1909 - 1910


Charles M. Adams--------------------- 1912
Charles E. Whitman------------------- 1912
Fred E. Smith--------------------------- 1912
James Wright--------------------------- 1910
Amasa B. Harmon--------------------- 1910
Edward D. Fisher---------------------- 1910
Jeremiah Graney----------------------- 1911
James L. Kanaley---------------------- 1911
Charles S. Caywood------------------- 1911

President---C. S. Caywood
Treasurer--S. W. Treat
Clerk--------F. E. Smith
Collector---Fred Klumpp


C. M. Adams
J. L. Kanaley
James Wright
F. E. Smith
E. D. Fisher
James Wright
C. E. Whitman
A. B. Harmon
E. D. Fisher
A. B. Harmon
Jeremiah Graney
F. E. Smith

FACULTY - 1909 AND 1910
Lazelle R. Hopkins, A.M., Principal---Biology and History
Charles A. Brownell, Assistant Principal---Science and Mathematics
Elizabeth E. Lawlor, Preceptress, Latin---Drawing and Mathematics
Edna May Able---German and English
Bessie L. Stangnatt---Music and Elocution
Mary A. Barnes---Seventh and Eighth Grades
Bertha Forsythe---Sixth Grade
Agnes G. Enright---Fifth Grade
Susie A. Sheldon---Fourth Grade
Caroline M. Zimmer---Second and Third Grades
Mabel J. Hunting---First Grade

Weedsport, a village of 1,600 inhabitants, is situated 22 miles west of Syracuse on the line of the New York Central, West Shore and Lehigh Valley Railroads. These railroads, with the Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern trolley road, now under construction, will afford easy communication with that part of Cayuga County lying between Auburn and Lake Ontario.
This school was established as a High School under special charter by the Legislature of the State of New York in 1858, and for more than a half century it has had continued prosperity. Its patrons and supporters have been keenly alive to its best interests. Through their efforts during the last year a new school house has been erected, costing more than $30,000. It stands in the midst of ample grounds, affording opportunity for all kinds of games.

The building, two stories in height, contains besides the ordinary grade and class rooms, a gymnasium, physical, chemical and biological laboratories, a lecture room, large library, Principal’s office and a room especially equipped for the teaching of music and elocution.

In outlining the curriculum of Weedsport High School, we have sought to meet the needs of two classes of pupils; first those whose education is completed here and secondly those who intend to enter some higher institution of learning. Hence there will be found in this catalogue a course of study fully approved by the Regents of the State, embracing such a varied number of electives that any pupil may select a course well adapted to his needs.
Believing that thorough instruction in the common branches is the most essential part of a good education, four years’ work in English is required and a thorough course in mathematics covering Advanced Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.
We trust our patrons and those especially interested in the school will give this catalogue a careful perusal.


Reading - New Education Reader, Book I, New Education Reader, Book II, Pages 1-70. Sight reading from other Readers and the Board. Special attention given to phonics.
Writing and Spelling - Words from reading lessons. The use of simple and blended phonograms in forming words. Spelling half oral and half written.
Drawing - Color, form, botanical drawing, six standard colors and gray
Language - Correct oral expression. Short sentences copied in script. Grade poems.
Arithmetic - Count to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s. Read and write numbers to 100. Addition tables 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s. Simple problems, oral and written, involving combinations in the above tables. Simple problems in subtraction, oral and written, through 10. Simple measurements and comparisons.
General Lessons - Good morals and manners, simplest elements of vocal music, nature study.
Physiology - Twenty simple oral lessons.

Reading - New Education Reader No. 2, completed and Progressive Second Reader. Phonics continued.
Writing - On tablet and blackboard. Writing Book No. 1 ½.
Spelling - Oral and written of all words introduced in reading lessons.
Arithmetic - Read numbers to 1000. Roman numbers to XX. Addition tables to 9’s. Multiplication and Division tables to 5’s. Fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8.
Physiology - Twenty simple oral lessons.
Drawing - Simple objects from nature. Teach tints and shades.
Language - Correct oral expression. Short sentences copied. Poems learned.
General Lessons - Good habits. Elements of vocal music. Nature study.

Reading - Lights to Literature, Progressive Third begun.
Writing - Merrill’s No. 1
Language - Stories told, poems learned, dictation exercises.
Spelling - Half oral, half written. Hunt’s Progressive, page 1-44.
Arithmetic - Multiplication and division tables learned. Reading numbers to 10,000. Definition of terms. Problems. Addition and subtraction of simple fractions, changing ½ to 4ths, 1/3 to 6ths. Begin Milne’s Progressive Arithmetic.
Physiology - Twenty oral lessons.
Geography - Home geography, directions, globe lessons, grand divisions, oceans, day and night, zones.
Drawing - Color, form, botanical drawing and arrangement, measure.
General Lessons - Music, literature, nature study.

Reading - Progressive Third Reader completed. Progressive Fourth Reader, Part I. Supplementary Reading.
Writing - Merrill’s Modern Penmanship No. 2 and No. 3
Spelling - Oral and written spelling of words from the daily lessons. Hunt’s Progressive Speller, page 44 to 68.
Language - Oral and written reproductions of narrations and descriptions. Letter writing. Memorizing selections from prose and poetry. Mother Tongue, Book I, Part I.
Arithmetic - Reading and writing numbers of seven periods. Make tables perfect. Long division and fractions. Milne’s Progressive Arithmetic, Book I, completed.
Geography - The study of North America, South America and United States. Maury’s New Elements, pages 1 to 94.
Physiology - Reading from text book. Thirty lessons.
Drawing - Drawing of objects from nature. Patterns of objects based on cube and square prism.

