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Moravia was formed from Sempronius, March 20, 1833. It lies in the south-east
part of the county, upon Owasco Lake and Inlet. The surface consists of a rolling
upland, broken by the deep and narrow valleys of the Owasco Inlet and its branches.
These valleys are 300 to 400 feet below the hill summits, and are bordered by steep,
and, in some places, perpendicular sides. Upon the streams in the ravines are several
beautiful cascades, furnishing an abundance of water power. Mill Brook, below its
junction with Trout Brook, flows over a precipice 80 feet high. Upon the east tributary
of the inlet, near the south border, is a cascade known as Dry Falls, from the
circumstance that in summer the stream ceases to flow. A little below this cascade is a
circular recess in the face of a perpendicular precipice, 42 feet deep, and surrounded
by a limestone arch 55 feet high and 125 feet long. Upon this arch rises a lofty hill,
covered with primitive forest trees. A large spring of carburetted hydrogen gas, highly
inflammable, exists on the lowlands near the lake. Among the hills the soil is a gravelly
loam, composed of gravel and disintegrated slate and limestone. In this town is one of
those numerous valleys which are a peculiar characteristic of the surface of Central New
York. From its contiguity to the nieghboring lake it has long been known as Owasco
Flats. The land is elevated some 300 to 400 feet at the head of the lake, and the decline
to the valley is, in some places, so precipitous as to make the passage of vehicles
impossible. The flats stretch southward from the lake, for a distance of five miles, when
the valley narrows into a winding ravine, thus continuing for many miles, occasionally
expanding its confines to give place to a quiet hamlet. These flats were partly cultivated
by the Indians, prior to white settlement, and still bear traces of ancient occupation.
Population, 2,498 Area, 17,646 acres.

There is but one Postoffice in this town--Moravia. A few of the residents receive their
mail at Kelloggsville, in the town of Niles.

Town Of Moravia Page # 1

Adams Abel, 108, Moravia Brown Edwin, 6, Moravia
Adams Edwin E, 129, Moravia Brown Peter, 78, Moravia
Adams Frank, 68, Moravia Buckley John, 110, Moravia
Adams Frank L, 24, Moravia Burgess Alva R, (est), 251, Moravia
Adams Jacob, 90, Moravia Burlingham J L, 58, Moravia
Adams William H, 81, Moravia Burlingham Orville, 4, Moravia
Aiken Charles R, 55, Auburn Byrne William, 7 1/2 Moravia
Alley Alfred, 92, Moravia Camp Austin J, 78, Omro
Alley Edgar, 74, Moravia Carver Andrew, 45, Moravia
Alley John H, 141, Moravia Carver William, 48, Moravia
Ammerman Ira J, 90, Moravia Cashen Dennis, 49, Moravia
Andrews John, 109, Moravia Chandler Frank, 198, Moravia
Armstrong A G, 58, Moravia Chittenden Chas F, 46, Moravia
Atwood A T, 97, Moravia Church Allen, 121, Kelloggsville
Austin Edwin, 85, Moravia Church Philetus, 96, Moravia
Barker Eunice, 15, Moravia Clark George P, 92, Moravia
Bassett Joseph L, 137, Moravia Clark, Taber & Co, 6, Moravia
Belding Henry, 82, Moravia Colony & Patten, 68, Moravia
Bowen Bassett J, 108, Moravia Conklin Chas & Jas, 90, Moravia
Boyce & Studwell, 51, Moravia Conklin Elisha (est), 156, Moravia
Brockway Darius, 169, Moravia Cox Dr William, 72, Moravia
Brockway William, 168, Moravia Crane Mrs Ella, 7 1/2, Moravia
Broderick William, 49, Moravia Curtis Frank S, 100, Moravia
Brokaw S R, 7, Moravia Curtis Mrs Irene, 4 1/2, Moravia

