Fulton Cemetery #2
Located at the foot of Carrel Street, Columbia, Cincinnati,  Ohio

Columbia Twp

Contributed by Beth Graves, March 2000

ALBERT, Clara E.  d. 26 Dec 1858  2y 2m dau of (illegible) and B. Albert
ALLEN, Elizabeth   d. 10 Jun 1840  56y 28d, wife of Caleb
                Jacob     d. 27 Feb 1846  82y 3m 5d
                Jacob Jr    15 Jan 1809 - 11 Mar 1875
                Michael    1 Feb 1857 - 28 Mar 1859, son of E. and J. A.
                Phebe  d. 6 Feb 1850   80y 6m
AUGUR, Anna  d. 5 Nov 1834  85th yr
AYERS, Eliza W.     d. 21 Oct 1846, 21y 11m 3d, consort of John w. Ayers
                John B   d. 14 Nov 1846   age 4m, inf son of John W. and Elizabeth
                John F.   d. 6 Oct 1847  25y 4m
BADEAU,Phoebe Ann    d. 5 Apr 1849, consort of Eliash R Baudeau
BANTA, John D.  (no dates)
BARR, Alexander     d. 12 Sep 1860  4y 11m 7d, son of J and M.A.
                James   d. 30 May 1860  34y
                Joseph  d. 15 Jul 1860    3y 3m 4d, son of J and M.A.
                Samuel   d. 24 Oct 1856  3y 7d, son of J and M. A
BEAM, Emma    d. 27 Aug 1863 age illegible, wife of Lycurgus Beam
BENNETT, Rachel Anna   24 Dec 1830 - 3 Sept 1861 (7) wife of Daniel W.
BERGIN, Levi  d. 29 Oct 1850  34y 8m formerly of Lancaster NH
BROADWELL, Anna   d. 3 Aug 1854, 31y 10m 7d,  wife of M.L.
BROWNELL, E. Dobson,   b.  6 Aug 1850  Liverpool  d. 1Apr 1853, dau of Wm and Tessie Brownell
BROWNWELL, William J      d. 20 apr 1853 (8)   1y 2m 22d
BURD, Ellener McCullogh    d. 14 Mar 1838  22 or 32 yrs  3m 17d, wife of Thomas Burd
                Ruth   d. 20 Mar 1837  31y 1m 15d, wife of Thomas
BUTLER, Mary  d. 8 Jul 1847   38y 5m 10d  wife of I. Z. Butler
CARTER, W.C.  illegible
CLARK, --------a,      d.  6 May 1856, 18y 6m 23d, wife of Ora Clark, dau of Elias and Catherine Rogers
CLAUER, Abraham   d. 3 Mar 1842, 61y
CLEMONS, Benjamin  9 Dec 1804 - 12 May 1849
CLOSE, John  d. 1810  3y 6m
DAVIDSON, Mrs  Eliza     d. Feb 1859,   60y
DAY, Mary D.      d. 10 Feb 1841   20th yr, wife of Timothy R. Day
EMERSON, Elizabeth L.    d.  5 Jul 1845,   34th yr, consort of Allison
Emerson, dau of James and Sarah Herret
EWEN, Jame McF.     d.  9 Jun 1849   29y 4m 17d
EWING, Marenda  d. 13 May 1850  29y 11m 3d, wife of John
FOSTER, Elizabeth   d. 28 May 1871, 88yr, consort of James Foster.  Native of Morpath England, and resident of Fulton for 57yrs
FOSTER, James  d. 21 Aug 1869,  83y native of Morpath England, and resident of Fulton for 52yrs
                    Jane,  28 Jun 1813 (8) - 8 Dec 1864  dau of J and E. Foster
FOUGHT, Hiram  d. 26 May 1850 49y
FREEMAN, Hiram   d. 30 Jul 1853  49y 10m 22d
FREEMAN, John   d. 28 Apr 1847  8m 7d, son of Hiram and Susan Freeman
GILMAN, Alice   22 Jul 1849 - 10 Oct 1849, 2m 18d, son of Joseph and Eliza Gilman
                    inf dau of Joseph and Eliza Gilman, d. 18 Aug 1843 5 hours
                    John B.    1 Jul 1845 - 30 Dec 1847, son of Eliza Gilman
GREEN, Elizabeth R.   d. 30 Jul  1854    23y, wife of Jeduthan Green, dau of E. and C. Rogers
GREEN, James M.    d. 23 Sep 1846,  27y 10m 12d
GREEN, Maria Jane   20 Apr 1830 - 26 Jan 1849, wife of Silas Green
GREGORY, Catherine  d. 1849   1m 1d, dau of T.H. and C.
                        Catherine,   d. 2 Jan 1855   25y 8m 9d, wife of Thomas H.
                        Charles W.   d. 25 Jun 1849   1y 5m 29d, son of J and  H.
