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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please (Bernie Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

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Surname Submitter Cayuga County Location Circa Date Posted
CADY CayugaLand Cayuga County 1810-1860  
CADY Robert Grover Fleming,Grover Settlement 1790-1830  
CADZOW Sharon Loysen Cayuga County    
CALHOUN Karen Calhoun NYS, (?) Cayuga County mid 1800s + 09/28/04
CALDWELL / COLWELL / COLDWELL Verna Cayuga County, Springport 1800s 03/20/2013
CALVERT Charlene Calvert Pinkowski Cayuga County    
CAMPAGNA Linda Auburn 1929-present Posted 5/1/2000
CAMPBELL Bernie Toser Cato, Cayuga County Early 1800s 03/24/2008
CAMPBELL Anne Havens Cayuga County 1834-1840 Posted 8/18/99
CANTRELL Julie P. Riddlesworth Throop, Auburn, Cayuga County 1840's to the Present 06/24/2012
CARBERRY Karen McAndrew      
CARD Judy Bushman Card Scipio    

Tina Saxby

Auburn, Cayuga County   02/01/2015
CARKNER CARKCUZ Cayuga County 1850-1900  
CARL Bradley Arms Cayuga County abt. 1800-1812  
CARROLL Bill O'Donnell Auburn 1850-1920 Posted 1/13/2000
CARMAN Nancy R. Vogt Sterling 1823-1850  
CARMODY Mary Anne O'Hara Dambra Auburn 1892-2001 08-27-01
CARMODY maryanne o'hara Auburn approx 1892-1949  
CARMODY Cayuga County 1899-1950 Posted 4/25/01
CARNICELLI Cayuga County   Posted 4/19/1999
CARNRIGHT David M. Carnrike Cayuga County    
CARNRIKE David M. Carnrike Cayuga County    
CARNWRIGHT David M. Carnrike Cayuga County   03/07/02
CARPENTER Mark McNeil Jordan and Camillus, Cayuga County 1790-1870 05/03/2008
CARR MC Carpenter (Old Invalid E-mail address) Cayuga County   09/10/2007
CARR John Fordyce (Old Invalid E-mail address) Cayuga County    
CARRELL Bradley Arms Cayuga County abt. 1800-1812  
CARRIER Alice Morton Cayuga County 1805 - 1840 04/29/03
CARSON      Patsy Allen   Genoa 1872-1949 Posted 1/4/99
CARTER Joyce Mullen Cayuga County Pre-1836 7-30-01
CARTER Brian Carter Auburn/Aurelius/Cayuga 1850-1900 Posted 11/6/1999
CARTER Betsy Wildes Sterling (Cato), Cayuga Co, NY 1800s 08/03/2007
CARTNER, CARKNER, CORKNER Barbara Carkner Cayuga, Wayne, Otsego, etc counties   03/20/2009
CARTNER CARKCUZ Cayuga County 1850-1900  
CARVER Audley D. Gaston Cayuga County   08/06/01
CARVER Sue Johnpeter Montezuma Before 1850  
CASE Robert Grover Fleming,Grover Settlement 1806-1808  
CAREY Betty Cary Cayuga County circa 1815 03/17/03
CASPER Karen Tehan Auburn 1800 Posted 2/7/99
CASS Gary Mols Aurora 1900+  
CASTOR Darien Cayuga County 1800-present Posted 6/26/99
CATALANO Linda Auburn 1912-present Posted 5/1/2000
CATALFANO Greg Garbinsky Auburn, Cayuga County after 1890 05/25/09
CATLIN Joanna Janish Springport - Cayuga County 1857-1880+ 11/04/02
CATON John C. Caton Conquest, Cayuga County 1800s 07/11/2005
CHAMBERS Catherine Faulkner     Posted 7/30/2000
CHANTZ Judy Landauer Dryden, Cayuga County 1800-1815 08/11/04
CHAPIN Sharon Loysen Cayuga County    
CHAPMAN Jim Newman   1810-1835  
CHAPMAN Lyn Harter Scipio 1840-1920 Posted 1/13/2000
CHAPMAN Tom Rickey Auburn 1855-1921 Posted 10/01/00
CHARNLEY  Patsy Allen       Venice 1850- Posted 1/4/99
CHASE Cayuga County 1900-1950 4-30-01
CHASE MC Carpenter Cayuga County    
CHERRY Clayton S. Gilmore Mentz, Montezuma, and Throop   01/12/03
CHINIEVICH Kathy Hotaling Cayuga County   Posted 11/25/01
CHITTENDEN Charles H. Lowry Cayuga County ca 1845  
CHITTENDEN Penny Knight Cayuga County   11/27/02
CHRISTMAN Terri Freeman   1820-1890  
CHURCH Lyn Harter Owasco, Niles 1870-1900 Posted 1/13/2000
(Name Changed To CHARLES)
Barbara Charles Sinclair Cayuga County 1900 to present 07/15/2007
CINCERBOX Steve Sinsabaugh Cayuga County    
CLARE / CLAIR Marilyn Aurelius, Cayuga County   04/13/2008

