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A Glimpse in Passing
A Glimpse in Passing is a 371 page softcover book about the history of Newport, NY, with illustrations & a map. Some of the family names in this book are: Austin, Barton, Beaudin, Blitz, Brauer, Browne, Brukilacchio, Butler, Callahan, Carpenter, Christiano, Clifford, Cole, Crego, Derdzinski, Egolf, Elliott, Evans, Fellows, Fenner, Fitch, Ford, Foss, Foster, Franklin, French, Garlock, Getman, Hadcock, Halladay, Hawkins, Heller, Holcomb, Huxtable, Jenkins, Johnson, Kimball, Lewandrowski, Longstaff, Mahardy, Maxwell, Moody, Neckermann, Nightingale, Reynolds, Roesler, Ross, Ryan, Schriner, Sherman, Shumway, Spellman, Stave, Steele, Strobel, Stroup, Stubba, Szarejko, Vierthaler, Warner, Welsh, West, Western, Wood. There are interviews with: Autenrith, Bowen, Carpenter, Farrell, Fenner, Darling, Frederick, Blitz, Greene, Hartman, Helmver, McKerrow, Newman, Schroeder, Seidel, Smith, Crego, Spellman, Evans, Strumlock, Van Valkenburgh, Warner, Zutter. More...

To buy this book mail a U.S. Postal money order for $16.00 ($12.00 plus $4.00 packing & shipping) to Newport History Center Historian, P.O. Box 445, Newport, NY 13416.





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