Company H
75th NYS Volunteer Infantry Regiment


In 1862 in Santa Rosa Florida, A.A. Frazee a sergeant in Company H of the 75th NYS Vol. Inf Regiment began a series of
daily diaries. On May 5th, Frazee made this entry:

Monday May 5th, 1862

I attended prayer meeting last evening, and enjoyed it very much--The tent was well filled, and the exercises were conducted
with spirit and interest. I wrote a letter to day, but on the whole I felt rather unwell, and remained at my tent in the afternoon
during battallion drill--No dress parade--It has been more cool and comfortable to day than it has before for a long time--I
have been thinking that the names of the members of Co. H would not be out of place in this book, so I will write them down here---


John A. Dodge Colonel Robert B. Merritt Lieut. Colonel Willoughby Babcock Major Adjutant Edward B. Lansing Lieut. Surgeon Michael D. Benedict Major Asst. Surgeon Cyrus Powers Lieut. Quarter M. Lew Carpenter Lieut. Chaplain Thomas B. Hudson Captain


Capt. John Choate 1st Corp. Jos. Bowen 1st Lieut. C. G. Miles 2nd Corp. D. K. Bowen 2nd Lieut. J. E. Whiteside 3rd Corp. Jas. H. Conrad 1st Sergt. Geo. B. Curtis 4th Corp. Fred Cossum 2nd Sergt. C. W. Gilbert 5th Corp. C. B. Pritchard 3rd Sergt. A. W. Chappel 6th Corp. John Rodgers 4th Sergt. Isaac Stark 7th Corp. Chas. A. Hutchins 5th Sergt. A. A. Frazee 8th Corp. Dan'l Wing


E. D. Bradley Jas. Carr T. S. Barker Henry Clark John Bullard Geo. C. Clough Wm. A. Barnhart Edwin Curry Bela Burbank Geo. W. Carr Edwin Brick Thos. Cadmus Elijah Barner C. L. Combs Stephen Barner Warren Drury John J. Baker Silas Doolittle S. R. Chappel Benj. Dutches O. S. Canfield Edward Dwyer John Edmonds John Philipson Rufus Fox John Richardson Henry Foster Edward Remington Wm. R Graham (died May 10th 1862) A. O. Remington Edgar W. Gilbert Myron Sherwood H. H. Glass Henry Shirley Miles Grooms Franklin Shirley Thos. G Gilchrist H. A. Stalker G. D. Green A. W. Simmons J. W. Grant Albert Snyder Clark Grant Jas. Sweet Erastus W. Haynes Dan'l Taylor Morris Haley Alonzo Thomas Stephen Hedges H. D. Van Riper Jasiah Loveless W. J. Vanderbury Lewis J. Morgan Peter Vanorden John Pomer C. W. Vesplank Edward Pritchard Chas. Vilcox G. W. Pease Edward Wilcox (died April 14th 1862) Chas. H. Patterson Jas. Wood T. M. Prindle Amasa Ward Aaron Ward Dennis Weaver Adolpus Westlake


H. W. Seymor Sergt. Maj. Geo. L. Howf QM. Sergt. J. S. Knight Commissary
The United States Army Military History Institute at Carlisle Pennsylvania lists the following sources of additional information on the 75th Regiment. If not available elsewhere the Carlisle Barracks does participate in Interlibrary Loans and will also make photocopies of references. Babcock, Willoughby. Selections from the Letters and Diaries of Brevet-Brigadier General Willoughby Babcock of the Seventy-fifth New York Volunteers: A Study of Camp Life in the Union Armies During the Civil War. Albany, NY: Univ of the State of NY, 1922. 110 p. E523.5.75th.B32. Dyer, Frederick H. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion. Vol. 2. Dayton, OH: Morningside, 1979. Ref. See p. 1434 (1 photocopied page) for a concise summary of the regiment's service. Hall, Henry. Cayuga in the Field: A Record of the 19th New York Volunteers and 3d N.Y. Light Artillery and 75th New York Volunteers.... Syracuse, NY: Truair, Smith, 1873. 269 p. E523.5.19th.H35. McArthur, Henry S. "A Yank at Sabine Pass." CWTI 12 (Dec 1973): pp. 38-43 (6 photocopied pages). Per. New York (State). AGO. Annual Report...for the Year 1901. No. 29. Albany, NY: J.B. Lyon, 1902. pp. 1-180. E523.2N6no29. (Alphabetical roster of the regiment). Phisterer, Frederick, comp. New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. Vol. 4. Albany, NY: Weed and Parsons, 1890. E523P582v4. See pp. 2780-96 (17 photocopied pages) for a brief history of the regiment and a roster of officers. Our Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit. The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive: Hunting, Frank M. - CWMiscColl (Enlisted man's diary, Oct 7, 1864-Jun 2, 1865) Keller, John - LeighColl Bk 49: 115 (Enlisted man's letter, Sep 30, 1864) McArthur, Henry S. - CWTIColl (Enlisted man's biog, 1835-1905; memoirs, 1863-64) Root, Willie - CWTIColl (Lt's diary & letters, Sep-Oct 1864) Smith, John Henry - GladstoneColl (Enlisted man's letters, Mar 12, 1862 & Jan 24, 1864)

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