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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

BABCOCK Phil Gates Scipio, Cayuga Co 1810 - 1850 3/19/05
BABCOCK Paul Carroll Scipio/Venice Area 1800-1844 Posted 1/29/99
BABCOCK B. June Babcock Scipio/Auburn 1800s Posted 10/4/01
BADCOCK Paul Carroll Scipio/Venice Area 1800-1844 Posted 1/29/99
BABCOCK Chuck Samson     10/31/2007
BAIER Debbie Lydon Auburn 1800's 08/23/02
BAIER Paul Drake Cayuga County 1800's  
BAIRD Centerport/Weedsport Circa 1830's  
BAKER Victory / Cayuga County 1820 - 1880 05/25/02
BAKER Audley D. Gaston Cayuga County   08/06/01
BAKER Zaida Baker Rogerson Cayuga County 1843-1932  
BAKER Christine Maurer Brutus 1807-1900  
BALDWIN Aponte1H Ira 1820-1880  
BALDWIN TerriC7058 Ira 1850's  
BALDWIN Jacquelyn Bell-Brown Cayuga County    
BALL Chuck Cayuga County Circa 1826  
BALL MC Carpenter Cayuga County    
BANCROFT Carla Davenport Cayuga County 1795-1840 Posted 2/17/99
BANKS Sarah Emmerson Moravia, Niles 1700's-1800's Posted 3/2/2000
BAN(N)ISTER Shaun Morley Cayuga County   3/14/02
BARBER Lou Ann Mc Intyre Niles,Cayuga County,N.Y.   02/27/02
BARDEN Martha S. Magill Auburn 1840-1870  
BARGY-BARGEY-BARGAY Deck and Margot Bargy Cayuga County 1765 - Today 12/30/02
BARHITE Veronica M. Hucker Moravia Mid 1800's  

