1872 - 1922
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Port Byron High School
July 2, 3, and 4, 1922
Port Byron, NY

History of Port Byron High School
Port Byron's first schoolhouse was built when the settlement of Bucksville was still a wilderness, but a part of the old building still stands at the corner of Rochester and King streets. Later school buildings were erected in the eastern and western portions of the town, one on the site of the present Jay Elliott residence, and another at the corner of Park and McClellan streets.

In 1857 a new brick schoolhouse was constructed in Church street, which was known as the Port Byron Free School and Academy. This building was destroyed by fire in 1898, in which year the present Port Byron High School was erected.

The first graduation exercises from the Old Academy were held in 1872, when Louis Root was graduated. Since that time more than four hundred boys and girls have won diplomas from the institution.

In 1861, soon after the Civil War started, Principal Thompson organized a company of young men from Port Byron and the town of Mentz for service with the Northern Army. In the company were fifty-four students from the High School who followed Captain Thompson, serving under him through the war.

The school made a splendid record also in the recent World War, there being more than one hundred names on the honor roll of students who were in the service.

There are now 400 students in Port Byron High School, Prof A. A. Gates being principal at the present time.

Principals of Port Byron High School 1886-1922


A. W. Morehouse 1886-1889
W. L. Harris 1889-1899
Chas. H. Phelps 1899-1900
W. X. Crider 1900-1902
E. L. Moore 1902-1912
C. L. Van Nort 1912-1918
M. W. Stark 1918-1921
A. A. Gates 1921-

The records of names of principals previous to the above were destroyed in the fire which burned the old schoolhouse.

Graduates 1872-1922

Class of 1872
Louis B. Root (Deceased)

Class of 1873
Frances Burhans Dixon (Aberdeen, South Dakota, R. F. D.)
Mary Clark Palmer (1049 Beall Ave., Wooster, Ohio)
Franc Hayden Brownson (Columbia, South Carolina)
Mira Higley Durham (1715 First Ave. N., Great Falls, Montana)

Class of 1874
Matie Acres Scott (43 Miller Street, Newark, N.Y.)
Thomas E. Dougherty (Forest Ave., Evanston, Ill.)
Chas. E. Davis (Deceased)
Ervin B. Macy (Port Byron, N.Y.)
Franc Haight Connell (Deceased)
Helen Osborne Stoyell (Deceased)
Josephine Hadden Getman (341 Columbia Ave., Rochester, NY)
Dr. Byron F. Mead (41 Carman Ave., Lynbrook, Long Island)
Mary S. Mills (Address Unknown)
Stella Yates Peck (346 Morris Ave. S. E., Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Class of 1875
Clara Dixon Fish (215 S. 5th Street, Elkhart, Indiana)
Will W. Kelly (Deceased)
Marian C. Vehala Knapp (109 S. Fulton Street, Auburn, NY)

Class of 1878
D. Bayard Root (Deceased)
George A. Myers (Deceased)
Dr. Benjamin C. Buckland (Deceased)
Fannie Close McFarland (Deceased)
Julia King Horton (Deceased)
Flora Kerns Myers (1157 West Onondaga Street, Syracuse, NY)

Class of 1879
C. W. Berry
John F. Madden (Deceased)
Richard Welch, Jr. (Litchfield, Minn.)
Marion U. Strang (Port Bryon, NY)
S. Addie Armstrong Gutchess (842 North Ave., Bridgeport, Conn.)
Mattie Buckland Ackerman (Wm. McKinley School, Syracuse, NY)
Hattie Storms Vosburgh (Deceased)

Class of 1880
Charles Jacobs (c-o Carpenter Paper Co., Omaha, Nebraska)
Charles Dixon (391 E. 15th Street, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY)

Class of 1881
Margaret Helsey (Deceased)

