Armstrong,	David C., died March 9, 1863, aged 62-3-16. 
		Nancy, died Oct. 17, 1863, aged 83-8-17. 
		[These Armstrong graves are within an iron fence inclosure with the Burnet

Abner, died March 26, 1841, aged 58-5-23. [See Hist. Cayuga Co., N. Y., p. 491.]
Austin, William Henry, son of David and Lucinda M. Austin, died May 11, 1839, aged 4-4-19.
Avery, Enos, War of 1812 marker, 90 N. Y. Militia.
Beardsley, Roswell, died May 27, 1825, in 33rd year. Henry,son of Roswell and Harriet, died ???, 1823, aged 20 months.
Bunnell, Joseph, died Feb. 7, 1877, aged 80 years, 6 months. Hannah (wife of Joseph), died March 8, 1886, aged 80-8-4.
Burnet, Sarah Ann, wife of M. D. Burnet, died Nov. 27, 1850, aged 42-0-17. Louisa, daughter of M. D. and S. A. Burnet, died June 6, 1855, aged 6 years. Oscar, son of M. D. and S. A. Burnet, died July 27, 1847, aged 2 years. [These Burnet graves are within an iron fence inclosure with the Armstrong family.]
Christian, D. Warren, born Jan. 14, 1832; died April 2, 1888.
Curtis, Samuel, died Sept. 14, 1847, "in 78th year," [died 15 hours from Polly, died Sept. 15, 1847, "in 78th year," [the other Thomas J., died Feb. 9, 1838, aged 25-5-25. Samuel S., died Dec. 16, 1814, in 71st year Sarah, wife of Mathew B. Curtis, died July 17, 1852; born May 4, 1827.
French, Lemuel, died Jan. 20, 1845, aged 1-6-l. [He was a son of L. S. and A. French.]
Gibson, Hemon, died March 10, 1849, aged 68.
Gray, James, died Oct. 26, 1864, in 34th year. Harker Joseph (Capt.) (See E-mail message at the bottom of this page)
Henry, William, Senior, died Aug. 30, 1830, aged 71. [From Ireland?] Elizabeth, wife of William Henry, Senior, died Feb. 13, 1831, aged 74. William, Junior, died Feb. 10, 1833, aged 40-8-l. Cynthia, wife of William Henry, Junior, died April 4, 1845, aged 47-11-25. Orrin, died Oct. 7, 1853, aged 36-1-12. George G., son of John J. and Jane Henry, died March 5, 1848, aged 5.
Herrington, Mariette, daughter of Ebenezer and Emily Herrington, died Dec. 3, 1822, aged 17.
Higley, Samuel H., died Feb. 26, 1826, aged 32-4-??. Aseneth, wife of Samuel H. Higley, died April 5, 1854, aged 37-0-21. Seba, died April 13, 1835, aged 55-0-20. Elizabeth, wife of Seba Higley, died March 31, 1853, aged 71. David A., died April 18, 1838, aged 32-10-7. [Seth Higley came from Washington County, N. Y., in 1797.]
Hills, Sophia, widow of Ebenezer Hills, died Dec. 19, 1827, aged 23-8-9. [Hist. of Cayuga Co., N. Y., p. 329, mentions an Ebenezer Hills, b. ??, 1771, who removed to "Holland Purchase", N. Y., in 1825 from Swansey, N. H.]
Hoisington, child of Daniel and Hannah Hoisington, died June 7, 1842, aged 1-8-11.
Hunter, Leae Eliza, daughter of James Hunter, died May 15, 1832, aged 21-3-21.
Hyatt, Lucy C., wife of Jay Hyatt, died Dec. 25, 1849, "in 23rd year."
Jefferies, Elder John, died Dec. 13, 1845, aged 68-2-25. [He was the first pastor of the Baptist Church in Port Byron and came from Saratoga Springs, N.Y., in 1798.] Clarissa (King), wife of Elder John Jefferies and daughter of Philip King, died May 11, 1830, aged 44. Proctor, son of Elder John Jefferies, died June 1, 1813, aged 17 days. Richard, son of Elder John Jefferies, died April 26, 1809, aged 13 days. [Interred in the King lot.] Dr. Thomas J., died Feb. 17, 1832, aged 27. ??? (stone broken), died ???, 17, 1832, aged 25. John Osborn, son of Thomas J. and Sevilla, died Sept. 16, 1830, aged 10 months.