Reading - Progressive Fourth Reader completed.
Writing - Merrill’s No. 4.
Spelling - Hunt’s Progressive, pages 68 to 106, half oral, half written
Arithmetic - Milne’s Progressive, Book II, pages 55 to 188.
Grammar - Mother Tongue, Book I, Part II, completed. Compositions, oral and written.
Geography - Maury’s Elementary, pages 94 to 134
Physiology - Overton’s Intermediate.
Drawing - Freehand drawing.
General Lessons - U. S. History. Music. Nature study. Builders of Our Country completed.


Reading - Progressive Fifth Reader completed.
Writing - Merrill’s Fifth Book.
Spelling - Hunt’s Progressive course, pages 96 to 130.
Arithmetic - Progressive Arithmetic. Milne’s Second Book. Review of work of previous years. Percentage and its applications. Drill.
Geography - Maury’s Manual of Geography from page 88 to page 161.
Grammar - Maxwell’s Introductory Lessons completed. Memorizing selections from prose and poetry. Drill on correct oral and written forms. Study of the paragraph.
Physiology - Organs of digestion and circulation. Bones. Muscles. Overton’s Intermediate reviewed.
Drawing - Freehand drawing from common objects and from nature. Geometric forms.
U. S. History - Mace’s text book read and reviewed by assignment and recitation to section 108.
General Lessons - Vocal music

Spelling - Review and complete Hunt’s Speller.
Grammar - Maxwell’s Advanced, page 1 through etymology. Analysis of sentences, parsing, composition and literature.
Arithmetic - Milne, Book III, page 1 through to page 258.
Geography - Maury’s Manual reviewed and completed.
Physiology - Skeleton, muscles, skin
Drawing - Study Egyptian, Roman, Greek ornament with geometric work.
U. S. History - General review of previous work and careful reading of Mace’s School History, with written work.

Grammar - Maxwell’s Advanced reviewed and completed. Analysis of sentences, parsing, composition (narrative and descriptive), and literature.
Arithmetic - Milne, Book III, reviewed and completed.
Physiology - Circulation, respiration, review
Drawing - Decorative, geometric, pictorial.
U. S. History - Mace’s School History. Thorough review, using study questions and collateral reading.
General Lessons - Music.

First Year - Required, English I - 4, Biology - 5, Algebra - 5
Optional - Latin - 5, German - 5, English Grammar - 2
Second Year - Required, English II - 3, Plane Geometry - 5, Ancient History - 5
Optional - Caesar - 3, Latin Grammar - 1, El. Latin Composition - 1, German - 5,
Drawing - 3.
Third Year - required, English III - 3, Physics - 5, Intermediate Algebra - 2, English History - 5
Optional - Cicero’s Orations - 4, Advanced Latin Composition - 1, Bookkeeping - 4
Fourth Year - Required, English IV - 3, American History - 5 , Higher Mathematics - 5
Optional - Chemistry - 5, Virgil’s AEneid - 4
Music, one lesson a week for four years.
Rhetoricals four times a year.

Preliminary Studies - Reading, Writing, Spelling, Elementary English, Arithmetic, Geography, Elementary U. S. History.
Academic Studies - Group I, (Counts in English) 4 English, first year, 3 English, second year, 3 English, third year, 3 English, fourth year, 2 Grammar, 2 History of English Language and Literature
(Counts in Language) 5 German, first year, 5 German, Elementary, 5 German, Intermediate, 5 Latin, first year, 1 Latin Grammar, 1 Elementary Latin Composition, 3 Caesar’s Commentaries, 4 Cicero’s Orations, 4 Virgil’s AEneid, 1 Latin Composition, 1 Prose at sight, 1 Poetry at sight.
Group II, Mathematics - 5 Algebra, 5 Plane Geometry, 2 Solid Geometry, 2 Advanced Arithmetic, 2 Trigonometry, 2 Intermediate Algebra.
Group III - Science - 5 Biology, 5 Physics, 5 Chemistry, 2 ½ Elementary Botany, 2 ½ Physiology, 2 ½ Elementary Zoology. Group IV - History and Social Science - 5 Ancient History, 5 English History, 5 European History, 5 Advanced U. S. History and Civics
Group V - Commercial Subjects - 4 Bookkeeping, 2 Elements of Music
Group VI - 2 History and principles of Education, 2 Psychology and principles of Education, 3 Drawing, 3 Advanced Drawing.
The figure prefixed to each subject shows how many counts are allowed in that subject. Seventy-two counts are required for graduating.

1. Preliminary Certificate: Reading, writing, spelling, elementary English, Geography, arithmetic, elementary U. S. history. A standing of 75% is required.
2. Academic Diploma - (72 counts): All preliminary subjects and any 72 counts if 13 are in English, 10 in mathematics, 10 in history, and 10 in science. A minimum standing of 60% is required.
3. Classical Diploma (72 counts): English 13 counts, mathematics 10, history 5, science 5, Latin 20, and a second foreign language 15.

