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Adirondack Adventures - Bob Gillespie & Harvey Dunham on French Louie's Trail
Reehil, Roy and O'Hern, William J. $24.95

Adirondack Characters And Campfire Yarns
O'Hern, William J.

Adirondack Fire Towers: Their History & Lore - covers 29 state and 3 private towers in the southern part of the Adirondack Park. Included in the book arje many hundreds of human interest stories of the rangers and their families.
Podskoch, Marty $20.00

Adirondack French Louie - Early Life in the North Woods
Dunham, Harvey L. $21.95

Adirondack Ghosts
Macken, Lynda Lee $7.95

Adirondack Princess II - The saga continues from "Adirondack Princess" with the heroine Emmie at their trading post.
Schuyler, Doris E. $10.00

The Adirondacks - Fulton Chain - Big Moose Region - The Story of a Wilderness -a republication of this popular book documenting the lives and accomplishments of the early settlers of this area.
Grady, Joseph F. $25.00

The Airlift Mission - A Human Interest Story Blended with History of the U.S. Air Force Air Lift Mission
Siegenthaler, David

American Patriots At The Battle of Oriskany - August 6, 1777 - Listing of Tryon County Militia and Volunteers
Dewitt, Vera $10.00

The Battle of Oriskany and General Nicholas Herkimer - During the critical Battle of Oriskany in August 1777, Continental forces led by General Nicholas Herkimer defeated the British army under St. Leger in the heart of New York's Mohawk Valley. Although they did not succeed in relieving the British siege of Fort Stanwix, Herkimer's citizen-soldiers turned back the British and protected Washington's northern flank from attack.
Boehlert, Paul

Beyond Black Bear Lake (Woodswoman II)- The story of the author's life in the Adirondacks, building a tiny cabin fashioned after Thoreau's Walden, of her life there with two German shepherds as companions, and her renewed bond with nature (2nd in a series)
LaBastille, Anne $10.95

Bloody Mohawk - The French and Indian War & American Revolution on New York's Frontier - offers an enjoyable and readable run through the history of the Mohawk River Valley, embroiling the French and British empires, the Iroquois Federation and various American settlers ranging from Dutch fur-traders to German farmers to New England's evangelicals.
Berleth, Richard $19.95

Breeze and the Rebel
Masi, Doris $12.00

Brother In Arms - Part 3 of "A Time of Terror" - continues the story of the Revolutionary war in the Mohawk Valley with the contributions of Algonquins, Iroquois, French, Dutch, English, Scots, and Irish. Includes St. John's Reformed Church records and over 70 pension applications and troop rosters.
Berry, A. J. $38.00

The Collected Works of Silas C. Kimm - Educator, Historian, Rhymester & Author - features all of the known written articles by local historian Silas Kimm (1862-1957) that covers his boyhood memories in the Salisbury, NY area, his career as teacher and Superintendent of Schools in Herkimer County, reminiscences about people he knew, genealogies of local families, and a variety of peoms about people, places and things.
Jordan, Gilbert II, Jordan, Joan, Bolster, Wendy Andrews $24.95

Descendants of Casper Getman 1673-1710 - Six Generations Including Johann Henrich Meyers and Anna Maria Getman, Frederick Orendorf and Anne Eve Getman, Marcus Ittig and Maria Margaretha Getman, and Johannes Shoemaker and Catherine Getman.
Getman, Wayne $45.00

Descendants of Lawrence Timmerman of the Mohawk Valley
Snell, Zimmerman, Timmerman Family Reunion $18.00

Descendants of Lt. Henry Timmerman
Sidenius, Carolyn Timmerman $35.00

Descendants of Peter & Anne Kilts Snell
Sidenius, Carolyn Timmerman $25.00

Diaries of Willard Kilts, 1892-1899 - Tells of life in late 19th century in Fairfield and mentions people and places in the area.
Cioch, Nancy, great-great niece of Willard Kilts $20.00

Distant Drums - Herkimer County in the war of the Rebellion - a complete history of Herkimer County in the Civil War.
Krutz, David $10.00

Dolge - A story of Alfred Dolge, about how he found and settled in present day Dolgeville.
Franz, Eleanor $9.95

The 18th Century Zimmerman Family of the Mohawk Valley
Martin, David Kendall $45.00