                        Mary E.   d. 10 Apr 1843    9m   8d  dau of J.  and H.
                        Thomas   d. 7 Aug 1845  1y 4m 27d, son of J and H.
                        Thomas   d. 11 Mar 1854  10m, son of T.H. and C.
HAILMAN, HAULMAN,   Mary  d. 18 Sep 1830  60y                 (could also be Taulman)
HAWKINS, Bell   26 Jun 1850 - 15 Feb 1855 dau of J  and N
HENDERSON, Agnes   b. Scotland    d. 9 Feb 1858  about 85y
HERRERT, Elizabeth  L. Emerson,  (dau of James and Sarah)
HICKS, Melissa J.  1842-1848   Mary E.  1848-1849,  children of W. and H.
                William   d. 3 Sept 1850  42y 4m 19d, consort of Harriet Hicks
HINSMAN, John G.  d. 20 Jul 1850,  12y 8m 22d
HOLMES, Louisa Josephine   d. 12 Aug 1824 or 34    dau of George W. and Hester Ann
                    Nancy M.   d. 17 Sep 1833   10m 19d,  dau of Sameul and Mary
JACKSON, Mary Ann  d. 5 Oct 1866   52y
                        Susan   d. 30 Jul 1846   38y wife of Wm  R. Jackson
                        Wm R.    d. 3 or 8 Aug 1866  68y (nearly illegible)
JAMES, John F.   d. 27 Jul 1846  25y 10m 10d
JONES, Francis A.    d. Nov 1848 (1818?)  2y son of L and S. Jones
KECK, Evanda M    d. 4 Jul 1855    inf  dau of Adam and Margaret
KESLER, J.  No. 26. (1840 Directory James Keslar, Penn, Carpenter, res. near the ship yards)
KINSMAN, John C.   d. 20 Jul 1850   12y 3/8m  22d
KRANTZ, John Thomas   d. 16 Mar 1842   8m 3d, son of Jacob and Leah Ann                     (1840 Directory- Jacob Krantz, Penn, Millwright, res, Hazen's yard)
LANGDON, Esther    d.  26 Aug 1827   72y 7m widow of James, of Wershire, Vermont who died 3 Oct 1804  42y
                        James Burd   d. 21 Apr 1852  17m,  son of Elam R. and Ann
                        James H.  d. 26 Jun 1842,  28y 8m son of James D. and Sarah
                        John Rev,  d. 13 Feb 1842  83rd yr
                        Laura Ellen   d.  26 Oct 1840  1y 11m 10d, dau of Solomon & Martha
                        Lucy   d. 19 Sept 1825,   64y consort of John W.
                        Martha Ann   d. 25 Jun 1831
                        Myra Knight, d. 21 Mar 1832.  inf Children of Richard and Arabella
                        Nancy d. 7 Mar 1824,  38y  consort of Rev. Oliver Langdon, (she was the dau of Sgt Wm Brown who received the first Purple Heart from George Washington  3 May 1783)
                        Oliver,Rev.    d. 21 Sep 1828   59y
                        Sarah   d. 15 Dec 1825,   6y
LIGHT, Charlotte  d. 5 Nov 1848   dau of Daniel and S. Light
LITTLE, Harriet L     d.  21 Mar 1847, 9y 10m 7d, dau of George and Catherine Little. (1840 Directory George Little, Maryland, ship carpenter, rest. at Gordon's)
LIVINGSTON, Nancy  d. (1842 ?)  in 44th yr consort of Wm M. Livingston
LONG, Andrew    7 Jul 1811 - 27 Jul 1854
LONG, Monument:
                        Andrew,  7 Jul 1811 - 27 Jul 1854
                        Sarah     4 Jan 1809 - 4 Aug 1851
                        Rachel   11 Aug 1809 - 8 Jun 1849
                        Courtland W.  d. 21 Jul 1854,  b. 28 Mar 1840  son of A. and R.
                        -----------, aged 24y 9m 12d, broken stone
MCCULLOUGH, Ellener, wife of Thomas Burd
MCDOWELL, "the grave of Margarte E., dau of Sarah and W.S. d. 29 Dec 1846 13y
                            Joseph    d. 9 Oct 1863  83y (1840 Directory,
Joseph C. McDowell Ohio, ship carpenter, res at Wheelers)
                            Margaret   d. 6 Sep 1831   54y
                            Sarah Ann   d. 5 Aug 1852  40y 7m 18d, wife of C.D.
MCKENZIE, Harriet E.   d. 1 May 1850  1y 16d  dau of J and H.
                        Joseph H.  d. 31 Mar 1848  15y 10d
MCMANAMAN, Charles D.   d. 24 May 1843   49y
                                Elizabeth d. 1 Sep 1866 69y 3m 14d  wife of C. D.
