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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please (Bernie Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you.  Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

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Surname Submitter Cayuga County Location Circa Date Posted
MACK Dave8022 Moravia/Auburn ca 1870  
MACMASTER Glenda Horn   ca 1927 Posted 5/1/2000
MADDEN Bill Brahney Cayuga County   05/21/03
MAHANNAH Jacquelyn Bell-Brown Cayuga County    
MAHER Gary Tatum Cayuga County   06/10/2007
MAIN Bernard, Elizabeth Cayuga County, East Venice, Genoa, Moravia circa 1784 – present 06/01/2017
MAIN Wilda Marshall Brown Scipio 1900-present  
MAIN Bill Scholtes Cayuga 1775-1841  
MAIN Patsy Allen   1919-present Posted 1/4/99
MAIN Mac Main Scipio ca 1813 posted 8/10/99
MALONEY Dan Touse Auburn, NY 1850-present  
MANNING Ann O'Leary Victory 1850-present 07/20/2006
MANNORE     Posted 1/28/99 
MANROE Jeff Ward Brutus 1800  
MANROW Jeff Ward Brutus 1800  
MAPES Harley L. Miller Cayuga County 1784  
MARBACK Jayne E Thompson Auburn, Cayuga County ca 1850 - 1900 06/17/09
MARCY Sue Kelly Cayuga County 1807-1813  
MARSHALL Joanne Williams Auburn, Cayuga County 1800s + 04/03/04
MARSHALL Sharon Loysen Cayuga County   7/20/02
MARSHALL Chuck Keenan Auburn 1930-1975 Posted 4/3/99
MARSHALL Karen Bradley Cayuga County 1800's Posted 8/18/99
MASTIN Betty Cary Genoa. Cayuga County 1800s 06/11/09
MARTIN Deborah Martin-Plugh Auburn and Cayuga County Circa: 1875 – present 09/21/2010
MARTIN Lou Ann Roberts Conquest circa 1800-1900  
MARTINDALE Cayuga County 1840  
MARVIN Lou Ann Roberts Conquest, Emerson 1800-1900  
MASAREK Sarah Emmerson Moravia/New Hope Early 1900's  
MASON Charles H. Lowry Cayuga County 1845  
MASON Phyllis Cayuga County 1775-1850  
MAY Raymond May Aurelius, Cayuga County 1800s 07/22/2005
MAYWALT John Harvey Cayuga County   04/23/04
MAXAM Rhonda Cayuga County mid 1800s 10/27/2005
MCBURNEY Ardis J. Pierce Ira 1830s 01/28/2006
McCABE Rita Bishop Kautz Cato and Auburn Circa 1849  
McCABE Rita Frank Cayuga Co. 1850-present  
MCCALL Ward and Sandy Bray Cayuga County 1850-1880  
McCARTHY Bill Brahney Cayuga County   05/21/03
McCARTHY Michael McCarthy Auburn 1835-1910  
McCARTHY Joan A. Mikels Cayuga County    
McCARTHY Gary Mols Aurora 1860's  
MCCARTHY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1864-1940's  
MCCARTY Gary Mols Aurora 1860's  
MCCARTY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1864-1940's  
MCCREEDY Jan Robinson Cayuga County 1785-1850  
MCDONALD Dennis Schlagheck Auburn 1845-1920 Posted 8/11/99
MCELHENY richard marsh Cayuga Co. 1804-  
MCFADDEN Anna Pinkerton-Richards Sterling 1808  
MCGARR Ellen Cayuga County 1830-1890 03/01/05
MCGARR Honora Cayuga County   04/01/04
MCGARR Ellen Finley Cayuga County   1/31/02
MCGEER Susan Sempronious, Moravia    
MCGINN Nancy McGinn Auburn, Cayuga County 1900s 09/08/03
MCGIVER Elaine Port Byron - Auburn   02/06/02
MCGORDON Gary Mols Aurora 1830-1930  
MCGRATH Richard McGrath Cayuga 1850-1895  
MCGRAW Diane Titus Victory   01/18/03
McINTYRE Kenneth McIntyre Sterling, NY 1800-1930 (as far back as possible) 11/15/2008
MCKAIN Sunny2345 Cayuga County 1800-present  
MCKAIN Karen Tehan Auburn 1840 Posted 2/7/99
MCKAY Steve Auburn 1875-1950  
MCKEON Judith Boatman Cayuga County from 1850  
MCLANE Joan A. Mikels Cayuga County    
MCLAUGHLIN Wilda Marshall Brown Scipio 1860 - 1885  
MCLAUGHLIN Tammy Underwood Cayuga County 1883-1911  
