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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please (Bernie Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

ACKERMAN Diane Ward Sives Cayuga County 1770-? Posted 10/27/2000
ACKERSON Auburn 1808  
ADAMS Moravia, Cayuga County 1817-1871 Posted 11/20/01
ADAMS Peter C. Adams Sennett, Cayuga County 1765-1828 Posted 10/7/1999
ADAMS Ruth Ann Williams Cayuga County 1867  
ADAMS Susan Ball Tyson Fleming, Union Springs & Sennett 1810-1880  
ADAMS Greg Adams Location: Fleming, Scipio, Moravia before 1817-present Posted
ADLE Sara L. Sjoberg Sterling, Cayuga County 1800-1835 10/29/03
ADLE Terry Owenby Cayuga County 1810-1840 Posted 12/23/01
AIKEN Kathleen Shroyer Auburn 1860-present posted 10/27/2000
AKIN Robert Akin Scipio and Port Byron 1800-? Posted 11/21/1999
ALEXANDER Selma Bonewald Cayuga County    


Scipio, Cayuga, NY After 1796 03/25/2015
ALLEN Hal Spencer Cayuga County 1800s 12/09/2007
ALLEN Beverly Reid Ledyard, Cayuga County 1800s 5/16/04
ALLEN C K Soroka Cayuga County Prior to 1829 09/04/02
ALLEN M.G. Allen Niles, Sempronius 1800s Posted 10/21/01
ALLEN Rebecca Polhamus Cayuga County 1600-present Posted 10/16/01
ALLEN John Fordyce Cayuga County    
ALLEN David Allen Cayuga County 1802  
ALLEN James Allen Ridley, Sr. Auburn, Port Byron Pre 1900 Posted 6/23/2000
ALLEN Patsy Allen Venice 1774-1850 posted 1/4/99
ALLYN Emily      
AMES Herb Grotheer Cayuga County 1830 through 1860 10/01/2006
AMES Margo Cayuga County 1807-1860  
ANABLE Jack Franklin Cayuga County    
ANDERSON Tony Anderson Auburn   1850-1940 Posted 8/6/99
ANDREW Carol Renner Conquest/Mentz 1817-1840  
ANDREWS Nancy Mead Cayuga County 1790 - 1850 08/13/2009
ANDREWS Mike McCormick Ira Late 1800-Early 1900  
ANDREWS Patsy Allen   Venice   1891-1962 posted 1/4/99
ANNABLE Jack Franklin Cayuga County    
ANNIN karen ifert Cayuga County   08/09/2007
ANTHONY John Fordyce Cayuga County    
ARMITAGE Carolyn Armitage Paddock Knefely   Mid 1800's  
ARMSTRONG Jessica Armstrong Genoa/Venice, Cayuga County 1840-1900 01/17/2008
ARNOLD Hal Spencer Conquest, Cayuga County 1790s - late 1800s 12/9/2007
ARUNDEL Kate Arundell Auburn, Cayuga County   02/18/2007
ASPEL / ASPIL Eliot Christian Auburn, Cayuga County 1800s 02/24/2012
ATHERTON Jean Vineyard Cayuga 1820-1850  
ATHERTON Cayuga County 1800s 12/13/02
ATHERTON Barbara Atherton Leffingwell Ledyard, Cayuga Co. 1800 - 1840. Posed 3/19/2000
ATWELL Chuck Class Aurelius 1800-1810 Posted 07/27/2007
AUCHMOODY Jen Cranch Cato 1850's  
AUSTIN Melinda Cornwell Locke 1800  
AUSTIN Sarah Emmerson Sempronius, Moravia 1700's-1850 Posted 3/2/2000
AXTON Tina Loson Cayuga County 1800's  

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