Class of 1882
S. Douglas Gutchess (842 North Ave., Bridgeport, Conn.)
Joseph F. Sweet (North West High School, Chicago, Ill.)
Myra Coultier Vaughn (Port Byron, NY)
Katie Houghtaling Hardy (Port Byron, NY)
Laney King Bogardus (East Syracuse, N.Y. R. No. 1)
Eugenia H. Porter (4172 Botanical St., St. Louis, Mo.)
Anna Radford Hall
Katie B. Spaulding (Deceased)

Class of 1884
Bryon F. Cole (Deceased)
Dr. D. J. Gilbert (Port Byron, NY)
Hull F. Tanner (Port Byron, NY)
Carrie Davis Gutchess (Port Byron, NY)
Lulu Hayden Reynor (628 South Lawrence St., Montgomery, Ala.)
Lottie Kerns Tanner (Port Byron, NY)
Minnie Wilson Vair (Waterloo, NY)
Margaret Armstrong Guernsey
Dr. Clara Barrus (Roxbury, NY)
Etta Daniels Warner (Deceased)
Jennie C. Godfrey (Port Byron, NY)
Mary O'Neil (Port Byron, NY)
Laura C. Swain (Deceased)
Isabel White Durfee (Kankakee, Illinois)

Class of 1886
Rev. Theophilus S. Devitt, D. D. (338 Locust St. Fall River, Mass.)
Joseph H. Root (Caldwell, Idaho, R. F. D. No. 1)
Cora Smith Spencer (115 Chestnut St., Audubon, New Jersey)
Addie Swain (1409 Boren Ave. Seattle, Washington)
Belle Frisbie Hinton (Muskogee, Oklahoma)
Mabel Dickey Aldrich (Port Byron, NY)
Lizzie Weston Havens (31 Lewis St., Auburn, NY)
Maggie Townsend Weston (Port Byron, NY)
Anna T. Welch (The Mowry Apt., Syracuse, NY)

Class of 1887
Frank H. Hoff (Address Unknown)
Chas. R. Hadden (Port Byron, NY)
G. Edward Coon (351 Columbia Ave., Rochester, NY)
Jessie Takel Caldwell (Port Byron, NY)
Zelma Paddock Sipple (163 Norris St., Rochester, NY)
Alice Hoff Goodman (304 S. Craing St., Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Nettie Burrit Faatz (Deceased)
Ella Horton Lonergan (Deceased)
Jennie Weston Dickinson (Deceased)

Class of 1888
Andrew H. Caldwell (Port Byron, NY)
Emma M. Green (Deceased)
Dr. S. E. Austin (54 E. Genesee St., Auburn, NY)
John D. Carberry (528 Fowler Ave., Pelham Manor, NY)
L. Carrol Root (7610 Nelson St., New Orleans, La.)
John J. McGuire (Ithaca, NY)

Class of 1889
Ervin M. Davis (2604 Fair Oaks Ave., Oak Park, Ill.)
Flora L. Blakeman Root (Port Byron, NY)
Francis S. Root (Deceased)
Clinton S. Burns (402 Interstate Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.)
Fannie M. Fenn (Port Byron, NY)
Mary L. Warren (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1890
Loyal D. Bradt (3206 Fredonia Ave., Cincinatti, Ohio.)
Edwin C. Forbes (Address Unknown)
Chas. E. Briggs (Address Unknown)
George R. Berry (Deceased)
Josie E. Green (Port Byron, NY)
Carrie E. Knapp Crofoot (7 Williams St., Lyons, NY)
Nannie Lockwood Taber (18 Park Place, Auburn, NY)
Dr. Bertha R. Chase (1052 Byrant Ave., N. Y. City, NY)
Jean Young Cameron (10 William St., Auburn, NY)
H. Belle Root (Port Byron, NY)
Etta Fuller (Port Byron, NY)
Franc B. Armstrong (223 Atkinson Ave., Detroit, Michigan)
Grace Austin Powell (Glen Head, Long Island)