Readers - Progressive Course in Reading, New Education
Arithmetics - Milne’s Progressive, Robinson’s Higher
Algebra - Durell and Robbins’ School Algebra complete, Wells’ New Higher
Geometry - Wentworth’s
Writing - Merrill’s
Spelling - Hunt’s Progressive
Language - Mother Tongue No. 1
Grammar - Maxwell’s Advanced Lessons and Introductory Lessons
Geography - Maury’s Manual of Geography and New Elements of Geography
History - Mace’s School History, West’s Ancient World, Walker’s Essentials in English History, Channing’s American History
Drawing - Thompson
Music - The Natural
Bookkeeping - Montgomery
Physics - Hoadley
Chemistry - Newell’s Descriptive
Latin - Bennett’s Latin Grammar, Gunnison & Harley’s Latin, first year
Virgil - Knapp
Caesar - Kelsey
Latin Prose - In Latinum
German - Jaynes-Meissner
Trigonometry - Well’s Complete
Composition and Rhetoric - Brooks and Hubbard
Biology - Hunter
9:15 AM

Elem. Algebra
Inter. Algebra
Solid Geometry
Adv. Algebra
9:15 AM

Plane Geometry
Adv. Arithmetic
9:15 AM

Hist., Eng, Lang. and
Latin, first year
Latin Grammar
Psychology and Prin.
of Education
9:15 AM

El. Latin Comp.
Latin Prose Comp.
Latin prose at sight
Latin verse at sight
9:15 AM

Greek 1st year
German 1,2,3,4
History and Princi-
ples of Education
1:15 PM
Ancient History
American History
Rudiments of Music
Civics (no counts)
1:15 PM
Elem. English
English, 1st yr, 2nd
yr, 3rd yr, 4th yr.
English Grammar
English three yrs
1:15 P.M
Elem. U. S. Hist.
Physical Geog.
English History
Elem. Bookkeeping
1:15 P.M.
Elem. Botany
Elem. Zoology
Adv. Drawing
1:15 P.M.
Greek Grammar
French 1,2,3
Spanish 1,2,3

Four diplomas are issued--one based upon a general average of 65%, one with credit based upon an average of 75%, one with great credit based upon an average of 85%, and a diploma with highest credit based upon an average of 90%.

Separate rooms for the use of classes in Physics and Chemistry have been fitted up with sufficient apparatus to enable each pupil pursuing these subjects to do individual laboratory work.
A library has been provided for each grade adapted to its needs. The one in the Academic department consists of 800 books, while those in the lower grades contain about 100 volumes each. There are altogether in the school library, 1,800 volumes.

The charge for tuition of pupils, not permanent residents of the district, is as follows:
First, Second, and Third Department, per term of 13 weeks--$3.25
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Department, per term of 13 weeks----$4.50
Academic Department, per term of 10 weeks--------------------$5.00
Tuition must be paid in advance, and no deduction to be made for absence caused by protracted sickness.

Pursuant to Chapter 542, laws of 1903, ,the tuition of all non-resident academic students will be paid by the State to such schools as may be designated by the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Chancellor of the University of the State of New York. Weedsport High School is one of the schools so designated.
All non-resident academic students who hold ninth grade certificates issued by the Department of Public Instruction, or a Regent’s Preliminary Certificate, or some credential recognized by the two departments as equivalent, may have their tuition paid by the State.

Two societies have been established in school: one for young men and one for young ladies. Both are chapters of fraternities established in many of the best schools of the state. Their object is both social and literary.
Cloonan, Kathryn E. 73 1/2
Earl, Bessie J. 72 ½
Smith, Helen J. 73 ½
Gibbs, Joseph H. 85 ½
Harrington, Burritt C. 80 ½
Smith, Harry J. 73 ½
Sheldon, Neal B.
Wright, James C. 69 ½

Bibbens, Beatrice F. 64 ½
Gilbert, Clare 61
Hoyt, Harold B. 69
Klumpp, Jessie L.
Lamphere, F. Allen 51 ½
Powers, Nina L. 56 ½
Robinson, George G. 49 1/2
Stevenson, William H. 72 ½
Stickle, Florence M. 54
Thompson, M. Irene 72 ½
Traver, Bertha E. 54
Traver, Raymond B. 60 ½
White, Florence A. 71 ½

Burritt, Gladys S. 39
Denney, Charles D. 37
Edwards D. Frances 44 ½
Forman, Hannah E. 45
Follett, Harold H. 27
Hoyt, Abner N. 16
Laird, Florence M. 60
Monroe, Florence 46 ½
Morrison, Mabel E. 47 ½
Oliver, Leroy L. 55 ½
Peckham, Jessie A. 44 ½
Putnam, Raymond A. 56 ½
Sheldon, Harry J. 21 ½
Trumble, Dora R. 40 ½
Trumble, Grover C. 52 ½
Treat, Elma B. 45
Tyler, Mabel G. 39 ½
Ward, Lester J. 43

Abbott, Raymond L. 16
Adams, Harold M. 24
Adams, Ruth E. 35
Bennett, John C. 18 ½
Bates, Ruth E. 11 ½
Boyd, J. Raymond 24 ½
Ball, Florence A. 19
Crossman, Elizabeth 20
Detsel, Bertha I. 11 ½
Durston, Florence E. 7 ½
Edwards, Robert D. 27
Graney, Margaret J. 9
Hoyt, Janet C. 21 ½
Klumpp, Dorothea 14 ½
Lamphere, Ruth N. 9
McManus, Margaret F. 14
Morrison, Myrtle 11 ½
Mitchell, Alice H. 38
Putnam, Dorr B. 9
Robinson, Bertha M. 6 ½
Sittser, Ethel S. 16
St. John, Marion 30
Tyler, Ruth 21
Van Dyke, Carl H. 16

