1908 GAR Roster

Auburn NY

Recently Mike Nusbaum of Williamsburg VA aquired a 1908 Roster of the Seward-Crocker GAR Post of Auburn NY. Mike sent a copy to Steve McKay and has given permission for him to post the information on the Internet. Thanks Mike!!





Sr. Vice Commander


Jr. Vice Commander


Patriotic Instructor



FRED W. BATTIS, No. 31 Morris St







Officer of the Day


Officer of the Guard


Serg't Major


Qm. Sergeant


The charter of Post 45 bears date of September 30, 1867, and as a Grand Army Post it has been active ever since. On since. On the 1st day of January, 1904, after almost a year of preparation, a consolidation with Seward Post 37 was enthusiastically effected, and the name was changed to "SEWARD-CROCKER," the number remaining 45, that being the senior Post.

The encampments of Post 45 are held every Tuesday evening at 7:30 and 8 p.m., winter and summer respectively, at the G.A.R. Hall in the State Armory, and as a rule are always well attended, but to our Comrades we have to say that the Officers are encouraged by your presence and discouraged by your absence, and to transient and visiting Comrades we cordially invite them to "pull the latch string, which is ever on the outside door."


The publication and issue of this Roster has been in contemplation for a year or so, but for several reasons was not made, the principal one being that it was desirous to add many new names of eligible Comrades; some have been added, but more have had to be dropped on account of their having been called home, and therefore we are constrained to publish the names of our honored Comrades, whose decease has occurred since the consolidation of Posts 45 and 37, in 1904.


William Anderson

Musician 75th N.Y.V.I.

J. P. Angel

Capt. K. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

C. M. Atwell

111th N.Y.V.I.

Thomas J. Bell

K. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Chester Bills

A. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Peter Blauvelt

I. 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Isaac Borst

G. 134th N.Y.V.I.

George I. Brown

E. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

George W. Burghduff

B. 75th N.Y.V.I.

A. Burlingame

G. 111th N.Y.V.I.

Abel W. Chappell

H. 75th N.Y.V.I.

Patrick Carmody

U.S. Navy

John Choate

Capt. H. 75th N.Y.V.I.

William H. Coe, M.D.

G. 27th N.Y.V.I.

Richard Colliver

C. 104th N.Y.V.I.

Thomas P. Crandall

C. 59th N.Y.V.Eng.

P.N. Davidson

M. 50th N.Y.V.Eng.

John Dauer

B. 122d N.Y.V.I.

Duane H. Delano

C. 75th N.Y.V.I.

Dayton S. Edwards

B. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Daniel A. Embody

C. 34th N.Y.V.I.

Moses M. Frye

Lt. D. 39th U.S.C.T.

R. Gaskin

U.S. Navy

James K. Gillespie

C. 115th N.Y.V.I.

Charles Greenfield

F. 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

P. V. Greenman

A. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

William H. Hagan

A. 1st N.H.H.A.

Amos Haley

G. 2d N.Y.V.Cav.

James R. Hart

I. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Rev. T.H. Haskell

75th N.Y.V.I.

Patrick Kelliher

D. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Peter Kinsella

M. 15th N.Y.V.Eng.

Farrel McGovern

L. 10th N.Y.V.H.A.

Patrick McGovern

3d N.Y.V.H.A.

Josiah Mills,

1st N.Y.V.Ind. Batty.

John Nolan

D. 19th N.Y.V.I.

Byron E. Osborn, M.D.

1st Mo. V. Cav.

S.G. Raymond

L. 10th N.Y.V.Cav

J. Wesly Reid

U.S. Navy

John D. Robinson

I. 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Rev. H. W. Sanford

3d N.Y.V.L.A.

John Schilley

G. 20th N.Y.V.I.

Edwin M. Scott

A. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

William Shourds

C. 11th N.Y.V.I.

William B. Smith

H. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Squire O. Stockwell

A. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Frank Tallman

E. 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Adolph C. Westlake

H. 75th N.Y.V.I.

Charles V. Wormwood

F. 75th N.Y.V.I.


Seward-Crocker Corps, No. 31,
Woman's Relief Corps

Mary A. Westlake


Euphrema Ballard

Sr. Vice President

Nellie S. Gordon

Jr. Vice President

Eliza Rhodes


Phoebe M. Rusco


Mary E. Lane


Sarah Roe


Rubie Hitchcock

Ass't Conductor

Mary Jerow


Jennie S. Way

Ass't Guard

Sarah Cort

Color Bearer No. 1

Minnie Gleason

Color Bearer No. 2

Sarah Breese

Color Bearer No. 3

Elizabeth Owen

Color Bearer No. 4

Helen E. Fletcher

Patriotic Instructor

Mary E. Woodall

Press Correspondent

Helen Smith


Col. Kennedy Circle No. 39,
Ladies of the G.A.R.

Nellie J. Hoagland


Ella L. Allen

Sr. Vice President

Ida J. Olmsted

Jr. Vice President

Ettie M. Alling


Mary A. Van De Walker


Sarah H. Townsend


Euphrema Ballard


Martha Mapes

Ass't Conductor

Mary Berry


Elizabeth J. Olmsted

Ass't Guard

Mary J. Gage

Patriotic Instructor

Lillian M. Olmsted


Ella L. Allen

Press Correspondent

NO. 45

Adams, Stephen G.