Class of 1891
Charles W. Armstrong (Babylon, NY)
Mrs. T. F. Dixon (elected Associate Member), (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1892
Edith M. Steward (Everett Mass.)
Isabel Osborn Tuttle (Washingtonville, NY)
Vera B. Fenn (Port Byron, NY)
Mary Horton Houghtaling (Deceased)
Lettie Carpenter Perkins (11 Benefit Place, Pelham, NY)

Class of 1893
Alice Breen Kenyon (Port Byron, NY)
Jennie Kearnan (Deceased)
Mabel Gutchess Smith (Port Byron, NY)
Caroline Radford Lyon (148 North St., Auburn, NY)
Dr. Bruce Glasgow (West Genesee St., Auburn, NY)
Fred G. Tanner (Waterloo, NY)
James Carberry (500 Townsend St. Syracuse, NY)

Class of 1894
Margaret Holmes Clapp (Port Byron, NY)
May Carberry (189 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY)
May Vorce Weston (Port Byron, NY., R. D. No. 1)
Harry Vaughn (6 Park Ave., Batavia, NY)
Edson Horton (City Mail Carrier, Syracuse, NY)
Harry R. Warren (Port Byron, NY)
Leslie Tanner (257 W. North St., Geneva, NY)

Class of 1895
Florence Tallman (Deceased)
Anna Holmes Wood (Weedsport, NY)
Ella Austin Grey (312 Blaine St., Syracuse, NY)
Jennie E. Stewart (1404 S. Geddes St., Syracuse, NY)
Ellen Andrews Meade (Savannah, NY)
Edward C. Roberts (Deceased)

Class of 1896
Theresa Brudick Beveridge (117 N. Whitney St., Hartford, Conn.)
Eva Brudick Blauvelt (Port Byron, NY)
Elizabeth Williams (Riverhead, Suff. Co., Long Island)
Eben C. Blakeman (Altmar, NY)

Class of 1897
Clarence W. Emerson (Deceased)
Frank M. Huntoon (139 Rutger Ave., Swarthmore, Pa.)
Addie Curtis Peacock (Eden, NY R. D.)
Gracia G. Haight (26 Lewis St., Auburn, NY)
Evelyn L. Keeler Bell (Bladsworth, Sask., Canada.)

Class of 1898
George V. Roberts, Jr. (Port Byron, NY)
Carrie Stewart Parsons (Deceased)
James J. Clark (Palo Alto Ave., Hollie, Long Island)
Jennie Goodsell Hilton (Deceased)
Lettie Moon Brotherton (64 Prospect St., Cortland, NY)

Class of 1899
T. LeRoy Emerson (Beacon Hill, Port Washington, Long Island)
Howard Warren (Deceased)
Grosvenor C. Manroe (Nassau, NY)
John Cahill (Talbottin, Ga.)
Emma A. Keeler (Bladsworth, Sask., Canada)
Ethel V. Emerson
Alice Holmes Myers (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1900
Laura Newkirk Wilmarth (1233 Sherman Street, Denver Colo.)

Class of 1901
William H. Gallt, Jr. (Geneva, Ohio)
Irvin R. Warren (Port Byron, NY)
Alice L. Warren (Port Byron, NY)
Florence Sherman Boyles (Skaneateles, NY, R. D. No. 1)

Class of 1902
Ruth P. Roberts Beebe (Redfield, NY)
Estella Wright King (Box 234, Alden, NY)
Katherine R. Moroney (Port Byron, NY)
Bertha Gutchess Cottle (Weedsport, NY. R. F. D)
Mary Harnden Mosher (26 Grant Ave., Auburn, NY)
Jennie M. Wood (226 W. Castle St., Syracuse, NY)
Clarence J. Wood (Cato, NY, R. F. D)
Emma Lawrence Wethey (Deceased)