Buss, Lewis I. 8 ½
Baker, Bessie J.
Breeze, Clara 5
Baker, Roscoe
Clark, Edna G. 2 ½
Cloonan, James T. 2 ½
Connors, Henry J. 8 ½
Cowell, Genevieve
Doyle, Mildred G. 2
Eldredge, Harry M. 2 ½
Elwood, Lena
Flynn, James
French, Susie
Gilbert, Glenn H. 2 ½
Gunyo, Beryl D. Van
Hallett, Anna M. 2 ½
Hoyt, Dwight S.
Humphrey, Edythe C.
Kenyon, Alfred C. 4 ½
King, Lewis W.
Klumpp, Mamie H.
Lamphere, Albert J.
Leyburn, Lester E.
Merriman, Charlotte 2
Monroe, Willard
Scott, Frances S. 2 ½
Smith, Allen F. 2 ½
Townsend, Lynn C. 8 ½
Tracey, Frances L. 2 ½
Van Patten, Margaret C. 2
Nostrand, Mildred 2 ½

Abbott, Howard C.
Ball, Ruth E.
Ball, Gratia H.
Blass, Leslie J.
Bogardus, Marcus E.
Countryman, Clara M.
Doyle, Helen F.
Follett, Fancher R.
Graney, Grace I.
Harrington, Doris F.
Howe, Edna R.
Howe, J. Austin
Hoyt, George W.
Lush, Ruth
Lush, Blanche
Lamb, Donald J.
Lamphere, Amelia A.
Merriman, Georgia L.
Merton, George M.
Morrison, Martha
Palmer, Marjorie R.
Paul, Marie C.
Stevens, Earl H.
Sweeting, Lura M.
Smith, Marion A.
Sturgis, Fred
Schattner, Marguerite

Blackwell, Reta
Cloonan, Francis
Durston, Olive L.
Flynn, Nellie
Gilbert, Earl
Lockwood, Doris
Mappes, Hurlon
Race, Ethel M.
Robinson, Maverette
Snyder, Bessie A.
Sturgis, Earle H.
Taylor, James M.
Tanner, Clary A.

Ball, Howard E.
Clarey, Gail W.
Emmons, Alvin
Marten, George I.
McWethey, Roland
Rust, Neil
Stevenson, Otto
St. John, Ralph H.
Scott, Lewis
Beach, Dorothy E.
Cloonan, Irene G.
Cowell, Florence C.
Hoyt, Ethel D.
Kerns, Frances A.
Lamphere, Mildred M.
Morrison, Lana F.
MacIntyre, Josephine E.
Minney, Bessie
Stivers, Madeline
Smith, Grace M.
Tintsworth, Pearl E.
Young, Eloise

Barner, Laverne R.
Clark, Alfred
Guyder, Emmet A.
Johnson, Perry S.
Jewell, Leon
Mahar, Harold J.
Treat, Calvin W.
Traver, Floyd
Van Wie, Stanley K.
Vrooman, Bertram
Adams, Florence B.
Burritt, Ruth G.
Pease, May A.
Sayles, Ruth
Tryon, Hazel M.

Brewer, Madeline H.
Brewer, Gertrude C.
Brewer, Lurene B.
Cooney, Mary B.
Cooney, John O.
Countryman, Blanch E.
Countryman, Edgar R.
Durston, Warren E.
Fisher, Donald
French, Ethel G.
Gage, George T.
Hubbard, Dora M.
Hubbard, Nina B.
Johnson, Helen G.
Klumpp, Frederick A.
Lanphere, Guy H.
Lanphere, Max A.
Lanphere, Harriet M.
Laxton, William A.
Oliver, L. May
Platt, Blanch M.
Paul, Winifred A.
Snyder, Leta L.
Sweeting, Willard
Titus, Marjory A.
Traver, Harry B.
Treat, Lola C.
Van Duzer, Paul S.
Vromann, Raymond C.

Bates, Edward R.
Becker, Kenneth H.
Bogardus, Charles W.
Brown, Byron S.
Chase, Ruth M.
Chase, Marvin K.
Clarey, Esther H.
Clark, Clarence L.
Cloonan, Marguerite A.
Cowell, Blanch M.
Darrow, Gordon
Dolph, Earl
Drabel, Frank H.
Edwards, Richard K.
Evans, Fred L.
French, Oliver J.
Groom, George H.
Hunter, Carl A.
Lanphere, Mariam G.
Laxton, Roland E.
Laxton, Louise M.
Link, Josephine M.
Lush, Marie
Merton, Nettie A.
Paul, Grace M.
Pease, Edward H.
Race, Frank R.
Rust, William L.
Sanderson, Raymond
Scott, Jennie M.
Seeley, Leslie J.
Sheldon, Donald S.
Snyder, Leon
Stark, Louisa
Tanner, Iva M.
Tintsworth, Pieny S.
Townsend, Ruth

*Beach, Donald C.
Bogardus, Glen H.
Brewer, Mildred M.
Cartner, Katherine I.
Chase, Alice M.
Clarey, George W.
Cowell, Mary C.
Cowell, Ruth
*Darrow, Lavina M.
*Dolph, Elsie N.
Devitt, Donald D.
Fiedler, Hazel V.
*Gage, Helen B.
Lanphere, Martha V.
Link, Laura F.
Lush, Harold S.
Pease, John D.
Sanderson, Hazel
*Smith, Zella O.
Smith, Laverne C.
Stivers, Hazel E.
Stevenson, Paul M.
Weeks, Rachel S.
Whitman, Sterling T.
Wolford, Fay H.

Bates, Earl H.
Brown, Raymond R.
Collier, Bert J.
Drabel, Ivah B.
Exner, M. Dewey
Fellows, Ethel M.
Fulmer, Earl A.
Fiedler, Leroy
Goff, Katherine M.
Leyburn, Marion G.
Platt, Mary
Pickett, Chester H.
Race, R. Clark
Rust, Gertrude E.
Rodenhiser, Mary M.
Stivers, Myers E.
Smith, Blanch A.
Teachout, Charles H.

