1929 and 1931 High School Year Books
Port Byron, N.Y.

"Graduation Days" Class of 1929 Yearbook Vol. VII No. 5 Port Byron High School Port Byron, New York


Abbott, Sarah - Sarrie
Batson, Ronald - Batson
Breen, Helen - Breenie
Breen, Marian - Mary Ann
Breen, Richard - Shortie
Brown, Leroy - Brownie
Finch, Gladys - Glad
Fraher, Kathleen - Fraher
Miller, Genevieve - Gen
Murray, William - Pat
Osborn, Helen - Osie
Pultz, Gilbert - Pultsie
Takel, Donald - Teek or Scotchie
Tanner, Beryl - Blondie
Tanner, Harold - Bud
Walsh, Bernard - Bernzy
Waterman, Grant - Wamba
Wright, Myrle - Speedy

Their original freshman class consisted of 30 students, with Elva Barrett as president. Another former classmate mentioned was Dorothy Barnes.

JUNIORS named in "Senior Advice to the Juniors":

Joseph McNamara (class president)
Jean Craigmile
Harold Moody
Bill Murray
Evelyn Finch
Mary Clark
Grayson Bodine
Sophronia Dayharsh
Nora Quinn
Leonard Jones
Ruth Helmer
Kate Murray
Dorothy Palmer
Helen Aldrich
Leona Clark
Maud Fear
Isabelle Barrus
Tom Quinn
Nellie Osborn
Geraldine Sabin
Richard Warren

GIRLS' BASKET BALL TEAM (names under photograph)

Nellie Osburn, Jean Craigmile, manager, Beatrice Dixon, captain, Virginia Adams, coach, Aleeta Streeter, Maude Fear, Beryl Tanner, Ruth Wilson

The girls' basketball team played against Union Springs, Savannah, Hannibal, Cato, Weedsport, King Ferry and Woman's Union.

BASE BALL TEAM (names under photograph)

F. Quinn, L. Brown, R. Osburn, manager, J. McNamara, D. Takel, H. Tanner, Michael Caveny (captain), B. Walsh, R. France, E. Palmer, P. Ware, B. Bodine, assistant manager, James Chisholm.

Games were played against Jordan, Meridian, Cato, Auburn Reserves, Fair Haven, Weedsport and Mynderse Academy.

BOYS' BASKET BALL TEAM (no photo but list of names given)

M. Caveny, right forward
L. Brown, left forward
Corey, Pultz, center
J. Chisholm, right guard
R. Osburn, left guard
Substitutes, Walsh, Batson, France

The boys' basketball team played against Union Springs, Savannah, Hannibal, Cato, Weedsport, Throopsville, and Manlius.

Port Byron High School exchanged publications with the following schools:

Observer, Dobbs Ferry High School, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
The Dial, Oneida High, Oneida, N.Y.
Crimson and Blue, Pulaski HIgh, Pulaski, N.Y.
The Blue Parrot, Camden High, Camden, N.Y.
The Forum, Lockport High, Lockport, N.Y.
The Hit, Interlaken High, Interlaken, N.Y.
Ulsterette, Saugerties High, Saugerties, N.Y.
The Apology, Monticello High, Monticello, N.Y.
Hi Tribune, Norwich High, Norwich, N.Y.
Orange Leaf, Orange High, Orange, N.J.
Dunbar Observer, Washington High, Washington, D.C.
The Reporter, Bradford High, Bradford, Vt.
Institute Tattler, Wilkes-Barre Institute, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Purple Peddler, Newfane High, Newfane, N.Y.
Purple Peddler, Lockport High, Lockport, N.Y.
Web, Old Forge High, Old Forge, N.Y.
Hill Topics, Fort Plain High, Fort Plain, N.Y.
Mynderse Microphone, Seneca Falls High, Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Monitor, Carbondale High, Carbondale, Ill.
Vacationalite, Syracuse High, Syracuse, N.Y.
Junior High Ways, Burbank High, Burbank, Calif.
The Echo, Kirby Smith High, Jacksonville, Fla.
The Recorder, Syracuse High, Syracuse, N.Y.
The Lincoln Log, Elwood City High, Elwood City, Pa.

