Death Records for the year Ending December 31, 1863

An Act passed by the New York Assembly and Senate, April 25, 1864 (Chapter 380) provided for "The Registration of Deaths in the several Towns and Wards in the State." This task became the responsibility of the various assessors at the time of taking their annual assessments. The assessors were to survey every family in their districts, with "each hotel, garrison, jail, prison, hospital, asylum, poor house, house of refuge, or similar institution regarded as a family."  Forms completed by the assessors were submitted, first to the Town and County Clerks for recording and subsequently to the Secretary of State. Original transcripts for the Cayuga County Towns of Aurelius, Cato, Conquest, Mentz, Scipio, Sennett, Springport, and Sterling were recently discovered in the basement of the Cayuga County Courthouse and they are now in the possession of the Cayuga County Historian. This transcription was taken from both the Assessors' and the Clerks' records, and where discrepancies occur they are designated by a ( ). Military deaths are identified by an *.

Town of Aurelius
Town of Cato
Town of Conquest
Town of Mentz
Town of Scipio
Town of Sennett
Town of Springport
Town of Sterling TOWN OF AURELIUS NAME DATE AGE SEX OCCUPATION CAUSE OF DEATH REMARKS OF DEATH Place of Death if soldier (Name of Head of Family, etc.) ALLEN, Edward, Jr. Dec 13 57 male Consumption BAKER, Horatio S. Aug 28 7 male Consumption BERRYMAN, Josephine Jan 4/7 6 female Diptheria DECAMP, Catharine Aug 17 44 female Cause of the Womb DECAMP, Mary Mar 25 72 female General Debility Ralph DeCamp ELWOOD, Freddy Sep 29 5 male Diptheria FARNAM, William H. Oct 22 27 male Typhus Fever FRAZEE, Andrew A. Mar 28/25/27 28 male Chronic Diarrhea FREECE, Dora E. Oct 1 3 female Fits FULLER, Carice (Cairce, Carrie, Cavice?) Aug 11 2 female Diptheria FULLER, Hezikiah Dec 12 57 male Farmer Congestion of the lungs GOODRICH, Charles H. Aug 25 26 male Congestion of the brain GOODRICH, Sarah Jan 23 38 female Tumor HALE, Adelia Apr 3 25 female By a gun accidentally HIBBARD, Angeline G. Mar 9 15 female Child Bed HOPPING, Sophia July 26 28 female Consumption LYON, Harrietta Sep 27 35/8 female Consumption Wife of J. L. DeCamp MAYCUMBER, Mary A. Nov 20 2 female Scarlet Fever MAYCUMBER, Walter Apr 2 2 male Diptheria PATCHEN, Esther Nov 26 1 female Cronic Diarrhea PINCKNEY, Esther Jun 22 72 female Heart Disease STAHLNECKER, Jacob April 72 male Unknown TOWNSEND, Phoebe Apr 21 39 female Suicide by Hanging WILSON, Daniel Feb 14 72 male Cooper Old age WORMER, Mary Aug 29 78 female Old Age Wife of Jefferson Brown TOWN OF CATO ABRAMES, Luther M. August 3 2 male Diptheria Harvy Abrames ARNOLD, Betsey Ann Aprl 21 13 female Diptheria Dau of LaFayett Arnold AUSTINE, Francelia Nov 26 2 female Diptheria Merit E. Austine BENJAMIN, Milessa Aug 28 55 female Paralysis Wife of Nelson (?) Benjamin BUSH, Alexander W. Jun 28 46 male Farmer Deseas of Kidneys Godfry Hinnan CORNELL, Howard May 6 3 male Diptheria William Cornell CROSMAN, Josephine Feb 9 17 female Consumption Asa Crosman DEVATT, Abram L. Spt 26 18 male Farmer