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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please (Bernie Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

Surname Submitter Cayuga County Location Circa Date Posted
RACE Cassandra Olson Cayuga County NY 1800s + 12/13/2007
RADCLIFF / RADCLIFFE Lori Cayuga County   12/30/2005
RADFORD Harvey Radford Brutus and Weedsport 1800 and early 1900 06/08/2006
RADFORD Cayuga County 1800s 4/7/2006
RADFORD Weedsport Mid 1800s 06/25/04
RAISH christine forker Auburn, Cayuga County 1800s 07/01/03
RAMSEY James Chambers Auburn 1750 - 1900 Posted July 11, 1999
RANDALL Pat Hults Cayuga County Early 1800s 03/05/03
RANSIER Diane Van Kampen Chestelson Cayuga County   08/19/2016
RATHBONE Robert Rathbun      
RATHBUN Robert Rathbun      
RATHBURN Robert Rathbun      
RAVEN Cathy Larkins Sterling/Throop/Conquest/Cayuga Co, NY 1870-1945 03/17/12
REED Paul Reed Martville Pre 1914 10/04/04
REED Lyn Harter Owasco 1800-1891 Posted 1/13/2000
REED Don Rose Aurelius 1830  
REID/REED CayugaLand Cayuga County 1810-1860  
REMINGTON Richard Remington Auburn Circa 1920 -  
RENAHAN Colleen Graham Auburn NY   02/13/2007
REYNOLDS Jessica Armstrong Aurelius, Cayuga County After about 1870 +/- 01/17/2008
REYNOLDS Sharon Warner Wickham Moravia    
REYNOLDS Kathleen E. Waasdorp CAYUGA-AUBURN 1846-1918 Posted 2/2/2001
RHINEHART Sarah Emmerson Cayuga County   02/02/04
RHOADS Susan Sempronious/Moravia    
RHOADS / RHOADES Sharon Cayuga County   Posted 5/2/1999
RHODA Jeannie and Ray Cayuga County circa 1850  
RHOADES Sandra Stuart mostly Brutus, Weedsport, and Cato 1800-1850 01/19/2007
RHODES Susan Sempronious/Moravia    
RICE Suzanne McPherson Sterling 1900  
RICE Linda Brinkman Cayuga County    
RICE Sharon Loysen     Posted 1/10/99
RICH Linda Victory or Ira 1830-1880 12/09/04
RICHARDS Richards Family Moravia    
RICHARDSON Sarah Emmerson Niles, Moravia   04/23/04
RICHARDSON M.G. Allen Niles, Sempronius 1800s Posted 10/21/01
RICHARDSON Pmmarkle      
RICHMOND Cheryl Nelson Sempronius/Niles ca 1800-1825  
RIDDLESWORTH Julie P. Riddlesworth      
RIDER Victory / Cayuga County 1830 - 1860 05/25/02
RIDLEY James Allen Ridley, Sr. Ledyard, Scipioville, Throopsville and Auburn 1850-Present Posted 6/23/2000
RIGGS Mike Henry Cayuga County 1800  
RILEY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Union Springs 1850-1900's  
RINEHART Leona Tyree   1800's Posted 08/21/2005
ROBINSON Jackie Summerhill, Cayuga County 1790-1860 07/08/2009
ROBINSON Tim Robinson Cayuga County, Niles 1840-1880 9/13/2008
ROBINSON Karen Bradley Cayuga County after 1882 08/04/02
ROBINSON Pmmarkle Cayuga County    
ROBINSON WA1IJO Cayuga County 1800  
ROBINSON Jen Cranch Brutus, Sennett Early 1800's  
ROBISON Allison Jenkins Summerhill, Cayuga County Early 1800's 06/09/09
ROCKAFELLOW Barbara Hurst Cayuga County 1729-1809  
RODERICK Sharon Cayuga County   Posted 5/2/1999
RODRIGUE Sharon Cayuga County   Posted 5/2/1999
ROGERS Bob Dickson Cayuga County   06/17/2008
ROLLINS Charles H. Lowry Cayuga County 1845  
ROMANS Mary Ann (Romans) Forbes Mentz and Cayuga County 1820s + 09/15/2010
ROOKER Dawn Roe Port Byron 1800 02/26/2006
ROSE Don Rose Sennett 1850  
ROSE Nancy Rose Sterling 1800's Posted 3/4/2000
ROSECRANS Moravia, Cayuga County 1824-1876 Posted 11/20/01
ROSS Cayuga County   07/02/04
ROSS Chris Dennis Cayuga County    
ROSS Sharon Loysen     Posted 1/10/99
ROUNDY Sessa I      
ROWLAND Dale Calder Sterling 1840-1870 08/10/2005
ROYCE Jackie Ross Cayuga County    
RUDE Phil Gates Scipio, Cayuga Co 1810 - 1850 03/19/05
RUDIK / RUDICK Jodie Necaise Auburn After 1910 08/04/02
RUMSEY Sarah Emmerson Cayuga County   02/02/04
RUNDELL Cayuga County   01/17/04
RUSCO Lyn Harter Owasco/Scipio 1870-1900 Posted 1/13/2000
RUSSEL / RUSSELL See Info Auburn, Cayuga County NY & OH   02/04/2014
RUSSELL Allyn Russell Cayuga County   10/05/2005
RYAN John Ryan Auburn, Cayuga, NY 1848-1890 11/27/2011
RYAN Colleen Graham Auburn NY   02/13/2007
RYERSON Nancy Cunningham Springport, Cayuga County circa 1870 03/16/03

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