Frankfort - A Pictorial History - The Herkimer County Historical Society's fourth Arcadia Publishing book, "Frankfort," features over 200 photographs of the town and village of Frankfort with captions of historical detail for each one. The book includes the following chapters: Notable People, Community, Churches, Schools, Business and Industry, and Transportation.
Perkins, Susan R. and Hopson, Caryl $21.99

French Raids on Burnetsfield: 1757 & 1758 - On November 12, 1757, the Palatine Village at Burnetsfield (Herkimer) was attacked and destroyed by a combined French and Indian force. The next spring, the south side of the Mohawk River was attacked around the area of Fort Herkimer. This book explores these raids and the circumstances surrounding them.
Sterling, Alan $16.95

Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Harters and Allied Families
The second edition contains new material added by Marion Harter Kofmehl and Hazel Crill Patrick. Among allied families mentioned are Brown, Clapsaddle, Crisman, Folts, Griswold, Helmer, Hilts, Jonson, Lewis, Myers, Shoemaker, Smith, and Weaver/Weber.
Kofmehl, Marion & Patrick, Hazel; now $25.00

Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Herkimers and Allied Families
Beginning with Johan Jost and Catherine Petrie Herkimer, this 300 page book records the descendants of their thirteen children and seventy-four grandchildren.
Patrick, Hazel, Spellman, Jane and Watkins, William
Soft cover now $25.00 Hard Cover now $10.00 (Binding problems in some)

Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Kasts and Allied Families
More than 30 years of research and writing was done by Ida Kast House and Mildred Kast Conrad before Editor Hazel Patrick brought the book to its present form. Other families are covered in background information on the Palatine Emigration.
Conrad, Mildred & House, Ida Soft cover now $15.00 Hard Cover now $20.00

Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Petries and Allied Families
Based on a series of articles on the family that appeared in the weekly St. Johnsville Enterprise and News from 1947-1951, the book has been updated and indexed. Allied families mentioned include Bellinger, Casler, Failing, Fox, Herkimer, Klock, Schell, Timmerman, Wagner, Walrath, and Zimmerman.
Patrick, Hazel; now $20.00

Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Rasbachs and Allied Families
This work by Hazel Patrick begins with Johannes and Margaret Bierman Rasbach and their five sons and three daughters (who married into the Schell, Hauser, and Staring families) and their descendants down to 1986.
Patrick, Hazel; Soft cover now $20.00 Hard cover now $25.00

Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Zollers and Allied Families - Four Zoller brothers of germanic origin settled in the Dutchtown district of the present town of Minden, Montgomery Co., NY coming in 1771 after the Palatine settlers of 1723 but prior to 1763 when their names appeared on the muster rolls of the militia of the French-Indian war spelled Zollinger. The book starts with Jacob Zoller (b. 1697), 3rd son and one of six children of Hans Heinrich Zoller, who brought his family over from Switzerland. The book traces his lineage up to present day.
Zoller, Carolyn. Soft cover $20.00

German Flatts - A Pictorial History - part of the Arcadia Publishing Images of America series, the book presents a look into the past of the town of German Flatts - a fantastic collection of historic photographs with detailed captions researched by the authors.
Perkins, Susan and Hopson, Caryl $21.99

Ghost Hunting the Mohawk Valley - Mohawk Valley history is spirited with stories of the supernatural. New York native and best-selling author Lynda Lee Macken teams with Cano Davy and Marcus Zwierecki of New York State Paranormal Research in their quest for spirits of the Mohawk Valley.
Macken, Lynda Lee with Cano Davy and Marcus Zwierecki $12.95

Ghosts of Central New York - Historic Haunts in Cooperstown, Syracuse and Beyond
Macken, Lynda Lee $12.95

Ghostly Tales from America's Jails - features 36 stories of historical jails from all over the U.S. Includes a chapter on the 1834 Herkimer County Jail, written by Stacey Jones, founder of Central New York Ghost Hunters, who conducted a paranormal investigation there in 2001.
Hall, Joan Upton $18.95

Give My Love To All Our Folks - Limited edition book of the Civil war and post-war letters of Clinton DeWitt Staring, Quartermaster, 26th New York Infantry, and Brevet Captain, 3rd New York Light Artillery, and Charles E. Staring, Second Lieutenant, 21st New York Infantry of Herkimer County.
Taylor, Paul $50.00

