Wall Street M.E. Church - Auburn, New York
Early newspaper story about their 'Autograph Quilt'
pg. 10, Saturday January 23, 1915, The Advertiser Journal, Auburn, N.Y.

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A Colonial entertainment featured by six tableaux and consisting of old fashioned songs, solos and readings was given under the auspices of the Dorcas Society of the Wall Street M.E. Church last evening in the lecture rooms of the church. The entertainment was immensely enjoyed by a large audience and was given for the purpose of raising money to be appled on the church debt.

The program opened by the singing of old fashioned songs by a double quartette comprising members of both the old and new choir of the church. The singers were Mrs. Benjamin Hutchings, Mrs. George Lawson, Miss Hattie Chetham, Miss Marion Parker, Luke Williams, Charles Bouch, Morgan Lyon and Albert Walters. The singing was well rendered and received much applause. Then followed a tableau, "Ye Olden Times," during which a song "Love's Old Sweet Song," was sung by one of the players. The participants were attired in colonial garb and made a good impression.

After a pleasing reading by Mrs. R.R. Whaley, a second tableau, "Past and Present Courtship," was given in two parts. The first part, standing for the past, worked about the theme, "Take Your Time," while the second part, the present, showed the haste of the modern times, The theme of which was "Get Together." Some more old fashioned songs were sung by the double quartette and two excellent readings were given by the Misses Diggs.

The third tableau, "My Mandy," was then staged, during which a solo was sung by Mrs. Roy Kelsey, one the participants. Two more tableaux, "The Dead Little Shamrock," and "Making the Flag," were given to the keen delight of the audience. Between the tableaux, selections were sung by the male members of the double quartette. After a solo by Charles Bouck, the sixth and last tableau "Sweet and Low" was staged. The program closed with selections by the male quartette.

At the close an Autograph Quilt, which had been worked by the members of the Dorcas Society and had 630 names wrought upon it, was shown to the amazement and delight of the audience. The work on the quilt received many favorable comments. Last year the Society raised the fine sum of $450.00 for the church, but it is the intention of the members to raise a still larger amount during 1915.

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