Chronic Diarrhea Contracted in Military DUDLEY, Lewis N. March 2 2 male none Inflammation of Brain Ira L. Dudley DUDLEY, Mary Feb 8 55 female Cancerous Affections Wife of Sardis Dudley ELSTON, Rebeakah July 28 70 female Paralsys FAY, Nancy C. 9 63 female Consumption FINK, Jacob Sep 17 76 male Farmer Diabatis FULLER, Sqire * January 18 21 male Washington Consumtion 9 Art. Co C. Private/Silas Fuller HINMAN, Mary F. Sep 28 6 female Diptheria Ira Laird HOFFMAN, Martha R. Dec 20 17 female Typhoid Fever LAIRD, Lydia C. Oct 2 12 female Diptheria LAKE, Albert W.* Dec 8 18 male Washington Typhoid Faver 9 Art. Co. C Private/Trunan Lake LAWRENCE, John E. * July 21 30 male Baltimore MD Gunshot Wound 111 NY Reg. Co W. Sergant/Battle of Gettysburg MCNETT, Anson * Oct 10 24 male Alexandria VA Fever 111 NY Reg Co G. Private/ Son of Nancy McNett OGILSBIE, Lee April 8 39 male Farmer Typhoid Michael Ogilsbie SCHEMERHORN, Elizabeth May 20 33 female Inflimation Hiram Shemerhorn SHELDON, Charls Sep 13 11 male Diptheria Harry Sheldon SHELDON, George Oct 3 8 male Diptheria Harry Sheldon TATON, Elias Apr 21 59 male none Consumption Elias Taton THOMPSON, Trowbridge Dec 3 18 male Farmer Scarletina Brothers Sons of Preston and THOMPSON, Baxter Dec 21 15 male Farmer Scarletina Emily Thompson TURNER, Angebert Mar 11 24 male Farmer Consumption Son of Seth Turner TURNER, Eli Aug 18 32 male Merchant Consumption Son of Seth Turner VANWAGONER, Albartin (u) May 16 73 male Farmer Old Age Father of William VanWagoner WARE, Sarah Emily Jan 2 11 female Diptheria Dau of Schuyler V. Ware WILKINSON, Simon Oct 13 11 male Consumption Son of Israel Wilkinson WRIGHT, Daniel * October 10 26 male Cayuga Co. NY Dysentary 75 Reg. Co D. Private/Ichbod Wright WRIGHT, Emeline Sep 13 1 female Inflation Bowels John Wright TOWN OF CONQUEST ABBY, Caroline Sep 11 31 female Farmer's wife Consumption COOK, David August 28 59 male Farmer Heart Disease CUMMINS, George Nov 6 8 months Dropsey on the Brain Samuel B. Cummings EMERSON, Theophilus Nov 14 86 male Farmer Dropsey GREY, Ambrose P. Nov 25 33 male Farmer HAMMOND, Elias October 6 1 male Unknown HAWS, Caty Oct 2 65 Canser Simon Haws HAWS, Ann Jun 21 39 Sick hedake (sic) Jacob S. Hawe HOLCOMB, Almon(d) Sep 18 5 mos male Laborer (sic) Unknown HOOD, Moses Sept 28 40 male Inn Keeper Dropsey on the heart JUDSON, Mrs. Sarah Jun 12 64 female Farmer's wife Heart Disease LUCUS, Harwood P. * Mar 16 22 male Neubern? N.C. CampFever 3rd Artilery - Private MCARTHER, Child Oct 25, 2 male Farmer Unknown MCARTHER, Reuben May 10 37 male Farmer Consumption (listed as REUBEN, McArther) PLAYSTED, William R. * May 23 25 male Washington Bullet Wound in side 33rd Reg. - Corporal SCOTT, Rostta M. Oct 29 15 Typhoid Fever James Scott SLAYTON (HAYDON), Hannah Oct 15 77 female Farmer's wife Old Age SMITH, Edmurd J. * Jan 2 23 male Alexandria, Virginia Pneumonia 111 Reg. Co. G (Y?) / Alex P. Jenkins STRUBLE (DEABLES), Jacob June 20 61 yrs male Laborer Nightmare or Fit VANVLARICUM, Hellen Oct 20 12 female Farmer's daughter Heart Disease WACKMAN, Ezekiel Jun 23 70 Dropsey WILCOX, Mrs. Sarah Dec 1 23 female Farmer's wife