Grace Brown's Love Letters - The actual letters written by Grace Brown to Chester Gillette before their fatal trip to Big Moose Lake in 1906 (American Tragedy murder), with commentary by Craig Brandon.
Brandon, Craig $15.00

Grace Paull - Cold Brook Artist - a book about Grace Paull's life as a local artist.
Johns, Gertrude $12.50

Guardian of the Carry - History of Fort Stanwix 1758-1774 - Today the City of Rome, New York stands upon a historic portage known as "The Great Carrying Place." This specific area took on added importance during the French & Indian War, as the victor was to set the course for North America. The author meticulously presents the importance of Fort Stanwix relative to the times and area in which it was first constructed. Sterling, Alan E. $9.95

Haunted Old Forge - Spirits linger on the pine-covered slopes of the Adirondack Mountains that surround Old Forge. Books fly off the shelves at the Maxson House and something, or someone, spies on the living from the attic window of the Goodsell Museum. Take a chilling journey into the paranormal history of Old Forge and surrounding area.
Webster, Dennis and Peck, Bernadette $19.99

Haunted Mohawk Valley - Read about the investigations of paranormal group Ghost Seekers of Central New York at area haunts, including the Stanley Theater, Oriskany Battlefield, Schoharie's Old Stone Fort, and in Herkimer County, Beardslee Castle, the 1834 Herkimer County Jail, and the Old Herkimer County Courthouse building in Herkimer, to name a few.
Webster, Dennis and Peck, Bernadette $19.99

Here Comes The Brides - Family Stories & Poems Starting in 1505 to 2009 - a special family keepsake book dedicated to the 2009 brides in the Philbrook and Robinson family.
Philbrook, Carilyn $15.00

Herkimer County at 200 (Special Price - new 1992 history of Herkimer County) - a great reference source for Herkimer County's history!
Herkimer Historical Society hardcover; was $40.00, now $10.00!

Herkimer Village - A Pictorial History - part of the Arcadia Publishing Images of America series, the book presents a look into the past of the village of Herkimer - a fantastic collection of historic photographs with detailed captions researched by the authors.
Perkins, Susan and Hopson, Caryl $21.99

In Her Time - the second book in the Out of Time series. The book is a historical novel taht takes place in the Mohawk Valley. It continues the story of the main character from the first book, "Out of Time," Hope, who travels back in time and meets the hsitorical figures who contributed to the important events which shaped the valley.
Berry, Joyce $26.00.

In Search of My Grandfather - World War I book on the military service in the British Army, 1914-1919 of the author's grandfather, Private Joseph Bevington.
Foote, Allan $9.95

Jesus Made A Way Out - Lois Iona Boykins Burks - Life Story - local author Carilyn Philbrook relates the story of Lois Iona Boykins Burks and how Jesus has helped Lois through her hard times.
Phillbrook, Carilyn $14.00

Kids on the Trail - Trail guide to hikes with children in the Adirondacks.
Adirondack Mountain Club $12.95

Killing in the Kuyahoora Valley - In 1914, the shocking murder of schoolteacher Lida Beecher by teenage youth Jean Gianini in the village of Poland made national headlines. He was acquitted of the murder on the defense of imbecility. Jean would spend his life in confinement at state institutions until his death at the age of 90 in the year 1988.
Gooley, Lawrence P. $18.00

Kuyahoora - a complete history and stories of the Kuyahoora Valley.
Keesler, Paul $39.95

Last Woman Hanged - Roxalana Druse - The small community of Warren in Herkimer County reeled in horror at the brutal slaying of William Druse. In January of 1885 authorities arrested Roxalana Druse and charged her with the axe murder of her husband. On February 28, 1887, Roxalana Druse became the last woman hanged in the state of New York.
Greiner, James $17.99

Leatherstocking Ghosts - features haunted places in Cooperstown, Herkimer, and Little Falls among others.
Macken, Lynda Lee $9.95

Life in a North Woods Lumber Camp
O'Hern, William J.