Scott Ledfor

Cayuga County, Sterling 1800-1820 12/10/2014
BARNES Liz Cornish Cayuga County   07/31/2006
BARNES Dave Barnes Sterling 1800 & 1900s 02/03/05
BARNES, BARNS Charles W. Paige Throop and Weedsport 1810 - 1850 04/04/03
BARNES Dave Barnes Cayuga County   02/09/2005
BARNES Lyn Harter Cayuga County 1830-1920 Posted 1/13/2000
BARNES Michele Roth Ira & Cato After 1802  
BARRETT Robert Ruston Cayuga County   03/05/04
BARRETT Karen McAndrew Auburn, Cayuga County 1840's to the Present 06/24/2012
BARRON S. Paul Barron Cayuga County   12/31/2005
BARRY Maggie Welsh Auburn/Fleming?      Posted 5/27/1999
BARTLETT Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn/Brutus/Genoa 1796-1850's  
BARTON Lyn Harter Union Springs/Fleming 1840-1860 Posted 1/13/2000
BARUP Carrol BEARUP Martin Owasco & Ledyard before 1865 Posted 6/7/2001
BATEMAN Robert Grover Fleming,Wise Corners 1790-1830  
BATES George Ross Auburn, Brutus, Conquest 1850 + 08/18/02
BATES TerriC7058 Ira 1850's  
BATES Gary Abrams Victory 1800-1860 Posted 2/29/2000
BAUCUS Sharon Loysen Auburn Area    
BEACH Harriette Jensen Port Byron/Mentz/Cato/Cayuga County 1820s-1890s 05/16/2008
BEAM John Fennell Cayuga County   Posted 11/15/01
BEARDSLEY Loren Carlson Victory   02/10/03
BEARDSLEY Lou Ann Roberts Conquest, Cato 1800-1900  
BEARDSLEY C. F. Luginbill Cayuga County 1800's Posted 1/16/99
BEARS Morrene Wisdahl Scipio 1798+ 03/17/2005
BEARUP Clayton S. Gilmore Mentz, Montezuma, and Throop   01/12/03
BEARUP Carrol BEARUP Martin Owasco & Ledyard before 1865 Posted 6/7/2001
BEATTIE Anna Pinkerton-Richards Sterling 1810  
BEAUMONT Rita Neumann Port Byron 1800s 02/09/03
BECKER Aaron Countryman Auburn/Brutus 1780- 1840  
BEDELL John L. Bedell Cayuga Village/Aurelius After 1815  
BELDEN / BELDING Rick Porter Union Springs Before 1847 Posted 2/2/2001
BELL Katie Taylor Cayuga County 1800s + 05/15/2009
BELL Jacquelyn Bell-Brown Cayuga County    
BELL Joe Bell Auburn    
BELLINGER Dave Bellinger      
BILLINGTON Mary Billington Liller Cayuga County 1810  
BEMENT Lynda & B.J. Ozinga Genoa, Cayuga County Before Apr. 1847 03/19/02
BEMIS Dorrie P. Traficante Mentz 1860  
BEMIS Dean Bemis Town of Cato 1810 to 1840  
BENCH David H. Bench Cayuga County   12/15/2007
BENCH Kathy Bench-Martin Cayuga County After 1833  
BENNET Sandra Stuart mostly Brutus, Weedsport, and Cato 1800-1850 01/19/2007
BENNET Sherry[Willson] Ratell Conquest/Cayuga County 1800s 03/25/02
BENNETT Bill Brahney Cayuga County   05/21/03
BENNETT Pmmarkle      
BENNETT Beverly Bierman Springport/Fleming 1813-1848  
BENTON Marilyn Piepho Weedsport/Mentz Circa 1853  
BEREAN(S) Lou Ann Mc Intyre Cayuga County   Posted 10/16/01
BERGAN Pat Ward Welty Auburn 1867 to Present 01/23/2006
BERGEN Cindy Owens Aurelius c1800-1830  
BERGER Anna D. Sempronius 1810  
BESSEE Carolyn Jensen Montezuma Circa 1810  
BESSEY Carolyn Jensen Montezuma Circa 1810  
BEVIER Wilda Marshall Brown Owasco/Auburn 1800  
BEYER / BAIER Paul Drake Cayuga County 1800's 09/05/2016
BILLOWS Judith Rice Weedsport After 1833  
BILLS Nancy Erbland Cayuga County   11/20/2005
BININGER Spencer Hopping Mentz Circa: 1805 - 1850  
BIRCH Phil Gates Scipio 1744 - 1822 04/07/05
BIRCKI Deck and Margot Bargy Cayuga County 1765 - Today 12/30/02
BIRDZELL/BIRDSALL Marguerite Butzow Cato, Cayuga County 1800-1818 08/28/2004
Shirley Birdsall Alexander Cayuga County 1827-1834 04/28/02
BIRDZELL Dawn Curtis Aurelius/Cato circa 1800-1815  
BISHOP Rita Bishop Kautz Auburn 1870-1910  
BISHOP Ward and Sandy Bray Springport 1550-1915  
BISHOP Patsy Allen Venice 1811-1870 Posted 1/4/99
BIXLER Rebecca Polhamus Cayuga County 1600-Present Posted 10/16/01
BIZLEY Sandra Couch Auburn, Cayuga County 1875 - 1920 03/28/03
BLAISDELL Philip R. Freimann Martville, NY 1909 03/21/2006
BLAKESLEY Rob Conley Cayuga County 1800-1810  
BLANCHARD Kathleen Weessies Victory, Cayuga County 1830-1880 10/9/2008
BLANCHARD Pat Blanchard Victory, Sterling, Martville 1820 + 05/12/2008
BLISS Sue Crosby Cayuga County 1799  
BLOUNT Kathy Blount Reyna Cayuga County circa 1830 06/06/2014
BOARDMAN Robert Grover Fleming,Grover Settlement 1806-1808  
BODINE Jessica Armstrong Owasco/Niles after about 1820 01/17/2008
BODLEY Wilda Marshall Brown Owasco/Auburn 1800  
BODLEY Steve Lundgren By Owasco Lake 1795  
BOIVIN John de Marrais Aurelius Circa: 1820, 1830  
BOLGER Donna Auburn After mid 1870's  
BOMAN (aka BOWMAN) Jerry Brown Aurelius, Springport, Auburn 1805 - 1920 08/03/2013
BONKER Kathy Decker Cayuga Co.   Posted 5/17/01
BONTA Glen McDowell Cayuga County 1830-1900 Posted 1/29/99
BOOTH Mac Young Locke (Milton), Summerhill 1800-1900 02/12/05
BOSTWICK Ella West Scipio, Cayuga County   01/05/2008
BOTHWELL Jackie Ross      
BOTSFORD Jeff Ward Cayuga County 1800  
BOTSFORD Lyn Harter Cayuga County 1820-1877 Posted 1/13/2000
BOUGHTON Lyn Harter Owasco/Niles 1800-1880 Posted 1/13/2000
BOWDEN Patsy Allen  Venice 1841-1921 Posted 1/4/99
BOWEN Wes Harden      
BOWEN Kim Branagan Ledyard 1845  
BOWEN Mary Scott Auburn 1800-1830's  
BOWEN Kit      
BOWER Patsy Allen   Genoa 1902-1995 Posted 1/4/99
BOWER Everett Hunt Genoa 1800+  
BOWKER Deborah Martin-Plugh Summerhill/Lansing (Tompkins)/Ulster County 1700’s to Present 03/25/2013
BOWKER Cheryl Comer Summerhill, Cayuga County   11/13/2006
BOWKER Gordon Mitchell Cayuga County 1792-present  