Town Of Moravia Page # 2

Curtis W D, 69, Moravia Mackey John, 45, Moravia
Cuykendall Charles, 374, Moravia Mahoney E T, 83, Moravia
Dates Albert, 90, Moravia Mahoney Timothy, 36, Kelloggsville
Decondres Julia, 160, Moravia Main Amos, 97, Moravia
Dennis David, 168, Moravia Main Charles, 39, Moravia
Dennis Mrs David, 84, Moravia Maltbie & Andrews, 35, Moravia
Derby Reuben (est), 140, Kelloggsville Mattoon Mrs James, 60, Moravia
Derbyshire James, 14, Moravia Mattoon John, 10, Moravia
Devinney & Adams, 10, Moravia Mc Clintock Joseph, 46, Moravia
De Witt Henry, 17, Moravia Mc Laughlin James, 32, Moravia
Donalds Mrs J F, 90, Moravia Mc Sweeney Owen, 4, Moravia
Donalds Jonathan, 9, Moravia Mc Sweeney Elnora, 10 1/2, Moravia
Duggan David, 258, Moravia Merow Samuel D, 54, Moravia
Easterly Elizabeth, 7, Moravia Morse Albert, 150, Moravia
Edmonds G A, 112, Moravia Morse Gershom, 130, Moravia
Ellis Hiram, 117, Moravia Murphy John, 40, Moravia
Emperor Chris, 57, Moravia Murphy Kate, 6 1/2, Moravia
Ennis James, 105, Moravia Murphy Philip, 233, Kelloggsville
Ennis Mathew, 123, Moravia Murphy William, 38, Moravia
Ercanbreck Edgar L, 137, Moravia Nostrandt William, 3, Moravia
Everson Terry, 47, Moravia Palmer J Monroe, 245, Moravia
Eyseman Fred, 145, Omro Parker Frank, 165, Auburn
Fitch Ursula, 60, Moravia Parker Otis G, 11, Moravia
Flint Lavelle, 56, Moravia Parker W J H, 6, Moravia
Folts Frank, 68, Moravia Parsons Edwin, Jr, 17, Moravia
Folts Jacob P, 347, Moravia Parsons Elijah, (est), 272, Moravia
Folts Marcus, 75, Moravia Parsons John, 127, Moravia
Fordyce Seymour J, 150, Moravia Phelps & Fernald, 151, Moravia
Fowler Mrs S N, 123, Moravia Rathbun Mrs Amos, 49, Moravia
Fox George, 11, Moravia Rathbun Scott, 76, Moravia
Fullmer Arthur J, 137, Moravia Rathbun Thomas, 76, Moravia
Gallery Thomas, 61, Moravia Reardon Jerry, 39, Moravia
Goodrich Helen, 97, Moravia Reynolds George H, 28, Moravia
Graves Sarah, 129, Moravia Reilly Stephen, 95, Moravia
Green Fred G, 77, Moravia Richtmyer James, 77, Moravia
Greenfield W J & M, 217, Moravia Riley Charles, 97, Moravia
Hall Albert G, (est), 95, Moravia Riley Cornelius, 88 Moravia
Hall Edwin, 80, Moravia Riley Mathew, 53, Moravia
Hall John, 65, Moravia Robbins Benj, 14, Moravia
Hamilton Charles, 74, Moravia Rooks Milton, 32, Moravia
Hampton Phoebe, 20, Moravia Sagar Newton W, 105, Moravia
Harrington Morris, 7, Moravia Sampson L W, 50, Moravia
Hargett Charles, 39, Moravia Savercool Abram, 25, Moravia
Hargett John, 38, Moravia Selover Mill Co, 17, Moravia
Hargett Sylvester, 20, Moravia Shaver Hannah M, 75, Moravia
Harris Eugene, 132, Moravia Shaw Daniel, 112, Moravia
Harris William D, 107, Moravia Sheehey Thomas, 49, Moravia
Hartnett Timothy, 6, Moravia Sherman Levi, 20, Moravia
Hawley Francis, (est), 3, Moravia Shimer Alex, 83, Moravia
Hawley Fred S, 5, Moravia Shimer Mary J, 3, Moravia
Helmer Smith, 53, Moravia Signor George, (est), 140, Moravia
Hickox O & W, 10, Moravia Signor George, Jr, 105, Moravia
Hinman Martin, 127, Moravia Silcox Eliza, 48, Moravia
Hopkins Ebenezer, 65, Moravia Slarrow Joseph, 51, Moravia
Hoxie Mrs Isaac, 29, Moravia Smith Charles B, 121, Moravia
Hoyt Christopher, 60, Moravia Smith Charles F, 8, Moravia
Hunt Albert, 30, Moravia Smith Malcolm, 93, Moravia
Hunt Fred J, 75, Moravia Snyder J Oscar, 195, Moravia
Hunt Jeremiah, 70, Moravia Southworth Wesley, 30, Moravia
Hunt Margaret, 107, Moravia Spafford Alanson, 67, Moravia
Hutchinson Alpheus, 13, Moravia Spafford Cal, (est), 41, Moravia
Hutchinson Matilda, 3 1/2, Moravia Spafford Calvin, 52, Moravia
Impson Mrs Daniel, (est), 4, Moravia Spafford George, 157, Moravia
Jewett Guernsey (est), 10, Moravia Spafford Ranson, 24, Moravia
Johnson William, 63, Moravia Spafford Samuel, 80, Moravia
Keeler Charles, 35, Moravia Spink John, 49, Moravia
Keeler Israel, 20, Moravia Spink Maria, 46, Moravia
Keeler William, 9, Moravia Springer Dwight, 83, Moravia
Keeler William E, 77, Moravia Standish Smith, 39, Moravia
Kelley Simeon, 89, Moravia Stanton Charles, 55, Moravia
Kennedy Michael, 45, Moravia Stoddard Adah, 4, Moravia
Kenyon Jesse, 16, Moravia Storm Eliza, 40, Moravia
King Eliza, 17, Moravia Storm Eugene, 36, Moravia
Lester Whitford, 86, Moravia Stoyell Loyall (est), 13, Moravia
Letchworth J G, 185, Buffalo Strough O E, 116, Moravia
Lick Mrs Henry, 22, Moravia Sullivan Cornelius, 20, Moravia
Lilly Jabez, 3, Moravia Sutphen Lewis W, 71, Moravia

Town Of Moravia Page # 3

Taber Mrs Frank P, 96, Auburn Walker Jefferson, 83, Moravia
Teller John D, 103, Auburn Weaver Burr, 4, Moravia
Thomas George, 5, Moravia Weaver Melvin, 8 1/2, Moravia
Thomas John A, 43, Moravia Webb David, 169, Moravia
Tidd William, 11, Moravia Wheat Albert, 25, Moravia
Tinker Jay, 60, Kelloggsville Whipple Nellie, 18, Moravia
Tuttle Nathan, 80, Moravia Whipple Horace, 18, Moravia
Van Arsdale Dorr, 143, Moravia White John, 66, Moravia
Van Arsdale John F, 85, Moravia Whiting Amos, (est), 63, Moravia
Van Arsdale John S, 115, Moravia Williams Giles, 110, Moravia
Van Duyne Martin, 74, Moravia Wilson Frank, 41 1/2, Moravia
Van Etten A J, (est), 101, Moravia Willis Chester, 80, Moravia
Van Etten Elias, 74, Moravia Wood Orcelia, 218, Moravia
Van Etten W H, 118, Moravia Wright Charles E, 90, Moravia
Vosburg Richmond, 118, Moravia Wright David, 90, Moravia
Walker J F, 11, Moravia Wright James A, 9, Moravia


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