The Local Touch - Delightful stories, interesting articles, gentle poems, breathtaking photos, colorful paintings, all by your friends and neighbors in the Mohawk Valley.
Whittemore, Harold $1.00

A Long Haul - Barge Canal - The history of the Barge Canal.
McFee, Michael $25.00

The Loomis Gang - this is theauthentic story of a highly intelligent family which was able to create and maintain a feudal empire in upstate New York during the 19th century. The Loomises are akin to the ancient robber barons and ruled for over 100 years until they became an international scandal.
Walter, George W. $18.95

A Man from the Past - Reminiscences by Roy Higby, whose family ran a hotel on Big Moose Lake since 1875. He also helped find the body of Grace Brown in 1906 on Big Moose Lake and a chapter is dedicated to that story.
Higby, Roy C. $9.00

Merrick's View
Masi, Doris $12.00

Milkweed Charley
Masi, Doris $8.95

Mohawk - Discovering the Valley of the Crystals - a history and stories of the Mohawk Valley.
Keesler, M. Paul $39.95

Mohawk Valley Bellingers - new compilation of Bellinger genealogy
Bellinger, David book - overview of Bellinger family $10.00 cd - genealogy $20.00

Montgomery Hall
Masi, Doris $8.95

Murder In The Adirondacks (the Chester Gillette-Grace Brown story) - NEW REVISED EDITION (2016) - the famous story of the murder that took place at Big Moose Lake and is the basis for Theodore Dresier's novel "An American Tragedy" and the Hollywood film "A Place in the Sun."
Brandon, Craig $24.95

Neither Rebel Nor Tory - Hanyost Schuyler and the Siege of Fort Stanwix - This historical novel is based on the true story of Hanyost Schuyler, whose role in saving the lives of hundreds of Americans besieged at Fort Stanwix in 1777 has long been forgotten.
Cooney, Michael $17.95

Nicholas Herkimer - Palatine, Patriot, American Hero - the first written biography of General Nicholas Herkimer (new!)
Sterling, Alan and Cioch, Nancy $19.95

Night of Disaster - The New York Central Gulf Curve Wreck - back in print after a decade! This new second edition has been reprinted by David Taylor with digitally-enhanced photos of the New York Central Gulf Curve wreck of the Lake Shore Limited at Little Falls on April 19, 1940. $11.95.

Noah John Rondeau's Adirondack Wilderness Days
O'Hern, William J.

Oppenheim Chronicles - history of town of Oppenheim (Fulton County).
Allen, Hector J. $38.00

Out of Time - A historical novel that takes place in the Mohawk Valley based around a main character who travels back in time and meets the historical figures who contributed to the important events which shaped the valley.
Berry, Joyce $28.00

Owen D. Young - A biography of the famous statesman and business icon Owen D. Young from Van Hornesville
Case, Josephine Young and Everett Needham $15.00

Palatine Historical Fiction - 3 volume series - Charity's Chains, Fame's Fate and Winter's Wrath - Historical fiction novels based on the Palatine emigration from Germany and their resilient journey, written by a direct descendant of Palatine emigrants.
Gilmour, Kay Ellen $12.00 each or $30.00 for the set

Pathway of Empire - The French & Indian War on the Northern Frontier
Foote, Allan D. and Storm, Geoffrey $6.95

A Place Called Keesler's Corners
Masi, Doris $12.00

Prayer & Praise -history of churches in Herkimer County
Denton, Emily $3.95

Pride O' The Hilltop
Masi, Doris $12.00

Prsion Diary and Letters of Chester Gillette - based on the actual diary and letters written by Chester gillette while he was in Auburn Prison awaiting his sentence of execution in 1908 (American Tragedy murder).
Brandon, Craig and Sherman, Jack $25.00

Roads to Saratoga
Herkimer, Gil $21.95

So It Was Written - Part 2 of "A Time of Terror" - The story of the Mohawk Valley during the 1700's. Part 2 looks at the Palatines and the misguided effort at producing tar and how they came to America and then settled in the valley. More pension applications from the war are included, militia rosters, and more of history's mysteries. Indexing for Part 1 & 2 are included.
Berry, A. J. $30.00

Strike Story - Presented as readers' theatre, the play is a retelling of events leading up to and during the Little Falls Textile Strike of 1912. It dramatizes the impact of the tuberculosis crisis in Little Falls, the role of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire on mills throughout New York State, and the day-by-day events of the strike with focus on the free speech fight and the riot of October 30, 1912.
Harris, Angela

Subdued By The Sword - A Line Officer in the 121st New York Volunteers - presents the life of Captain John S. Kidder during the Civil War, as told through letters to his wife, Harriet, at home in rural New York. The regiment saw action at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, the Wilderness, and Spotsylvania. Kidder's letters home contain rich details of camp life, the difficulties of commanding men who had only recently been his neighbors, and the highs and lows associated with soldiering during the Civil War.
Greiner, James $29.95

