St Bernard's Church
Scipio, Cayuga Co., New York
Baptismal records
1896 - 1897

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Records prior to 1900 were written in Latin. In cases where I am uncertain of an English translation the names appear in the original Latin inside quotation marks.

Handwritten entry at top of page 28:
"Note: Original records from here to July 5, 1908 were destroyed by fire. SOME of them were recovered and supplied for and are to be found in COPY contained in loose leaf binder of all records from 1884 - 1936."


Baptism date: Feb 23    Birth date: Jan 16
Name: William CROWLEY
Parents: John Henry CROWLEY and Catharine Eliza. HEFFERNAN
Sponsors: Patrick Thomas and Maria "Theresia" HEFFERNAN

Baptism date: March 8    Birth date: Jan 15
Name: Catharine O'BRIEN
Parents: James O'BRIEN and Catharine DILLON
Sponsors: William James CONRAN and Margaret DILLON

Baptism date: March 23    Birth date: Feb 15
Parents: John KINSELLA and Margaret "Hellena" WELCH
Sponsors: Daniel BRESNAN and "Theresia" WELCH

Baptism date: June 7    Birth date: May 10
Name: John BUNN
Parents: John BUNN and Elizabeth "Agnete" HANLON
Sponsors: "Bernardus" McCORMICK and Anna FURGUSON

Baptism date: June 21    Birth date: June 3
Name: John "Gualterium" BOWNESS
Parents: John BOWNESS and Maria Elizabeth KENNALLY
Sponsors: William BOWNESS and Maria KENNALLY

Baptism date: July 15    Birth date: July 2
Name: Henry "Jeromum" CASLER
Parents: William H CASLER and Bridget C. DWYER
Sponsors: "*auricus Bernardus" GRADY and Maria Eliz. CASLER

Baptism date: Aug 2    Birth date: July 15
Name: William Edward MULLALLY
Parents: Daniel S. MULLALLY and Honora MURPHEY
Sponsors: Patrick BURKE and Bridget Agnes GALLERY

Baptism date: Sept 27    Birth date: Dec 14, 1893
Name: "Theresiam Emeliam" QUINN
Parents: Thomas QUINN and "Hellena" BLAIR
Sponsors: Lawrence WELCH and Agnes Cecilia DWYRE

Baptism date: Sept 27    Birth date: June 2
Name: "Mariam Agnetum" QUINN
Parents: Thomas QUINN and "Hellena: BLAIR
Sponsors: Lawrence WELCH and Maria FARRELLY

Baptism date: Oct 4    Birth date: Aug 23
Name: Arthur O'HERRON
Parents: William O'HERRON and Catharine "Agnete" NOLAN
Sponsors: Thomas Henry and Maria "Hellena" NOLAN

Baptism date: Oct 31    Birth date: Oct 7
Name: Anna GRANT
Parents: William Robert GRANT and Maria SHEILS
Sponsors: Thomas Francis WALSH and Maria Ludovica GRANT

Baptism date: Dec 20    Birth date: Nov 18
Name: "Mariam Jamesinam" REDMOND
Parents: John Edward REDMOND and Maria Josephine WELCH
Sponsors: Eugene Joseph and Catharine WALSH

Baptism date: Dec 21    Birth date: Nov 30
Name: George Peter McCORMICK
Parents: John McCORMICK and Margaret MONTAGUE
Sponsors: John MORGAN and Anna Maria V*N RYAN


Baptism date: Jan 3    Birth date: Dec 25, 1896
Name: Stephen Henry MURPHY
Parents: John Henry MURPHY and Maria BRENNAN
Sponsors: Frances FOLEY and Margaret FITZGERALD

Baptism date: Jan 3    Birth date: Dec 1, 1896
Name: Joseph Frances GRADY
Parents: James GRADY and Elizabeth COLEMAN
Sponsors: John H. PAYNE and "Hellena" TEHAN

