Markley Cemetery
Anderson Township

submitted by Shirlene L  Jensen


This cemetery copied from the Marie Dickore Research Collection and LDS Film #1544170.

Ayer, Charles M-died 6 Feb 1876/12y 1m 12d/Son of W R & I A
Banks, Infant-Twin daughter of AJ & Em/no dates
Banks, William H-21 Nov 1853-5 Sep 1854/Son of A J & E M
Blatt, Anna Margaretha Engelhardt-10 Aug 1806-16 Feb 1879/Wife of Johannes
Brill, Christina-9 Apr 1823-26 Aug 1872/Wife of John C
Brill, John C-12 Sep 1822-25 Aug 1873
Brill, Maria-14 Oct 1855-8 Aug 1856/Dau of J & C
Coon, Abner M-died 11 Aug 1849/6y 4d/Son of Lewis & Martha
Coon, Lewis-died 8 Mar 1850/44y/Husband of Martha
Coon, Martha-died 18 Dec 1856/52y 1m 22d/Wife of Lewis
Cowert, Philip-14 Oct 1797-16 Oct 1856
Fogle, Mary M-2 Jan 1852-26 Nov 1853
Fogle, Peter-25 Jun 1797-29 Oct 1856
Fuller, Sarah-died 28 Jan 1847/30y 11m 22d/Consort of Sydney R
Gould, Phebe Ann-25 Feb 1823-19 Sep 1853/Wife of Jackson
Jackson, Pearllie H-9 Jul 1878-2 Sep 1878/Son of J & M
Jones, Lafayette-24 Jul 1877-10 Jun 1900
Jones, Martha G-3 Sep 1857/11y 11m 22d/Dau of Ira W & B
Keinath, Jennie-died 3 Apr 1889/29y 3m 22d/Wife of Jacob/Dau of George & Hannah Markley
Kieth, John-9 May 1809-30 Jun 1856
King, John A-dates unreadable
Kinnear, Maria C-5 Sep 1851/68y
Knab, William-died 21 Nov 1872/1y 6m 19d/Son of I & B M
Kuhn, Clara Mudersbach-1874-1915/Wife of JN/"His Wife"
Kuhn, Lucy A-6 Feb 1841-7 Sep 1864/Wife of Thomas J
Kuhn, Thomas-Co D 70th Ohio Infantry
Linder, Catherina M Stanger-30 Nov 1819-13 Dec 1846/Wife of G
Markley, Aaron B-12 Jul 1845-12 May 1850/Son of Henry & Talitha
Markley, Alice S-died 26 Jun 1870/16y 6m
Markley, Caroline-22 Jul 1826-18 May 1905
Markley, Catherine E-15 Apr 1830-9 Aug 1894/Wife of William H
Markley, Emeline-died 4 May 1870/64y 6m 26d/Wife of J
Markley, Erasmus-died 30 Aug 1853/2y 10d/Son of S W & M J
Markley, Erastus-died 12 Sep 1856/1y 6m/Son of S W & M J
Markley, Evaline-died 6 Jan 1844/6d
Markley, George-LDS US Navy
Markley, H-no other information given
Markley, Hannah-1835-1903
Markely, Hannah H-1839-1926/"His Wife"
Markley, Henry-died 12 Oct 1846/46y 5m 25d
Markley, Hiram G-30 Apr 1851-6 Nov 1900
Markley, Jacob-died 28 Feb 1879/8m 9d
Markley, Jacob-18 Nov 1832-7 May 1857
Markley, Jacob J-26 Aug 1847-31 Mar 1868
Markley, James-died 1 Nov 1867/19y 2m 13d/Son of Jacob & Emaline
Markley, Jennie Keinash-no other information
Markley, John-died 5 Aug 1844/19y 22d
Markley, John W-8 Nov 1825-10 Jun 1863
Markley, Jonnie G-died 20 Mar 1869/2y 10m 20d/Son of S W & M J
Markley, Joseph K-16 May 1831-28 May 1857
Markley, Lavina-Wife of Stephen W
Markley, Malinda-Wife of Jacob
Markley, Maria A-died 1 Jan 1849-3y 7m 2d
Markley, Mary-died 20 Aug 1837/81y 27d "A Native of Penn"/Consort of John
Markley, Mary-4 Apr 1803 NJ-5 Sep 1841/"Consort of Moses"