Class of 1903
Mabel McDuffie Bridger (Phelps, NY)
Lulu W. Mills (57 Gladstone St., Pontiac, Michigan)
John Moroney (R.F.D. No. 1, Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1904
Elizabeth Moore (43 Cherry St., Lyons, NY)
Olive Moore (1022 State St., Schenectady, NY)
Gertrude Newkirk Knapp (Cobleskill, NY)
Edith Tallman (Savannah, NY)
Hettie Mills (Port Byron, NY)
Halsey B. Knapp (Cobleskill, NY)
Dr. Alvin J. Stewart (Falconer, NY)
Bruce T. Dougherty (Jordan, NY)
Allen L. Link (Snyder, NY)
Earl W. Blake (Port Byron, NY)
John W. Ryan (Rochester, NY)
Swift Waterman (R. F. D., Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1905
Elizabeth Hest Stewart (Falconer, NY)
Elizabeth Ryan McDonald (34 Peacock St., Auburn, NY)
Edith Lake Smith (Washington, Conn.)
Edith Cowan Nostrant (Port Byron, NY)
John Holmes (Port Byron, NY)
R. Andrew Emerson (249 W. Kennedy St., Syracuse, NY)

Class of 1906
N. Lawrence Waterman (R. F. D., Port Byron, NY)
Willoughby C. Waterman (201 Mazio Bldg., Utica, NY)
Harry E. Barnes (114 Woodland St., Worchester, Mass.)
Dr. Leslie A. Dickinson (911 Dewey Ave., Rochester, NY)
Lois V. King (Port Byron, NY)
Helen J. Moroney Mullen (1554 Nelson St., Utica, NY)

Class of 1907
Dr. Harry L. Gilmore (Fayette St., Syracuse, NY)
William M. Branch (Olean, NY)
Lula Doty Clark (Jordan, NY)
Edith Hunter Streeter (411 6th East St., Hutchinson, Kansas)
Emmett B. McDonald (16 White Memorial Block, Syracuse, NY)
Marian E. Mills (33 Plymouth St., Montclair, NJ)
Sadie A. Monroe (c-o Mrs. Garland Latta, 720 E. Jefferson St., Syracuse, NY)
James M. Ryan (435 Exchange St., Geneva, NY)

Class of 1908
Alice Moroney (Washington, DC)
Jessie M. Blake (46 Temple St., Owego, NY)
Florence M. Halstead (Deceased)
Herndon Quimby (Killed in Action, 1918)
Glenn S. Vosburgh (827 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY)
Fred Stone (1521 Ridge Ave, Corapolis, Pa.)

Class of 1909
William D. Chappell (4907 Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.)
Lewis G. Fowler (Mann Building, Utica, NY)
Hazel Jetty (Port Byron, NY)
Leslie G. Knapp (Nassau, Delaware)
Ada Mills (79 Shoremount Ave., Boston, Mass.)
Jennie Stewart Johnson (225 ½ N. First St., Olean, NY)
Cora Waggoner (Address Unknown)

Class of 1910
Rena Ogden Barnes (Auburn, NY, R. D. No. 8)
Teresa Moroney (Deceased)
Hazel Ames (Deceased)
Ruth J. Nye (413 Arlington Apt. Cor. Court and William Sts., Rochester, NY)
Serena M. Lyon (39 Doubleday St., Binghamton, NY)
Marguerite Getman Madison (R. F. D. No. 3, Ontario, NY)
Harry O. Topliffe (277 Aurora St., Lancaster, NY)
R. Glenn Knapp (Forest Home, Ithaca, NY)