ADVERTISERS (in order of appearance)

Cayuga County National Bank, Auburn, N.Y., established 1833
Louis Bros., 25-29 Genesee St., Auburn, blue suits for graduation
Allen's, Auburn, books, stationery, typewriters
Whipple & Forman, 51 Genesee St., Auburn, sporting goods
Henry Traub, Auburn, furniture
Menges Business School, 141 Genesee St., Auburn
Smith & Pearson, Auburn, hardware
Port Byron Creamery, butter, cottage cheese, cream
Auburn Savings Bank, corner Genesee and South Streets, Auburn
The Fashion, 145 Genesee St., style apparel
The Marion Shoppe, 121 Genesee St., fine millinery
C.T. Weston, Port Byron, everything electrical
Lowe Bros., jewelers, optometrists, silversmiths, location not given
Kalet's 5-7 State St., Auburn, women's clothing
Kilmer's, North and Water Streets, Port Byron, gifts
Wm. Blake & Son, Port Byron, The Rexall Store
Dowd-Leo Co., 127 Genesee St., Auburn, men's clothing
The Betty Lou Restaurant, Port Byron, lunches, ice cream, sodas
Lawson's Sporting Goods Store, 17 North St., Auburn
Auburn Trust Company, Auburn
Marshall's Clothing Store, 13 Genesee St., Auburn, men's clothing
T.M. Crane Insurance Company, Port Byron
Dr. H.E. Stone, Masonic Block, dentist
The H.C. Gutchess Co., Inc., Port Byron, mfr. of Gutchess Mince Meat and Jelly Powder
Cayuga County Savings Bank, Auburn
Auburn Business School, 51-53-55 Genesee St., Auburn
The Auburn Music Company, 8-10-12 Exchange St., Auburn, pianos, sheet music, musical instruments
The Dayharsh Photo Finishing Service, Port Byron
Carr-Leggett Hardware Co., Port Byron
W.A. Ware, Main St., Port Byron, radios
Blake & Mecomber, Port Byron, dry goods
H.R. Warren, Port Byron, lumber, coal
E.M. Batson, milk, location not given

The Orange and Black Annualette
Port Byron High School,
Port Byron, New York
Published by the Senior Class of 1931


Atkinson, Bessie
Barnes, Dorothy Mae
Breen, Frances Agnes
Butler, Loretta Irene
Davis, Naomi C.
Dayharsh, Sophronia V.
Fear, Margaret
Hadden, Raymond
Myers, Mary Alice
Takel, Jessie C.
Taylor, Harry R.
Van Acora, Lena Laura
Van Antwerp, Lenabelle Eve
White, Anna
Wilson, Ruth
Zeluff, Pauline

Immediately after the opening of school the Senior Class met and elected their officers: Loretta Butler, President; Anna White, Vice-President; Margaret Fear, Treasurer; Mary Alice Myers, Secretary; and Miss DeVeto, Advisor.

For students below full names were acquired by reading through articles.

JUNIOR CLASS (names below class picture)

Lewis Sarr, William Weston, William Thomas, Maxwell Morrison, Ruth Scanlon, Mary Waterman, Aleta Streeter, Beatrice Dixon, H. Densmore, Norma Schading, Enid Mullen, Vera Bailey, Leola Jetty, Miss Buckley (advisor), Elvina Dougherty, M. Becker (Nellie), Eleanor Slayton, Mildred Thompson, Leta Rice, Dorotha Burke, Christina Londry, Gladys Jetty, P. Aldrich

Soon after the opening of school, the Junior Class met and elected their officers: Mary Waterman, President; Lewis Starr, Vice-President, and Mildred Thompson, Secretary and Treasurer; Miss Buckley, Class Advisor.

SOPHOMORE CLASS (names below class picture)

F. Rosecrans, F. Streeter, Robert Blauvelt, G. Pultz, P. Ware, H. VanGuilder, B. Ray, Miss Bush (advisor), Emma Weston, E. Barrus, E. Larkin, Helen Warren, Carol Warren, T. Streeter, Thelma Slack, C. Davis, Mildred VanNorstrand, F. Brown, T. Bliss, D. Walters, Virginia Wilsey, Katharine Robson, C. Tabe, E. Crawford, C. Dixon, W. Thurston, E. Hunt, Richard France, I. Catlin, H. Hitchcock

The Sophomore Class organized and elected officers on October 1st: Katharine Robson, President; Virginia Wilsey, Secretary and Treasurer; Robert Blauvelt, Vice-President, and Miss Bush, Class Advisor.

