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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please (Bernie Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

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Surname Submitter Cayuga County Location Circa Date Posted
SALISBURY John Swem Cayuga County 1780-1830 Aug. 15, 2006
SALISBURY Mark Brown Cayuga County 1800 to 1860 11/13/03
SALISBURY Deb Johnson Scipio 1809 - 01/12/02
SALZER Sharon Loysen Cayuga County   7/20/02
SAMBROOK James Allen Ridley, Sr. Auburn 1868-1915 Posted 6/23/2000
SANDERS / SAUNDERS Jean Sanders Mentz & Aurelius 1820s & 1830s Posted 11/10/01
SANDHAM Sharon Loysen Cayuga County    
SANFORD Clovis Vaughn Aurelius/Sterling Center 1761 - 1900  
SARR / SAAR Linda Jasztal Owasco 1845  
SAVARESE Cheryl Switzer Deuel Cayuga County   1/28/02
SAWDY / SAWDEY Richard Jenkins Scipio, Cayuga Co. 1800 - 1830 04/20/2009
SAWDY David Sawdy Scipio 1812  
SAWYER M2niebrn      
SAXTON Peter Scarborough Cayuga County 1840-present 01/12/2006
SAXTON Sharon Foley Cayuga County 1855  
SAYLES Cayuga County ca 1829 posted 10/27/2000
SAYLES Cindy_Duhamel Locke 1800  
SCANLON Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1886-1940's  
SCHANTZ Judy Landauer Dryden, Cayuga Co., NY 1800-1815 06/04/2005
SCHENCK Liz Cornish Cayuga County   07/31/2006
SCHOONMAKER M.B. Miller Cayuga County 1832-present  
SCHOONMAKER Tammy Underwood Cayuga County 1883-1911  
SCHULTZ Linda Brinkman Cayuga County    
SCHUYLER Robert Kolsters Cayuga County 1640-Present Posted 3/1/99
SCOTT Bob Lewis Cayuga County    
SCOTT Susette Newberry Mentz 1825-1865  
SCOTT Linda Jasztal Conquest 1850  
SCOTT Richard Scott Brutus, Weedsport, Martville, Cayuga County 1780 - 1925 11/03/2015
SEARS Marsha Anderson Cayuga county, Sennett, Auburn   10/05/04
SECAUR Jerry Secaur Niles and Auburn ca 1880 Posted 3/29/00
SEDORE Wanda Cato, Cayuga County   12/01/04
SELFRIDGE Ruth M. Bartlett Cayuga County 1700's-1800's  
SELLECK CayugaLand Cayuga County 1810-1860  
SELLOCK CayugaLand Cayuga County 1810-1860  
SERVEN V. Calvin Cayuga County 1825-1900 03/22/03
SEYMOUR David Cummings Victory 1797-1848 08/21/2008
SHAFT Glenn Shaft Cayuga County   05/15/2006
SHATTUCK Ira, Cayuga County   01/04/2008
SHAVER Sarah Emmerson Niles/Moravia Mid 1800's  
SHAW Cayuga County 1780-1830 07/06/04
SHAW Kathy Decker Auburn After 1850  
SHAW Gene Fossey      
SHAYLER Sharon Marshall Cayuga County   02/09/04
SHERWOOD Terry Sherwood Scipio, Cayuga County 1792 + 07/25/04
SHUTTS Catherine Faulkner Cayuga County   11/02/2006
SIBUS Klaus Sibbus Auburn Cayuga and in Geneva 1860 05/16/04
SINSABAUGH Steve Sinsabaugh Cayuga County    
SENSABAUGH Steve Sinsabaugh Cayuga County    
SHARP Wilda Marshall Brown Scipio 1860 - 1900  
SHARP Chuck Seyfert      
SHARP Catherine Faulkner     Posted 7/30/2000
SHATTUCK Ira, Cayuga County   01/05/2008
SHAW Norm Shaw Montezuma 1850 - 1880 Posted 11/15/01
SHERMAN Veronica M. Hucker Venice Mid 1800's  
SHERMAN Ann Lambert Scipio 1800  
SHIELDS Louie Dunn Cayuga County 1800s 09/07/05
SHEILS Judith Boatman Aurora,King Ferry;Genoa from 1850  
SHIMER  Sharon Cayuga County   Posted 5/2/99
SHIRLEY Nancy Tweedie Niles, Cayuga County 1800s 07/08/03
SHORT Gary Flesher Auburn 1829-1914  
SHUTTER Jessica Armstrong Auburn After about 1900 01/17/2008
SIGNOR Andy Simon Southern Cayuga County 1770-present Posted 8/9/99
SILSBY Rebecca Polhamus Cayuga County 1600-Present Posted 10/16/01
SIMPSON Locke 1830s - 01/03/03
SIMON Linda Jasztal Auburn/Brutus 1850-  
SIMONS Linda Jasztal Auburn/Brutus 1850-  
SIMONS Susan Ball Tyson Fleming, Union Springs, Aurelius 1790-1870  
SINCERBOX Steve Sinsabaugh Cayuga County    
SIRACUSA Greg Garbinsky Auburn, Cayuga County after 1890 05/25/09
SITZER, SITSER, SITTSER, SITSEN, ZITZER Charles W. Paige Throopsville/Weedsport 1812 - 1850 04/04/03
SIVER Carolyn Siver Cayuga County NY 1800-1860 08/15/2012
SKADAN G.L.Rottger Cayuga County   08/01/01
SLACK Mary Slack Maynard Cayuga County 1820 04/12/2006
SLAVENSKI Sandra Yameogo Ira, Cato, Cayuga County 1900s 08/01/2011
SLY Rita Neumann Port Byron 1800s 02/09/03
SMITH Emily Cole Cayuga County 1800s 10/9/2005
SMITH Cayuga County 1800s 02/23/03
SMITH Betty Cary Genoa , Cayuga County 1775+ - 1800s 08/29/02
SMITH Bill Moyes Aurelius area 1780-1820  
SMITH Lou Ann Roberts Ira 1800  
SMITH Chuck Seyfert      
SMITH   Maggie Welsh     Auburn   Posted 5/27/1999
SMITH   Howard Roberson Victory ca 1850 Posted 8/8/99
SMITH Lyn Harter Cayuga County 1830-present Posted 1/13/2000
SNAPP Barbara Nelson Cayuga County 1810-1820  
SNOW Nancy Tweedie Niles, Cayuga County 1800s 07/08/03
SNOW Cayuga County   Posted 11/20/01
SNYDER Sempronius, Cayuga, NY   11/03/2006
SNYDER Herman Stephan Conquest 1810-1880 04/08/2006
SNYDER Lori Cayuga County   12/30/2005
SNYDER HERMAN STEPHAN Cayuga County 1780 to the 1850's 11/24/04
SNYDER Terri Freeman   1820-1890  
SOAMES Bonniekarp Cayuga County Early 1800's  