Typhoid Fever TOWN OF MENTZ BALLARD, Henry H. May 20 64 male Farmer Diabetes BISENER, Edwin Dec 31 21 Boatman Typhoid Fever BRENNER, Edward Sept 10 14 mos male Dysentary Patrick Bremier (or Bremin) BURGER, Franci(e)s M. Sept 29 4 yr female Congestion of Brain George Burger CHRISTIAN, Mary Dec 8 32 female On a visit from Michigan Inflammation of Bowels Wife of George Christian DAVIS, Charles H. Sep 30 7 Typhoid Fever DOUD, Albro T. Oct 25 55 male Farmer Consumption The head of the family DWYER, Patrick * July 1 22 male Port Hudson Shot through head 75th NY Co B. Private FOX, Mary Jan 17 2 female Diptheria Rufus Fox GRAVES, John March 20 61 Miller Apoplexy HALSTED, Joel (?) Aug 12 68 male Farmer Consumption Head of the family HADDEN, Wilber L. Sep 28 1 Dysentery Son of Samuel Hadden HARDENBURGH, Nancy J. Oct 20 51 Typhoid Fever Wife of William C. Hardenburgh HAYDEN, Clara Oct 29 5 Croup Daughter of George Hayden HOLLISTER, Moses N.(?) * 1962 28 male Washington Wound in Foot 3rd Michigan Private HORTON, Daniel S. * May 20 25 male Brazier City Sickness 75th NY Co B. Private HORTON, Linus Jun 17 27 male Shoemaker Consumption Single HUGHSON, Estelle Aug 9 7 Diptheria Daughter of George Hughson JENKINS, Mary Sept 20 43 (colored) Cholera Morbus JEROME, Irving Dec 18 17 Typhoid Fever Son of Rev. William Jerome JOHNSON, Andrew May 8 60 male Farmer Heart disease Head of family MARSH, George C. April 11 13 mos male Consumption George W. Marsh MCCLEAN, Lawrence Mar 7 50 Tailor Consumption OLMSTEAD, Palaski * June 14 18 male Port Hudson Shot in side 75th NY Co. B. Sergeant PERRY, Mary I (J) Sep 15 2 Congestion of the brain Daughter of Robert Perry RANSIER, Liberty V. Sept 28(?) 38 Farmer Consumption ROSE, John * July 2 33 male Gettysburgh 111 Reg Private SUL(L)IVAN, Mary Jan 3 3 female Worms Michael Sulivan SWAIN, Lucy Aug 30 3 Diptheria Daughter of Charles F. Swain WOODEN, Warren P. Oct 28 50 Shoemaker Typhoid Fever TOWN OF SCIPIO AUSTIN, Elizabeth S. May 17 59 female Matron Consumption Widow of Nichols Austin late of South Kingston, R. _, residing at the time of her decease with her son-in-law, John C. Peckham, Scipio GOULD, William Nov 10 28 male Farmer Delerium Tremens Son of Benjamin Gould of Ledyard NY HOWLAND, Mary F. (G) June 12 26 female Consumption Daughter of Enock Lacy and wife of Thomas Howland HOWLAND, William July 20 2 mos. male Consumption Son of Thomas and Mary Howland KING, Richard Jan 5 50 male House Carpenter Congestion of the lungs KING, William H. * Jun 17 23 Male Newbern N.C. Typhoid Fever 3 NY Art., Serg. Son of Richard B. King OWEN, Eddy Dec 28 76 male Farmer Heart Disease Head of Family RATHBUN, Minnie Nov 12 6 female Diptheria Adopted daughter of George Rathbun PARKER, Polly Mar 27 72 female Paralysis Widow of Thomas Parker late of Scipio PLUNKET, Matthew July 22 3 yrs male Worms Thomas Plunkett REED, Elizabeth S. Nov 10 42 female Consumption Wif of John J. Reed and daughter of Henry Snyder late of Scipio, deceased. SHELP, Catharine C. Aug 11 35 yrs female Housekeeper Sore Throat Jacob Shelp SHORKLEY, Julia N. Nov 23 59 female Housekeeping Not known Head of Family