Markley, Mary Jane-died 24 Dec 1878/46y 11m 26d/Wife of SW
Markley, Moses-died 8 Aug 1875/80y 4m 4d/Husband of Mary
Markley, Paulina J-died 14 Aug 1855/6y 7m 29d/Dau of John W & C
Markley, Samuel-died 21 Nov 1859/4y 5m 18d/Son of John W & C
Markley, Stephen W-12 Sep 1828-11 Oct 1853/"Consort of Lavina"
Markley, Talitha-1 Jan 1804-3 Sep 1881
Markley, Velva-died 30 Dec 1874/5y/Dau of Jacob & Malinda
Markley, Walter C-died 6 Feb 1881/___y 7m12d/Son of S W & Mary Jane
Markley, William H-3 Dec 1826-6 Oct 1904
Markley, William M-died 18 Mar 1860/29d/Son of S W & M J
Mathews, Julia A-died 19 Oct 1873/40y 9m 28d/Wife of James
McKinney, America-died 25 Jul 1848/Dau of J & J
McKinney, Jane-11 Jan 1826-25 Apr 1851/Wife of James
Mudersbach, Carrie Keinath-8 Jul 1862-23 Oct 1900/Wife of William
Mudersbach, Clemmence-26 Sep 1864-13 Oct 1867/Son of H & I J
Mudersbach, Hannah-1839-1928/"His Wife"
Mudersbach, Henry-1828-1915
Prickett, Ivy-26 Nov 1876-21 Dec 1876/Dau of I M & M C
Raber, George Conrad-5 Apr 1789-27 Jun 1849
Raber, J George-16 Dec 1848-15 Jul 1849/Son of George & Yolania
Raber, J George-died 31 Dec 1849/3y 7m 8d/Son of J S & E
Raber, J Mathias-died 19 Jul 1860/1y 4m 22d/Son of J S & E
Raber, John-died 27 Dec 1853/2y 2m 3d/Son of J S & E
Raber, Margaret-6 Nov 1817-20 Sep 1845/Wife of George
Rath, Christine-died 15 Apr 1879/35y 6m 23d/Wife of Louis
Rath, Jesse C-31 May 1873-15 Apr 1876/Son of Charles & Carrie R
Rath, Johnie-died 3 Jul 1865/10m 12d/Son of L & Christine
Rinehardt, Andreas-1813 Germany-30 Jan 1854
Sibcy, Charles-died 11 Sep 1854/5y 10m 17d/Son of J & SM
Sibcy, Edwin N-died 18 Jul 1847/9y 27d/Son of J & Susannah
Sibcy, Ellen J-died 17 Jul 1852/10m 5d/Dau of J M & S M
Sibcy, Emma-died 26 Aug 1853/2y 7d/Dau of J M & S M
Sibcy, George-1857-1890
Sibcy, George W-died 5 Jul 1847/2y 15d/Son of J M & Susannah
Sibcy, Harriet S-died 17 Jul 1850/13y 6m 6d/Dau of J M & S M
Sibcy, Lavina-died 14 Mar 1864/34y 1m 10d
Siebert, Ann Mary-29 Feb 1829-10 Oct 1855
Siebert, John M-27 Jan 1855-29 Jun 1856
Silver, Albert B-1858-1896
Silver, Maria A-1857-19__
Sly, Eliza Jane-died 22 Jun 1850/26y/Dau of Cornelius & Hannah
Stanger, Johanna-16 Jan 1792-30 Oct 1856
Stanger, Mary Ann-8 Aug 1835-1 Jul 1849
Stanger, Wilhelm-29 Aug 1833-20 Jun 1857
Straus, Christian-1871-1880
Straus, Elizabeth-1825-1907/"His Wife"
Straus, Henry-1869-1880
Straus, William-1822-1904
Twates, W H-Co I 5th US Calvary
Vogel, Jacob-1835-1925
Vogel, Walburga-1844-1907
Welch, Robert-died 1 Jul 1850/63y 3m 26d
Welch, Susannah-died 18 Feb 1873/76y 1m 23d/Wife of Robert
Windsor, Anna M-died 30 Dec 1850/1y 8m 9d/Dau of J M & S J
Windsor, Thomas C-died 25 Feb 1851/9y 2d/Son of J M & S J
Windsor, William H-died 2 Jul 1855/8m 29d/Son of J M & S J
Wood, George M-died 2 Sep 1850/Son of W & Jane

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