Surgeon's Civil War - Dr. Holt's Letters - The letters and diary of Daniel M . Holt M.D. during his service in the Civil War.
Greiner, James $18.00

This Green and Pleasant Land - History of Fairfield, NY
Dieffenbacher, Jane $20.00

Tho Dead They Speak - Family Stories from 1798 to 1945 of families buried in the Jordanville Cemetery in the Town of Warren.
Philbrook, Carilyn $20.00

Three Pioneers Of Stark - Jacob Bronner, John Fetterly, John Shaul and their descendants

Time Traveler's Children - The fourth book in her time travel series. This historical novel takes the reader back in time to the War of 1812 and the building of the Erie Canal through the eyes of the main character featured in the story.
Berry, A.J. $28.00

Views & Vittles of the Town of Warren - A collection of recipes, pictures and narratives of the Town of Warren.
Town of Warren Historical Society $15.00

Views From On High - Fire Tower Trails in the Adirondacks and Catskills
Freeman, John $10.95

Where These Feet Went Since...How Two Families Became One Family - a family genealogy and a history book of America in one. John Alden, Priscilla Mullins Alden, John Howland and Myles Standish came to the New World together on the "Mayflower." Their lives are the foundations for Harold Leslie Philbrook and Carilyn Elizabeth Robinson Philbrook's lives, who became their direct descendants. This historical story is how two families in the early 1600's became one family in the late 1900's.
Philbrook, Carilyn and Roundy, Helen Elizabeth $20.00

Wicked Adirondacks - While teh Adirondack Mountains are New York's most beautiful region, they have also been plagued by insidious crimes and the nasty escapades of notorious lawbreakers.
Webster, Dennis $19.99

Wicked Mohawk Valley - Discover a dossier of some of the most notorious and unbelievable criminal cases in the history of the Mohawk Valley. From bootlegging to brothels to racketeering, local author Dennis Webster has collected the most thrilling stories of deception and mayhem within the Mohawk Valley.
Webster, Dennis $19.99

With My Grandparents - A small story written by Ada Snell.
Snell, Ada $2.00

Women Belong in History Books, Herkimer and Oneida Counties, 1700-1950 - Volume 1 - Read about the fascinating stories of 53 women from Herkimer and Oneida Counties who have played an important part in our country's history. Beginning with Catherine Petrie Herkimer (1700-1777) whose son Nicholas earned the honor of having his name used when Herkimer County was created in 1791, there will be biographical essays on the women in a timeline from 1700-1950.
Spellman, Jane Sullivan $25.00

Women Belong in History Books, Herkimer and Oneida Counties, 1700-1950 - Volume 2 - Volume 2 has new writers in addition to those in Volume One and is 81 pages longer, featuring the fascinating stories of 53 more women from Herkimer and Oneida Counties. You can learn about women such as Mary Zoller (aka Polly Jenkins) who started at WIBX when the radio station first went on the air in 1925, or Winifred E. Welden who was the first female lawyer in Oneida County. New in the second volume is a section of four blank pages where readers are encouraged to write their own stories.
Spellman, Jane Sullivan $25.00

Woodswoman IIII - Anne and her German Shepherds experience more daring, death-defying encounters in the wilderness - and with humans - than ever before. The book covers five years at her log cabin and old farm, while she juggles making a living as a freelance writer and publisher, and as a cabin-dweller.
LaBastille, Anne $18.00

BACK ISSUES OF LEGACY - Historical Magazine Published By The Herkimer County Historical Society

Volume 1, issue 1 Out of Print - General Nicholas Herkimer (xerox copy is available upon request)

Volume 1, issue 2 $2.50
GE to RCA 'You can come home again'. The story of Owen D. Young of Van Hornesville, GE and RCA.
Stromatoporoids on the Escarpment. Geology of the Mohawk Valley.
Herkimer's Historic Places. National Register of Historic Places sites in Herkimer County with pictures.
A Handbook for House Detectives. Documenting the old structures and methods to find "their story".