MCNEIL Melanie Cayuga County 1800 - 1840 09/09/2006
MCNETTS Gary Joslyn Cato, Cayuga County 1800s 07/16/09
MCNITT Charles and Gail Snow Cayuga County 1800-1830 Posted 4/3/99
MCOWEN Molly McOwen Springport, Cayuga County   02/05/2004
MCPHERSON Suzanne McPherson Sterling 1900  
MEAD Cayuga County   01/23/2008
MEAD John-Paul Mead, MD Cayuga County   Posted 2/7/99
MEAD Faye E. Wood Cayuga County 1813 thru 1867  
MEADE Dorrie P. Traficante Conquest 1850  
MERCHANT Patti J. Merchant-Minier Cayuga Co. c. 1780-1870  
MERRITT Bill Maryott Fleming/Auburn    
METROKA Jodie Necaise Auburn early 1900s 08/04/02
MIDDLETON Sarah Emmerson Scipio   02/02/04
MIGLIACCIO Linda Auburn 1920's-present Posted 5/1/2000
MIKOSZ Marilyn Bower Springport 1940's 04/05/2007
MILES Will Slater Cayuga County 1800s 04/15/2007
MILES Shelley Livaudais Summerhill & Locke c. 1840-1900 05/06/03
MILK Jen Cranch Aurelius/Fleming Early 1800's  
MILLER James A. Miller Auburn 1800's to late 1820's 10/11/2010
MILLER Carol Corr Aurelius/Auburn 1800s 05/26/03
MILLER Karl Swartz Genoa/Scipio/Venice 1830 - 1940 03/02/03
MILLER Judith Goodwin Aurelius   Posted 11/11/01
MILLER Kathi Frenz McCarthy Fair Haven / Cayuga County 1900's Posted 2/21/2000
MILLER Robert Kolsters Throopsville 1776-1920 Posted 12/28/01
MILLER Sue Ann Brenchley Cayuga County   04/16/2012
MILLS Mary Scott Niles/Cayuga 1800-1830's  
MINCOLLA Nick Cayuga County   09/01/2007
MINTURN Christine Gibbs Cayuga County   04/15/2006
MITTEN Robert Kolsters Cayuga County 1845-1960 Posted 3/1/99
MIX Auburn late 1790's - 1825 07/30/03
MOBBS Sam Gilmore Throopsville circa 1890s 06/30/2005
MOFFIT Robin Easter Auburn 1873-Present 04/20/2007
MONAGHAN Kathleen E. Monahan Auburn    
MONAHAN Kathleen E. Monahan Auburn    
MONROE Jeff Ward Brutus 1800  
MONTGOMERY Emily Cole Cayuga County   12/29/2005
MONTROSS Kevin A Montross Auburn, Cayuga County 1900s 12/8/03
MOORE Claudia Schuman Auburn 1860-  
MOORE Julie P. Riddlesworth      
MOREHOUSE Sue Schroeder Cayuga County 1800s 4/15/03
MOREY Kay B. Locke 1820-1845 06/15/2006
MORGAN Teresa Culver Ledyard   02/02/03
MORIARTY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1874  
MORLEY Richard L. Ashmun Auburn 1817  
MORRELL Cato/Conquest 1890-present posted6/26/99
MORRIS Cindy_Duhamel   1820  
MORRIS Jim Kelland      
MORRISON Beth Manners Genoa 1795-1810 Posted 6/6/00
MORSE Dale Davidson Harguess Ledyard 1800s + 05/22/2009
MORSE Julie P. Riddlesworth      
MORSE Mary Revenis Cayuga County After Circa 1828 04/04/2012
MOSCHAK Rhonda McLaughlin Auburn area 1940-50 02/25/02
MOSHER Mary Mercatoris Cayuga County NY   07/26/2009
MOSHER Kennith W. Colby Cayuga County 1800 - 1910 07/18/2006
MOSS Sarah Emmerson Moravia   04/23/04
MOSS Steve Moravia 1855?  
MOSS Wilda Marshall Brown Owasco/Auburn 1800  
MOTT C K Soroka Cayuga County Prior to 1829 09/04/02
MOWBRY Jim Kelland      
MULLALLY Judith Boatman Cayuga County from 1850  
MULLEN Merry Gantley Cayuga County 1850  
MULVANEY Tom Mulvaney King Ferry/Genoa   circa. 1860 03/26/2013
MULVEY Bob Dickson Cayuga County   06/17/2008
MURNEY Laurel Auchampaugh Port Byron 1868 03/15/03
MURPHY Joan A. Mikels Cayuga County    
MURRAY Pat Littlefield Cayuga County 1800s 02/02/04
MUSSELMAN Sherlene Belden Unknown 1824  
MYERS Catherine Faulkner Cayuga County   11/02/2006
MYERS Nancy Canfield Cayuga County 1800s 05/10/2006
MYERS Barb Lombardo Cayuga County 1940-50 04/20/2006
MYERS Cayuga County   01/13/03
MYERS Anne Smittle Cayuga County 1780-1830s 11/27/02

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