Carole Thomson

Cato, Cayuga County 1840’s-1880’s 3/25/2015
CLARK Bart O'Toole Summerhill, Cayuga County before 1880s 02/20/2012
CLARK Nancy Denton Locke, Cayuga County 1800s 06/21/03
CLARK Liz Cornish Springport, Aurelius, Scipio 1800 - 1850 01/19/03
CLARK Patsy Allen Genoa/Venice 1840-1942 Posted 1/4/99
CLARK Janice Sterling 1805-1845  
CLARKE Chris Dennis Cayuga County    
CLEARY Lou Ann Roberts Westbury 1900  
CLAY Jen Cranch Aurelius/Fleming Early 1800's  
CLEMENT Susan Goodman Cayuga County   09/04/2009
CLINE Donna Gauthier Cayuga County 1900  
CLOSE Lou Ann Roberts Cayuga County 1800  
CLOUGH Auburn 1820-1890 05/23/09
COATS Phyllis Cayuga County 1700-1850 Posted 1/10/99
COBB Carol Guzzo Moravia 1822-1900 02/28/2009
COCHRANE Robert Kolsters Cayuga County 1850-1960 Posted 3/1/99
CODDINGTON Wesley Harden Aurora 1800's  
COLBY Kennith W. Colby Cayuga County 1850-1894 07/18/2006
COLDWELL / COLWELL / CALDWELL Verna Cayuga County, Springport 1800s 03/20/2013
COLE Diane Van Kampen Chestelson Cayuga County 1800s 08/19/2016
COLE RD Cummings Moravia/Sempronius ca 1800    
COLE Tim Cole
(Old-Invalid E-mail Address)
Cayuga County 1810  
COLE Jen Cranch Throop 1830's  
COLEMAN Kelly Townsend Cayuga County   06/12/04
COLEMAN Clarence M. Pickard, M.D Cayuga County    
COLEMAN Gary Welch Victory 1814-1909  
COLEMAN Sarah Emmerson Auburn/Scipio/Moravia 1800's  
COLLIER Harry Coleman Cayuga County   02/05/04
COLLINS Elizabeth Hanebury Brutus/Weedsport 1850+ 12/02/2005
COLLINS Liz Cayuga County After 1770 10/06/02
COLWELL / COLDWELL / CALDWELL Verna Cayuga County, Springport 1800s 03/20/2013
COMENALE Cayuga County 1850-1950+  
CONELY Judith Boatman Union Springs from 1850  
CONKLIN Abert Conklin Dryden NY - Cayuga County NY   12/20/1013
CONKLIN Robin Easter Auburn 1850-present 04/20/2007
CONKLIN / CONCKLIN George Kelly Cayuga County Before 1800 - 1890 09/03/2006
CONKLIN TRACY REINHARDT Cayuga County Early 1800's  
CONKLIN Jen Cranch Owasco/Niles Early 1800's  
CONKLIN Bob Heisner Cayuga County    
CONLEY Sue Pitcher Cayuga County 1800's Posted 11/21/2000
CONNOR Mark Connor Auburn, Cayuga County 1800s 05/01/03
CONNOR Paul Drake Cayuga County 1800's 09/05/2016
CONRAN Linda Talbott Scipio 1850 to present Posted 10/18/01
CONSIDER Sherry[Willson] Ratell Conquest/Cayuga County 1800s 03/25/02
CONYN / CANINE / CARNINE Robert Canine Cayuga County   03/14/03
