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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

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Surname Submitter Cayuga County Location Circa Posted
DADY / DADE Ruth Farnand Auburn 1880 - 1900 07/28/02
DALEY  Norine Daley Kildea   Montezuma       1850's. Posted 5/2/99
DALTON Rita Frank Auburn 1900-persent  
DALY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Union Springs 1850's  
DAMON Cayuga County   07/24/2005
DANAHEY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Cayuga-Auburn 1863-1918  
DANAHY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Cayuga-Auburn 1863-1918  
DANDRIDGE     Patsy Allen Venice 1869-1936 Posted 1/4/99
DANIELS E Daniels Scipio early to mid 1800s 09/08/2009
DARROW Ron Darrow Cayuga-Auburn 1900 to Present Posted 2/2/2001
DART Lou Ellis Moravia and Locke 1890s 03/02/2006
DAVIDS Mike Cayuga New York 1700s 1800s  
DAVIES Ray Agee Auburn 1870 to Present 02/16/03
DAVISON Bob Heisner Cayuga County    
DAY James Allen Ridley, Sr. Port Byron 1868-1953 Posted 6/23/2000
DEAN Peter G. Evans Cayuga County 1763 - 1854  
DECAMP Nancy Mead Cayuga County 1790 - 1900 08/13/2009
DECKER Sarah Emmerson Moravia, Nilrs   02/02/04
DECKER Kathy Decker Auburn/Montezuma After 1850  
DEERING Karen Tehan Auburn 1850 Posted 2/7/99
DEERING Karen McAndrew Auburn, Cayuga County 1840's to the Present 06/24/2012
DEFOREST Nancy Wilson Cayuga County 1800's  
DEFREZE Ken Veneron Auburn 1830 - 1930  
DEGRAFF Peter DeGraff Cross Cayuga County   11/15/2010
DELANEY Karen E. Ford Union Springs, Cayuga County   01/05/2006
DEMMING David R. Demming Mentz 1809 Posted 2/7/99
DEMONT Bill Moyes Aurelius area 1780-1820  
DEMPSEY Merry Gantley Port Byron 1860-1870  
DENNIS Sharon Loysen Cato Area     Posted 1/10/99
DERBY Chuck Samson     10/31/2007
DERBYSHIRE Sarah Emmerson Moravia, Niles   02/02/04
DEVEREAUX Pete Devereaux Auburn    
DEVINE Lou Ellis Moravia and Locke 1890s 03/02/2006
DEVINE / DIVINE Gale Tanis Sterling, Cayuga County early 1800s 05/19/02
DEVITT Colleen Graham Auburn NY   02/13/2007
DEVLIN Melinda Cornwell Summerhill 1860  
DEVOE Duane DeVoe Cayuga County 1800-1900 12/14/2007
DEVOE Jessica Armstrong Owasco After 1880 01/17/2008
DEVOE Ward and Sandy Bray Owasco/Niles 1799-1910  
DEWITT Wilda Marshall Brown Owasco/Auburn 1800  
DEWITT Steve Lundgren By Owasco Lake 1795  
DEYO Cayuga County 1800s 02/23/03
DIBBLE George A. Dibble III Cayuga County  
DICKENS Jeannie Josephson      
DICKENSON Janet Slivinski Auburn, Aurelius, Cayuga Co., NY 1800, 1838-1839 06/30/05
DICKINSON Cynthia Dickinson Cayuga County 1810-1850 08/13/2007
DICKSON Bob Dickson Cayuga County   06/17/2008
DIETZ Bill Orr Cayuga County   03/12/03
DILLINGHAM Carol Williams Cayuga County Pre 1819  
DINO Anna D. Cayuga Co 1810  
DIXON Jen Cranch Brutus 1800  
DOANE Jeff Ward Brutus After 1813  
DOLLARD Kathleen E. Monahan Auburn    
DOLTON Marina Wilson Locke 1860  
DODD Kathy Townsley Genoa Pre 1870  
DONAHUE Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Cayuga-Auburn 1863-1918  
DONOVAN Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1860's-1942  
DONNELLY Rita Bishop Kautz Auburn 1870-1890  
DOTY Jeannine Anderson Scipio 1795-1805 12/28/03
DOTY Rita Bishop Kautz Auburn 1870-1890  
DOTY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Sennett 1708-1870  
DOTY Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1881- 1940's  
DOUGHTY Nora Rowan Aurora   10/29/03
DOUGLASS Jolyn Duff Springlake 1820  
DOWNES Georgianna Tracy Cayuga County   Posted 8/11/99
DOWNING Deborah Martin-Plugh Aurelius, Venice, Genoa Circa: 1829 – present 09/21/2010
DOYLE Les Caughlin Cayuga County  
DRAKE Debbie Cayuga County 1785 + 01/27/2008
DRAKE Auburn & northern Cayuga County
(Cato, Merdian,Victory )
1830-1900 01/06/05
DRAKE Paul Drake Cayuga County 1800's 09/05/2016
DRAPER Cheryl Nelson Sempronius/Niles ca 1800-1825  
DRINKWINE John de Marrais Aurelius Circa: 1820, 1830  
DRISCOLL Tom Driscoll Auburn 1874-1934 Posted 3/7/99
DUGAN Kay Tiernan Sterling NY 1820-2005 10/10/2005
DUGAN Mary Jo Meenen Cayuga County 1800s 08/01/04
DULSO Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1887  
DUNAVAN Mary Jo Meenen Cayuga County 1800s 08/01/04
DUNBAR Joan A. Mikels Cayuga County    
DUNHAM Dawn Roe Cayuga County 1830  
DUNN Donna Auburn late 1880's-1965  
DUNNING Ronnie Aungst Cayuga County 1800's  
DUNSTER Jayne Thompson Cayuga County   11/18/02
DWELLO Sally Cannioto Port Byron 1888-1940 09/04/2005
DWINELL(E) Sharon Marshall Cayuga County   02/09/04
DWYER Donna Gauthier Cayuga County 1873  
DWYER  Maggie Welsh     Cayuga County   Posted 5/27/1999
DYKEMAN Mike McCormick Ira Late 1800-Early 1900  

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