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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please (Bernie Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

Surname Submitter Cayuga County Location Circa Date Posted
WABY Linda Beyor Aurelius/Sennett late 1800's early 1900's  
WADE Ann O'Leary Conquest 1853-present 07/20/2006
WADE Auburn 1900s 06/25/04
WALDRON Patti Davis Springport 1812-1850 Posted 6/26/99
WALL Christine F. Auburn, Cayuga County 1872-1890 11/13/03
WALLACE / WALLIS Barbara Miller Scipio area 1810-1840 07/12/2009
WALLIN / WALLING Patricia KEMP Cayuga County 1840-1860 11/24/02
WALSH Avery Neagle Cayuga County   06/26/2010
WALSH Kathleen E. Monahan Auburn     
WALSH Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Cayuga/Auburn 1850-1940's  
WALTON EdSallie@AOL.COM Cayuga County Early 1800s 10/29/02
WARD Deborah Williams Auburn, Cayuga County 1820 - 1880 05/26/03
WARD Dave Bowen Scipio Early 1800s 01/03/03
WARD Nancy Ward Southern Cayuga Cty. 1852 - present  
WARD Carolyn Armitage Paddock Knefely   1800's possibly earlier  
WARDWELL Bill Thompson   Victory, Cato, Ovid (now in Seneca Co.) Circa: 1756-1880 Posted 5/28/1999
WARN Kathy Brummel   1815 - 1870  
WARN Robert Lee Cayuga County 1800 - 1900's  
WARNER Rick and Carol Cayuga County NY 1800s 05/09/2010
WARNER Liz Cornish Springport, Aurelius, Scipio 1800 - 1850 01/19/03
WARNER Linda Hole Cayuga Co. 1821  
WARREN René Breeuwer Cayuga County circa after 1814 08-18-01
WARRICK Chris Dennis Cayuga County    
WASSON Judith Goodwin Sterling, Fair Haven, Cayuga County 1800-1852 03/05/04
WATERBURY Liz Cornish Springport, Aurelius, Scipio 1800 - 1850 01/19/03
WATERS Ronnie Aungst Cayuga County All Time Periods
WATSON Steve Lundgren By Owasco Lake 1795  
WATSON Ken Steffenson Auburn aft 1900  
WATSON Lyn Harter Fleming ca 1850 Posterd 1/13/2000
WATTLES Lucille Wattles Locke    
WEBB Carolyn Murphy Cayuga County 1700's + 09/07/04
WEBB Robert Franson Venice 1800  
WEBSTER Elinda Card Aurelius 1812+ 05/04/2009
WEBSTER Janice Mattea Sennett & Auburn 1815-1900 Posted 6/23/2000
WEED Liz Cornish Springport, Aurelius, Scipio 1800 - 1850 01/19/03
WEED ljacobs Cayuga County    
WEEKS / WEEKES / WICKS / WIEKS Judith Weeks Ancell Scipio and Cayuga County NY 1771-1835 Posted 8/22/2013
WEEKS Lyn Harter Scipio 1850-1900 Posted 1/13/2000
WELCH Mary Cosepalmer Auburn - Cayuga County circa 1860s 04/21/02
WELCH Karen Bradley Pettigrew Auburn    
WELCH Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Cayuga/Auburn 1850-1940's
WELLS Harold Wells Cato Area 1830-1870 Posted 11/18/01
WELSH Maggie Welsh Fleming 1860-present Posted 5/27/1999
WELSH Kathy Daily Union Springs 1880's  
WELD Merlyn Christensen Genoa 1850  
WELLER Ralph Weller Scipio/Victory 1835-?  
WENDOVER Marilyn Piepho Auburn    
WENZEL Art Wenzel Cayuga County   12/12/2005
WEST Donna Carpenter Cayuga County 1810-1820  
WESTCOTT Liz Cornish Springport, Aurelius, Scipio 1800-1850 01/19/03
WESTLAKE Karen Tehan Auburn 1870 Posted 2/7/99
WETHERELL / WITHERELL Cayuga County   03/28/2008
WETHEY Doreen Wethey Ushakoff Throop    
WHALEN Linda Talbott Scipio Area 1850-present 02/21/02
WHALEN Auburn, Cayuga County late 1800s + 01/16/2006
WHEAT Andy Simon Southern Cayuga County 1770-present Posted 8/8/99
WHEATON Jen Cranch Aurelius/Fleming Early 1800's  
WHEELER Bernie Toser Cato, Cayuga County Early 1800s 03/24/2008
WHEELER Winfield Horn Cayuga County    
WHEELOCK Auburn, Cayuga County 1800's 09/17/03
WHELPLEY K. Whelpley Cayuga Co., Scipo early 1800's  
WHIPPLE Nancy Erbland Cayuga County   11/20/2005
WHITCOMB Ron Hanley Port Byron 1845-1870 12/02/02
WHITE Alice Warren Throop, Cayuga County NY   12/28/2009
WHITE Karen E. Ford Union Springs, Cayuga County   01/05/2006
WHITE Bob White Cayuga County   03/28/04
WHITE Jerome M. Kraniack   Before 1810  
WHITE Pmmarkle      
WHITE Bob Lewis Moravia 1888  
WHITING Jane Kellogg Summerhill 1800s 07/09/2007

Susan Whitmore Severino

Cayuga County 1840ish 01/23/2013
WHITNEY Jerry Forman Cayuga County 1815 - 1835 10/29/02