COOGAN/COGAN Elizabeth Hanebury Brutus/Weedsport 1850-1926 12/02/2005
COOK / COOKE M.M. Morrow Aurelius 1820 - 1850 07/12/2009
COOK Clayton Gilmore Aurelius, Mentz, Montezuma circa 1890 11/24/2005
COOK Holly Azevedo Auburn, Aurelius 1790 - 1900 10/28/2009
COOL Ken Cool Cayuga County 1800-1900 03/22/05
COON Everett Hunt Genoa 1850+  
COOPER Mike Cooper Cayuga County   07/28/02
COOPER Anna Richards Sterling/Sterling Center circa 1805 Posted 10/05/00
COOPER Claudet Benton Victory, Conquest, Mentz 1800s 12/02/02
COOPER Sue Ann Brenchley Cayuga County - 04/16/2012
COPP Kathleen C. Black Brutus, Cayuga County 1800s 06/10/2016
COPPERFIELD Christine Forker Auburn, Cayuga County 1800s 07/01/03
CORCORAN Bernie Corcoran Auburn 1883-present  
CORCORAN Bob Corcoran Auburn 1857-1948  
COREY Billie May Summerhill, Cayuga Co. before 1800 - 1837 12/10/05
CORNELL Bill Cornell Union Springs, Ithaca   03/22/03
CORNELL Phyllis Dixon Dingeman Cayuga County    
CORNELL Lena Hurst Cayuga County 1790-1900 Posted 3/4/2000
CORNING Karen Tehan Auburn 1890 Posted 2/7/99
CORNUE Merlyn Christensen Victory 1827-1846  
CORNWELL Melinda Cornwell Locke 1820  
CORRIGAN Sally S. Jankowski Auburn/Owasco 1845-1900  
CORTRIGHT/KORTRIGHT Cheryl Stanfield Scipio and Venice 1790 to 1880 11/16/04
CORTWRIGHT Clint Prentice Cayuga County 1700s & 1800s 03/23/04
CORWIN Sue Ann Brenchley Cayuga County - 0416/2012
COSTIGAN Merry Gantley Port Byron 1860-1880  
COTHREL Julie Arney Cayuga County 1800-1820 Posted 2/18/99
COTHRELL Julie Arney Cayuga County 1800-1820 Posted 2/18/99
COUCH David E. Fox Cayuga County 1800s 05/09/2007
COUGHLIN Joan A. Mikels Cayuga County    
COUGHLIN Les Caughlin Cayuga County    
COUGHLIN James I. Coughlin Moravia/Auburn in Cayuga County   Posted 3/2/2000
COUNTRYMAN Aaron Countryman Auburn/Brutus 1780- 1840  
COURTRIGHT Cindy Owens Cayuga Co 1820  
COURTWRIGHT Cindy Owens Cayuga Co 1820  
COVEY Richard Seamons Venice, Cayuga County pre 1834 Posted 11/24/01
COVEY Veronica M. Hucker Scipio Mid 1800's  
COWAN Cyndi Saxton Jorae Sterling / Cayuga County 1800+ 01/22/05
COY Lou Coy   Mid 1800's  
COY Carolyn Armitage Paddock Knefely   1800'S  
COX Peter G. Evans Cayuga County 1850-1900  
CRADDOCK Joyce Kimmel Weedsport, Cayuga Co   12/4/2008
CRAMER Gary Welch Victory 1812-1891  
CRAMPTON Jean M. Rommes Brutus   Posted 4/19/99