SLOCUM, Sarah Feb 3 female Scarlet Fever Daughter of Henry C. Slocum THURSTON, Thomas M. May 19 24 male Newbern N.C. Consumption 3 NY Art. Private Son of Polly Tallman formerly Polly Thurston WEARING, Harriet March 7 1 female Scarlet Fever Daughter of George and Harriet Wearing TOWN OF SENNETT BEAVERS, Marthy Sep 1 13 female Daughter of Farmer Dropsey on the Brane Harmon Beavers BLUFF, Jane Oct 3 2y3m female Diptheria William Bluff CARRIGAN, Julia May 22 7 1/12 female Daughter of Farmer Scarlet Fever Patrick Carrigan CARRIGAN, Patrick, Jr. Mar 12 1 1/2 male Son of Farmer Scarlet Fever Patrick Carrigan CARRIGAN, William April 12 5 1/6 male Son of Farmer Scarlet Fever Patrick Carrigan CROSMAN, Healey Mar 15 5 male Son of Farmer Diptheria Hiram Crosman DAVIS, Zilpha Adelia Nov 30 16 1/6 female Daughter of Farmer Diptheria Jacob Davis DOTY, Deborah Sep 20 89 female Old Age HOPKINS, Harison Nov 56 male Farmer Suicide LEWIS, Cornelia Mar 1 45 female Farmer's wife Monoposia Henry Lewis MEAD, Mary Jun 18 15 female Scarlet Fever Rufus Mead PIM, Ann June 23 (1864) 20 female Wife of Soldier Confinement James Pim SEARS, L. C. Jan 12 22 male Farmer Wounded at Fredricksburg Myron Sears STOCKWELL, Hannah Janet Dec 14 38 female Daughter of Farmer Consumption Josephus Stockwell PAUPERS WHO DIED AT THE COUNTY HOUSE ARMSTRONG, Infant Mar 7 male ATKINS, Henry Dec 27 male BROOKS, Charles Feb 10 male FLINT, Phebe Mar 14 female FREEMAN, Sydney male (Black) GOODELL, Major Jan 5 male LARKINS, Ira Jun 5 male LILLY, Jerry Sep 15 male LEE, James Dec 16 male MC GOFFIN, John Nov 4 male NELSON, Owen Feb 3 male OPURRELL(?), Infant Feb 4 male POWERS, Phebe Sep 16 female SULLIVAN, Infant May 3 male TAYLOR, George Jun 11 male VAN VEAK, Ann March 14 female WOOD, Mary Feb 22 female WHIPPLE, Lucinda Jan 24 female WHITE, William July 17 male TOWN OF SPRINGPORT NORTH SPRINGPORT HUMPHREY, Fanny Jun 10 17 female Erysipelas John Humphrey JOHNSON, Roseann Nov 24 6 female Diptheria James Johnson head of family JOHNSON, James Nov 25 1 male Diptheria James Johnson head of family JOHNSON, Mary Ann Nov 26 3 female Diptheria James Johnson head of family MCKENNY, Christopher Jan 1 1 male Diptheria C. McKenny head of family SHANK, Grace Oct 20 75 male Farmer Dropsey on the lungs The head of a large and very respectable family SHANK, James * Nov 5 25 male Washington DC Cronic Diarhea 3 NY Art. Privt. THOMPSON, Frank M. March 19 4 male Brain Fever Jesse D. Thompson MIDDLE SPRINGPORT CHAMBERS, Fanny July 23 female Consumption DAVIDS, Maria Nov female Small Pox DIXON, Cintha (Cynthia) Feb 24 76 female Lung Fever ESTUS, Sarah July 8 female Diptheria FOLEY, Edward Dec 20 8 mos male Inflammation of Lungs GREENE, Infant Oct female Small Pox HEWIT, Cordelia March 27 female Consumption HOAGLAND, Franklin Sept 16 male Clerk Typhoid Fever HOSKINS, Lalon Aug 73 male Merchant Chronick Diarah HOSKINS, Sophia Feb 28 71 female Consumption JOHNES, Rebecca March 85 female Consumption PALMER, Noyes May 65 male Phisician Paralitic SHARPSTEEN, John Feb 25 68 male Farmer Diseas of Brain SOMERTON, Catharine Sept 62 female Consumption WADE, B. F. 53 male Laborer