Mary Walling

Auburn, Cayuga County 1800-1820 10/17/2017
WHITTLESEY Nancy Mead Cayuga County 1790 - 1900 08/13/2009
WIBERT / WIBIRT / WYBERT Ernie & Regina Sober Scipio, Cayuga County Circa 1840-1870 05/16/04
WILBER Helen Dowd Cayuga County 1800s 04/27/02
WILBER Brutus 1850  
WILCOX Linda Goodell Cayuga County Pre 1836  
WILDE Helen Dowd Sterling,Cayuga County   03/18/2008
WILHELM Scipio/Venice Area 1800-1844  
WILKINSON Christina Gardner Cayuga County Post 1920 07/21/03
WILKINSON Sally Mitchell Cayuga County 1800's  
WILLIAMS Liz Cornish Springport, Aurelius, Scipio 1800 - 1850 01/19/03
WILLIAMS Scipio/Venice Area 1800-1844  
WILLIAMS Ruth Ann Williams Cayuga County After 1860  
WILLIAMS Loren Carlson Montezuma Circa 1830-1870  
WILLIAMS Pat Wilson Cayuga County 1800-1850  
WILLIAMS Deborah Williams Auburn 1820-1880 Posted 05/26/2003
WILLIAMS Dody Crawford Church Mentz, Cayuga County After 1808 03/19/02
WILLIAMSON  Patsy Allen Scipio/Venice 1872-1949 Posted 1/4/99
WILLIS Pam Decker Locke , Cayuga County 1820 - present 09/19/2006
WILLIS WA1IJO Cayuga County After 1811  
WILLSEY Don Wilsey Auburn/Cayuga County  
WILLISON Gordon Mitchell Genoa 1793-1900  
WILSE Don Wilsey Auburn/Cayuga County   10/13/2005
WILSEY Don Wilsey Auburn/Cayuga County   10/13/2005
WILSON Marcia Walker Port Byron, Conquest 1800-1885 04/06/04
WILSON Steve Lundgren By Owasco Lake 1795
WILSON       Patsy Allen King Ferry 1872-1916 Posted 1/4/99
WILSON Dawn Roe Port Byron 1814 02/26/2006
WILSON Stephanie Osmachenko Scipio 1820-1840  
WILSON Lowrey Jones Cayuga County 1836 -1857 11/30/02
WILTSE Scott Ledfor Cayuga County, Sterling 1800-1820 12/10/2014
WILTSE Dave Barnes Cayuga County   02/09/2005
WILTSE Don Wilsey Auburn/Cayuga County   10/13/2005
WILTSEY Don Wilsey Auburn/Cayuga County   10/13/2005
WIMPEL Lou Ann Roberts Cayuga County 1800  
WINCHELL Lu Anne Kau Cayuga County 1798-1812 1/31/02
WINCHELL Laurie Brunschweiger Cato and Auburn,Port Byron, Victory, Red Creek, & Ira late 1800's Posted 12/20/01
WINSLOW Bruce A. Winslow Springport; Scipio 1795-1895 12/10/2011
WINSLOW Don Winslow Ledyard circa 1790-1850  
WINTER Peter G. Evans Cayuga County 1812-1930  
WITHY Hal Spencer Conquest, Cayuga County 1800s 12/09/2007
WITTER Phil Gates Scipio, Cayuga Co 1810 - 1850 03/19/05
WOLCOTT Mark Hines Cayuga County   02/11/2008
WOLGAMOTT Lou Ann Roberts Cayuga County 1800  
WOLVEN Jakki Carle Cato/Ira/Hannibal area late 1800's early 1900's Posted 2/18/99
WOOD Pat Masters Venice, Cayuga County 1800s 01/27/04
WOOD Merlyn Christensen Cato 1843  
WOOD Dave Doll Cayuga County  1800s 11/29/03
WOOD Cathy Bogus Cayuga County 1754  
WOOD Lou Ann Roberts Conquest,Victory circa 1700-1900  
WOODARD Pat Given Cayuga County After 1790's  
WOODBURY Sally Bowman Locke 1800's Posted 3/4/2000
WOODEN Don Gorton Cayuga County 1800-1850  
WOODWORTH Jim Woodworth Auburn 1800-1850 Posted 3/19/2000
WOOLWEAVER Joe Woolweaver Aurelius / Throopsville 1830 to 1860 03/04/2007
WORMOUTH Mike McCormick Ira Late 1800-Early 1900  
WRIGHT Dianne T. Moravia   12/13/02
WRIGHT MC Carpenter Cayuga County    
WYANT Sarah Emmerson Auburn/Scipio 1800's  
YALE Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Sennett 1843-1860's  
YANTCH Karen Tehan Auburn 1840 Posted 2/7/99
YANTSCH Karen Tehan Auburn 1840 Posted 2/7/99
YARNS Clayton S. Gilmore Cayuga County   01/23/2008
YATES JACIINGRAM Cayuga County 1828-1845  
YAWGER Lyn Harter Cayuga County 1840-1870 Posterd 1/13/2000
YAWGER Joanna Janish Springport 1840-Present 11/04/02
YOUNG / YOUNGS Linda Jasztal Owasco 1860 - 06/03/03
YOUNG Sandra Little Chatterley Aurelius , Cayuga County After circa 1815 08/27/02
YOUNG David Radloff Auburn, Aurelius 1820  
YOUNG Pat Wilson Cayuga County 1800-1850  
YOUNG Anne Smittle Cayuga County early 1800s 11/27/02
YOUNGLOVE Grace Hudson Locke 1816  
YOUNGLOVE Dave Conover Throop 1805  
ZITZER, SITZER, SITSER, SITTSER, SITSEN Charles W. Paige Throopsville/Weedsport 1812 - 1850 04/04/03
ZULA   Karen Bradley Pettigrew Auburn    

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