Johnson, Isaac, died Oct. 19, 1836, aged 76-0-10. Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Johnson, died April 5, 1840, aged 72. Eliza Ann, wife of Levi Johnson, died June 9, 1838, aged 24-6-16. Russell, died Oct. 5, 1854, aged 50-11-16.
Kidney, Joseph, son of P. and E. Kidney, died ???, 1849, aged 1 year. Charles W., of P. and E. Kidney, died ???, 1849, aged 3 years.
King, Philip, died Nov. 28, 1854, aged 92-11-28. [He came from Saratoga County, N. Y., as early as 1797.] Hannah, wife of Philip King died Aug. 15, 1830, in 66th year. John Warren, son of Philip and Hannah King, died Dec. 31, 1828, aged 22-2-12. Chauncey B., born March 17, 1803; died March 20, 1825. Polly Scott, wife of John Warren King, died Feb. 19, 1832, aged 21-10-20.
Lewis, Joshua, died July 1, 1836, in 70th year.
Osborn, Julianna, wife of Hilon Osborn, died March 17, 1842,aged 24-1-4.
Presho, Huldah A., wife of Luen Presho, died Feb. 18, 1849, aged 44-1-??.
Preston, Anna, died June 24, 1844, aged 74. [both inscriptions Esther, died Jan. 15, 1840, aged 63. [are on one stone
Ransier, Jacob, died June 17, 1861, aged 61-8-2. [A Peter Ransier came from Owego and settled in Port Byron in 1800.]
Reynolds, Rev. Linus J., born New Canaan, Nov. 13, 1790; d. Port Byron, July 4, 1838. Caroline L., daughter of Rev. Linus J. and Alice Reynolds, born Feb. 12, 1819; died Dec. 10, 1846.
Rice or Rise, Anna, wife of Elijah (Rice or Rise), died Aug. 1. 1838. aged 32. See Message Below
Roosa, Jane, wife of William Roosa, died June 6, 1847, aged 38-3-2. Ezra, son of William and Jane Roosa, died May 1l, 1811, aged 9. [The age at death of this child is not in harmony with the age of the mother at death, for if she died in 1847 aged 38-3-2, she was born March 4, 1809, and could not have had a child die in 1811, aged 9 years. Perhaps William had a wife Jane prior to his wife Jane, who died in 1847.] [J. R. T., Editor].
Root, Samuel, died Mar. 25, 1870 (Note: Prior incorrect transcription cited Nov. 28, 1867 as the date of death)
(see E-mail note below regarding the accuracy of the above date) Fanny, wife of Samuel Root, died Feb. 8, 1844, aged 63. Almira, daughter of Samuel Root, died March 5, 1837, aged 25. Dyer S., son of Samnel Root, died May 15, 1836, aged 28-l-??. William H., died Jan. 10, 1833, aged 33.
Sherman, Henriette, daughter of C. S. and M. E. Sherman, died Aug. 27, 1844, aged 2 months. Mariette, daughter of C. S. and M. E. Sherman, died Sept. 17, 1844, aged 21 months. Mary E., daughter of C. S. and M. E. Sherman, died Sept. 26, 1851, aged 10 days. [These three inscriptions are cut upon one stone.]
Taylor, Edward B., son of John Adams and Sarah Taylor, died May 27, 1839, aged 2-6-13. [John Adams Taylor, the father, was born in Hartford, Washington Co., N. Y., and settled in Port Byron in 1817.]
Upham, Nathaniel, died Aug. 22, 1864, aged 71. Eleanor Scouton, wife of Nathaniel Upham, d. ??? Betsey, daughter of Nathaniel Upham, died Oct. 25, 1828, aged 11-11-28. Richard, son of Nathaniel Upham, died May 7, 1830, aged 4 weeks. Rebecca, [daughters of Nathaniel Upham, died April 14, 1830, Rachel, [aged 12 hours.
Vermilya, Hannah, wife of David Vermilya, died May 3, 1847, aged 49.
Whitney, James, died Sept. 6, 1828, aged 43.
Wood, Alvah, born Malta, Saratoga Co., N. Y.; "died by the fall of a tree", April 22, 1825, aged 24-5-??.