FRESHMAN CLASS (names below class picture) J. Campanello, R. Fraher, E. Lasher, Russell Wiley, M. O'Keefe, F. Clarke, Marshall Wright, C. Parker, H. Gilmore, R. Caveny, H. Arnts, M. Becker, Olive France, F. Gutchess, A. Murray, E. Baltzell, M. Emery, C. Cronmiller, R. Carson, M. Penchak, G. Sherman, A. Pultz, G. Scanlon, M. O'Keefe, M. Gutchess, D. Knapp, L. Sine, H. Barnes, D. Burke, H. Sarr, P. Waterman, A. Laraway, L. Hancock

The Freshman class first meeting was held on October 1, 1930. The following officers were elected: President, Olive France; Vice-President, Russell Wiley; Treasurer, Paul Caveny; Secretary, Marshall Wright; Miss Lake, Advisor.

GLEE CLUB (names below picture)

T. Slack, Helen Warren, Carol Warren, Mrs. Luffman, C. Davis, E. Larkin, Edith Barrus, T. Streeter, Aleta Streeter, Elvina Dougherty, V. Wilsey, K. Robson, E. Slayton, L. VanAntwerp, D. Barnes

Officers: Virginia Wilsey, President; Edith Barrus, Vice-President; Katharine Robson, Sec'y-Treas.

ORCHESTRA (names below picture)

F. Clarke, C. Miller, R. Palmer, J. Davis, D. Gallagher, M. Wright, J. O'Connor, H. Hitchcock, C. Parker, Helen Warren, Carol Warren, K. Robson, E. Dougherty, P. Ware, Mr. Daniels (leader), Jack Caldwell, F. Streeter, H. Taylor, W. Dries

Students mentioned in article but graduates' junior year but not pictured - Paul Helmar, Warren Purser, Charles Lasher
Mentioned as member of Girl Scout troop - Helen Halsey


Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
Auburn Savings Bank, Genesee at South Street
Cayuga County Savings Bank, Genesee at State Street
St. John Chevrolet, Weedsport
C.E. Miner, Weedsport, Ford sales
I.R. Warren, Port Byron, flour, feed and poultry supplies
Port Byron Telephone Company
John Stevens Dept. Store, Auburn
Wm. B. Hislop, Genesee St., Auburn, department store
The Auburn Trust Company, Auburn
The National Bank of Port Byron
H.R. Warren, Port Byron, coal, lumber
Dowd-Leo Co. 127 Genesee St., Auburn, "prep suits" and men's clothing
H.R. Wait Company, Auburn, home furnishings
T.M. Crane Insurance Agency, Main St., Port Byron
Egbert's, Auburn, men's clothing
W.A. Ware, Port Byron, radios and refrigerators
Port Byron Creamery, mfrs. of fancy butter
The H.C. Gutchess Co., Inc., Port Byron, mince pie filling
Wm. Blake & Son, Port Byron, The Rexall Store
Richard's Clothes, corner Clark & State Sts., Auburn, men's clothing
Kalet's, 5 and 7 State St., Auburn, smart ladies apparel
Menges Business School, 141 Genesee St., Auburn
Auburn Business School, 51-53-56 Genesee St., Auburn
Marshall's Clothing Store, 131 Genesee St., Auburn, men's clothing
Dr. H.E. Stone, Port Byron, dentist
F.D. Lamphere, Weedsport, Hudson, Essex, Studebaker cars
Henry Traub, Auburn, furniture
Rochester Business Institute, 172 Clinton St., Rochester
Dayharsh, Port Byron, photos and portraits
Neese Bros. Garage, 5-7-9 Dill St. & 16 Water St., Auburn, Norman E. Nessel & Cecil F. Burt, estab. 1902
Louis Bros., 25-29 Genesee St., Auburn, clothing
Fowler Dry Goods, no location given
The People's Cash Market, Port Byron
The Gilt Edge Beauty Shop, Port Byron
The Ivy, Port Byron, Henry & Baldwin, ice cream and candies
D.L. Mills, Port Byron, feeds, seeds, fertilizers
Rosenburg's Clothing, 40 State St., Auburn, men, women, children
Markson Bros., 45-47-49 State St., Auburn, home furnishings
The Lillian Beauty Shop, 213 Metcalf Bldg., Auburn

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