Waldsmith Cemetery

Camp Dennison

Symmes Township

submitted by Shirlene L  Jensen

This cemetery is part of the Marie Dickore Research Collection and is reprinted her with the permission of Alma Ryan, Director of the Family History Center in Norwood, Ohio, holder of the collection. It was recorded by Joseph M Weine.


Anderson, David-1881-1948

Anderson, Dora E-1888-19

Bodley, Meta{nee Telgmann}-1888-1926

Boone, Elizabeth-died 24 Aug 1854/62y/Wife of Joseph

Boone, Harriet-died 7 Jun 1845/16y/Dau of Joseph & Elizabeth

Boone, Joseph-died 21 Nov 1844/23y 7m/Son of Joseph

Boone, Permelia-died 5 Jan {date buried under ground}Dau of Joseph & E

Boone, William-died 7 Nov 1839/21y/Son of Joseph

Brown, Conrad-1826-1898

Brown, Rosina-2 Mar 1832-12 Jun 1888/Wife of Conrad

Brown, Theresa-1842-1917/Wife of Conrad

Burchill, Ella-1863-1948

Burchill, Thomas-1858-1916

Burdsal, Mary {nee Roedecker}-1829-1849/Wife of JW

Cotton, Margaret Coldovey-died 16 May 1857/16y 9m 12d/Dau of David & Elizabeth

Crawford, Eliza J-1856-1926/Wife of Sisco

Crawford, Sisco-1847-1935

Daily, Alice Walton-1868-1930/Wife of Philip

Danger, Herman-1860-1927

Davis, Charles B-19__

Davis, Eliza-1878-19

Davis, William-1871-1940

Dobyns, Lou E-17 Jun 1884-2 May 1896/Dau of JW & BD

Dobyns, Wesley-Co C 190th US Ohio First

Fox, Estella-1888-1888

Fox, Stanley-1889-1896

Given, Cornelia Ann-died 16 Sep 1847/Dau of J&S

Haffenbradl, Joseph-1858-1924

Haffenbradl, Sophia-1867-1917

Haller, Heinrich-1 Feb 1869-29 Sep1886

Heaton, Daniel-18 Feb 1814-27 Apr 1873

Kindt, Elmer-1901-1944

Kugler, Catherine Elizabeth-died 26 Apr 1946/65y 8m 17d/Wife of Matthias/

Eldest Dau of Christian Waldsmith

Kugler, Christian-died 19 Apr 1836/31y/3rd Son of Matthias

Kugler, Jacob-died 27 Aug 1856/31y 3m 29d

Kugler, Matthias-died 7 Mar 1854/74y 25d

Leever, J W-1832-1915

Leever, Martha J-1826-1914/Wife of JW

LeFeber, Charles A-died 16 Jul 1849/13d/Sonof J&S

LeFeber, Francis P-died 9 Jun 1851/4m 27d/Son of J&S

LeFeber, Sarah-died 11 Jul 1849/37y/19d/Wife of James

Letcher, Edward-1864-1928/ "Father"

Letcher, Susan D-1864-1930/ "Mother"

Long, James-died 11 Jul 1849/19y 4m 16d

Madden, Amanda T-27 Feb 1825-21 Feb 1829

Maygors, Ella Jane-no dates/Dau of William B & Harriett

McDowell, May Inez-28 Aug 1862-20 Jan 1863/Dau of J&J

McLean, Agnes P-1847-1886

Moore, Arletha-1898-1944

Moore, Frank-1891-1944 "Wagoner 813th Ohio Pioneer Infantry"

Ogg, John M-26 Jan 1848/4y 2m 6d

Orr, Ambrose-died 8 Dec 1847/17y 8m 16d

Orr, Ambrose-died 3 Dec 1829/15y 11m 14d

Orr, Andrew-18 Jul 1785-24 Apr 1839

Pinkvoss, Dorothea-20 Aug 1820-23 Feb 1909

Pinkvoss, Edna S-1882-1940

Pinkvoss, Henry F-29 Apr 1882-18 Aug 1921

Pinkvoss, Henry M-1881-19

Pinkvoss, Meta Dangers-18 May 1853-8 Dec 1890/Wife of H M/ "Mother of Rolf, Henry


Poe, Cora-1871-1895/Wife of CP

Post, Eliza-died 2 May 1887/78y

Pray, Stephen-died 30 Jun 1839/9m 15d/Son of JW & S

Price, Abner N-1860-1944

Price, Albert P-died 10 Oct 1868/24y 2m 27d/Son of N&E

Price, Amanda-1840-1923/Wife of William

Price, Catherine-died 8 Nov 1818/55y 1m 27d/Wife of Daniel

Price, Daniel-died 8 Apr 1825/65y 4m 13d

Price, Elizabeth-died 13 Sep 1821/22y 9m 3d/Wife of Nimrod

Price, Ella A-1861-1931

Price, Jeremiah-died 17 Aug 1870/80y 9d

Price, John D-died 28 Feb 1826/8y 9m 11d/Son of Nimrod & Elizabeth

Price, Nimrod-died 26 Oct 1874/81y 2m 12d

Price, Walter-died 25 Aug 1942/82y 2m 12d

Price, William P-1847-1932

Quinn, Marilyn-1928-1929/Dau of Charlie & Marie

Roedecker, Jacob H-1827-1849

Roedecker, John B-1833-1849

Roedecker, Mary-1790-1868/Wife of William

Roedecker, William-1802-1837

Sherman, Malinda Ann-1842-1905

Snodgrass, George K-Co O

Sternmann, Henry-14 Jun 1778 Montgomery Co Penn-5 Jun 1859

Telgmann, Carl-no dates/ "Father"

Telgmann, Elsa-no dates/ "Mother"

Terrell, Octavia-1848-1915/Wife of William

Terrell, William-1841-1921

Vandever, Henry-1853-1859

Vandever, Lavelia A-1848-1859

Waldsmith, Catherine Elizabeth {nee Bollender}-no dates/next to Christian

Waldsmith, Christian-died 30 Mar 1814/59y 7d/ "Revolutionary Soldier 1775-1783"

Waldsmith, William-died 7 Nov 1816/21y 9m/Son of Christian

Walton, Fannie-1866-1933/ "Mother"

Walton, Louis S-1864-1945/ "Father"

Wiggins, Christian V-12 Nov 1811-4 Aug 1830

Wiggins, Reva Groff-died 1895

Wiggins, Sarah-12 Feb 1789-6 Oct 1844

Wiggins, Thomas-9 Dec 1785-27 Sep 1823

Wiggins, Thomas B-1822-1878

Worsham, Charlie-1851-1915

Worsham, Clara W-1876-1907

Worsham, Clarence D-1883-19

Worsham, Isabell E-1890-19

Worsham, Maude G-1885-1896

Worsham, Sylvvira-1857-1931


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