Mus., 75th N.Y.V.I


Johnson, William

G, 111th N.Y.V.I.

Allen, Charles G.

Capt. 1st N.Y.H.A.


Jones, Harry E.

G, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Allen, Erastus W.

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Kelland, John B.

G, 111th N.Y.V.I.

Allen, Titus

F, 9th N.Y.H.A.


Kelly, William W.

8th N.Y.V.L.A.

Anderson, Jas., Lieut

A, 2d N.Y.V.H.A.


Kelsey, Theodore

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Anthony, George

I, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


King, Obadiah

K, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Appelt, Antoine

A, 14th U.S.I.


Knapp, Ambrose

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Atherley, Rollin D.

K, 49th N.Y.V.I.


Kopp, Fred

F, 111th N.Y.V.I.

Battis, Fred W.

G, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Laird, William R.

B, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Belcher, John W.

G, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Lakey, Charles H.

A, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Bennett, George W.

M, 15th N.Y.V.Cav.


Lane, John J.

F, 7th N.Y.V.I.

Berry, Aug. A.

K, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Lee, Amos O.

F, 122d N.Y.V.I.

Blackmore, Henry F.

C, 75th N.Y.V.I.


Leslie, Carroll

A, 10th N.Y.V.Cav.

Birdsall, Leander

F, 2d Mich.V.Cav.


Lewis, H. P.

I, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Borden, Andrew G.

B, 75th N.Y.B.L.A.


Lewis, Joseph

F, 160th N.Y.V.I.

Boynton, William H.

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Lewis Francis

E, 64th N.Y.V.I.

Breese, Robert

C, 122 N.Y.V.I.


Loomis, Ira W.

K, 137th N.Y.V.I.

Brown, Edwin

D, 141st N.Y.V.I.


Loveland, A.

E, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Cady, J. Hulbert

D, 16th N.Y.V.H.A.


MacDougal, C.D.

Capt, A, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Cain, Theodore

U.S.N. "Pinola"



Col., 111th N.Y.V.I.

Carr, Jonathan

Capt. I, 1st O.V.Cav.



Brigadier General

Casper, Adolph

L, 16th N.Y.V.H.A.


Magovern, Thomas

B, 1st N.Y.V.Cav.

Catton, George B.

B, 1st N.Y.Dra.


Maroney, James

L, 16th N.Y.V.H.A.

Chiverton, James

F, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Monroe, John W.

H, 21st N.Y.V.Cav.

Clark, George S.

C, 40th Mass. V.I.


Mason, Robert

F, 50th N.Y.V.Eng.

Clark, Coy

A, 75th N.Y.V.I.


McCarthy, Patrick

A, 193d N.Y.V.I.

Clark, Thomas

K, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


McCarty, Orrin

K, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Claxton, William

D, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


McKay, L.W.

K, 4th Vt.V.I.

Combs, Irving W.

I, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


McNamarra, Cornelius

I, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Copp, John

L, 5th N.Y.V.H.A.


Miller, Charles

A, 4th Wis.V.I.

Copp, Andrew

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Murphy, James

I, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Cook, Cyrus O.

K, 75th N.Y.V.I.


Murdock, M.W.

Capt. I, 111th N.Y.V.I.

Copper, George W.

L, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


Myres, L.J.

G, 193d N.Y.V.I.

Conklin, Eugene

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Myres, Charles G.

D, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Coutant, Edw. H.

A, 75th N.Y.V.I


Near, Benj. W.

A, 94th N.Y.V.I.

Coulter, Jesse

G, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Nolan T.

K, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Craig, John F.

B, 24th N.Y.V.I.


Nickason, James C.

I, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Crawfoot, Charles E.

E, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


O'Connor, Patrick

K, 193d N.Y.V.I.

Cuddebach, Nelson

L, 24th N.Y.V.Cav


Ogden, Thomas J.

D, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Cutler, C. J.

D, 75th N.Y.V.I.


Owen, Benj.

B, 33d N.Y.V.I.

Davis, Martin L.

H, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Owen, Wilson G.

D, 154th N.Y.V.I.

Desmond, Richard

I, 10th Mass.V.I.


Palmer, Levi

K, 111th N.Y.V.I.

De St. Croix, Louis P.

H, 33d N.Y.V.I.


Parrish, Rollin

G, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Devore, Thomas

B, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Parker, Thomas

U.S.N. "Jacob Ball"

Ditmars, Abraham

A, 30th N.J.V.I.


Patten, Charles

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Douglas, Harry



Perrigo, Charles M.

I, 143d N.Y.V.I.

Doyle, Patrick

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Pitcher, John W.

E, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Dunbar, Ambrose

M, U.S.C.T.


Post, Horace G.

D, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Dunnigan, Thomas

E, 11th Pa.V.Cav.


Pratt, Charles M.

F. 1st Mich.V.Cav.

Dyer, Robert A.

Musician, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Quinn, John Jr.