Sharon Spaker Crandall

Auburn, Cayuga County   08/15/2013
CRANE Leola Sutton Cayuga County 1798-1840 
CRANE Marilyn Finke Auburn/Throop 1794-1813 
CRAPO Sherry[Willson] Ratell Conquest/Cayuga County 1800s 03/25/02
CRAVEN Maggie Harrington Auburn 1900+ 
CRAW Harriet JACKSON MARVIN Sempronius twp. 1700 - 1875 06/08/2006
CRAWFORD Dody Crawford Church Mentz, Cayuga County After 1808 03/19/02
CRAWFORD Barb French Scipio After 1840
CRELLER Douglas Macfie Cato, Victory 1800s 01/07/2009
CRISSY Susan Ball Tyson Union Springs 1800-1870
CROCKER Cheryl Stanfield Genoa 1800 to 1900 11/16/04
CROCKETT Sue Brenchley Sterling Mid 1800's - present 
CROCKFORD TerriC7058 Ira 1850's 
CROFOOT Teresa Culver Fleming, Aurelius, Throop   02/02/03
CRONIN / CRONAN Donna Whitcomb Auburn, Cayuga County Prior to circa 1880 09/28/2009
CROSBY Phyllis Cayuga County 1770-1850 Posted 1/10/99
CROSMAN Gary Welch Cato/Sennett 1794-1820  
CROSS Peter DeGraff Cross Cayuga County   11/15/2010
CROSSETT Nancy Ira 1813-1899 07/21/2008
CROSSMAN Gary Welch Cato/Sennett 1794-1820  
CROUCH j.van.steen Southern Cayuga County 1850 Posted 3/1/99
CROWELY Les Caughlin Cayuga County    
CROWLEY Laura Kaatz Cayuga New York 1850-1860  
CROWLEY Loren Carlson Victory Circa 1820-1870 02/10/03
CRUTHERS Sempronious, Moravia, Locke, Genoa 1830 - present Posted 8/5/01
CULVER Teresa Culver Southern Cayuga Co.   02/02/03
CULVER Dawn Roe Sterling 1850 02/26/2006
CULVER Robert Grover Fleming,Galpin Hill Cemetery 1790-1842  
CULVER Donna Scipio, Cayuga County 1800s 07/28/2008
CUMINGS Sara Newland Sempronius/Moravia 1700's-1800's 11/12/2011
CUMMINGS David Cummings Victory, Cato, Conquest 1825-1875 08/21/2008
CUMMINGS Harriette Jensen Port Byron/Mentz/Cato/Cayuga County 1820s-1890s 05/16/2008
CUMMINGS Montezuma 1800s 06/25/04
CUMMINGS Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Union Springs-Auburn 1857-1940's  
CURREN Connie Conquest, Spring Lake Area 1829-1850 5/14/2005
CURRY Deborah Martin-Plugh Aurelius/ Auburn      1846 to Present 03/25/2013
CURTIN H. Andrew BROWN / BRAUN Scipio 1850-Present  
CURTIS Deborah Martin-Plugh Aurelius, Auburn, Genoa 1830 – present 09/21/2010
CURTIS, CURTISS, CURTICE Bonnie Cayuga County   03/01/03
CURTIS Shirley Cayuga County before 1816 01/03/2008
CURTIS Dawn Curtis Aurelius/Cato circa 1800-1815  
CURTIS Thomas Roderick Aurelius/Cato 1795 -1825  
CURTIS Cindy Siegrist Aurelius 1809  
CURTIS Fritz Cayuga County    
CURTIS Jen Cranch Cayuga Co. Early 1800's  
CURTIS Phyllis Cayuga County 1700-1830 Posted 1/10/99
CURTISS Deborah Williams Auburn, Cayuga County 1820-1880 05/26/03
CURTIS or CURTISS Cayuga County 1800s 09/30/03
CUSHING Jim S. Cayuga County   12/18/04
CUTLER Shelley Livaudais Moravia 1860-present? 5/6/03

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