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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please (Bernie Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

Surname Submitter Cayuga County Location Circa Date Posted
NASH Sharon Foley Cayuga County 1855  
NELL Dodi Cayuga County   08/15/2007
NELSON Ron Hanley Port Byron area 1800-1865  12/02/02
NELSON Sue Ozawa Auburn 1846  
NEMEC Sarah Emmerson Moravia/New Hope Early 1900's  
NEWBURY Cindy Siegrist Aurelius 1809  
NEWCOMB Dan Touse Union Spr/Auburn, NY 1850-present  
NEWLAND Sarah Emmerson Sempronius/Moravia 1700's-1800's  
NEWLAND Sara Newland Sempronius/Moravia 1700's-1800's 11/12/2011
NILES John Niles Niles, Sempronius 1800-1850  
NOLAN Kathy Decker Auburn After 1860  
NOLAN Tom Rickey Montezuma 1849-1900 Posted10/01/00
NOLIN Robert Nolin Auburn 1870-1953  
NORMAN Penny Hoffman Genoa 1800s-present 01/16/03
NORRIS james jimenez Auburn, Cayuga County 1800s-present 07/05/04
NORRIS Donna Gauthier Fleming, Auburn 1838  
NORTHRUP Carla Davenport Cayuga County 1800-1840 Posted 2/17/99
NOSTRANDT Dottie Piechocki Moravia    

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