Anderson, Elnora N.
Austin, Nellie E.
Ball, Mabel M.
Burdick, Beatrice B.
Cartner, Abram G.
Cooney, David
Cummings, Michael
Evans, Dora R.
Exner, Fred H.
Fellows, May
Fulmer, Jessie
Goff, Michael G.
Goss, Marjorie L.
Groom, Emmet E.
Gurnee, Viola G.
Hares, Fanny E.
Hares, Olive M.
Hoyt, Doris M.
Hudson, E. Mildred
Hunter, Neal
Kenyon, Dorothy
Laxton, Fred
Lush, Ethel
Oliver, Frank C.
Paul, Louise
Pease, D. Maurice
Rice, Clarence E.
Rodenhiser, Irene E.
Scott, Clarence A.
Seeley, Raymond E.
Sittser, Mildred J.
Snyder, Dorothy M.
Stumm, Robert S.
Sturge, Jennie
Teachout, George J.
Tintsworth, Burnice M.
Whitman, Harold L.
Whitman, Stewart B.

The number of students enrolled in the several departments is as follows:
Academic 94
Sixth Department 40
Fifth Department 37
Fourth Department 29
Third Department 37
Second Department 43
First Department 38
__ Total 318

First quarter begins Tuesday, September 7, 1909
Teachers’ Institute, September 7-10, 1909
Second quarter begins November 15, 1909
Thanksgiving recess, November 26-29, 1909
Holiday vacation, December 25, 1909 to January 3, 1910
Regents’ examination, January 17-21, 1910
Third quarter begins January 31, 1910
Spring vacation to be set by Board of Education
Regents’ examination, June 13-17, 1910
School closes June 20, 1910

Fall term begins September 7, 1909
Winter term begins December 6, 1909
Spring term begins March 21, 1910
Teachers’ Institute, September 7-10, 1909


Lazelle R. Hopkins--- Weedsport
Will M. Howe--- Weedsport
Charles M. Henderson--- 22 Meigs Street, Rochester, N.Y.
James A. Hickey--- 8 Austin Street, Rochester, N.Y.
Ella Comstock VanSanford--- Fulton, N.Y.
Mary Crane--- Weedsport
Florence Graham Franklin--- Newark, Ohio
Ollie Olney--- Died October 16, 1877
Nina Putnam Stevens--- Weedsport
Ella Rockwell Hopkins--- Died April 24, 1883
Anna Cowell Millard---202 Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, Ill.
Nan Daniels Hopkins---Weedsport
Ida Ketchum Durston---Weedsport
Florence Pidge Smith---North Loop, Neb.
Florence Robinson Atchison---6901 Stewart Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Effie Sheldon---4357 Lake Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Ida Streeter Sheldon---Weedsport

Charles F. Townsend---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1878 - “Attempt--Accomplish”
Nellie Hutchinson Sutton---Cheney, Wash.
Minnie Eldredge Adams---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1879 - “Von dem Moegliche nach dem Wirkliche”
Minnie Calhoun Sutherland---Kansas
Mary Bolway Connor---Geneva, N.Y.
Dora Lawrence Harris---600 West 138th Street, New York City
Lina Kiernan---Corning, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1880 - “Finis opus coronat”
Homer E. Rheubottom---Deceased

CLASS OF 1881 - “Pass on the Light”
Effa J. Center---Died April 9, 1906
Grace Lattimer Merrick---West Roxbury, Mass.
Clara Martin Baber---Keeseville, N. Y.
Etta Rotch Hamilton---Philadelphia, Pa.
Frank E. Bolway---Oswego, N. Y.
John J. Riley---Weedsport
Charles H. Young---Weedsport

Cora White VanLiew---1703 Queen Avenue, North Minneapolis, Minn.