Sharon Spaker Crandall

Auburn, Cayuga County   08/15/2013
SOCCI Cheryl Switzer Deuel Cayuga County   1/28/02
SOULE Laurie Brunschweiger Cato and Auburn,Port Byron, Victory, Red Creek, & Ira Early 1800's Posted 12/20/01
SOUTHARD Sheila Gould Smith Ira, Cayuga County 1800s + 08/18/2007
SOUTHMAYD/SOUTHMAID Cheryl Stanfield Scipio and Venice 1800 to 1830 11/16/04
SOUTHWICK Connie Ardrey Cayuga County 1815 Posted 7/11/1999
SPAULDING Tony Zahorik Summer Hill 1835  
SPALDING Kathy Brummel   1813 - 1870  
SPEED Sherry Speed Cayuga County 1800+ Posted 5/31/1999
SPENCER Bill Orr Cayuga County   03/12/03
SPERRY Peggy Kobliska Cayuga County 1778  
SPICKERMAN Margaret Quivey DeMarco Victory Circa 1800  
SPRAGUE Karen Rinnert Parsons Cayuga County 1801  
SPRINGSTED / SPRINGSTEAD Ened Roughton Montezuma After 1840 10/05/02
SROCZYK Lori Cayuga County   12/30/2005
STAPLES Kristy Hammond Auburn, Aurelius, Brutus 1795 - 1831 4/10/02
STARKWEATHER Sue Crosby Cayuga County 1830  
STEDMAN Dale Stedman Willett Cayuga County   05/03/03
STEDMAN Helen Brandt Cato 1781  
STEELE Carolyn Armitage Paddock Knefely   ca 1800's  
STEPHENS Bebhinn Springport 1838  
STEPHENSON Jane Ashby Five Corners, Genoa 1830  
STEVENS Jack & Vickie Union Springs, Springport, Cayuga County 1850 - 1890 03/15/2008
STEVENS Judith Knight Genoa ca 1820-1833  
STEVENS Patsy Allen Venice/Genoa 1850-1956 Posted 1/4/99
STEVENS Lyn Harter Auburn 1850-1900 Posted 1/13/2000
STEVENSON Martha S. Magill Brutus/Weedsport 1835-1910  
STEWART Darwina Michael Genoa 1810  
STILSON Stephen E. Bush Cayuga County 1800s 08/29/03
STODDARD Judy Landauer Dryden, Cayuga County 1800 - 1815 08/11/04
STODDARD David Paulsen Cayuga County Prior to 1870 06/13/04
STONE Pat Given Cayuga County After 1790's  
STORY/STOREY Charles H. Lowry Cayuga County 1845  
STORY Deb (Story) Ward Cayuga Co. 1810 - 1817 Posted 5/17/99
STOTTLE HEB Hunts Cayuga County 1797  
STOWELL CHRIS MOORE Cayuga County 1800  
STOWELL Anna D. Cayuga Co 1800's  
STRONG Roger Strong Freestone Genoa, NY 1869-1900 Posted 10/3/99
STUART Julia "Sue" Stuart Scipio/East Venice 1800-1830 01/28/03
STUBLI Ann O'Leary Syracuse in Onondaga County 1840s 07/23/2006
STURGIS Judy Jordan Cato 1820-1855 03/07/2009
SULLIVAN  Maggie Welsh     Auburn   Posted 5/27/1999
SULLIVAN Dorrie P. Traficante Mentz 1860  
SULLIVAN Sean Sullivan King Ferry 1860  
SULLIVAN Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1864-1940's  
SULLIVAN Tom Driscoll Auburn 1874-1934 Posted 3/7/99
SULLIVAN Karen Tehan Auburn 1880 Posted 2/7/99
SWAN Gary Mols Aurora 1810-1830  
SWARTHOUT Mila - Pacwest Services Cayuga County 1810-1850  
SWARTOUT Mila - Pacwest Services Cayuga County 1810-1850  
SWARTWOUT Mila - Pacwest Services Cayuga County 1810-1850  
SWEZEY Derek Cayuga County 1819  
SWIFT Carol Williams Cayuga County Pre 1819  
SWIFT Tim Shiple Scipio / Aurelius 1800 Posted 3/9/2000
SWITZER Joe Goodbody Conquest; Port Byron; Auburn


SYKES Kathie Schmidt Cayuga County Owasco Area 1876 to 1892 Posted 5/12/2001

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