Jerry Brown

Aurelius, Springport, Auburn 1805 to 1920 08/03/2013
BOYLE John Boyle Milton 1800-1835  
BRACKETT Ardis J. Pierce Ira Ira & Hannibal 01/28/2006
BRAFORD TRACY REINHARDT Sempronius & Sterling ca 1800 05/21/03
BRADLEY Karen Bradley Pettigrew Auburn    
BRADLEY Sharon Marshall Cayuga County   02/09/04
BRAFORD Jim Biener Sempronius Area 1800-1840 12/17/2015
BRAHNEY Bill Brahney Cayuga County  
BRAMBLEY Lori Cayuga County pre 1970 12/30/2005
BRANDON Bob White Cayuga County   03/28/04
BRAYTON MC Carpenter Cayuga County    
BREESE / BREEZE Bruce E. Bailey Auburn and Fleming 1860 + 01/19/2006
BRENNAN Savannah 1800s 06/25/04
BRICKS / BRIGGS Bob Phillips Auburn, Cayuga County 1800s 9/28/02
BRIGHAM Linda Crocker Auburn 1800-1860 posted 10/27/2000
BRINKERHOFF Sarah Emmerson Niles, Owasco   02/02/04
BRINKERHOFF Phyllis Doucette Niles/Owasco 1793-1850 01/27/03
BRINKERHOFF Steve Lundgren By Owasco Lake 1795  
BRISTER Amy Tuthill Auburn, Cayuga County   07/04/2007
BRISTOL Marianne Conlee  (old invalid E-mail) Auburn, Cayuga County 1810-1878 03/09/04
BRISTOL Sara Bacon (old invalid E-mail) Aurelius/Auburn 1790+  
BROOKS David Paulsen Auburn, Cayuga County 1827-1870 06/13/04
BROOKS Cliff Williams Weedsport 1860-1893  
BRONG Wanda Brong Williams Venice Circa 1885-1894  
BROWN Marilyn (Brown) LeVeque Conquest, Owasco 1830-current 08/14/2010
BROWN Erik Quist Cayuga County 1842-1900 08/17/2005
BROWN Aurelius, Scipio, Milton 1800-1820 07/21/04
BROWN Mark Brown Ledyard/Scipio/Sherwood 1800 to 1858 11/13/03
BROWN Paul Brown Summerhill 1800-1850 01/08/03
BROWN Dave Bowen Scipio Early 1800s 01/03/03
BROWN Jeanne Howland  Auburn - Cayuga County  Circa 1887-1902 07/02/02
BROWN Dorrie P. Traficante Conquest 1850  
BROWN Dr44521 Cayuga County 1800-1810  
BROWN Robert Kolsters Cayuga County 1870-1920 Posted 3/1/99
BROWN Rissa Stanley Sempronius   Posted 5/30/99
BRUTON Paul Sullivan King Ferry 1900-1960 Posted 5/24/99
BRYANT Alan Price Auburn 1900s 12/13/2004
BUCHANAN Steve Lundgren By Owasco Lake 1795  
BUCKLEY Ted Bates Summerhill 1840s + 10/17/2004
BUELL Barbara Atherton Leffingwell Ledyard, Cayuga Co 1805 - 1840 Posted 3/19/2000
BULLARD Sonia Bullard Caldwell Brutus, Cayuga County 1840 - 1865 01/04/04
BUNDY Nancy Erbland Cayuga County   11/20/2005
BURCH Rosemary Markham Scipio, Cayuga County 1816  
BURGESS Liz Cayuga County after 1770 10/06/02
BURGESS Ken Steffenson Auburn aft 1900  
BURN Patsy Allen   Genoa 1898-1984 Posted 1/4/99
BURN Larry Jennings Ledyard 1860 Posted 2/13/99
BURNETT Brian Burnett Owasco/Victory 1799-1947 01/28/05
BURNS Pat Littlefield Cayuga County 1800s 02/02/04
BURNS Barbara Sterling 1830  
BURNS Judith Boatman King Ferry/Genoa late 1800 through 1945  
BURNS Dennis Schlagheck Auburn 1845-1920 Posted 8/11/99
BURRITT Jayme Anderson Cayuga County 1808-1830 10/01/2006
BURTLESS Carolyn Armitage Paddock Knefely   1700's-1800's  
BUSHMAN Judy Bushman Card Milton/Scipio 1769-1855ss  
BUTLER Mary Butler Tarver Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY Before 1816 08/06/02
BYRNE Dennis Schlagheck Auburn 1845-1920 Posted 8/11/99
BYRNES / BURNS Susan O'Connor Auburn, Cayuga County  1880s on 01/01/04
BYRNS Judith Boatman King Ferry/Genoa late 1800 through 1945  

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