Chrinick Diarah SOUTH SPRINGPORT ALLEN, David W. Dec 52 Farmer Cancerous Tumors ALLEN, Seneca March 49 male Farmer Bilous Fever CARR, Armantha Feb 21 female Diptheria CARR, Hannah Maria Feb 7 female Diptheria COMSTOCK, Benjamin F. Oct 8 64 male Farmer Typhoid Fever DAVIS, George May 21 male Consumption ESTUS, Mary June 11 Brain Fever Father in Army REYNOLDS, 4 mos male Father in Army poor WARRICK,, Emma Dec 3 Diptheria WARRICK, Eliza Dec 10 Diptheria TOWN OF STERLING NORTH STERLING ACKER, William February 26 male Wagon Maker Typhoid Fever Henry Acker ALVEN, John August 25 2 mos. male Fits John Patson BOWEN, Marrin R. December 43 male Clerk in Paymaster Small Pox M. R. Bowen BRINKERHOFF, John October 23 male Farmer Typhoid Fever Levy Brinkerhoff COOPER, Simeon December 29 male Farmer Wound in Battle George Cooper CUMMINGS, Jane September 31 female Housekeeper Tumor Daughter of James Horn DUGAN, John October 80 male Farmer Tumor of the Stomach John Dugan GREY, Catharine July 19 51 female Farmer Congestion of brain William Gray HARL (Herl, Heil), Maria A. June 56 female Farmer's wife Myrathmeth John Heil JURRETT, Frank H. July 16 4 male Diptheria Norman Jerrett MARIAH, Sarah March 8 female Worms John Patson MORGIN, John April 73 male Farmer Old Age John Morgan POWERS, Meta L. October 3 female Farmer's daughter Croup Peter Powers STEWART, Nancy July 1 21 female Typhoid Daughter of Thomas Stewart VAN SANFORD Charles L. June 11 (7) 8 male Spinal Affection WEST STERLING HICHCOK, Jane January 22 50 female Hotel Keeper Ulceration of Lungs Orcemous & Frances SANBURN, Ellen (Ellion) April 24 4y 6d female Dropsey of Hart SANBOURN, Stepen A. May 7 2y6m male Scarlet Fever HARRIS, John C. Fremont May 19 1y7m male Diptheria Peter & S. Josepen (Josephine) TURNER, Seth, 2nd May 10 1y3m8d male Inflammation of bowels Seth & Laura HOU(W)LAND, Julayon January 22 2y 6m female Consumption Calab & MaryAn GAYLY, Harriet S. May 15 6 female Diptheria Melinda Galy SOUTH STERLING SWITZER, Eber Aug 24 74y8m24d male Farmer Numpalsy, Rheumatic & Old Age He was the head of his family CURTIS, Lewis T.(?) April 16 1y9m male Scarlet Fever & Diptheria Orville & Mary Curtis MCCREADY, Jeremiah Dec 16 50y male Carpenter & Joiner Consumption He was the head of his family VAN PETTEN, Frank Aug 9 4m6d male Consumption Son of Jacob & Margaret Van Petten CURTIS, Edgar J. April 4 11y3m male Scarlet Fever Son of H C. & Mary A. Curtis SHAW, Dwight Nov 15 17y male Diptheria Son of Caroline Shaw LAY, Andrew A. Nov 13 13y6m10d male Diptheria Son of John D. & Polly Lay KOON, Mary E. March 29 2y6m female Irritation of the Brain John H. & C. E. Koon MCFADDEN, Jane S. March 8 8y2m female Dip John C. & Mariah McFadden VAN PETTEN, Cora Adella March 24 3y6m27d female Membraneous Croup Harmon & B.E. Van Petten FERRIS, Charlotte June 28 49 female Housekeeping Scropila & Cancer Wife of Sylvenus Ferris VAN PETTEN, Margaret May 15 31y9m20d female Consumption Wife of Jacob Van Petten DIBBLE, Clarinda Matilda Dec 8 6 female Daughter Saneca & Clara Dibble copyright 1997 by Kathleen Shaw Decker

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