Scully's Census of 1840

The following article was printed on page 99 of the Millennium Copy of Carloviana, the publication of the County Carlow, Ireland's Heritage Society. Because many of the residents of the small Townland of Knocknagee, in County Kildare, Ireland, came to Cayuga County, NY and settled in and around Auburn, we felt it appropriate to share it on our Cayuga County Genweb page. Reprinted with permission of Michael J. Wall, author and member of the County Carlow Heritage Society.

Scully's Census of 1840

Michael J. Wall

In 1840, Edward Scully conducted a census for the parish of Castledermot and Moone. This census was commissioned by the Rev. Laurence Dunne P.P. Castledermot and its purpose was to fill in the gaps of the parish registers, which were incomplete. The original census is now in private ownership, but a copy is in the National Library in Dublin. This census, along with the tithe records and Griffith's Valuation are invaluable sources for family genealogies in the parishes of Castledermot and Moone.

Edward James Scully, was married to Mary Kelly and lived on Castle Road1, Kilkea with his family - John, Maryanne and Elizabeth. He was educated at the Charter School, Castledermot and afterwards was apprenticed to Captain Dixon of Caledon, Co. Carlow. After leaving his employment he converted to Catholicism. Scully was an orator and "legal eagle" who represented and defended the rights of the people of Castledermot particularly in regard to land matters. Local tradition states that he was also a hedge school master. Scully and his family left the area about the time of the famine.

1 Castle road was between Ballinamona bridge and the Old road. The Old road, which traversed the side of Mullaghreelan hill and which led directly to the rear entrance of Kilkea Castle, fell into disuse after 1850 when the houses alongside it were removed and Mullaghreelan was planted with new trees; this was to give a better prospect of vista to the castle which had only been refurbished.

The following notice is to be found in the Carlow Sentinel, February 20, 1840:

Castledermot Patriot:

To be raffled:

The following sample of the 1840 census along with its legend is given for the townland of Knocknagee. Scully's Census of 1840

Legend for Scully's Census of 1840:

* aora1 emigrated to America between 1840 and 1849

* g gone from the district between 1840 and 1849

* dord1 died between 1840 and 1849

* xorx1 under 8 years of age in 1840

* b illegitimate

* mor" got married between 1840 and 1849


1. John Byrne wife Mariaa

Pat and Motherd

2. Michael & Denis Cummins daughter Elizabeth

3. Widow Keegan sons William, Jamesd,a

Daughters Maryd, Biddy

4. Widow Honor Keegan son Pat

Daughters Nancyd, Biddy

5. Pat and Thomas Kehoe and sister Biddyd

6. Michael Walld sons Edward, Matthewx,d, Jno, Patd, Michael

Wife Nessy (Byrne) daughters Anne, Ellenx

7. James Doyle son Denisx,d

8. Denis", Pat", and Michael Neill

Sister Mary their housekeeper

9. Thomas Shaw sons Pat, Thomas -, Larry, Davy

Wife Sally (Mahar) daughter Marya

10. John Shaw Wife Margaret (Donohue)

Daughters Ellenx, Maryx, Biddyx

11. Pat Keeffee sons Michael, Jamesx, Patx,, Jno

Wife Mary (Conroy) daughters Anne, Elizax

12. James Heyden son Bryanx

Wife Mary (Fitzpatrick) daughter Bridgetx

13. This entry has a strike through it: John Byrne Wife Mary and the Widow Byrne

14. John Cuimns sons Pat, Thomas, Bryan, Martin, James, John

Wife Anne (Hayden) daughters Biddy, Mary

15. Ralph Maherd sons Larryx, Johnx

Wife Jane (Byrne) daughter Annex

16. Thomas Donohue sons John, Thomas, Michaeld,x, Ganrettx, Jamesx

Wife biddy (Dowling) daughter Marya

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