Lulu Burdick Bartlett---Oswego, N.Y.
Mary B. Moore, M.S.---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1884 - “Our Future Depends on Our Present”
Byron S. Aldrich---Kalamazoo, Mich.
Stewart S. Bibbens---125 South Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y.
Fred N. Burritt, M.S.---Weedsport
Ernest G. Treat, A. M.---Weedsport
Delos K. Sheldon---Lee, Mass.
Hattie A. Henderson---Weedsport
Mamie L. Hewitt---Died March 27, 1894
Anna B. Rotch---Weedsport
Eva Tanner Scott---1586 Amherst Street, Buffalo, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1885 - “Neglect not the Gift that is in Thee”
Stephen A. DeLamater---Weedsport
Eugene C. Dolson---Floridaville, N.Y.
Fred Robinson---Throopsville, N.Y.
Hurlon D. Sheldon---Auburn, N.Y.
John E. Dolson---Cato, N.Y.
Emma L. Bircher---Portland, Oregon
May Hardy Silvernail---Gloversville, N.Y.
Crissie Burritt Putnam---Weedsport
Nellie Lamphere Rosecrants---Died March 20, 1908
Mary VanNorstrand Caywood---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1886 - “Prove all Things; Hold Fast that which is Good”
David E. French---27 Easterly Avenue, Auburn, N.Y.
Michael J. Hickey---Buffalo, N.Y.
S. Mayo Higgins---341 West Onondaga Street, Syracuse, N.Y.
James J. Horrigan---Osceola, Iowa
J. Ervin Olmstead---Died March 17, 1893
Clarence E. Olney---Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Ernest A. Putnam---Fulton, N.Y.
Will S. Sittser---Weedsport
Frank W. Jacobs---Weedsport
Maggie E. Bolway---607 Park Street, Syracuse, N.Y.
Minnie Burritt Harrington---Weedsport
Florence Horton Gilbert---Weedsport
N. Blanche Langworthy---Died June 1894
Susie Sutherland Sheldon---Auburn, N.Y.
Belle LeFever Bibbens---125 South Avenue, Syracuse, N.Y.
Belle McKee Hunter---Church, N.Y.
Matie Passage Sittser---Weedsport
Kate C. Spoor---Cato, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1887 - “The Trust that’s given Guard, and to Yourself be Just”
John Denny---Revere House, Clark Street, Chicago, Ill.
Edwin C. Tanner---Sennett, N.Y.
Fred G. Adams---6619 Wentworth Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Michael J. Enright---7 Scio Street, Rochester, N.Y.
Frank E. Mills---479 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Herbert T. Morrison ---Weedsport
George C. Gumaer---Meridian, N.Y.
Etta McKissick Frye---Bakersville, Cal.
Rose Travers Sheldon ---Weedsport
Adelaide Havens Howe---Weedsport
Gertrude Knapp Jacques--- 6 ½ William Street, Auburn, N.Y.
Ina Tanner Grant ---Sennett, N.Y.
Fannie A. Kaufler ---Weedsport
Fannie DeLamater Jacobs ---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1888 - We die Arbeit so der Lohm”
Willard S. Bell--- Newaygo, Mich.
Harry Chadderdon, B.S.--- Died March 7, 1899
Charles A. Converse--- Harrington, Washington
Frank H. Doud--- Lysander, N.Y.
Elmer J. LeFever--- 128 Oxford Street, Syracuse, N.Y.
Ray S. Sheldon--- Weedsport
Horace H. Whiting---722 Carol Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Wayne A. Whitman---Weedsport
Mertice V. Benedict, Weedsport
Florence Bowen Putnam--- Fulton, N.Y.
Helen E. Bradley--- Ira, N.Y.
Laura Burritt Arlt--- 33 West 112th Street, New York
Grace G. Chapin--- Died March 28, 1888
Susie Donovan Meaker--- San Juan, Porto Rico
May Harmon Price--- 28 Steel Street, Auburn, N. Y.
Angie VanBuren--- Syracuse, N.Y.
Grace Whitman Cooper--- R. F. D., Auburn, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1889 - “Base all Actions upon a Principle of Right”
Michael J. Lawlor--- Died January 10, 1895
Elizabeth L. Bradley--- Troy, N.Y.
Lucy Denny--- Weedsport
Edith Lyon Ingersoll--- Banksville, N.Y.
Myrtie E. Smith--- Mt. Holly, N. J.
Gertrude C. Spingler--- New York
Eliza Stevens Kinsella--- 325 West Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y.
Ruth Tice Cralle--- Ralston, Va.

CLASS OF 1890 - “Careful of God’s Approval, Careless of Man’s Applause”
Thomas W. Lawlor---Watertown, N.Y.
James Stanton---Auburn, N.Y.
James E. Turner---Auburn, N.Y.
Ben VanVranken---41 Mechanic Street, Auburn, N.Y.
Jennie F. Bidwell---Weedsport
Eva Drake Townsend---Nelson Street, Auburn, N.Y.
Bertha Gates Bowen---Sennett, N.Y.
S. Louise Groot---52 East Genesee Street, Auburn, N.Y.
Mary E. Lynch---Brooklyn, N.Y.
Elizabeth F. Moore---New York, N.Y.
Elizabeth L. O’Neil---Weedsport
Blanche Putnam Mills---479 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Blanche E. Sheldon---Died September 13, 1904
Bessie Smith Statham---Weedsport
Maude E. Sprague---Weedsport
Laura Sunderlin Passage---Weedsport
Charlotte Treat Wright---Weedsport
Martha Wilson Merriman---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1891 - “Character is Higher than Intellect”
A. Leon Bates---118 Pearl Street, Rochester, N.Y.
Royal N. DeLamater---Died December 22, 1892
Elvin H. Sunderlin---Weedsport
Delphine Barker---Died April 13, 1894
Louise E. Burton---Woodlawn Heights, New York, N.Y.
Kate Faatz Crofut---Auburn, N.Y.
Susie R. French---619 South Salina Street, Syracuse, N.Y.
Florence M. Gildersleeve---Fulton, N.Y.
Mabel Hunter Brewster---1115 3rd Avenue, East Oakland, Cal.
S. Cornelia Knapp---Great Neck, N.Y.
Mabelle Sterling Wethey---9 Orchard Avenue, Auburn, N.Y.
Minnie Wagner VanDoren---Meridian, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1892 - “Row, Not Drift”
Louella Duncan Rusco ---Ellendale, North Dakota
Cora Emrick Fellows---Weedsport
N. Pearl Faatz---Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Mary Groot Turner---11 Jefferson Street, Auburn, N.Y.
Gertrude Hugunin McLaughlin---Syracuse, N.Y.
Marion Lockwood Kingston---Weedsport
Fannie Miner Jones---Owatonna, Minn.
Maude VanBuren Stickle---Weedsport
George I. Horrigan---Solvay, N.Y.
J. Arthur Jones---Ira, N.Y.
Charles E. Kanaley---Weedsport
John E. Lawlor---Weedsport
Jay R. Putnam---Weedsport
John H. Servis---New York, N.Y.
Lisle Terwillegar---Ira, N.Y.
Minnie L. Bryne---Chicago, Ill.