Class of 1911
Inez B. Ryan (Port Byron, NY)
Edna E. Wethey (Port Byron, NY)
Bessie Warren Schading (Port Byron, NY)
Harriet Chappell Knapp (Forest Home, Ithaca, NY)
Harold A. Moore (308 Wall St., Corning, NY)
J. Everett Topliffe (1 Parade Place, Brooklyn, NY)
Earl C. Babcock (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1912
Catherine Chappell Farrand (Savannah, NY)
Dorothy Moroney Parker (R. F. D. 4, Auburn, NY)
Reta Pinckney Burke (Port Byron, NY)
Bertha Lake (119 Farm St., Ithaca, NY)
Vera Gutchess Higginbottom (Bowdil, Ohio)
Helen A. Crane (1 Susquehanna St., Cooperstown, NY)
Ruby Marsh Barnes (R. D. 8, Auburn, NY)
Helen Howell (Port Byron, NY)
Elizabeth Moroney (Apt, 4, 1924 17th St. N. W., Washington, D.C.)
Leslie L. Blake (Williamson, NY)
Earl Sine (R. F. D. 6, Auburn, NY)
Chas. V. D. Carr (474 Banning St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Class of 1913
Clara Roney McDuffie (Port Byron, NY)
John Kane (43 Brighton St., Rochester, NY)
Inez Wethey (Port Byron, NY)
Martha Beach (Port Byron, NY)
Marie McDonald (R. F. D. 5, Auburn, NY)
Maude Howell Knapp (Nassau, Delaware)

Class of 1914
Evelyn Mills (Port Byron, NY, R.D.)
Flora M. King (c-o Newark Custodial, Newark, NY)
Helen G. Gilmore (R. F. D. 1, Port Byron, NY)
Mary Murphy (R. F. D. 5, Auburn, NY)
William Ryan (Port Byron, NY)
Theodore Weston (Port Byron, NY)
Vera Beach McLaughlin (Auburn, NY)
Frances Hearn (931 Park Ave., Rochester, NY)
Ruth Bates (White Plains, NY)
Irene Wilt (Rochester, NY)
Ruth Roney (2027 East 77th St., Cleveland, Ohio)
Agnes Edwards (R. F. D. 5, Auburn, NY)
T. Fayette Crane (Richville, NY)
Frederick Wright (R. F. D. 4, Auburn, NY)
Floyd Abrams (R. F. D., Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1915
Donella Clark (Syracuse Memorial Hospital, Syracuse, NY)
Marguerite Lyon (39 Doubleday St., Binghamton, NY)
Louise Gutchess Rowe (Pine City, NY)
Ethel Topliffe Blake (Port Byron, NY)
Agnes Mobbs (R. F. D. 5, Auburn, NY)
Rita Moroney Parker (570 Averill Ave., Rochester, NY)
Coleman H. Mallery (4488 Beniteau Blvd., Detroit, Mich.)
Lewis Mallery (4488 Beniteau Blvd., Detroit, Mich.)
Estella Herrick Rowe (Port Byron, NY)
Roland W. Henry (Williamson, NY)
Lucille Tanner (1157 W.Onondaga St., Syracuse NY)
Marguerite Crane (Port Byron, NY)
Stanley Roney (Port Byron, NY)
Harold Forbes (Port Byron, NY)
Gladys Wethey Topliffe (1 Parade Place, Brooklyn, NY)
Seymour C. Crane (Port Byron, NY)
Zelma Cater (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1916
Louise Van Norstrand (Amsterdam, NY)
Florence Tanner (R. F. D. 2, Cayuga, NY)
Gladys Reed (102 Spring St., Rochester, NY)
Grace Day (Port Byron, NY)
Gladys Jacobs (Box 394, Huntington, Long Island)
Franklin Burke (Port Byron, NY)
Charles Higgins (Montezuma, NY)
Parnell Moroney (1305 Wood St., Wheeling, W. Va.)
Mary Alfreds (Hoopes Ave., Auburn, NY)
Myra Gilmore (R. F. D. 1, Port Byron, NY)
Estella Reed Sabin (500 West 132nd St., New York City, NY)
Irene Southwick (R. F. D. 3, Port Byron, NY)
Reva Hamlin (R. F. D. 1, Weedsport, NY)
John Kenyon (Port Byron, NY)
Lois Strohmenger (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1917
Ruth Jones Russell (2132 East 5th St., Duluth, Minn.)
Marie Ryan (Port Byron, NY)
Ruth Curren (R. F. D. 4, Port Byron, NY)
Norma Hadden Halsey (Port Byron, NY)
Adah Hadden (Port Byron, NY)
Regina Moroney (R. F. D. 1, Port Byron, NY)
Marguerite Fraher (Montezuma, NY)
Dorothy Wilt (Port Byron, NY)
Edgar Wood (Weedsport, NY)
Byron Hearn (Port Byron, NY)
Frederick Kearnan (Skaneateles, NY, R. F. D. 2)
Marian Weston (Port Byron, NY)
Robert V. Beach (Port Byron, NY)
Robert J. Dixon (Port Byron, NY)
Russell E. Corey (D. U. House, Hamilton, NY)

