ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.

Auburn Aurelius Brutus Cato Conquest Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory
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1900  Directory -  "MONTEZUMA" SECTION

Montezuma was formed from Mentz, April 8, 1859. It lies on the west border of the
county, in the north-west angle of the great easterly bend in Seneca River. The great
swamp, known as the Montezuma Marshes, extends along the river. Cayuga Brook is
the principal stream. Brine springs exist along the Seneca River. The soil is mainly a
clayey loam.
Population, 1, 047. Area, 10,633 acrea.
The Postoffice addresses of the residents of this town are Montezuma and Fox Ridge,
in the town; Cayuga, Fosterville and Port Byron in adjoining towns, Savannah, Wayne
County, and Seneca Falls, Seneca County.

Town Of Montezuma

Baldwin J H (est), 114, Montezuma Ladue Mortimer, 88, Montezuma
Ball Edgar (est), 120, Montezuma Laraway Frank, 25, Montezuma
Ball William, 85, Montezuma Mallory Charles C, 72, Montezuma
Beach Frank, 157, Montezuma Martin John B, 83, Montezuma
Beach Alonzo, 112, Montezuma Mc Cloud Joseph, 166, Port Byron
Beach G Bolivar, 122, Montezuma Mc Cloud Lewis, 121, Port Byron
Beardsley Mary, 110, Auburn Mc Clennan James, 65, Montezuma
Beardsley Nelson (est), 536, Auburn Mc Intosh John (est), 160, Cayuga
Benton Edward O, 142, Saratoga Springs Mc Namara Daniel, 94, Montezuma
Blaisdell Dell, 31, Fox Ridge Mc Namara John, 4, Montezuma
Blaisdell Eugene, 72, Fox Ridge Mc Namara Mathew, (est), 197, Montezuma
Blanchard James, (est), 222, Weedsport Meil George & Son, 120, Montezuma
Bogardus Washington, 5, New York Mills Benjamin B, 71, Montezuma
Bonker Samuel, 96, Montezuma Mills Hannah D, (est), 100, Montezuma
Buckingham William, 98, Port Byron Mills Warren W, 54, Montezuma
Burlew James B, 107, Union Springs Mitchell farm, 32, Montezuma
Burr Charles, 21, Montezuma Moroney Daniel, 48, Montezuma
Bush Mrs Robert, 112, Montezuma Moroney John, 90, Montezuma
Carner Horace, 74, Montezuma Mullen James W, 164, Auburn
Chappell Fred M, 84, Montezuma Murray John, 167, Port Byron
Clark Schuyler, 32, Montezuma Nolan John, (est), 101, Montezuma
Connolly Thomas, 88, Montezuma Nugent Patrick, 116, Montezuma
Connors John, 24, Montezuma Nugent William, 100, Montezuma
Damewood Oscar, 100, Montezuma Nye James D, 64, Port Byron
Davis Griffin, (est), 50, Montezuma Nye Mrs James D, 85, Port Byron
Decker William, 26, Montezuma O'Brien Patrick, 13, Montezuma
Denman George, 130, Montezuma O'Connor James, 44, Montezuma
Denman Jesse, 56, Montezuma O'Connor Thomas, 85, Montezuma
Dennis Thomas, 96, Montezuma Paddock Charles, 32, Port Byron
Doherty M, (est), 50, Montezuma Parker Foster, 10, Montezuma
Dolley Mrs O M, 139, Montezuma Parmer Tryphena, (est), 71, Montezuma
Emerson William W, 107, Montezuma Peterson Schuyler, 93, Port Byron
Evans Mrs C, 160, Montezuma Port James, (est), 5, Montezuma
Falvey Dennis, (est), 87, Auburn Pratt James S, 67, Montezuma
Farrell William, 35, Montezuma Radford Mrs O B, 98, Montezuma
Fear Edward, 4, Montezuma Randall George, 77, Montezuma
Filkins Simeon B, 71, Montezuma Rockefeller Jacob, 50, Montezuma
Fordyce Mrs Dr, 44, Montezuma Rockefeller Philip, 55, Montezuma
Forshee Garrett, 12, Montezuma Ryan Michael, 26, Montezuma
Fowler John, 59, Montezuma Scott Mrs Louisa, 32, Cayuga
Fowler William, 182, Auburn Scanlon Mrs Patrick, 68, Montezuma
Frahar John, 38, Montezuma Schermerhorn Arthur, (est), 70, Montezuma
French George G, 234, Mexico, N Y Sherwood George, (est), 5, Montezuma
Gillen Mrs E, 21, Port Byron Sibley Hiram, (est), 740, Rochester
Gillen William, 9, Port Byron Stevenson James M, 173, Cayuga
Gilmore John, 135, Montezuma Stokes Henry, (est), 8, Montezuma
Gilmore Robert, 150, Port Byron Switzer Mrs Helen, 55, Montezuma
Glasgow Smith R, 92, Montezuma Taylor David A, 46, Fox Ridge
Graney John, 5, Port Byron Tempest Harry, 6, Fox Ridge
Hall A S, 4, Cayuga Thurston Hiram, 27, Montezuma
Hall Spencer, 8, Montezuma Tosh Mrs Mary J, (est), 92, Fox Ridge
Hatfield Mrs Jacob, 14, Montezuma Tosh Henry, 171, Fox Ridge
Hayes Mrs Henry, 108, Montezuma Townsend Robert L, 115, Fosterville
Higgins Charles, 35, Montezuma Tuller Anson, 115, Port Byron
Hubbard Nathan, 24, Fox Ridge Waldron Edward, 182, Port Byron
Jackson Amos, 84, Jordan, Onondaga Co Warrick Silas, 90, Fosterville
Jones Elizabeth, 27, Montezuma Waterhouse Mrs Sarah, 20, Fox Ridge
Jones Frank, 130, Montezuma Watson Norman, 5, Fox Ridge
Kern Mrs Christina, 14, Montezuma Weaver Zimri, 17, Montezuma
Kinary James, 40, Montezuma Weston Alonzo J, 65, Montezuma
Kent Peter, 98, Montezuma Weston Charles C, 237, Montezuma
Ladue Abraham, (est), 66, Fox Ridge Williams Seymour, 32, Montezuma
Ladue Mrs Marie, 16, Montezuma Woolford William, 24, Montezuma


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