Ayer Cemetery
On Eight Mile Road and US 52
Anderson Township
Hamilton County, Ohio

submitted by Shirlene L  Jensen


Eight Mile Road was known as Big Dry Run Road. This cemetery was established 26 Sep 1868 but the first burial was in 1818. These names are from the Marie Dickore Research Records. This cemetery has also been microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and is available on LDS Film #1544170. This list is printed with the permission of the Family History Center Director, Alma Ryan, who has possession of the Marie Dickore collection.

  • Ayer Monument-in center of graveyard/LA & RRA
  • Ayer, Caroline A-died 10 Oct 1849/1y 2m 25d/Dau of ES & Mary
  • Ayer, Ebenezer-died 19 Sep 1818/51y 12d
  • Ayer, Elizabeth-died 3 Dec 1830/1y 8m 12d/Dau of I&S Ayer
  • Ayer, Huldah-died 25 Sep 1821/59y 1m 3d/3rd Consort of Ebenezer
  • Ayer, Lucy-died 18 Jan 1822/26y 4m 22d/consort of Richard
  • Ayer, Richard-died 22 Jun 1828/39y 6m 24d
  • Ayer, Richard R-died 10 Mar 1843/17y 10m 17d/Son of I&S Ayer
  • Ayer, Russell Roson-died 19 May 1844/22y 8m 7d
  • Ayer, Sarah-16 Sep 1802-25 Jun 1843/46y 9m 9d/Consort of Isaiah
  • Ayer, Sarah A-died 22 Mar 1847/Dau of I&S
  • Wheatley, Richard M-9 Dec 1837-20 Oct 1838/Son of Martin & Casandra
  • Wheatley, Robert-17 Feb 1840-11 Jul 1841/Son of Martin & Casandra

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