F, 148th N.Y.V.I.

Eldred, Newman

H, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Ramage, William

G, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Eno, Drayton

G, 122d N.Y.V.I.


Rathbun, Frank

I, 19th N.Y.V.I.

Emens, William J.

G, 50th N.Y.V.Eng.


Rennihan, J.

I, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Ferguson, William

G, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Rhodes, Henry J.

Maj. 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Ferry, James J.

I, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


Rich, John E.

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Fields, Martin L.

G, 95th Ill.V.I.


Robbins, David B.

C, 2d D.C.V.I.

Fletcher, Ransom H.

H, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Robinson, Alvah

A, 58th N.Y.V.I.

French, George

C, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Ruscoe, Lee

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Freese, John M.

E, 19th N.Y.V.I.


Sanford, Albert J.

K, 193d N.Y.V.I.

Gates, Wallace W.

G, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Salisbury, Edw. E.

E, 114th N.Y.V.I.

Gill, Arthur T.

U.S.N. "Vermont"


Salisbury, George W.

K, 111th N.Y.V.I.

Gilfoil, Frank

D, 75th N.Y.V.I.


Savery, John E.

Maj. 75th N.Y.V.I.

Glish, John

F, 160th N.Y.V.I.


Seward, William H.

Col 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Gray, Asa J.

I, 5th N.Y.V.Cav.



Brig. Gen. Vols

Godden, Stephen

I, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


Sherman, Lewis

K, 111th N.Y.V.I.

Graves, J. Burt

D, 154th N.Y.V.I.


Simpkins, Fred

I, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Gregory, John H.

E, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Sloane, George F.

D, 14th Conn.V.I.

Greenfield, Elijah

A, 75th N.Y.V.I.


Smith, Charles A.

C, 54th Mass.V.I.

Griffin, James

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Stalker, William

I, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Grinnell, William

G, 44th N.Y.V.I.


Stanley, William H.

D, 97th N.Y.V.I.

Grinnell, Thomas P.

G, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Stickle, John

A, 33d N.Y.V.I.

Hacker, George H.

K, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


Stupp, Frank J.

G, 111th N.Y.V.I.

Haines, Austin

E, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Swart, James H.

I, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Hall, George W.

Lieut, G, 24th Me.V.I.


Sweet, Thomas

K, 185th N.Y.V.I.

Hapeman, Abner W.

L, 16th N.Y.V.H.A.


Tallman, Thomas

E, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Hapeman, Chas. H.

L, 16th N.Y.V.H.A.


Taylor, S. Hugh

K, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Harris, Samuel F.

Lt., 3 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


Thayer William J.

A, 33d N.Y.V.I.

Harvey, Isaac M.

G. 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Thome, Herman

G, 75th N.Y.V.I.

Harvey, Truman S.

Lt. A, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


Theurer, John M.

A, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Hawkins, E.E.,

I, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.


Tobin, Richard

F, 15th N.Y.V.Cav.

Hawley, William H.

E, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Tripp, John D.

F, 76th N.Y.V.I>

Hazlett, Robert

D, 53d N.Y.V.I.


Troy, John H.

H, 4th N.Y.V.H.A.

Hickok, C.L.

H, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Tuttle, Theodore F.

H, 89th N.Y.V.I.

Hockeborn, James L.

16th N.Y.V.H.A.


Walker, Eben M.

I, 22d N.Y.V.Cav.

Hodder, Nathaniel

B, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Walker, T. Dwight

I, 22d N.Y.V.Cav

Hoffman, George W.

D, 148th N.Y.V.I.


Wassman, Moritz

U.S. Marine

Holcomb, H.W.

M, 16th N.Y.V.H.A.


Watkins, Edward

I, 20th U.S.C.T.

Holihan, Patrick

B, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Westfall, Sidney J.

C, 9th N.Y.V.H.A.

Hopkins, Stephen

Adj. 160th N.Y.V.I.


Wheeler, Ruden E.

M, 22d N.Y.V.Cav.

Hoskins, Michael

K, 44th N.Y.V.I.


White, Roderick

I, 8th N.Y.V.Cav

Hosmer, William M.

Maj. 75th N.Y.V.I.


White, John J.

I, 111th N.Y.V.I.

Howland, Thomas P.

F, 27th N.Y.V.I.


White, Henry J.

D, 1st R.I.V.H.A.

Hummell, DeK.

C, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Whitfield, Charles F.

E, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.

Hunt, Byron

G, 111th N.Y.V.I.


Whitneck, Luther

C, 136th N.Y.V.I.

Husk, I.W.

Col. 111th N.Y.V.I.


Wickes, Osmi B.

K, 50th N.Y.V.Eng.

Jackson, Isaac

H, 3d U.S.C.T.


Wooden, James

M, 16th N.Y.V.H.A.

Jackson, Theodore

E, 3d N.Y.V.L.A.


Woodall, John

K 24th N.Y.V.Cav.

Jago, Abram

E, 193d N.Y.V.I.


Woodruff, John

H, 15th N.Y.V.Cav.

The above information was provided for the Cayuga County NYGenWeb Project websites by Steve McKay.

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