CLASS OF 1893 - “Not Finished, Just Begun”
J. Edgar Bentley---Seaside, Cal.
A. Elizabeth Bryne---Syracuse, N.Y.
S. Louise Coppernoll---Lysander, N.Y.
Mary Davis Reynolds---Fulton, N.Y.
Louise Dutton Legg---Cato, N.Y.
Frederick B. Henderson---Pasadena, Cal.
Frances J. Henderson---Mamaroneck. N.Y.
Ernest C. Hunter---98 Stone Street, Oneida, N.Y.
Clarence D. Jones---Cato, N.Y.
Viola Jones Sprague---Ira, N.Y.
Raymond A. Jorolemon---Rochester, N.Y.
William H. Pearsall---Syracuse, N.Y.
Ray P. Spingler---Died August 20, 1898
Louis W. Sprague---Died November 16, 1896
Grace W. Sullivan---Hudson, N.Y.
Harriet B. Titus---Frankfort, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1894 - “Consider the End”
Henry B. Brewster---161 Holland Street, Syracuse, N.Y.
Jennie A. Henderson, Ph. B---Ridgewood, N.J.
Kittie Elmendorf Burritt---Rome, N.Y.
Etta Hudson Hamilton---Weedsport
W. Goodrich Moore---Deceased
Reva Nash Norton---Utica, N.Y.
Francis T. Kanaley---Buffalo, N.Y.
Emma Ball Whitman---Weedsport
Mary Titus Clary---Throopsville, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1895 - “Character is What We Make It”
Arthur F. Gailey---Rochester, N.Y.
Stata Bell Rose---Newark, N. J.
Carrie Treat Whitman---Weedsport
Frederic L. Sheldon---Weedsport
Gertrude Hunter Jillson---422 West 20th Street, New York, N.Y.
George W. Churchill---Weedsport
Katherine J. Gildersleeve---Weedsport
Bertha Faatz Craver---Auburn, N.Y.
Charles B. Bryne---Rochester, N.Y.
Estelle Ingalls Bell---Newaygo, Mich.
George A. Root---Victory, N.Y.
Olive Olney Brane---Warren, Pa.
J. Harry Whitman---Weedsport
Irma A. Cady---Syracuse, N.Y.
Elizabeth E. Lawlor---Weedsport
James P. Dunn---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1896 - “Duties are Ours, Events are God’s”
M. Francis Pratt---Weedsport
George H. Rockwell, M.D.---Syracuse, N.Y.
Fred H. Gildersleeve---Died November 17, 1900
George P. Dolson---Syracuse, N.Y.
Edna Nash Jenkins---Oneida, N.Y.
Anna L. Coyle---Died March 11, 1902
Katherine L. Enright---East Syracuse, N.Y.
Janet L. Kevand, Ph. B.---New York City
Winifred Hoyt Goodelle---Fulton, N.Y.
Anna E. Dunn---327 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N.Y
Caroline M. Zimmer--Weedsport
Elizabeth Cloonan Walsh---East Syracuse, N.Y.
Gracia M. Smith---Waterloo, N.Y.
Susie A. Sheldon---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1898 - “Per Angusta ad Augusta”
George M. Crosier---Weedsport
George D. Cusick---Weedsport
Mary L. Lawlor---Troy, N.Y.
Mabel L. Lee---Lestershire, N.Y.
Edith Tebo Kratzer---Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Ludo L. Zimmer---Elmira, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1899 - “In Limine”
Theresa Hennings Boyd---Syracuse, N.Y.
Laura E. Sheldon---Duquesne, Pa.
Louise Olney Ostrom---Auburn, N.Y.
Catherine M. Tuck---Williamsport, Pa.
Faye L. Edwards---Weedsport
Leon B. Sheldon---Weedsport
Byron V. Kanaley---Chicago, Ill.
William R. Maycumber---Sonora, Mexico
Samuel S. Harmon---Syracuse, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1900 - “Onward”
William J. Rosecrants---Boston, Mass.
Dennis C. Guilfoos---Port Byron, N.Y,
Lester C. Diddy---Oswego, Ill.
Benjamin L. Ostrom---Auburn, N.Y.
Edna Hunter Churchill---Weedsport
Mary L. Cloonan---East Syracuse, N.Y.
Jessie I. Campbell---Weedsport
Bessie Sittser Applegate---Weedsport
Mabelle Edwards Rising---Jordan, N.Y.
Agnes G. Welch---Buffalo, N.Y.
Bertha Taylor Ely---Weedsport
Mary Edminster Jorolemon---Weedsport
Katherine J. Finneran---Weedsport
Bess M. Simons---Mason City, Iowa
Agnes G. Enright---Weedsport
Irene Hoyt Sheldon---Weedsport
Kathryn Bryne Hopkins---Syracuse, N.Y.
Laura R. Burrill---Weedsport
Lenna J. Craddock---Syracuse, N.Y.
Mamie Beggs---Syracuse, N.Y.

CLASS OF 1901 - “To Be, Rather than to Appear”
Ella S. Webster---Hilton, N.Y.
Mary L. Hoyt---Weedsport
Sarah F. Enright---Weedsport
Charles B. Eaker---1381 St. John’s Place, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Darwin F. Cady---Syracuse, N.Y.
William W. Zimmer---Chicago, Ill.
Michael J. Dunn---Weedsport
Neal M. Hudson---Died March 19, 1905
John W. Rust---New York, N.Y.
Fred B. Townsend---Denver, Col.
Charles E. Ball---Savannah, Ga.
E. Ernest Bennie---Cortland, N.Y.
James L. Kanaley---Weedsport
Raymond T. Bentley---Meridian, Miss.