MALOTT, Francis A.  d. 15 Oct 1847   19y, son of I.L and Carolina
                    M.B.    16 Jan 1825 - 10 Sept 1871
MEGUIER, Mary Francis   18 Apr 1844 - 11 Apr 1845
                    William   20 May 1804 (Little York Penn) - 17 Nov 1848 44yr
MOORE, John J.   d. 15 Sep 1845  22y
MORGAN, Anna Eliza   d. 25 Aug 1836  1m 3d, dau of W.C. and L.M.
MORGAN, Brunette,   d. 11 Feb 1832  1y 10m dau of John and Perthena
                    Hester Ann  d. 11 Jun 1834  1day, dau of W.C. and L.M
                    John   d. 10 Sep 1831   45y 8m 12d
MORROW, James Alexander   d. 11 Jun 1847  3rd yr, son of W.S and Louisa
MURPHY, Archabald G.  d. 16 Sep 1838   3yr   son of Wm and Nancy
                    Mary E.   d. 3 Apr 1840  age-----, dau of Wm and Nancy
                    Nancy M.   d. 28 Mar 1843  3y   dau of Wm and Nancy
OLDFIELD, Johnnie   d. 8 Jan 1865  5y 6m    son of J and J
ROGERS,  E  and  C,  (See Elizabeth T Green)
                    Elias  d. 5 apr 1857   54y
                    Elizas and Catherine, dau Anna wife of Ora Clark is buried here
                    Joseph  D.   d. 4 Dec 1854   21st yr, son of E. and Catherine
                    Thomas B.   d. 28 Dec 1855 21yr son of E. and Catherine
ROWE, Cynthia Stone   d. 2 Apr 1843  30th yr,  consort of Rev Wesley Rowe
RUCKER, Mary Jane   d. 15 Mar 1843,  19y 11m 1d,  only dau of  H.P. and J.L
SHARP, Malinda  d. 23 Jul 1860  57th yr wife of Alvan Sharp
SMITH, Anna C.  d. 25 Jun 1861  19m   dau of B. F. and Jenney Smith
            Charles J.   d. 29 Dec 1857,  1yr 13d  son of S. and L. Smith
            Elnora  d. 26 Oct 1848   2y 11m  dau of D. and J. Smith
            Eugenia Agnes   22 Aug 1846,  2y 7m dau of Thomas and Rachel Smith
            Rachel Ann   d. 22 Jly 1849  10weeks, dau of Spencer and Ruth
            Ruth   d. 27 Feb 1853  32y 2m wife of Spencer
            William W.   d. 8 Mar 1853 13d  son of Spencer and Ruth
SOLENBERGER, Eliza  17 Jul 1854 - 9 Aug 1854 dau of John and Margaret
SPRAGUE, Lydia A. d. 18 Aug 1849  35y 17d, wife of A.W. Sprague
STONE, Caroline   d. 18 Mar 1850  8y  dau of Eliash and Jane
                Elias,   d. 7 Jul 1844    41st yr
                Julia Margaret   d. 13 Aug 1851    48y 4m 13d,   consort of Elias
STREETER, Josiah    d. 30 Jun 1858   60y 10m 20d,
TAULMAN, Harmonus  d. 22 Jan 179-.  64y 9m 2d (He belongs in Columbia Twp, restored headstone and DAR marker)
TEALEN, Caroline E.  d. 25 Jan 1845   2y 19d  dau of Robert and Ann Tealen
TEMPLE, Harriet A.  d. 21 Aug 1851  14th yr, dau of A. F. and Almira
TURNER, Little Hiram   son of H. G. and C.  (no dates)
                    Kitty,  b. 27 Jun 1848  dau of H. and C.
                    J-----, d. 17 Sept 1840 age illegible, son of Isaac and Rebecca
TUTTLE, Alexander,   25 Nov 1811 - 11 May 1849
VANLOON, William  d. 17 Sept 1848   31y 4m 26d
VINSON, Elizabeth   d.   11 Apr 1866  76y , wife of Charles
WALDEN, Harriet Parmelia  d. 16 May 1844 11m   dau of Baltzer and Julia
WALDEN, Thomas Benton,   d. 30 Jun 1845  3y 11m son of Baltzer and Julia
WARWICK, Eleanor   d. 29 Aug 1854   41y 2m 12d, wife of David
WEBSETER, Eliza  d. 21 Aug 1830   13y 7m 12d
                        Jane   19 Dec 1793 - 30 Jan 1874
                        Thomas  d. 5 Oct 1837  50th yr
                        William  d. 4 Jan 1846  24y 3m 2d
WHALEY, Edward L.   d. 17 Jul 1850  4th yr, son of C.D and D. Whaley
WILL, Frederick   d. 29 Jul 1849  27y 5m 7d,   son of  Wm and Maria
WINTERS, Eliza   d. 17 Nov 1843  31y   wife of Wm Winters of Cincinnati
YINLING, Elizabeth  10 May 1841 - 11 Jul 1849, dau of John Yinling

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