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Five Corners is situated in the south part of the town, west of the center, nearly equi-distant from Genoa and Northville. It contains one church (Presbyterian), a district school, one general store, one hardware store, two blacksmith shops (kept by John Beardsley and William Starr), a shoe shop (kept by Aaron Wood), a wagon shop (kept by Anson Lyon), a paint shop (kept by James Remer), and about seventy inhabitants.  

The first merchants were Israel and Amasa Lyon and David Crocker, who
commenced business under the name of I. & A. Lyon & Co., about 1814. After a few years it went into the hands of Mr Crocker, sho admitted to partnership a man named Swift, his brother-in-law, with whom he did business several years. Alfred and Samuel Husted, brothers, opened a store about 1823 and did business a few years, when they removed their goods to Auburn. Samuel C. Lyon kept a store a good many years, until his death September 12, 1870. Charles Barger opened a store soon after Lyon's death, and after two years formed a copartnership with P. Price. He failed about a year after. James Nostrand and a man named Hunt came in from Moravia in November 1878, when he sold his goods at auction. A. E. Robinson, from Sherwood, general merchant, commenced business in December 1876, in company with George E. Sanford, with whom he was connected till October 18, 1877.  John Starr, hardware merchant, commenced business in the spring of 1877.

The first postmaster at Five Corners was Lewis Seymour, who was appointed
about 1830. He was succeeded by John Milliken, who held the office in 1836, Rebecca Ferris, Allen Palmer, who held it in 1842 and 1846, Samuel C. Lyon, who held it in 1851, Fulton Goodyear, who held it in 1854, Samuel C. Lyon, who held it as early as 1857, and until his death in 1870, Daniel Bacon, who held it about a year, Charles Barger, who held it from 1872-75, Joseph Goodyear, who held it from 1875 till his death April 1878, and A. E. Robinson, the present incumbent, who was appointed April 29, 1878.  

The first physician was Thomas Lyon, who located here about the beginning
of the century and remained a few years. There does not appear to have been any physician after that until about 1841, when D. A. Force came here. He practiced until the California gold-fever broke out, when he repaired thither. He resumed practice here about four years afterwards and continued till about 1853, when he went to Genoa. Dr. Green, from Lansing, Thompkins County, practiced here one year during the war, and went to Michigan. Wm.  Davis, also from Lansing, practiced some five or six years from about 1868.  He, too, went west. George E. Sanford, from Michigan, who joined the County Medical Society while a resident of this place, November 10, 1875, is still practicing here.

The First Free Congregational Church of Genoa, at Five Corners, was
organized January 1, 1831, as the Congrgational Church of Lansing and Genoa, by thirteen male and twenty-five female "seceders" from the Presbyterian Church of Lansingville. January 11, 1831, Levi Palmer and Caleb Lyon, Jr., were elected deacons. January 7, 1834, the present name was adopted.

The first pastor was Rev. Jabez Chadwick, by whom the church was organzied.  He resigned January 31, 1835, to take effect March 27, 1835. He was succeeded by Zenas Covall, who was dismissed October 11, 1836. The name of S. Hawley appears March 11, 1837, but whether as pastor or temporary supply the records do not show. Rev. Mr. Leckner closed his labors with them January 16, 1838, but how ling he served them does not appear. Rev. A. C. Lord commenced is labors with them in April 1838, and Ezra C. Smith, March 20, 1840. Mr. Smith was voted out of the pulpit April 6, 1842. Rev. Wm. S. Franklin began to supply the pulpit September 18, 1842. November 14, 1843, he received a call to become their pastor and was installed January 9, 1844. September 8, 1864, after a pastorate of twenty-two years, Mr. Franklin requested the church to unite him in asking the Presbytery to dissolve the pastoral relation. He preached his farewell sermon September 25, 1864. C. A. Conant assumed the pastoral care April 1, 1865, and closed his labors with them July 1, 1871. During his pastorate, March 3, 1871, the church adopted the Presbyterian form of government, but retained their name. In November 1871, a call was extended to A. O. Peloubet, who entered upon the pastoral duties January 1, 1872. He preached his farewell sermon April 27, 1873. In July 1873, a call was given to Nathan B. Knapp, who was installed pastor October 7, 1873, and ministered to their spiritual wants until December 9, 1877, since which time the pulpit has been supplied by various individuals. The present membership is forty-five.

The first meetings were held in an addition built to the school-house at the corners, at the time of the organization. This, however, soon ceased to afford the needed accommodation. Soon after the organization, during Mr. Chadwick's pastorate, a fruitful revival was experienced, and the membership so largely increased thereby, as to make the demand for a larger and more commodious house of worship imperative.This resulted in the erection of the present edifice, which was dedicated Februaary 26, 1835.  

March 9, 1842, the Lansingville Church, (from which the original members of this church withdrew, because of a preference for the Congregational form of government) dissolved and united with this.

The  text information displayed on this site was acquired from the book:  
Thanks to Ronnie Aungst for typing the information on this page into a digital format.

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