Class of 1918
Lawrence B. Knapp (214 Thurston Ave., Ithaca, NY)
Dorward Ogden (Port Byron, NY)
Carlton Topliffe (Port Byron, NY)
Glenn Wright (R. F. D. 4, Auburn, NY)
James Nye (Port Byron, NY)
Ruth Judson (Cato, NY)
Flossie Wilcox Crowell (R. F. D. 1, Cato, NY)
Eunice Blauvelt (Port Byron, NY)
Isabelle Clary (R. F. D. 6, Auburn, NY)
Katharine Barrus (Port Byron, NY)
Lida Gutchess (Port Byron, NY)
Minnie Fowler (R. F. D. 1, Port Byron, NY)
Olive Ferguson (Crouse-Irving Hospital, Syracuse, NY)
Elsie Goss Babcock (Port Byron, NY)
Marie VanDitto (Port Byron, NY)
Leitha Van Antwerp (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1919
Anna Lynch (Port Byron, NY)
Rosemary Hearn (Port Byron, NY)
Olive Hadden (Port Byron, NY)
Estella Starks (R. F. D. 4, Port Byron, NY)
Florence Bounds Hale (Auburn, NY)
Arthur Carr (Port Byron, NY)
Orvis Holcomb (R. F. D. 6, Auburn, NY)

Class of 1920
Harriet Barrus (Port Byron, NY)
Eleanor Barrus (46 East St., Oneonta, NY)
Ruth Cottet (R. F. D. 5, Auburn, NY)
Mildred Topliffe (Port Byron, NY)
Doris Kick (Port Byron, NY)
Ada Brayton (Port Byron, NY)
Dorothy Van Antwerp (Port Byron, NY)
Olin T. Caldwell (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1921
Myrtle Forbes (Port Byron, NY)
Mildred Gilmore (Port Byron, NY)
Lucile Lawrence (Port Byron, NY)
Evelyn Mills (Port Byron, NY)

Class of 1922
Frances Chisholm (Port Byron, NY)
Genevieve Jones (Port Byron, NY)
Lila Carr (Port Byron, NY)
Bernice Campbell (Port Byron, NY)
Alma Cummings (Port Byron, NY)
Mathew Doherty (Montezuma, NY)
Lewis Hamilton (Port Byron, NY)
Ethel Ray (Port Byron, NY)
Earl Clarke (Port Byron, NY)
Marjorie Jacobs (Port Byron, NY)
Carrie Belle Root (Port Byron, NY)
Henry Mecomber (Port Byron, NY)

Chairman General Committee-Ervin Macy
Assistant-Mrs. Hull F. Tanner.
Reception-Mris. S. Olin Hardy.
Banquet-Mrs. T. F. Dixon, Mrs. J. Earl Wethey.
Finance-Mrs. A. N. Caldwell.
Publicity-Lois v. King, Lucille Tanner, Marguerite Crane.
Music-Mrs. H. C. Gutchess, Dr. H. E. Stone, Arthur Carr.
Housing-Mrs. A. E. Blauvelt.
Registration-Miss Hazel Jetty, Miss Inez Wethey.

Pageant Committees
Director-Mrs. Grace Austin Powell.
Director of Dances-Mrs. A. A. Gates.
Musical Director-Dr. H. E. Stone.
Platform-H. R. Warren, H. C. Gutchess, Hull F. Tanner.
Seats-J. Earl Wethey, I. R. Warren.
Cast-Mrs. Hull F. Tanner.
Decorations-Ervin Macy.

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