Volume 1, issue 3 $2.50
The Murder of the Century. The trial of Chester Gillette who murdered Grace Brown in 1906, this is the story of "Murder in the Adirondacks".
The House that Dr. Suiter Built. The story of the building that houses the Herkimer County Historical Society's museum. Dr. Suiter built this house but never lived it in, one of Herkimer County's mysteries.
Happy Birthday to Us; We're 90! The first 90 years of the Herkimer County Historical Society.

Volume 1, issue 4 $2.50
A Surgeon's Civil War Adventures. The letter of Dr. Daniel M Holt of Newport comprise a chilling catalogue of the horrors of that conflict.
The Story of our Handsome Jailhouse. The story of the old Herkimer County Jail built in 1834.
A Bell for the Mohawks - And How It Was Lost. A strange tale of the extraordinary efforts of the Indians made to retrieve their prized possession.
Ilion in 1830. Interesting local history of days long ago in the home of Remington Arms..

Volume 2, issue 1 $2.50
The Hanging of a Murderess. Over 100 years ago Roxalana Druse was convicted of murdering her husband and was the last women hanged in NY.
A Light and Graceful Craft. The story of the Adirondack guide boat.
Basketball: Where there's a Will there's a way. The invention of Basketball and Lambert Will. First games played at the Herkimer YMCA after Christmas of 1890. Continued in the next issue.
A Tale of the Revolution. A story from the Revolutionary war.
Eleanor Franz's 'Deutsche Men'. Anecdotes of Alfred Dolge of Dolgeville and the people his era.

Volume 2, issue 2 $2.50
Memories of the Revolution. An interview with Miss Emma Timerman who talks about the oral history of her family during the Revolutionary War. Miss Timerman was born in 1879.
In the Wake of the Battle. Bowen Buck Moon of the Town of Russia recounts his journey to the battlefield of Antietam and the bring home of the body of William A Salisbury through a letter to his niece.
The Hydraulic Canal
. In the village of Herkimer a canal was built so that industry would come to Herkimer. Water power could be used through millstones, water wheels to make steam or electricity. Beautiful map of the village including some names of landowners.
The Home of Basketball.
The beginning of basketball continued from the previous issue. Frank J Basloe and the touring Herkimer YMCA basketball team.

Volume 2, issue 3 $2.50
Fort Herkimer's Crucial Career. Fort Herkimer was an important outpost of the British Army in North America during the French and Indian war. It's strategic position in the Valley made it a target for continual attacks and raids by the French and Indians.
The "Original" Globe Trotters
. The history of basketball continued from the previous issue. Frank J. Basloe became one of the sport's earliest promoters. His Oswego Indians claimed the world championship and went on tours as the first Globe Trotters.
Ohio Folk Tales
. The fate of the nortorious Walter Butler, how Ohio got it's name, and other matters.
The Mohawk Valley.
The Mohawk River; an 1833 view.
Serendipitous Research.
The trail of an early Herkimer Congressman, John Nicholson who was born in Herkimer, leads to yet another prominent native.

Volume 2, issue 4 $2.50
The Remington Story. The story of the beginnings of the Reminton Industries, from a better gun barrel to prosperity.
The Burnetsfield Patent. A new interpretation of the distribution of the land to the first palatine setters of the Mohawk Valley.
A Salisbury Artist's Controversial Canvas. The story of a painting by Louis Liscolm Ransom titled John Brown on His Way to Execution, and the sensation it caused.

Volume 3, issue 1 $2.50
The Middleville Tannery, 1814-1960. A vanished way of life in country villages recalled. With a map of Middleville in 1910 with many owners named.
Our Blizzard of '1888. The worst storm in 60 years, when the railroads shut down the Mohawk Valley knew it was really a storm!
An Aeronaut's Tragic Flight. The story of Prof. E. M. Walrath and a balloon ascension at the Cooperstown fair in 1889.
More about Alfred Dolge
. The founder of Dolgeville and stories about his life.

Volume 3, issue 2 $2.50
A Newport House Tour. Pictures and descriptions of beautiful old houses in the area of Newport.
Henry M. Quackenbush. The achievements of one of Herkimer County's most ingenious sons are told by his grandson's wife. Henry, born in 1847, developed and sold a wooden-framed velocipede which was a predecessor of the modern bicycle. His other inventions were the extension ladder and air guns and he manufactured nutcrackers and picks. He founded H.M Quackenbush Co which is still in Herkimer and is now a metal plating company. The life of a very interesting man.