CLASS OF 1902 - “Wisdom, Honor, Success”
John H. Cloonan---Jersey City, N.J.
Martin J. Finneran---Rochester, N.Y.
George L. Hudson---Weedsport
Neal A. Faatz---Weedsport
Frederick D. Hopkins---Syracuse, N.Y.
Charles H. Lawrence---Weedsport
Gilbert B. Rust---Cortland, N.Y.
Arthur L. Shaw---Gloversville, N.Y.
Royal E. Sheldon---Weedsport, N.Y.
Walter T. Smith---Macedon, N.Y.
Earl B. Townsend---Weedsport
Elizabeth F. Dunn---Weedsport
Harriet A. Hill---Weedsport
Nettie Hennings Cole---Syracuse, N.Y.
Loretta Hudson Schoonmaker---Weedsport
Mabel M. Mitchell---Weedsport
Bertha Sheldon---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1903 -”Gradatim”
Harold W. Faatz ---Weedsport
Harry R. LaDue---Weedsport
Jessie Cortright Bibbens---Weedsport
Agnes G. Graney---Syracuse, N.Y.
Clara L. Greene---Weedsport
Mabel J. Hunting---Weedsport
Winifred E. Hamilton---Philadelphia, Pa.
Flora B. Hartom---North Street, Auburn, N.Y.
Florence A. Keeney---Meridian, N.Y.
Agnes M. Lawlor---New York City
Katherine Mills Blumrich---Weedsport
Kathryn G. Quigley---Weedsport
Elizabeth Stivers Larrison---Cazenovia, N.Y.
Helen M. Slade---Moravia, N.Y.
Kathryn C. Sullivan---Weedsport
Sarah Wright Phelps---Zillah, Wash.
Genevieve Sayles Sleight---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1904 - “Launched But Not Anchored”
John C. Adams---University of Pennsylvania
Dan E. Enright---Weedsport
Albert D. Hallett---Weedsport
John B. Kanaley---Weedsport
Floyd I. Rose---Weedsport
George D. Stevens---Weedsport
Fred VanDyke---Weedsport
Bertha M. Blanchard---Weedsport
Anna B. Cloonan---Weedsport
Lillian R. Gilbert---322 South Avenue, Syracuse, N.Y.
Louise M. Hopkins---Weedsport
Bessie M. Lamphere---Weedsport
Jessie L. Sunderlin---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1905 - “Beyond the Alps Lies Italy”
Sybil C. Kennedy---Cato, N.Y.
Aurelia E. Abbott---Weedsport
Lillian May Burritt---Weedsport
Bessie J. Coyle---Weedsport
Ida M. Center---Weedsport
Florence E. Faatz---Weedsport
Pearl Hutchings Howe---Auburn, N.Y.
Marie Hudson Kelsey---Weedsport
Bertha R. Kunkel---Weedsport
Grace E. Lamphere---Weedsport
Ida M. Lanphere---Weedsport
Bessie B. Palmer---Weedsport
Ada Phelps Vreeland---Ira, N.Y.
Gratia Rhoades Walker---Weedsport
Ethel M. Servis---Weedsport
Mabel St. John Van Auken---Weedsport
Bessie M. Traver---Weedsport
F. Stacy Lawrence---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1906 - “Always Our Best”
*Ruth M. Havens---Weedsport
*Robert B. Mitchell---Weedsport
*Robert L. Putnam---Weedsport
*Nellie J. Quereau---Weedsport
*Bessie M. Wright---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1907 - “The Best is Yet to Be”
*Pearl M. Laird---Weedsport
*Lena Palmer Snow---Weedsport
*Neal B. Sheldon---Weedsport
*Belle Sittser Stevens---Weedsport
*Marguerite N. Treat---Weedsport
*Harry B. Young---Weedsport

CLASS OF 1908 - “At the Foothills Climbing”
*Kathryn E. Cloonan---Weedsport
*Carrie R. Detsel---Weedsport
*Bessie J. Earl---Weedsport
*Jerry C. Flynn---University of Michigan
*Joseph H. Gibbs---Weedsport
*Elsie R. Grant---Sennett, N.Y.
Kathleen A. Graney---Weedsport
*Burritt C. Harrington---Weedsport
*W. Carl Harrington---Weedsport
*J. Harry Managh---Weedsport
David W. Manroe---Auburn, N.Y.
*Ella S. Sheldon---Weedsport
*Helen J. Smith---Weedsport
*Harry J. Smith---Weedsport
Harold A. St. John---Weedsport
*James C. Wright---Weedsport
*Ruth I. Robinson---Weedsport
* Hold Regents’ diplomas.

CLASS OF 1909 - “Vincit qui se vincit”
Beatrice F. Bibbens---Weedsport
Clare Gilbert---Weedsport
Harold B. Hoyt---Weedsport
Jessie L. Klumpp---Weedsport
F. Allen Lamphere---Weedsport
Nina L. Powers---Weedsport
George G. Robinson---Weedsport
Florence M. Stickle---Weedsport
William H. Stevenson---Weedsport
M. Irene Thompson---Weedsport
Bertha E. Traver---Weedsport
Raymond B. Traver---Weedsport
Florence A. White---Weedsport

The requirements for graduating are that the candidate must have earned 54 counts in the Regents’ examination before February 1 preceding the graduation. These must include all the required subjects of the first, second and third years of the course of instruction in the Academic department work, amounting to at least 18 additional counts, must be done to the satisfaction of the teachers, and not less than 8 counts in Latin or 10 in German will be included in the 72 required counts after June, 1910.

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