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If you would like to be added to this surname page, please  (Bernie Corcoran) be sure to include the surname that you are researching, your name, your email address, the Cayuga County location and dates that you want listed..  This page is intended to provide a web site of surnames for genealogy research in Cayuga County, NY.  If the surname does not have a direct link to Cayuga County, please do not submit them here. Questions related to your genealogy research should be submitted to the Cayuga County  Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards.  Thank you. Click on the name of the person who submitted the query to respond by E-Mail

Surname Submitter Cayuga County Location Circa Date Posted
GAGE Yvonne Adams Weedsport & Brutus 1860-1875 03/24/01
GALLERY Margaret Gallery Scipio, Auburn, Cayuga County 1800s & 1900s 06/26/2012
GALLUP ROBERT FISCHER Cayuga County 1800's  
GALVIN Auburn , Cayuga County 1800's to Now 11/16/02
GAMBLE Rita Fricano Auburn    

Jo Anne Makely

Genoa 1810 - 1900 01/09/2016
GARBINSKY Greg Garbinsky Cayuga County, Auburn 1800's on 01/09/02
GARRISON Jack Garrison Cayuga County 1700s & 1800s 02/15/2008
GARTHWAIT Terry Reisinger Cayuga Cty, prob Victory   01/07/2008
GASKILL Vicki Kuhl Alschuler Cayuga County Early 1800s 06/26/2015
GASTON Audley D. Gaston Cayuga County   08/06/01
GASTON Sue Johnpeter Montezuma Before 1850
GATES Al Covell   1700-1850 Posted 1/10/99
GAVAN Catherine Brown Throop late 1800s 06/13/02
GAY Charles Roughton Montezuma After 1850  
GERE Diane Hoedeman Scipio ca 1875 02/14/03
GERNAND Carolyn Armitage Paddock Knefely   Mid-late 1800's  
GIFFIN Heather Bryan Auburn, NY 1890-1920 03/25/2013
GILBERT Pat Blanchard Victory, Sterling, Martville 1820 + 05/12/2008
GILBERT Auburn 1820-1890 05/23/09
GILL Lou Ann Mc Intyre Cayuga County   Posted 10/16/01
GILLEO Sharon Buckley Cayuga County Early to mid 1800's Posted 5/21/00
GILLESPIE Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Union Springs 1850-1900's  
GILLETT George A. Dibble III Cayuga County    
GILMORE Clayton S. Gilmore Mentz, Montezuma, and Throop   01/12/03
GILTRAP Mary Ann Loss Auburn ca. 1890 09/03/2006
GLASS Sharon Marshall Cayuga County 1800s & 1900s 02/09/04
GLEASON Bob Gleason Scipio After 1860  
GLUCHY Mike Dowhan Auburn, Cayuga County early 1900's 04/07/03
GODFREY Mike Godfrey Mentz, Cayuga County 1800s 07/23/2006
GOLD Ken Steffenson Auburn aft 1900  
GOLTRY Cyndi Kuhlman Cayuga County b. c. 1893 Posted 5/24/99
GONCA / GONZA Greg Garbinsky Auburn, Cayuga County after 1890 05/25/09
GONSOLIS/GONZOLIS Linda Conquest / Cato circa 1810 3-27-01
GOODRICH Martha Goodrich Cayuga County circa 1800 + 05/26/04
GOODRICH Cayuga County 1890-1950 4-30-01
GOODRICH Alice Dalton Victory Pre 1816  
GOODRICH Kerr Cayuga County 1820  
GOODRICH Sally Mitchell Cayuga County    
GOODSELL Jacquelyn Bell-Brown Cayuga County    
GOTEE Ann Marie Middleton Cayuga County   02/15/2006
GOULD Sheila Gould Smith Ira, Cayuga County 1800s + 08/18/2007
GOULD Ann Marie Middleton Cayuga County   02/15/2006
GOULD Robert Grover Fleming,Grover Settlement 1790-1819  
GOULD Milli Gould Cayuga County 1800 - 1850 7-21-01
GOWER Donna Gauthier Fleming, Sennett, Auburn 1859  
GRADY Weedsport, Cayuga County 1800s 04/07/2006
GRANEY Auburn, Cayuga County 1850's -present 04/17/04
GRANGER Ed Granger Seneca Falls, Cayuga County   09/03/04
GRAY Veronica M. Hucker Venice Mid 1800's  
GRAY Bonnie Selig Port Byron Mid 1800's 11/05/02
GREGGS Centerport/Weedsport Circa 1830's  
GREEN(E) Ryan Mossman Sterling area 1850’s to 1880’s 11/26/2006
GREEN Sarah Emmerson Moravia   04/23/04
GREENE Audrey Hayton Aurelius and Cato after circa 1888 11/28/04
GREENE Bill Brahney Cayuga County   05/21/03
GRIDLEY Ross Gridley Auburn 1790s - 1800s 07/14/2007
GRIFFIN Geraldine Nadsady Locke 1818 Posted 4/25/99
GRIFFIS Bill Orr Cayuga County   03/12/03
GRIGGS Noreen Poole Cayuga County 1768-1830’s 04/12/2006
GRIGGS Centerport/Weedsport Circa 1830's  
GRIGGS Kit Thompson Ledyard    
GRIGS Centerport/Weedsport Circa 1830's  
GRINNELL Sandy Cayuga County Circa 1845  
GRISWOLD Jan Robinson Cayuga, New York 1800-1850  
GROOT Judith Fager Cayuga County   03/30/2007
GROVER jgrover Fleming, Cayuga County Late 1700s on 10/31/03
GROVER Rob Cayuga County 1800  
GROVER Robert Grover Fleming,Grover Settlement 1790-1990's  
GRUNDER Jolyn Duff Springlake 1870  
GUILFOIL Karen Tehan Auburn 1850 Posted 2/7/99
GUILFUS MC Carpenter Cayuga County    
GILLEO Sharon Buckley Cayuga County   Early to mid 1800's Posted 5/9/00
GUARINO Cayuga County   Posted 4/19/1999
GUMMERSON Al Gummerson Auburn, Cayuga County 1900s 6/27/04
GUNSAULLUS Wilda Marshall Brown Owasco/Auburn 1800  
GURNEE / GUERNEE V. Calvin Cayuga County 1800-1900 09/22/03

Frank Antonucci

Cayuga County 1920 to present 02/22/2014
GUYATT Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1880-1940's  
GUYETT Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1880-1940's  
GUYOTT Kathi & Dennis McCarthy Auburn 1880-1940's  


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