Volume 3, issue 3 $2.50
The Great Herkimer Flood. The story and pictures of the flood of 1910. On the afternoon of Monday, Feb. 28, 1920 the village of Herkimer was inundated by water and giant blocks of ice as the West Canada Creek overflowed it's banks and rolled through town. It overwhelmed the village, wrecked houses and factories and halted transportation.
An Enduring Artist. The story of Ellen Clapsaddle, whose work was famous on the picture postcard before World War I.
A Ditch in Time.
The story of the businesses along the Hydraulic Canal.
A Source of Fun.
The Mirror Lake Story - a pond plus a trolley line equals a place to spend those lazy, hazy days of summer. Mirror Lake was a reservoir for the Hydraulic Canal but is soon became a place for families to relax and enjoy themselves. In it's heyday it offered a place for a family picnic, a chance for children to splash in the water, maybe even a band concert, boating and an ice cream parlor.

Volume 3, issue 4 Out of print - Van Hornesville (xerox copies available upon request)

Volume 4, issue 1
Wonders in Wood. Celebration of the folk arts traditional to the woods and forest of Herkimer County.
Cycle Craze. Cross Country Adventures and Hair-Raising Trips down Vickerman Hill are recounted.
The Military Road's Storied Past - Put through the Wilderness in 1804-1806, it has borne much of the Military and Commercial history of the County.

Volume 4, issue 2 Out of print (xerox copies available upon request)
Gelston Castle. Built by Harriet Douglas Crugar on land owned by her family in the town of Warren, it was the family summer home to the Douglas' and Robinson's - visited by Theodore Roosevelt, whose sister Corrine married a Robinson.
Some Answers About The Burnetsfield Patent - How it came into the Society's possession.
Spofford of the Conkling Rifles. Civil War adventures and sore travailas of a Herkimer hero
The Adventures of Mary Elizabeth Quackenbush Brush - Author! A memoir of a spirited, independent and talented Herkimer woman

Volume 4, issue 3 $2.50
Tales of the Old Days in Webb. The Forested Adirondacks dominate the history of this largest of Herkimer County towns.
An Itinerant Artist. Painter, historian, lectureer, journalist, newspaperman and wanderer - Rufus Grider left a rich trove.
A Founding Family. An account of what we know of one of the Mohawk Valley's earliest families - the Herkimer's.

Volume 4, issue 4 Out of print (xerox copies available upon request)
Rediscovery of Our Boundaries. Verplanck Colvin, famed stated surveyor, found the ancient marks and blazes between Herkimer and Oneida Counties.
Remington Mansion. In 1870 Philo Remington, head of E. Remingotn & Sons in Ilion, built a spacious mansion on Armory Hill overlooking the factory and town.

Volume 5, issue 1 $2.50
A 19th Century Family. Albert Howell's memoir of his father is rich with insights into the difficult world of Herkimer people then.
Colvin Completes The County Boundary. Famed surveyor encounters thick woods, deep valleys adn high hills in search for Herkimer-Oneida line.

Volume 5, issue 2 Out of print (xerox copies available upon request)
The Town of Fairfield. Rising in a series of hills east of the West Canada Creek, the town of Fairfield is rich both in its history and in the beauty of its location.
Clockmakers of the Mohawk Valley - Henry Loomis of Frankfort, others, had brief but distinguished careers.

Volume 5, issue 3 Out of print (xerox copies available upon request)
Slavery in Herkimer County. African-Americans were here in the valley from the beginning.
Around The Horn. A Herkimer Forty Niner - George Vickery of Cold Brook kept a diary of his passage around Cape Horn to the gold fields of California.

Volume 5, issue 4 $3.00
Happy 200th Birthday Herkimer County. Bicentennial issue (1791-1991) featuring photos of homes, churches, schools, railroads, agriculture, entertainment, lay of the land, the canal, sports, health, industry, special attractions, government, services, and personalities.

Volume 6, issue 1 $3.00
Scenes of Old Russia. Holy Trinity Russian Cathedral adn Monastery largest in North America.
The Garden of the Mills. An ill-starred attempt to establish an artists' colony in southern Herkimer County.
Herkimer's Norway. History of the town settled in 1786 by two Rhode Islanders named Hawkins and Whipple.

