Death Year
Death Year changed in pencil to 91

V1, p186 Eliza Ann Woodruff - Age
Age in pencil

V1, p188 Imogene S. Forguson - Death Year
Death year corrected in pencil to 90

V1, p188 Typhenia C. Husiton - Name
Huntoon pencilled in for name

V1, p190 Baby Weisen - parents
Father and mother erased/moved to next line.

V1, p190 Maria C. Aldrich - Occupation
Occupation difficult to decipher.

V1, p190 - Occupation
These entries had ditto marks under the 'farmers' part of 'farmers wife' for Maria Aldrich; we have assumed this means these men had the occupation of farmer.

V1, p192 Elvina Fayerther
Last name difficult to decipher

V1, p192 Henry Wilder -Birthplace
Birthplace difficult to decipher

V1, p200 Otto Bloom - age
age 22 days erased - see next entry on page

V1, p200 Barney Conner - cause of death
Cause of death erased & rewritten

V1, p204 Earl S. Garner - Place of Death
Place of death is difficult to read.

V2, p 4 Otis Adna (#36) vs Adney Otis (#59)
Same age, death dates off by 1 day, Willoughby vs Kirtland [may have farmed in both]. May be the same person.

V2, p 10 Occupation 'None'
'None' was pencilled in for Occupation.

V2, p10, #179 Marion Eaton
Name spelled Elton, then corrected.

V2, p22, #18 Eliza Hickock Death Year
Death given as Nov. 1899, recorded in June, 1899; either the month or the year is wrong.

V2, p22, #24 Betsey Strobridy
Cemetery inscription: Strowbridge, not Strobridy. The underline of the 'dy' is in the original document.

V2, p28, #151
Number 151 was not used.

V2, p30, #188
Number 188 was not used.

V2, p40 Patrick [Levi] Linnehan - name
Patrick crossed off in red & Levi pencilled in

V2, p40 Martin Becker - multiple entries
Entries 107, 128, and 145 are all for Martin Becker. #107 and #128 list identical data, and are duplicates. #145 has different age, death date, and occupation, so this may be a different Martin Becker.

v2, p44 Julia A. Murray
Cemetery inscription: Juliet A. Murray

V2, p44 Imbizopi Pall - father's name
Father's surname not deciphered.

V2, p44 Sarah A. Tunis - surname
Could be Tuuri

V2, p46 Title Date - year
Not specified, should be 1901

V2, p48 - Cause of Death erased
Cause of death erased and written over.

V2, p48 - Cause of death crossed off
Cause of death crossed off and corrected.

V2, p50 Mary Higgins - death day
'2' in 26 may be crossed off, leaving the 6th of October.

V2, p52 Stephen A. Fredabaugh
Cemetery inscription: Steve A. Fredebaugh

V2, p54 - numbering
Numbers 150-159 were not used.

V2, p56 #188 - missing
#188 was not used.

V2, p58 Solause R. Tavenir - name
Cemetery inscription: Salome

V2, p60 Hanner Ayers - name
Second 'n' of first name underlined. Cemetery inscription: Hannah E. Ayres

V2, p60 Adelaide Woodworth - #261
Duplicate number, should be 267

V2, p60 Lewis Clark - no number
No number assigned--appears added in later in different handwriting.

V2, p66, #112
Number 111 was not used.

V2, p68, Mary Sanzobrino - Mother's Name
Could be Conie, Coruc, etc.

V2, p70 Frankie A. Harrington - two entries
Do entries 167 and 179 refer to the same Frankie A. Harrington?

V2, p86 Andrew Palko - Cause of Death

V2, p92 Kellogg, E. vs Edwin Joseph (Leroy entries 1 and 4)
These entries are for the same person, (1) from estate documents, (4) probably from the Leroy Township Assessor.

V2 p94 - Numbers 53 & 54
These numbers repeat.

V2, p108 Mary L. Bliss - Birthplace
Town name (Grernfy) triple underlined in original.

V2, p114 Ethel Irene Jacobs - Condition
Cemetery inscription: Ethel Irene Jacobs, 1904-1905; not married.

V2, p120 Suly F. Johnson - Cause of Death
cause had erasure

V2, p120 Sigmond Mugvary - Father
Record states Sugvary, vs Mugvary.

V2, p120 Jaakan Wallari - surname
Wallari or Waltari?

V2, p122 Eliza P. Root - no number
This entry appears to have been added later, based on lack of number and the date of the affidavit mentioned in the next line.

V2, p124 Jane Munson Cleveland - parents
Jane Munson Cleveland's parents were listed in the previous entry (Mary Etta Booth). An arrow points from the Mrs. Cleveland's occupation column to these names.

V2, p136 Mary "Truredale" - name
Cemetery inscription: Mary Truesdale; also Mary E. Truesdale from Ohio Cottage (Madison Home) records.

V2, p136 Arthur Clarkson - Death Number
No number assigned for this death.

V2, p146 #252
Number 252 was not used.

V2, p150 #67 Repeats
Number 67 used twice for 1907.

V2, p152 #90
Number 90 was not used.

V2, p152, Paul O'Brien - Death year
Year marked over, changed from 1907 to 1908.

V2, 152, Anna Deschene - Place of death
"Painesville Hospital" appears in slightly darker script. May have been written over ditto marks. If this is not the case, then the following four entries also died in the hospital, an unlikely case.

V2, p154 #128
Number 128 was not used.

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