Baptism date: Feb 7    Birth date: Dec 16, 1875
Name: "Clarencium" Joseph FRANCIS
Parents: (incognito) FRANCIS and Emma (incognito)
Sponsors: Joseph MAHAR and Maria Agnes MULLALLY

Baptism date: Apr 4    Birth date: Feb 27
Name: John Michael BOYCE
Parents: John BOYCE and Catharine REILLY
Sponsors: Thomas OWENS and Margaret REILLY

Baptism date: Apr 4    Birth date: Feb 26
Name: William Thomas WELCH
Parents: Thomas WELCH and Maria Anna DOYLE
Sponsors: William Henry MULLALLY and Rosa Francesca BRITON

Baptism date: Apr 11    Birth date: March 15
Name: Henry HARTNETT
Parents: Edward HARTNETT and "Joanna" GRAY
Sponsors: James J. POWERS and Maria CONRAN

Baptism date: Apr 18    Birth date: March 23
Name: William "Gualterium" GLEASON
Parents: Daniel "Henrice" GLEASON and Julia Frances MULLALLY
Sponsors: John Joseph CANNON and Anna Ludovica GLEASON

Baptism date: May 23    Birth date: April 10
Name: Elizabeth Irene DILLON
Parents: Peter DILLON and Maria Anna O'BRIEN
Sponsors: John Patrick RINGWOOD and Anna "Theresia" MULDOON

Baptism date: May 26    Birth date: May 9
Name: Edward Francis FARRELLY
Parents: John "Bernardo" FARRELLY and Mary Alice COSTELLO
Sponsors: Hugh Patrick FARRELLY, Julia Cecilia COSTELLO and Catharine HANLON

Baptism date: June 27    Birth date: June 17
Name: "Florenciam" NEVILLE
Parents: James NEVILLE and "Joanna" Anna BOWNESS
Sponsors: John and "Joanna" Anna NEVILLE

Baptism date: July 13    Birth date: June 16
Parents: James FITZGERALD and Elizabeth "Joanora" CUNNINGHAM
Sponsors: Timothy D. CUNNINGHAM and Margaret Augusta CANNON

Baptism date: July 26    Birth date: Feb 24
Name: "Rosam Ludovicam" WRIGHT
Parents: Sherman WRIGHT and Bridget KEEFE
Sponsors: Jeremia MURPHY and Maria FARRELLY

Baptism date: Aug 15    Birth date: July 27
Name: "Clarencium" HOFFERNAN
Parents: Thomas E HOFFERNAN and Maria "Hellena" CONATY
Sponsors: James HARTIGAN and "Joanna" HEFFERNAN

Baptism date: Aug 22    Birth date: Aug 3
Name: John "Guallerium" GRAY
Parents: William James GRAY and Maria Alice DONNETT
Sponsors: John Joseph TIERNEY and Maria Anna GRANT

Baptism date: Oct 9    Birth date: Feb 26, 1870
Name: David Francis JAGNETT
Parents: William JAGNETT and Marietta DUNCAN
Sponsors: James HARTNETT and Maria SHAW

Baptism date: Oct 17    Birth date: Sept 23
Name: "Rosam" Margaret BOWNESS
Parents: John BOWNESS and Catharine Elizabeth KANALLEY
Sponsors: Patrick William KANALLEY and "Joanna" Anna BOWNESS

Baptism date: Dec 5    Birth date: Oct 27
Name: John BURKE
Parents: Patrick Edward BURKE and Bridget FAHEY
Sponsors: James "Patritius" GALLERY and "Hellena" McGEE

Bottom of page and hard to read
Baptism date: Dec 28 Birth date: Jan 31, 1878
Name: Albert Andrew AUSTIN
Parents: Alonzo Albert AUSTIN and Victoria (Marten (?), Masten(?))
Sponsors: Andrew J. Br**** and Sara RAFFERTY

Thanks to Linda Talbott for providing a transcription of these records.
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