Volume 6, issue 2 & 3 $3.00
Bicentennial celebration of Herkimer County (1791-1991) commemorative booklet of the celebration events.

Volume 6, issue 4 $3.00
A Stone For Sara. Life of Sarah Kast McGinness: a Loyalist Legend, enduring hardships amidst the early frontier.
New York State Thruway. Construction of the Thruway in Herkimer County.
Town of Schuyler. Formed from the town of Herkimer on April 10, 1792.

Volume 7, issue 1 $3.00
Western Inland Lock Navigation Company (1792-1820). Before the Erie Canal, there was the WILNC, early transportation route along the Mohawk River.

Volume 7, issue 2 $3.00
Town of Russia House Tours. History of the homes on a Historical Society sponsored House Tour in 1993 - the Kubick house, Millington-Warnick house, Hall-Kelley house, Frink-Kelly house, Graves-Brown house.
Camp Russell on White Lake, NY. Founded in 1918 due to the generosity of Samuel T. Russell of Ilion for a summer camp for the Boy Scouts.
Samuel T. Russell. Born in 1853 in Virginia, his family moved to Ilion at the beginning of the Civil War. He was an industrial leader and humanitarian.
Milo Smith. When the circus came to town, they rested their animals in Milo's field in East Herkimer. He handcrafted several hundred models of circus wagons. When he died, the circus people paid a tribute to his memory by having Bimbo the elephant lay a red wreath on his grave.

Volume 7, issue 3 $3.00
Herkimer County's First Commemorative Stamp. Honoring General Nicholas Herkimer issued in Herkimer on August 6, 1977.
The Two "Delights." The story of Delight E. Ransom, born in 1853 in the town of Manheim, who persuaded the state to buy the Herkimer Home, and her granddauhter, Delight Keller, who, like the first Delight, was involved in the D.A.R.
Herkimer County Humane Society. A traveling circus coming through the area in 1912 inspired Zaida Zoller into action when she witnessed animals being mistreated. This was the beginning of the Herkimer County Humane Society in 1913.

Volume 7, issue 4 $3.00
Ilion Fee Public Library. A library was donated to the citizens of Ilion in 1893 by Clarence W. Seamans of Brooklyn.
Newport Stone Bridge. Built in 1853 across the West Canada Creek in the village of Newport consisting of four limestone spans, it resulted in the growth of industry, business and residences on the west side of the creek.

Volume 8, issue 1 & 2 $7.00
Andrew A. Bartow and the Bartow Family. Barto Hill in the town of Fairfield was named for early resident Andrew Abramse Bartow, a former owner of the farm on the crest of the hill. The story of the Bartow family is featured.
Episcopal Parish Development in Herkimer County. History of the Episcopal churches including the Trinity Episcopal Church in Fairfield (1807), Grace Church in Mohawk (1883), Emmanuel Church in Little Falls (1833), Christ Church in Herkimer (1839), Grace Church in Norway (1819), Church of the Memorial St. Michael's Church in Middleville (1871-72), St. Augustine's Episocpal Church in Ilion (1869), St. Peter's-By-The-Lake in Webb (1905), St. Alban's in Frankfort (1886).
Save Outdoor Sculpture. A survey of outdoor sculpture in Herkimer County.

Volume 8, issue 3 & 4 $5.00
Francis Elias Spinner. His eighty-eight year life virtually spanned the 19th century, reflecting the dramatic growth of thsi nation. His varied career included shopkeeper, harness maker, militia leader, sheriff, banker, railroad investory, auditor of the Port of New York, congressman, treasurer of the United States, pioneer and entrepreneur in Florida. Resident of Mohawk.
When Stamps Were Really Money. In the first years of the Civil War, metal coins virtually disappeared from circulation. Individuals began to use postage stamps for small purchases and merchants returned change in the form of stamps.

Volume 9, issue 1 & 2 $1.00
The Eckler House. History of the new Herkimer County Historical Society building, purchased in 1987, and named in memory of Albert Ross Eckler and Jennie Howe Eckler - their family history.

Volume 9, issue 3 & 4 out of print History of Starkville (xerox copy available upon request)

Volume 10, issue 1 & 2 $1.00
Battle of the West Canada Valley. Col. Marinus Willett's troop fought Walter Butler's Rangers at Black Creek and Butler lost his life at this historic spot.

Volume 10, issue 3 & 4 $1.00
Fort Dayton.

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