The information on this page was transcribed from the following source:
New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 54 (Jan. 1923), pp. 59-61.
(originally copied October 8, 1919)
Contributed by Janet McKay Cowing,
Corresponding Member, N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Society for Seneca County, NY

Note: A compilation of burial records by local historians and the Owasco Chapter DAR in the mid 1960's, may provide additional information and other burials in this cemetery.   See the Cayuga County NYGenWeb Project Cemetery  Page.

Thanks to Phil Crowther for transcribing these records into a digital format.

E-mail message about information on this website page
From: beatatune
To: cayuga@roadrunner.com
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 8:21 AM
Subject: Addition for King Cemetery in Port Byron

Hi Bernie,

I just discovered a Revolutionary War soldier buried at King Cemetery. This would be Capt. Joseph Harker.
Capt. Joseph Harker was born 9/28/1743 in Morris County, NJ. He served in Capt. Abraham Lyon's Company, 4th NJ Regiment commanded by Col. Ephraim Martin. His wife was Mary Walling. Joseph died in September of 1815.

The family moved to Stillwater, Saratoga County, NY after the war and then settled at Port Byron. His son married a daughter of Seth Higley, another soldier that came from Saratoga County to Port Byron.

I have viewed his muster rolls and his burial location is described in the Harker-Higley Ancesry by Margaret P Brown:


Please add him to the list at King Cemetery. We will be ordering him a military marker.
Dawn Roe
Port Byron Historian

Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2010 7:56 PM
Subject: Samuel Root,OLD PORT BYRON CEMETERY, Inscriptions

Hello Bernie

The death records for Samuel root are incorrect,I know that is what the records say, but it is wrong, here is my information.....

Samuel's memorial states he died Nov of 1867, he is in the 1870 mortality schedule as dying March 1870 at age 92, ( 92 y 8m 25d).

He was still alive in 1869 when the Root Genealogy was done by James Pierce Root in 1870, page 147, and page 195. Samuel root , son of Josiah, grandson of Samuel,b. June 4 ,1777 ,in Willington,Ct; m ******. He is living 1869 age 92 at Port Byron.

1870 Mortality Schedule
Name: Samuel Root Age: 92
Race: White Gender:
Male Marital Status: Widow
Birth Year: abt 1778
Place of Birth: Connecticut
Month of Death: Mar
Cause Of Death: Debility
Place of Death: New York, Cayuga, Mentz

Census Year: 1870 Line Number: 20 Roll: M5

Is there any way we can correct this?
Thank you for your time.
Juliane Montgomery Burbach

From: beatatune
To: JJB ; Bernie Corcoran
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 6:18 PM
Subject: Samuel Root

I was able to confirm the 1870 morbidity schedule, which does state that Samuel Root died in Mar 1870. It does not provide the specific date, not days it give his age in yrs, months, days.

The good news is that the stone does still survive which enough of the date is above ground that it can be confirmed. The stone reads he died Mar. 25, 1870. The bad news is that this stone had previously broke in half and at some point in the past, it was reset into a new foundation. Therefore, what is beneath the date that can be seen, is encased in cement, so I can not confirm his age in terms of years, months and days.

I do not own a copy of the actual book that was used for the basis of the Cayuga County Genweb site, so I would not be able to determine if the error is from the book itself or from the volunteer that typed what was in the book to digital format.

While perpetual care does not include maintenance of headstones, someone in the past did attempt to reset many stones that were broken and on the ground. Thankfully, there is enough visible that I can confirm his death date, but unable to confirm the engraving for his age.

Standing facing Mr. Root's grave, there are no headstones to the immediate left that belong to this same family. Not far to the right, there is a similar sized stone, broken in half and the top portion no longer in tact is in approx 6 to 7 pieces. There is engraving on 3 small parts and have flipped them so rain from mother nature can wash away the dirt that I was unable to sweep by hand. I don't know if it will be enough to determine who the stone belongs to but when I visit again, will revisit that grave and see if I can assemble anything from what remains. I had to leave the cemetery for incoming thunder storms, so lets give mother nature a chance to clean what is now facing upward and will visit again when I can.

Bernie, feel free to post this photo on Cayuga's Genweb.

Thank you kindly,
Samuel Root Headstone
Samuel Root Headstone

From: Mary Lou Barrett
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 8:43 PM
To: Cayuga@roadrunner.com
Subject: Old Port Byron or King Cemetery

Hi Bernie,

   I have one correction to the Old Port Byron Cemetery.
Rise,   Anna, wife of Elijah Rise, died Aug. 1. 1818. aged 32.

Actually the original record I saw many years ago (20+) gave her death as 1 Aug 1838.  It did say RISE

Anna Rice wife of Elijah Rice b 23 Feb 1806 and died 1 Aug 1838  age 32 yr, 5 mon, 6 days

I'm a long time Rice researcher - have printed a book, 20 years ago, on the family of Elijah Rice Sr which should be in the Cayuga Co Genealogy Society Library.   
I'm now updating all this family and noticed this record on line.  

Mary Lou Barrett

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